Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Golden Christmas


A Golden Christmas

Previously Titled: The Holiday House

Original Premiere Date: December 13, 2009

Network: ION


Andrea Roth ... Jessica
Alley Mills ... Katherine
Jason London ... Mitch
Nicholas Brendon ... Michael
Bruce Davison ... Rod
Elisa Donovan ... Anna
Sam Cohen ... Young Michael Beal
Chastity Dotson ... Jill
Kali Majors ... Young Jessica Wright
Robert Seay ... Chet
Eli Jane ... Tina - Chets Wife
Melody Hollis ... Madeline Beal
William Myers ... Townsperson
Elsa Morales Myers ... Townsperson
Daniel Zykov ... Henry


One summer a long time ago, a little girl and a little boy were brought together by a very special dog. They played all summer long, it was puppy love. Then the summer ended and they never saw each other again until…years later when her parents (Davison and Mills) retire and decide to sell their house. Jessica (Roth), recently widowed, decides she needs to start over and moves back home with her son. She hopes to buy the old house as a Christmas surprise, however, her plan goes awry when she discovers that her parents have already sold it. What she does not know is that the house has been sold to the very same person that she spent that magical summer with years ago.

Movie Review:

A Fun Family Movie where the "Prodigal" Daughter finally returns home after many, many years and decides that since her parents are moving to Florida... she wants to buy the Family Home. There is ONE problem, however - It's SOLD!

It's an adventure in itself - to see Jessica try to get her family house back when she learns that the Buyer must, according to the contract, sell his home first.

Andrea Roth, who plays Jessica Wright, is such a joy to watch- she's a great actress... very pretty and witty... aunthentic to her character. She brings a realistic quality to the story. It was such fun to watch as she and Michael (Nicholas Brendon) antagonize one another over who owns the house. There was definite Chemistry between these two... which made it a great Romantic Christmas Comedy!

I also loved the addition of Elisa Donovan (Lifetime's - Eve's Christmas), who played Anna, Jessica's sister. She is such a pretty and great actress, as well. I just love the way she talks and giggles - she always adds such terrific expression to her face and her lines. She's a scene stealer! And, Jason London, (Hallmark Channel's - The Wishing Well) played her husband - how cute is that! Great Casting ION! Plus, the Mom from "The Wonder Years", Alley Mills, played the Mother!

It was such a cute movie... to see Jessica & Michael finally realize that they were the little boy and girl who met nearby there in the woods many years ago as children to play together & pledge that they would be Best Friends Forever - was very sweet!

See or Skip:

See... cute Christmas Movie!

*A Golden Christmas is Available on DVD!


  1. I saw a Golden Christmas. It's a very sweet movie. I want to know the location of the movie-it looks beautiful!

  2. The movie was filmed in Wrightwood, CA

  3. I LOVED a golden christmas it was very very……..golden! I suggest this movie to whoever likes dogs or buddie movies!

    Yours truly


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