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Monday, November 26, 2012

Reviews for "Hitched for the Holidays" and More!

Hello Everybody...

I certainly hope you all had a wonderful and most importantly, memorable - Thanksgiving Weekend! Four generations of family gathered at our home, and each year I learn... giving thanks and being with those you love is better than any feast or delicious dessert!

I took a little blogging break over the weekend, but was delighted to see my inbox was filled this morning with various comments and reviews of this weekends Christmas movies, from Many of You! Either you loved them or ... let's just say you didn't love them.

Anyway, Hitched for the Holidays seemed to catch everyone's attention...

One person shared via e-mail: "This was suprisingly wonderful! This is the best Hallmark holiday movie of the season!"

Plus, another viewer said, "It wasn't just a great Christmas Movie - it also included Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and New Years Eve!"

While another viewer expressed, " Didn't like the repeated faith jokes, whether they were Catholic or Jewish. Over the top. Not funny at all."

As for other Movies - Naughty or Nice also got mixed reviews. Some said it was cute while others didn't like her boring cheating boyfriend, Australian sounding boss, or klepto neighbor. I agree with both points of view on this one. The elf moments at the mall were super funny, especially with her new co-worker! And, the Naughty or Nice book was kind of fun - made me wish I could have one!

Let's see... you thought the Jingle and Bell's Christmas Star cartoon was Sweet. Me too! Heartland Christmas was warm and family friendly. Favorite part - Christmas Day Dinner with the family and Frosty (at the end)!

Golden Christmas 3 was a blend of the original two movies – A Golden Christmas and A Golden Christmas 2. Again, the dogs must help play match-maker by running off and forcing their owners to chase them – and run into (literally) their first love. The second one is still my favorite of the series.

I didn't get a chance to personally see GMC's The Christmas Angel or any of Lifetime's new Christmas Movies, but I appreciated you all letting me know what you thought. You thought The Christmas Angel was Great - but the Lifetime Movies Not-so-Great. One person did say they liked The March Sisters at Christmas while several others said they did not - and Love at the Christmas Table, someone shared that it is just not good.

No Reviews have come in, yet, for Home Alone : The Holiday Heist. I'm sure it is hard for them to be compared to the original.

So... what do you think? Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Did you see any of these new Christmas Movies over the weekend? I would love to hear from you, too!

Please share by clicking "Comments" or "Post a Comment" below! You can even share anonymously, if you like.

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  1. We loved Hitched for the Holidays, tooand we are glad everyone else liked it as much as we did. Maybe then maybe Hallmark will play it alot!

  2. this movie was wonderful !!! Finally a great Hallmark christmas movie...hope they continue to show it over and over....and it didn't hurt that Joey Lawrence was nice to look at. :)

  3. I, too, loved Hitched for the Holidays. Fun, witty and I liked encompassing several holidays. I can't wait to see it again and I'll definitely DVR it. This one was a winner!

  4. The Christmas Angel is the best Christmas movie so far this season. :) Heartland Christmas is well worth watching too...
    The March Sisters at Christmas was just pathetic... insulting to fans of Little Women.

  5. Didn't see Hitched yet but my husband and I watched Christmas Angel. Loved the story and the actors. Very good family film.

  6. Enjoyed both Hitched and Naughty vs Nice. The Christmas Consultant was also reasonably cute, but not worth a second viewing. (The mom's freak out at the end? What was up with that?) Others new, or new to us, that we've seen this year ... Holiday High School Reunion was just terrible. Blecch! Not fun or funny. Just dumb.

  7. We had to stop Loveat theChristmas Table--it was really not good--and we're not too picky as long as it's clean.
    Tried the Waltons (we are big fans of the series--seen every one), but I was a little surprised/disappointed that Michael Leonard was not Olivia. Since we love the series so much, it was too hard to watch with her.

    Favorite so far was Heartland Christmas--and we love the series on GMC.

  8. I missed the Joey Lawrence one! :(

    I didn't watch, nor intend to watch the latest Home Alone one.

    I have yet to like any of the Lifetime ones. That network has nothing on Hallmark!

    I didn't like Love at the Christmas Table at all. It was boring, boring, boring.


  9. I spent time trying to purchase somew of the movies seen on Hallmark. Some are very hard to find and expensive not being in blu ray format.
    I like the idea of being able to go to other sites to compare, thats what its all about. I favor Hallmarksomewhat tho, its good, clean movies to watch. I will wait patiently for "DUKE" to show up on dvd?
    There have been other movies on the Lifetime channel that were good also. They unlike Hallmark prefer to show them only once I believe? I like having the options!
    Not a Joey Lawrence fan however! Im glad there are repeats of older movies as well....especially Peter Falks movies!
    Keep up the good work, Im sure you realizethere is a large audience for these movies still!!
    thanks Hallmark!!


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