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"Love Takes Flight" - a Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie starring Nikki DeLoach and Jeff Hephner


Movie: Love Takes Flight

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: April 27, 2019


Nikki DeLoach ... Lizzie
Jeff Hephner ... Charley
Skylar Olivia Flanagan ... Quinn
Tom Thon ... Walter Allen
Gary Weeks ... Luke
Caroline Arapoglou ... Barbara Lakeview
David Michael-Smith ... Hospital Visitor
Cailyn Peddle ... Recital Kid
Nick Arapoglou ... Hank Lakeview
Brandon Morris ... Dr. Kapoor
Dwayne Boyd ... Marcus
Kwajalyn Brown ... Dr. Stadler
Jerry Brown ... Store Customer
Lacey Coan
Jeff Burhans ... Recital goer/Hospital visitor
Sandy Burhans ... Recital goer/Hospital visitor


Storyline via Hallmark: In the Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation, single-mom Lizzie Beauman is encouraging when her young daughter unexpectedly befriends a widower named Walter as part of her Mission: Find a Friend.

“Love Takes Flight” is the 263rd episode of Hallmark Hall of Fame, still the longest-running and most award-winning series in the history of television.

In “Love Takes Flight,” Dr. Lizzie Beauman (DeLoach) is a single mother and hospital administrator tasked with assembling and creating the kind of world class hospital that attracts cases from all over the world. A former OB/GYN, Lizzie left medicine for administration when her five-year-old daughter, Quinn (Skylar Olivia Flanagan, “Every Other Holiday”) developed an insulin disorder. While building facilities is difficult, Lizzie’s best construction work consists of the walls she builds around herself. For Lizzie, spontaneity creates chaos, and she prefers order. But all that changes when new EMS pilot Charley Allen (Hephner) comes into Lizzie and Quinn’s lives. Charley challenges the constrictions Lizzie places on herself, especially, her fear of flying. And Charley learns something from Lizzie about the patience it takes to nurture relationships, especially between Charley and his dad whose relationship has been strained since his mom passed away. The day comes when Charley and Lizzie must come together as a team, each performing at the highest skill level to save a transplant patient. As they each watch each other at their best, love takes flight.

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*images via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks


  1. Tom Skerritt Is in this movie reading newspaper with his eyeglasses

  2. Nikki DeLoach's first Hallmark Hall of Fame

  3. Jeff Hephner's first Hallmark Hall of Fame

    Jeff joins Hallmark Family

  4. What a beautifully made HHFM with understated performances by leads! An intertwined heart rendering and heart warming story of coming to terms with grief, finding hope and love. Well made production done in true HM tradition Loved the location.

  5. The movie was good. The use of and insulin pump and the transplant information portrayed was inaccurate. Please do your research and portray these real life situations accurately.

  6. This was a great Hallmark Hall of Fame movie with many emotions,laughter,cheering when Charley landed the heli, Quin finding Walter and Charley and Walter settled their differences,and tears of joy at the end! Keep making the best movies in the world.You are
    gaining a big audience.Wonder why? Gloria

  7. This is a great show, I loved watching it. All the actor's did a wonderful job!! Thank you Hallmark

  8. Shockingly inappropriate that one of the themes of this movie was a very blatant and obvious take on Norah and Mr Dan’s friendship with no consent to use their likeness.
    Incredibly unethical and disappointing.


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