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Monday, March 22, 2021


images: Hallmark Crown Media

Hallmark revealed today via ET upcoming new movies with Lacey Chabert, Tyler Hynes, Brennan Elliott, Cindy Busby, Chad Michael Murray, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, Eloise Mumford, Brant Daugherty and more!


After Spring Fling, look for this new movie...

Hearts Down Under
Starring: Cindy Busby and Tim Ross
Premieres: Saturday, May 22, 2021 April 24, 2021 at 9 p.m. PT/ET.
Storyline: New York restaurateur Caroline (Busby) inherits a cafΓ© in Lemon Myrtle Cove, Australia. While there, she begins to fall in love with the place and its people, particularly Simon (Ross), the cafΓ©’s charming local chef.

See images & more details for this movie - here.


Baby, It's Cold Inside
Starring: Jocelyn Hudon and Steve Lund
Premieres: Saturday, May 8, 2021 at 9 p.m. PT/ET.
Storyline: When a travel agent up for a promotion is directed to forgo her tropical vacation to instead visit the world-famous Ice Hotel, she discovers her sacrifices are more than compensated.

Sweet Carolina
Starring: Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes
Premieres: Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 9 p.m. PT/ET.
Storyline: Josie (Chabert) is a successful New York marketing executive who returns to her small hometown. While there, she becomes the unexpected guardian of her niece and nephew and reconnects with Cooper (Hynes), her high school boyfriend.

See images & more details for these movies - here.


See my SUMMER NIGHTS page with images & more details - here!

You Had Me at Aloha
Starring: Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith
Premieres: Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 9 p.m. PT/ET.
Storyline: When the host of a popular travel show resigns, the network enlists Paige (Hutton), to step in for the next season set in Hawaii. Unbeknownst to her, they have also hired Ben (Smith), who likes to push everything to the extreme. As these two new co-hosts clash over their opposing ideas for production, they grapple with the fact that not only do they need each other to further their careers, but they also balance each other on and off the screen.

The Baker's Son
Starring: Eloise Mumford and Brant Daugherty
Premieres: Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 9 p.m. PT/ET.
Storyline: Matt’s (Daugherty) passion transforms his bread from bland to brilliant. But when his bread loses its magic, the island locals panic and turn to Annie (Mumford) –- Matt’s childhood friend and true love –- for help.

Her Pen Pal
Starring: Mallory Jansen and Josh Sasse
Premieres: Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 9 p.m. PT/ET.
Storyline: Event planner Victoria (Jansen) can’t wait to attend –- and plan –- her best friend’s wedding in Paris. But when she finds out her ex is bringing a date, Victoria reconnects with her French childhood pen pal (Sasse).

Sand Dollar Cove
Starring: Chad Michael Murray and Aly Michalka
Premieres: Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 9 p.m. PT/ET.
Storyline: Real estate development project manager Elli (Michalka) is sent by her company to the quaint, seaside Connecticut town of Sand Dollar Cove to acquire the beachfront property they’ve chosen as the site of their new resort. Brody (Murray), the charming local who holds the deed, wants to make sure the town’s beloved pier -- where many memories have been made over the years -- remains intact. Elli and Brody spend time together while she tries to figure out a way to make the deal work and the undeniable connection between them grows. Based on the book by Nancy Naigle.

See my SUMMER NIGHTS page with images & more details - here!

HALLMARK MOVIES & MYSTERIES - New Premieres in April and May:

Crossword Mysteries: Riddle Me Dead
Starring: Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliott and Barbara Niven
Premieres: Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 8 p.m. PT/ET.
Tess (Chabert) gets invited to be a part of a popular game show but when the host is unexpectedly murdered, she and Detective Logan O’Connor (Elliott) seek to uncover who was behind it all.

Matchmaker Mysteries: The Art of the Kill
Starring: Danica McKellar, Victor Webster and Bruce Boxleitner
Premieres: Sunday, April 18, 2021 at 8 p.m. PT/ET.
Angie (McKellar) stumbles across a murder at an art museum where her dad Nick (Boxleitner), a retired police detective, is working a theft case. The victim was a noted archaeologist hired by the museum to authenticate provenances for recent acquisitions. As Detective Carter (Webster) investigates this death, Angie unofficially participates in the investigation, leading Detective Carter to the culprit.

