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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

True Love Blooms - a Hallmark Channel "Spring Fever" Movie starring Sara Rue & Jordan Bridges


Movie: True Love Blooms

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: April 6, 2019


Sara Rue ... Vicki
Jordan Bridges ... Chace
Aisha Duran ... Ana
Ray Watters ... Mr. Boyle
Tamara Austin ... Serena
Jan Neuberger ... Ms. Huard
Amy Locicero ... Marta
Andi Matheny ... Audrey
Vicotira White ... Ilya
Audrey Harris White ... Judge
Carol Saragusa ... Mayor Price
John Wright ... Handsome Partygoer
Jose Vasquez ... Alex
Niki Spiridakos ... Partygoer
Tiana Gowen ... Little Girl
Ashley Jones ... Teacher
Lawrence Collins ... Executive
Tracy Wiu ... Reporter
Isis Masoud ... Diane
Eric Salazar ... Mark
Terry Allen Jones ... Mr. Mack


Storyline via Hallmark: Vicki runs the community garden, which Chace, a developer, wants to replace with condos. Wanting to prove he’s not a villain, Chace shows Vicki the pride he and his workers have in their buildings. In turn, Vicki gets Chace to plant his own garden plot. But despite seeing the other’s viewpoint, they remain at an impasse. Then Vicki crashes a gala to ask the Mayor to declare the garden a landmark, and there she and Chace dance, enthralled with each other. Sill Chace’s bulldozers roll. Hopefully he’ll find a way to hurtle their impasse, which could be in the sky.

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*images via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks
Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Gene Page
Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Rod Millington


  1. Crew Members needed Christmas Graceland sequel for April 11-May 2, 2019


    1. Oh, wow! How fun! Hallmark has been giving fans lots of opportunities lately... to either be an extra in a movie, or now work with the crew! This is such great news! :)

      Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. Hey Net -
    Was reading through the past comments about the Aurora Teagarden Series & changing characters (as I am watching one now) - I had not realized this series came from a book series, so I get how strongly some people feel about switching chatacters! When the Hannah Swenson Cookie series came on, I thought 'oh boy, the author who dumbs down for her readers, spelling things out like we are idiots......' its annoying. And think I have read most of her books, expecting this to stop! Haha (premise is good) BUT when the Hallmark movies came out it was really cute! Although missing one of her sisters. Saw your list of books you like, have you read any of Francine Rivers books? Historical Christian fiction that is wonderful.

    1. Oh yes, Ciaojan... it is quite interesting to see the differences of the books to the movies. Of course, they have to make adjustments to make these films for Hallmark. "Garage Sale Mysteries" also began as a book to movie, like "Aurora Teagarden" and "Murder She Baked." I know it's harder to enjoy, sometimes, when there are a lot of differences or expectations that are not met.

      To answer your question... Yes, I have read a Francine Rivers book. It was a few years ago, and I'm not recalling the title, but I remember it being very deep and intriguing.

      Thank you for sharing! Blessings, Net

  3. Chase & Vicki will dance together at the end of the movie!!!!

  4. True Love Blooms was a good movie. Both lead characters were open to understanding the other person's point of view. What really got to me was the desperation in Viki's plea to Chace for him to find a way to save the garden. I'll be honest and say that I don't cry that often at these movies, but Sarah Rue's acting brought tears to my eyes.

  5. The best of the spring fare...loved the natural chemistry between Jordan Bridges and Sara Rue...very charming movie. Enjoyed it much 😊

  6. I found this one very frustrating. She seemed very selfish and demanding. They both had noble reasons for their desires. She put a lot on his shoulders and wouldn’t love him unless she got her way somehow.

  7. I thought this movie was done rather well.For a story that you pretty much knew how the story would go from about five minutes in.That garden looked so fake.Any community garden would be way bigger than that and the plots are teeny for growing much of anything.As a gardener myself I was kind of chuckling about the tomato and peppers being harvested in spring,anyone who gardens knows that you do not get veggies in spring.

    I really liked the lead actors and they did a great job.This movie has been done a lot and I think that Hallmark needs to put this "big corporate giant/small home town entity" battle in the shredder and come up with a new plot.

  8. Oh Net, I need your' special skills ! If possible, could you see if you find out the who's and where's of Sara Rue's gorgeous blue dress in the picture set above ???

    i'd be greatly in your' debt if you find out any info !

    bless you Net !


    1. Hello Katy Lynn! Your comment here is the absolute sweetest! Truly!

      I went on a search to try and find Sara Rue's BLUE evening dress, but I'm afraid I came up empty on that one. So sorry.

      However, I did locate Sara's orange/yellow flowered dress featured in the "True Love Blooms" poster - and seen in the last couple photos above! I'll share details below on it, if you're interested in that one!

      As I searched, I did find some similar dresses in the same color, if that helps...

      Adrianna Papell Women's Knit Crepe High-Low Flounce Sheath Dress - see here!

      Alex Evenings Women's Empire Waist and Lace Ruched Dress - see here!

      Kay Unger New York
      Cap-Sleeve Beaded-Waist Stretch-Crepe Gown - see here!

      I promise, I will keep Sara's lovely blue dress in mind, as I look about.

      As for Sara Rue's orange/yellow flowered dress... that dress is by the designer, Christine Alcalay. You can see it - here! The official color is saffron - it's such a beautiful print!

      Thank you, again, Katy Lynn... for the sweet message!

      Blessings to you!!! Net

    2. Net : i dont know what to say. you have gone far and above in your efforts, and it humbles me .

      that saffron dress she wore, oh my, it is soooo beautiful, i may have to save up for one !

      i really loved the other blue dress choices you found, wow !!!

      all i can say to you Net is that i really appreciate your wonderful, generous spirit, and words cant convey how much gratitude i have for ALL that you do !

      thank YOU !
      * friend hug *

    3. Awww, it was truly my pleasure, Katy Lynn! If only I could've found Sara's elusive blue dress, but you never know - it may show up, yet!

      Thank you for your sweet, thoughtful response!

      Blessings and hugs to you, my friend! Net

  9. I absolutely loved this movie! It has rapidly become one of my all-time favorite Hallmark movies. The writer did a great job telling the story, and the leads just work so well together. Their chemistry is amazing - so easy and natural. Even though it hits all the usual Hallmark notes (interrupted first kiss, misunderstanding just before the finale), it seemed somehow fresh and new. I think in part because of the dialogue, and the way the actors delivered it. I can't wait for this one to be out on dvd so I can add it to my collection. Hallmark needs to team these two up again. They are one of the great Hallmark couples.

    1. I agree -- this was my favorite movie so far this year! It was refreshing to see a plot recognizing the value of nature, especially in an urban setting. And the conclusion (while predictable) was nonetheless a nice compromise that allowed both lead characters to stay true to themselves. Plus, great chemistry!


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