Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Kellie Martin stars in Hallmark's "Hailey Dean Mystery: 2 + 2 = Murder"


Movie: Hailey Dean Mystery: 2 + 2 = Murder

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Original Air Date: June 3, 2018

*This is the first of three Hailey Dean movies - premiering in June!


Kellie Martin ... Hailey Dean
Giacomo Baessato ... Danny Morgan
Viv Leacock ... Fincher Garland
Emily Holmes ... Sabrina Butler
Matthew MacCaull ... Jonas McClellan
Lucia Walters ... Charlene “Monty” Montgomery
Andrew Airlie ... Chad Becker
Keith MacKechnie ... Norman Sacks
Tom Butler ... Lucas Dean
Chad Lowe ... Clyde Bennett


Storyline via Hallmark: When a teacher goes missing at her niece’s school, Hailey Dean is on the case. With the help of Detectives Danny Morgan and Fincher Garland, she investigates the mysterious disappearance, which ultimately leads to the discovery of two dead bodies on the construction site owned by her former college friend, Clyde Bennett. Hailey puts her safety on the line to uncover the incriminating secret Naomi planned to reveal before her death, and to track down the killer. With multiple suspects under investigation, Hailey must use her acute observation skill to solve the murders.

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*images via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks
Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Allister Foster


  1. I LOVED Kelly & Chad in Life Goes On and I cannot wait to see them together again on screen!!! I enjoy the Haley Dean movies. Looking forward to June movies. Looks like a great month!!!


    1. Yes, it's so fun to see them back together again - all these years later, and yet, they look so much the same!

      I wonder what their relationship will be on the show... their characters, Hailey and Clyde, look like they know one another pretty well in the press photos! Perhaps, even their characters are old friends! That would be fun!

  2. I love that Chad Lowe is appearing in the movie with Kellie. Loved them in Life Goes On, and they also appeared on ER, albeit at separate times, Chad in season 11 and Kellie in season 5 and 6.

    1. Oh yeah, thank you, Jill for the reminder that they were both on ER, for a time. It's funny how that worked out.

      I love this, too...should be fun to see them together - again!!! :)

  3. Chad Lowe & Kellie Martin reunited in Hailey Dean Mysteries since they're working together on Life Goes On..,

    Chad Lowe was on Fielder's Choice on Hallmark Movies

  4. There's a new mystery movie called; Garage Sale Mystery: Requirm"

    1. Yes, the title "Garage Sale Mystery: Requiem" has recently been revealed! Filming begins next week - May 14 through June 2! Thank you for sharing, Anon!

    2. That's actually not the full title, but I guess that What's Filming didn't add the rest of it after the word "Requiem."

      The full title is "Requiem in D."

    3. I Live In Israel I cannot not watch this. I like Hailey dean mysteries. 2017 is posted on Youtube. So WHY can't someone post 2018 on youtube. It's incredible I can't watch it!! I like these mysteries. So can Hallmark permit or can they just put in on youtube for everyone. Thanks

    4. Also Darrow & Darrow in the key of murder. Why can't i watch that. Why can't Hallmark upload so everyone can watch. I live in Israel I DO NOT have excess to watch this. I do like watching them very much. I can't rent as well. This is disappointing.


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