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Love Begins - Prequel to Hallmark Channel's Love Comes Softly Movie Series


Love Begins

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: September 17, 2011


Wes Brown ... Clark
Julie Mond ... Ellen
Abigail Mavity ... Cassie
Nancy McKeon ... Millie
Steffani Brass ... Rose
Jere Burns ... Sheriff Holden
Brooke Newton ... Girl #1
Joel Bond ... Rider #1
Daniel Buran ... Samuel
Mike Cochrane ... Fiddler
David Hoflin ... Jake Weller
Dwayne Standridge ... Night Deputy
Nathan Sutton ... John
David Tom ... Daniel


from Hallmark Channel Press Release:

LOVE BEGINS is the prequel to “Love Comes Softly,” the first in a series of highly-rated “Loves” movies from Hallmark Channel. It is the story of Clark Davis falling in love with his first wife, Ellen. Clark and his best friend are passing through Trinity on their way to collect their fortune of gold in the West. Working on a run-down farm, Clark meets the sassy Ellen and her sister. Their father has recently passed away and the farm is too much for the two of them. Clark slowly begins to fall in love with Ellen. He eventually gives up his dream of going to California and settles down with Ellen on the farm.

Larry Levinson is the executive producer for Larry Levinson Productions.

Movie Review:

Love Begins was a beautiful pioneer western period story.

Ellen and her sister, Cassie, live together on their family farm. They have been on their own since the death of their father. It's difficult, at times, for these two young women to keep their home and the farm, but they are strong and get by - with help from neighbors and friends in town.

After a storm goes through, damaging their barn, fencing, etc... it is clear they will need help to repair. Ellen asks the town sheriff if he knows anyone who can help.

In the meantime, Clark Davis and his friend have ridden on horseback into town on their way out west to search for gold in California. His friend talks a little too sweet to some ladies in Millie's Restaurant and causes a fight with some other fellows - which lands Clark and his friend, in jail. One night, when given the chance, his friend decides to escape, while Clark chooses to remain and re-pay his debt.

Unfortunately, for Ellen, who witnessed the fight and finds Clark to not be trustworthy... the sheriff's idea is to have Clark Davis, - pay back his debt to Mille by working on Ellen and Cassie's farm. Ellen is unsure, but concedes to this plan.

After days and days go by... with hard and determination Clark helps to re-build their farm and Cassie and Ellen grow fonder of this former stranger. Clark, is also becoming fond of them and re-thinking his idea of going to California.

At a town dance, Ellen and Clark dance together, eventually revealing their true feelings for each other... admitting they like one another.

However, a day or so later, Ellen's first crush, Jake, shows up on the afternoon stage coach - as a wealthy prospector who has found his gold and has come back to ask Ellen to be his bride.

Ellen then must decide then which path and man is right for her. From there... Love Begins!

See or Skip:

See, sweet love story!


  1. Watched this movie this past weekend on PIXL HD. Very good movie. Interesting to see how Clark met his first wife and re-found his faith in God through her. Can hardly wait for Love's Resounding Courage to air.

  2. When does it air in hallmark channel?? I have been waiting firever to see it????

  3. Does anyone know when this will be airing on hallmark? I have been waiting forever to see it???

  4. Don't know when it will be on Hallmark, but just saw it on PixL...and the one after it "Loves Resounding Courage"!! Both are awesome!! I was glued!

  5. Don't know when Hallmark will air it but just watched it & "Love's Resounding Joy" on PixL! Both were awesome!! I was glued!


  7. "Love Begins" is a wonderful movie. I have watched it over and over again. "Love's Resounding Courage" made me cry. Both are good movies.

    How about making one to show Clark and Ellen as they grow in their love for each other and have Missie.

  8. Loved "Love Begins." Would like to see Clark and Ellen during their early marriage before "Love's Resounding Courage." This would be an excellent love story too.

  9. How and where can i watch them? is it free? and how did yall watch them before they come out on dvd?

  10. So is this new movie Love begins the continue of Love finds a Home? I'm excited to see this new sequel but I need to know if this if the continue of Love finds a home because I want to see what happens with the black smith and the doctor's wife progress.

  11. i would like to buy love begins and love's everlasting courage.where can i buy them.

  12. Cant wait to see them both on Hallmark!

  13. Can't wait to see this movie! I have loved watching all the love comes softly movies!

  14. Janette Oke is my favorite author. I have read the "Love Comes Softly" four times and I have been reading the other stories about the Canadian west and have read them a number of times. HUGE FAN

  15. What happened to Ellen's sister Cassey?

  16. What happened to Ellen's sister Casandra...???

  17. LOVE COMES SOFTLY is my very very favorite of the series. It has a LOT MORE to it than the one I just watched, (Love Begins) the PRE-quel to LOVE COMES SOFTLY.

    Michael Landon JR is a great director and he didn't direct this latest movie.

  18. LOVE BEGINS is the story of the couple in LOVE COMES SOFTLY (the handsome husband that died when he fell from his horse) they first met.

  19. Oh for God's sake, let this series go. It is getting a little ridiculous. What's next, the prequel to the sequel of the prequel? "Love Can Conquer All"

  20. I have always loved the Love Comes Softly series. Janette Oke is my favorite author. I love this pioneer time period. The values are always true to that spirit that the pioneer needed in that day and time. I loved seeing Nancy McKeon and David Tom was a surprise. Thanks for showing wholesome entertainment - Hallmark.

  21. I love all her movies and books, but I would like to know what happens to some of the characters,such as Cassie etc/

  22. I loved this movie. I think Wes Brown did a wonderful job portraying a younger version of Clark Davis. In my opinon, the first two movies in the series were superior but this one is definitely better than the others. I'm looking forward to the next one.

  23. Enjoyed watching all of the movies and then the great one "Love Begins". Waited all month to see it. Now I am waiting patiently until this saturday when "Loves Everlasting Courage" will air. I have all of the movies and wil be glad to add these as well.

  24. What is the difference between "Love's Everlasting Courage" and "Love's Resounding Courage"??

    And what is "Love's Resounding Joy"?? I'm getting confused by all these different names.

  25. I also am wondering what happened to Cassie Ellen's sister! Did I miss something?

  26. Watched it today n fel 4 it! Luv it....

  27. when will the love's christmas journey and love's everlasting courage be on DVD? NN

  28. I work at walmart,Love begins you can buy for $13.00 Susie Harrisonville Missouri

  29. does anyone know where was filmed.

  30. I've watched all this series. but I have a question..Does any one know what happen to Cassie?

  31. I love this movie! I watch it often. I do wish they showed what happened to Cassie...Oh well. If I could rate it, it would have a %100 rating!! :)

  32. This is the first Hallmark movie my mom showed me and my sisters. It is so sweet! Nothing bad, sad, or scary. Very family-friendly, even for sensitive little girls:)


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