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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love Comes Softly


Love Comes Softly

Network: Hallmark Channel


Katherine Heigl ... Marty Claridge
Dale Midkiff ... Clark Davis
Skye McCole Bartusiak ... Missie Davis
Corbin Bernsen ... Ben Graham
Theresa Russell ... Sarah Graham
Oliver Macready ... Aaron Claridge
Tiffany Amber Knight ... Laura Graham
Adam Loeffler ... Clint Graham
Nick Scoggin ... Reverend Johnson
Jaimz Woolvett ... Wagon Train Scout
Rutanya Alda ... Wanda Marshall
Janet Rotblatt ... Woman in Wagon


from RHI:

A woman’s dream to forge a new life for herself on the great American plains becomes a test of her pioneering spirit, her inner strength, and her undying faith.

By covered wagon, Marty (Katherine Heigl, Roswell) and Aaron Calridge (Oliver Macready, That '70s Show) have come west in search of fortune. But unforeseen tragedy leaves Marty a widow facing bleak prospects for the future. With a bitter winter season approaching and no safe passage back home, she finds herself stranded yet befriended by settlers Ben Graham (Golden Globe nominee Corbin Bernsen, L.A. Law) and his wife Sarah (Theresa Russell, Black Widow). They encourage her to take up widower Clark Davis (Dale Midkiff, Nancy Drew) on his unusual offer—join him in a temporary marriage of convenience. Marty will have a roof over her head until the spring thaw when she can return home. In the meantime, Clark’s nine-year-old daughter Missie (Skye McCole Bartusiak, Don't Say a Word) will have a teacher.

As promised, the arrangement is strictly business. However, teaching Missie, who’s still grieving for her mother, becomes as challenging as living with Clark, a man cut off from his emotions. For three people, each mourning someone they’ve lost, comfort comes from sharing their pain and hardships. But is it enough to make two lonely hearts recognize what they really need and want? As the seasons pass, and Marty gets closer to the day of her departure, she finally discovers the meaning of courage, her inner faith, a love she never thought possible, and the bittersweet truth in her friend Sarah’s sage advice: Bloom where you’re planted.

Based on Janette Oke’s cherished best-selling series of books, and written and directed by Michael Landon, Jr., this inspiring love story of a more innocent time is illuminated by the same warmth and wisdom that made Little House on the Prairie such enduring family entertainment.

Movie Review:

Such a precious story of the Lord's Amazing Love.

This is an absolutely wonderful Family Movie completely based upon the Christian Book Series by Janette Oke. My precious Aunt gave this book to me many years ago as a Christmas Present... long before the Hallmark Channel or any ideas of it being made into a movie. I absolutely adored it and longed to read each book in the series that followed Clark and Marty Davis's family.

This first movie, Love Comes Softly, is the only one that follows along with the storyline of the books. This was disappointing to me, as an avid reader and follower of this particular series that the other movies didn't follow suit.

You will find yourself completely captivated in this western love story of Clark and Marty Davis. Marty has come west with her husband, Aaron Claridge, and upon arriving, he is involved in a fatal accident on his horse. Marty will not be able to go back home to the east now until the wagon train returns in the spring. So with the long winter ahead and all alone, Marty has no options other than to accept Clark Davis's offer of marriage and live with him and his daughter throughout the winter. At first, Marty and Clark's daughter, Missie butt heads and disagree over just about everything... but eventually they warm up to one another with small acts of kindness. Marty realizes that she and Missie are both grieving, Marty for her husband and Missie for her Mother. This emotional tie bonds them together. Marty teaches Missie to spell and read and sews her a lovely dress made out of one of her own. It's such a touching scene.

Through the winter months, Clark & Marty draw together and certainly Love Comes Softly... but neither one is willing to admit it to the other. Clark has promised that he would buy Marty's ticket back on the wagonn train when the time comes, and when it does, Marty secretly sends a note to Clark asking him to ask her to stay. When Clark does not ask her to stay, Marty thinks he doesn't want her, so she proceeds with her plans to leave. At the station, they tearfully say goodbye and Marty gives her Mother's locket to Missie.

After Marty is gone, Clark and Missie are solemn. Clark goes to his room to pray and falls to his knees. When he finishes, he discovers Marty's note on the floor... and realizes he has to go after her. Will he reach her in time? Will she choose to return? You will love to watch this movie to see how beautifully it ends.

The casting in it is just wonderful. I just loved Katherine Heigl as Marty Claridge, Dale Midkiff as Clark Davis, and the little girl who played Missie Davis, Skye McCole Bartusiak, was absolutely fantastic!

It's a story Men, Women, and Children will enjoy.... a true Family Film.

See or Skip:

See, Precious Family Movie!


  1. I love this movie very very much. i can watch again and again.

  2. I, too, love this movie and highly recommend it! It will touch your heart in ways that other movies do not...Excellent acting and cast...I have seen it again and again...

    Joyce from Florida

  3. Truly a wonderful movie. I love Dale Midkiff in all of these...Katherine Heigl is wonderful as well and the young lady Skye Bartusiak...l love everyone of these movies...you just wish you were there...

    Chris from Hot Springs,Ar.

  4. Jan.19th, 2015...
    Great movie...have always loved it...Love Dale Midkiff,great in all of these movies...
    Katherine Heigl and Skye Bartusiak are great as well...
    Wish there were more movies like these...

    Chris from Hot Springs,Ar.

  5. My favourite....it was absolutely wonderful...I've seen it so many times....the best out of all the series

  6. I just watched 6 of the 10 movies with my mother over the weekend and they have touched me in such a way I can't explain it. It makes me wish times were so simple like they were in these movies. It puts so much in perspective. It's not about who's the hottest, has the most money, etc... it was about who stuck by your side through it all. Faith, love and family were the most important things. I have ordered the 10 disc set along with the Christmas one. I can't wait until they come in!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, love the pictures! Where did you get them! BTW, great summary of Love Comes Softly...I love this series!

  8. This one is very nice. The only parts we skipped are when she's sad about Aaron. Other than that, it's sweet!:)


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