Monday, September 27, 2010

The Waltons return to TV!

The Waltons: The Complete First SeasonFor those of you who have followed my blog now for awhile - you must know how much I love Christmas Movies, Family Movies, Christian Movies, and the Television Show, The Waltons!

Back in mid-May, a man from the Inspiration Network contacted me - asking my opinion on what family shows people were wanting to see and explaining that they would be moving their channel into a more family show format.

Well, of course I went on and on about The Waltons and explained that many fans were disappointed when the Hallmark Channel removed them from their line-up. He was grateful for the feedback and all of the shows I suggested - so now I am thrilled to share that they will, indeed, be picking up The Waltons series, after all.

The Waltons: The Complete Second SeasonThe Waltons will return to TV on the Inspiration Network with a Reunion Special on October 18th and then the entire series will begin from Season One! I think the network will begin a whole new look of adding more family programming to their channel on this day, as well.

Find the Inspiration Network on...

DISH NETWORK Channel - 259
DIRECTV Channel - 364

visit Inspiration's Web-site for more channel details.

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  1. This is GREAT news! Well done! I absolutely love The Waltons! Inspirational stories are always the best (I think we have the same taste in movies!)

    Please drop by my blog and if you like it follow along! It's about St. Nicholas and Christmas and very inspirational!

    "Good night, John-boy!"


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