Poisoned in Paradise: A Martha's Vineyard Mystery
Starring: Jesse Metcalfe and Sarah Lind
Premieres: Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 8 p.m. PT/ET.
When a waitress seeking Jeff’s (Metcalfe) help is poisoned, he must uncover the mysterious plot she’d tried to warn him about to solve her murder.

Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Ever After
Starring: Holly Robinson Peete and Colin Lawrence
Premieres: Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 8 p.m. PT/ET.
Following a shocking find in an old friend’s basement, TV host Billie Blessings (Robinson Peete) works with new-to-town detective Tyrell Hunter (Lawrence) to unearth a dark secret that threatens to unravel the lives of the most powerful people in her city.


My quick thoughts...

What an interesting grouping of movies we have coming up for May and Summer! Plus, we will have two repeat pairings - with Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith in "You Had Me at Aloha" and Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes in an untitled project for May.

Another interesting development... With Summer Nights beginning in June - it appears the June Wedding theme is now gone. Hmmm??? Will Christmas in July return in July? Wonder what they plan to do in August? I suppose time will tell.

All the mystery movies look intriguing, and I'm looking forward to the encore pairings I mentioned above, plus Chad Michael Murray and Aly Michalka, and Cindy Busby and Tim Ross!

Share which movies look good to you below...

Blessings! Net


  1. Sad to see that the June Weddings (as you mention) won't make a return... and like you, makes me wonder what their August line up will be. Maybe just some new movies without a program banner. Guess we'll see.

    1. Rissi, Thank you for commenting! It certainly does feel really strange there won't be any June Weddings again this year.

      I was hoping we might see another "Wedding March" movie with Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett. Olivia and Mick really need to get married. I sure hope they bring that back and let us have that moment - it was building up to that each movie. We simply can't be left at their engagement.

      Also, very curious about their plans for the rest of summer...

    2. Miick & Olivia and Eric & Grace could get married in Wedding March 6 & 7

  2. Wow - plenty of news here.

    Things are happening fast - Hearts Down Under with Cindy Busby and Tim Ross is not a full blown Hallmark movie. They've purchased it from an Australian company.

    Only a couple of days ago I posted that I hoped we would get to see Romance On The Menu which Cindy had filmed for them.

    Well, this is it - it was aired in Australia last September - Hallmark has given it a new title.

    We can judge for ourselves but sadly the reviews from the public for this movie have generally been very poor.

    I'd also predicted they would reteam Lacy Chabert and Tyler Hynes for this Christmas - well I was way out, it's happened a lot sooner - I really can't wait for this!

    Eloise Mumford and Brant Daugherty is certainly a very interesting pair-up, I wonder how this will work out?

    I know Chad Michael Murray has his detractors but I'm one of those firmly in the pro-Chad camp.

    Aly Michalka is a new name to films, she's more well known as a musician - interesting to see how this works out.

    The one depressing note here is that despite four new Mystery Movies here there is no mention of a new Ruby Herring one.

    I just have a really bad feeling there aren't going to be any more.

    Still overall the Summer programme on Hallmark looks really promising.

    1. And no new Hailey Dean movie either πŸ˜• we need a wedding between Hailey & Jonas

    2. Anonymous, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us!

      That's right - "Romance On The Menu" has been retitled "Hearts Down Under" for Hallmark. I'm undecided which title I like best. Kavan Smith and Autumn Reeser had a movie titled "Love on the Menu," so maybe they thought "Romance On The Menu" was too close to that. It could be somewhat confusing. Plus, "Hearts Down Under" gives a much better sense of the movie's location, which is most likely the center of the film. I've seen some mixed reviews, too; however, one person said they loved it; it was a simple joy. So... who knows... maybe we'll like it too!

      Also, I was pretty surprised to see Aly Michalka's name. I haven't seen any of her acting lately, but according to her IMDB, it appears she's been fairly busy. I think she and Chad Michael Murray will make a cute pairing. By the way, I'm in the pro-Chad camp, too!

      As for mystery... I agree, it is surprising not to see more Ruby Herring. Maybe more are still coming.

      I also noticed Rick Fox must not be returning to do more "Morning Show Mysteries." There's a new detective in town - Tyrell Hunter, played by Colin Lawrence, who portrays Holly Robinson Peete's love interest in the "Christmas in Evergreen" movies. That should be an interesting change.

