Monday, October 22, 2012

Love at the Christmas Table - Lifetime Christmas Movie


Love at the Christmas Table

Network: Lifetime

Original Air Date: November 25, 2012

*Please consider this Movie to be Rated PG-13



Danica McKellar
Lea Thompson
Scott Patterson
Dustin Mulligan


This is a romantic holiday tale about two best friends. Sam (Dustin Mulligan) and Katherine (McKellar) have spent every Christmas at the children's table since they were toddlers. They grew up together sharing the highs and lows of young adulthood. Now nearly 30 years later, Sam realizes Katherine is the one... but he is afraid that the past will get in his way.

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  1. Just not that good!!!

  2. Just not that good!!

  3. Amazing, probably one of the best lifetime romantic comedies in a while...

  4. It was an amazing movie! Very original and cute <3 I found Kat and Sam's story to be refreshing. Both characters recognized the other's flaws but they still had acceptance and love in their hearts. Would totally watch it again!

  5. Great movie!! My new favorite christmas movie! Actors were great with wonderful chemistry!

  6. I actually enjoyed this movie alot. Normally, I am not a fan of all the "oober cutsie" holiday movies but this one was somewhat refreshing. It still was predictable in the end but hey, it is a holiday tv movie. This movie sticks out as a good one for me. :)

  7. I thought Love at the Christmas Table was absolutely wonderful. The two young lead actors had great chemistry. The move was beautifully acted. The story was great. It's so touching and at times so heart-wrenching. The two lead actors are talented and were matched perfectly for the screen. I enjoyed seeing Lea Thompson on screen again. I loved this movie!

  8. I enjoyed this a lot. Started "listening" to it while I did other things and then re-started the movie and sat down to watch

  9. I agree with the above comments. I liked this movie a lot. Compared to the other new TV movies (on Lifetime and Hallmark) that have aired, this story was the most original and had good plot movement. I also really enjoyed how the actors gave the characters life. I do hope to see more like this movie in the future, rather than the 'girl is with wrong guy and it's almost Christmas' movies.

  10. I am ashamed to say I cried at this movie. I have never cried at any Lifetime movie...ever. This movie is my absolute favorite Christmas movie now!

  11. what was the music for the dance outdoors?

  12. I loved this movie. Why isn't this movie available to purchase?

  13. I LOVED it, hands down one of the most unique, cute and cuddly movies I have seen in awhile! Dustin and Danica had magnetic chemistry together! Scott and Lea were so wonderful together! I enjoyed every second of it! The lovey dovey moments made me cry, it was so romantic.

    I am ON THE EDGE of my chair anxiously waiting for the DVD release! Anytime lifetime...anytime!!

  14. Why isn't the song available "can't make myself"? Loved it totally

  15. I've been looking for reviews on this movie online to see what the language and sex content is like on this movie but I can't seem to find any. I can see in the trailer that there is drinking, but does anyone know if there are swear words or any sexual scenes that would not be okay for a younger child to see? I'm very selective of what my girls watch. Thanks.

  16. My wife and I tried watching it and turned it off I think about a half hour or so into it. I wouldn"t let children watch it. Watch it first without the children and then decide.


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