      Hope we'll enjoy many of the new movies coming up! :)

    3. MarthaJ,

      Not sure what the plans are for "Hailey Dean." I've been hoping they would bring that back, too, but still no word.

      I'll be sure to keep a look out for it.

    4. Yes, you can only judge for yourself.

      Some of the recent UPtv movies which I really enjoyed hadn't great reviews either.

  3. What is your favorite Mysteries Movies that you have seen?

    For me I would have to say Crossword Mysteries.

    1. Chris, I also love Mystery 101, Aurora Teagarden, and Picture Perfect Mysteries!

  4. No June Weddings! I was looking forward to the return of June Weddings this year because of it being pulled due to the pandemic last year. It makes sense to have the Summer Nights movies in June since it's the start of summer. I wonder if a new movie event will happen in August.

    1. Stephen, Yeah, that's the way it looks. Feels like they are breaking tradition, doesn't it?

      First day of Summer is Sunday, June 20 - so they are going to get started on Summer Nights a little early - with the first new movie premiering June 5th, which is possibly good news for Christmas in July. If they had waited 'til the end of June to start Summer Nights, then it probably would've been the end of Christmas in July, but since they are starting early and ending at the end of June, then that looks like a positive sign that Christmas in July will be back! Let's hope! :)

      Also, I have a feeling since their Hallmark stores launch the ornaments in July, it makes perfect sense for the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries to continue their Christmas in July movie event - to get everyone in the spirit early!

  5. These seem pretty underwhelming to me, especially since there are a few movies that have already filmed and have been said by people associated with the movies that they are for Hallmark and would fit into a summer theme. I figured A Bakers Son was for HM cause the director usually does HM, just wondering where a few other movies will fall. Guessing they wont be until at least August (that's if we have Christmas in July). and then what do they call late July, August movies? I really wish we could have a 4th of July themed movie or Labor Day, summer holiday themed movies. But I bet that's out the window with Hallmark becoming woke.

    I don't know the HMM movies look pretty weak too. I thought the next Aurora was in June? And when will we ever get more SSD?

    Has anyone heard any more on UpTv movies for April and beyond? Looking forward to more Uptv and I think ki saw Heartland season 14 will be on in May, or was it on the UpTv App?

  6. So it looks like there's no new movie on the main channel from Right In Front Of Me on April 17 until the new Chabert/ Hynes movie on May 15.

    That's a whole month - surely not?

  7. I love Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith, but it would be nice to see them with other people. I was surprised we didn't see other actors from When Calls the Heart like Kevin McGarry since Chris McNally was in the Winterfest movie.

    1. I agree with Anonymous about wanting to see Pascale and Kavan with others in movies. I love the 2 of them, don't get me wrong, but the Perfect Bride series I just didn't like their little laughing bits. I am sure they want to be different and not come off as Rosie and Lee, but I just think maybe they should try other movies with other people. Pascale was great in Summer of Dreams, and that other summer one she was a contestant on a love match show. And Kavan is fantastic, he and PH I feel are the best acting on WCTH, besides Jack Wagner. They bring so much more than just little looks or smiles or looks of astonishment/wonder, they bring feeling and Kavan is just a top notch actor to me. even in a smaller role on Irresistible Blueberry Farm he is fantastic. Like him in growing the big one as well.

      I thought I heard someone somewhere mentioning a summer Australia movie with CCB? I guess maybe that was just rumors?

      I haven't watched the lastest Mystery 101, but they haven't filmed any more of those, so I hope we do get more. I did like some of the Hailey Deans as well, love Kellie Martin. Happy that HMM still plays Mystery Woman, although who knows how long with as many movies they keep adding.

    2. Sabrina, First of all, the latest "Mystery 101: Killer Timing" is BEYOND FANTASTIC!!! I just loved it! It's a wholesome mystery with a lot of intrigue and incredible detail!

      Also, I get your feeling on Pascale and Kavan, too. I LOVE them both, and I like seeing them together as Lee & Rosemary, and of course, I'll watch this, but... I'd kinda like to see them with someone else, too, and preferably no one from WCTH. Pascale was great with Sam Page and Kavan has had several different co-stars. Anyway, maybe they pitched the idea together.

      As for Candace's Australia movie - you're right, she did press last fall where she shared that she would be filming a movie in Australia this year and the title would be something like A Summer Down Under. Hopefully it's still in-the-works!

      Also, you mentioned UPtv in your first comment above. I have learned of a few movies coming up in April and May, but I'm waiting on the green light from UPtv to share. Hopefully soon... looks like some cute ones!

    3. Sabrina! One more thing... I forgot to mention - YES, they are filming more Mystery 101 movies!!!

      Joyce from Carolina recently shared a link in comments of an interview Kristoffer did - and he mentioned they would be filming another one sometime soon. Isn't that great!

      here's the link:

      I have to say – the ending of Killer Timing was left in such a way that left us thinking another movie was coming. That’s all I’m going to say. It was sooo good!!!

    4. Oh Net thank you for this info, this made my day!!! Jill and Kristopher are so good together. I always liked Mystery 101 cause it was one of the 1st rare storylines where it isn't 7 movies of the police detective telling the baker/author/true crime fan/lawyer/etc that crime is their job and not for the other to be in. We all get it, detectives don't hang out with love interests and let them help them solve crimes, we just don't need to see that in every single movie with no progression. Mystery 101 had Amy as a consultant right away and yes Travis wants to protect Amy, but he doesn't forbid her from leaving campus and talk to him about a case. They have a true friendship, professional, and loving relationship. so the movie can focus on the storylines and not a constant "you aren't supposed to be here" or "you do your job I do mine". Thank you to Joyce for the interview.

      That's great news about CCB Summer movie too. Cant wait to hear more on UpTv :)

    5. Joyce in CarolinaFriday, March 26, 2021

      Net, so glad to hear you love the new Mystery 101 "Killer Timing" as much as I did!! It was fantastic, with lots of twist and turns! Jill and Kris were live on FB on Friday 4/19 and announced they're heading to Canada the 1st of April to film #7. And since then I have read that # 8 has already been written, but not too sure if that's correct.

      Sabrina, you're welcome for the link and I totally agree with you about the story line in Mystery 101 having the detective accept the "outsider" instead of fighting their knowledge. Of course Travis is head over heels in love with Amy...could influence him! Lol!!

  8. June Weddings was missing last year, too, right? Possibly they need to wait till they can have a pandemic-free year for filming?


    1. Denise, That's right. There were plans at the time to film some wedding movies last year in the Spring, but those plans were changed when the pandemic hit. Maybe they didn't want to be limited to having 3-4 movies centered around a wedding theme?

    2. Don’t forget Jill just had her first baby sometime last year which probably threw off the timing for filming more Mystery 101 movies. Glad they are continuing. They are well written and the main characters have great chemistry.

    3. That's right. Jill Wagner's baby girl was born in April last year (2020) and now she is currently expecting their second child, due in August (2021).

      I imagine they'll want to film sooner, then later, around her pregnancy. Jill filmed a Mystery 101 movie and Hearts of Winter while she was expecting her first baby, so she'll probably be open to filming while expecting this little one.

  9. Hallmark Channel’s Emmy-nominated daytime lifestyle series Home & Family is coming to an end after the current ninth season, Deadline has confirmed.

    “The 9th and current season of Home & Family will be the series’ last,” a spokesperson for Hallmark Channel told Deadline in a statement. “For nearly a decade, the show has anchored our daytime lineup, featuring countless hours of cooking, lifestyle, DIY, health, entertaining, and decorating segments. We want to thank the heart and soul of the show, our incredibly talented cast and crew – led by co-hosts Debbie Matenopoulos and Cameron Mathison – for their creativity, hard work, and dedication. Our audience can look forward to more of the topical segments they know and love when the show returns on Monday, April 5 with a new 1-hour, 3-day-a-week format. The program’s final episode airs Wednesday, August 4th.”

    1. Wow! That is a bit sad to read.


    2. I'm in central Oklahoma and I haven't seen H&F on the Directv guide in months. I only watched it for Hallmark star's movie interviews for upcoming movies.

    3. I think the Hallmark we knew and loved is finally dead.

    4. Namegirl, Yeah, it was disappointing they had to take "Home & Family" off in January, but as we know, the show will be back April 5th for the final season.

      I have more news about it here: https://itsawonderfulmovie.blogspot.com/2021/03/home-family-returns-to-hallmark-channel-season-9-april.html

      Always nice to hear from you! :)

    5. Oh no, this is sad to hear. I don't always get to watch this show, but the family and love they promote here is so wonderful. I love them during the holidays, with Kim and her cancer, and that show has had me in tears many times, some happy and some sad. Very sad news about this. This was the one talk show that was always so nice to watch and it brought goodness.

  10. So much news here! Thank you to everyone who has posted before me. I am just floored by the fact we are already near April 2021, and looking forward, planning into Summer! Time is flying! πŸ˜ŽπŸ¦‹ Looking forward to any word on Summer movies from other networks as well.
    I look forward to the movies in June. Will be awaiting news on rest of Summer programming. I too wish we could have another Wedding March and it be Olivia and Mick this time. We need that closure! Definitely pro-Chad camp here as well. Happy Spring everyone!

    1. That is so true - this year is already flying by! So glad to hear you'd love to see more "Wedding March" movies, too - to complete Mick and Olivia's love story. We didn't come this far - not to see their wedding, right?

      Thank you for commenting - Happy Spring to you!!! :)

  11. Yay! I'm so happy to see there's a new Morning Show Mystery! It's been a long time.

    1. iKneed1, Yes, it's definitely good to see more "Morning Show Mystery" is coming!

      I noticed Rick Fox (who played the detective) must not be returning to do more "Morning Show Mysteries." There's a new detective in town - Tyrell Hunter, played by actor Colin Lawrence, who portrays Holly Robinson Peete's love interest in the "Christmas in Evergreen" movies. That should be an interesting change.

    2. Looks like Maurice, Cassie, & Phil aren’t in the movie: Morning Show Mystery: Murder Ever After & also, Ian & Emma too... Probably they’re be back in the next Morning Show Mysteries

      I notice Cardi Wong protrayed as Detective with Billie

      I wonder why Billie isn’t with Phil. Isn’t she drive thru the city since she left her hometown to visit her friend there?

  12. We need more new movies for May, June, July, & August for Hallmark

    Expect for Fall Harvest

  13. I'm intrigued to know what's happening on Hallmark the last two weeks of April and first two weeks of May.

  14. any movie with lacey and tyler will be a hit with me! also adore chad michael and always look forward to any of his projects!!! imho...he is absolutely a pretty face...but not just any pretty face!!! is aly a new costar with cmm? and...so glad to see mallory j in the lineup...she was delightful in the Christmas movie w tyler!! finally...so delighted to see hallmark adapt more books to movies...it sure opens up more plot possibilities...but i will forever love hallmark movies no matter how many time the stories are repeated...just brings me so much joy to have feel good movies!!!!

    1. Yes!!! Lacey and Tyler make an adorable on screen couple and since they already have one movie together ("Winter in Vail"), they will already be familiar with one another... so this one should be even more fun!

      Like you, I also think CMM - Chad Michael Murray is very handsome. As far as I know, this is his first time working with Aly Michalka - and definitely, her first movie for Hallmark.

      Enjoy all the movies ahead!!! :)

    2. Aly Michalka was on Disney Channel Movies & guest star on MacGyver

    3. I remember Aly Michalka in the DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) "Cow Belles" with her sister, AJ. That was such a sweet family friendly movie!

  15. I think we will be watching One Royal Holiday today. Love that movie and hoping for a dvd.

    1. "One Royal Holiday" is such a fun movie pick to Mark the 25th... I love that one, too! Thank you for sharing with us! :)

  16. I haven't seen Mystery Woman Jane Doe Father Dowling Mysteries in a long time. Is there another Mysteries Movies that Kellie Martin is in?

    1. "Mystery Woman" airs every so often, typically in a weekend movie marathon.

      "Father Dowling Mysteries," on the other hand, hasn't been shown in awhile.

      As for another mystery series starring Kellie Martin, she also stars in the "Hailey Dean Mysteries." They have made 9 of those movies, thus far, from 2016 to 2019. Not sure if there are plans to make more.

  17. How many Wedding movies in each months

    Beverly Hills Wedding
    One Perfect Wedding
    Her Pen Pals

    1. I don't know about you but I think that Beverly Hills Wedding was terrible.


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