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Monday, March 29, 2010

Love's Everlasting Courage - Hallmark Channel's second prequel to Love Comes Softly Movie Series


Love's Everlasting Courage
the second prequel to "Love Comes Softly"

Previously Known As: Love's Resounding Courage

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: October 1, 2011

*This Movie follows the Love Begins Movie.


Wes Brown ... Clark
Julie Mond ... Ellen
Cheryl Ladd ... Clark's Mother, Irene
Bruce Boxleitner ... Clark's Father, Lloyd
Morgan Lily ... Missy
Willow Geer ... Sarah
Tyler Jacob Moore ... Ben
Kirk B.R. Woller ... Bruce Conner
James Eckhouse ... Mr. Harris
Courtney Marmo ... Laura
Andrew Richmond ... Micheal


from Hallmark Channel Press Release:

In the second prequel to “Love Comes Softly,” the highly rated series of “Loves” movies from Hallmark Channel,” when Clark’s beloved wife, Ellen, dies from scarlet fever, he and his daughter, Missy, must find a way to survive this hardship while also saving the barren land from drought. With love and support from family and friends, Clark and Missy endure.

Clark's parents, Irene (Ladd) and Lloyd (Boxleitner) have arrived for a long stay and both are eager to help Clark and Missy in any way they can. Lloyd had some ideas for how to find water on the property, and ultimately, Irene and Lloyd provide a magnanimous gift of love and generosity to their son and granddaughter.

Larry Levinson is the executive producer for Larry Levinson Productions.

Movie Review:

Like many of you... I, too, have read all the Love Comes Softly books by Janette Oke, and loved them all. Course, they are such a completely different story than most of these Made-for-TV movies - that it makes it confusing and disappointing. I don't know why Janette Oke allowed them to change her series.

I adore the characters of Clark and Marty Davis and how their lives and families unfolded in each of the books. I don't understand why each movie couldn't follow the book series - just a bit closer. Using the characters names and changing the rest of the story doesn't count. It seems as if each new Movie - a sweet couple falls in love and then in the next story - one of them becomes a widow, and once again... falls in love.

Course this Movie/story - Love's Everlasting Courage was never really written by Janette Oke - it was only mentioned as a part of Clark's past throughout the book series. So of course why wouldn't they want to create another two sets of movies where : a sweet couple falls in love and then in the next story - one of them becomes a widow, and once again... falls in love, eventually again.

It is an important story - about losing and finding love again and having faith in the Lord to see you through anything. However, throughout this Love Comes Softly Series, this main theme story has been played out so many times - I can hardly count them all.

I knew the character of Ellen would have to pass away for the progression of the story between Clark and Marty to continue; however I still found it to be dreadfully sad. Movies to me, should be uplifting, especially a Hallmark Movie!

Also, where was Cassie, Ellen's Sister? I know everyone keeps asking and wondering where she was. They were very close in the first movie. It just seems odd that she wasn't even mentioned in this second movie.

Highlights in this Movie - Bruce Boxleitner. His acting was real and natural. His scenes with Clark, as Father and son, were some of the best moments in the film, especially in the scenes where they discussed faith and how God is always beside us. Even though, I knew him as an actor, he brought such character of seriousness, and lighthearted laughter, that it made it all seem more authentic.

Another Highlight - The little girl! The first (blonde-haired) girl, who portrayed the character of Missy Davis in the first Love Comes Softly Movie, was absolutely wonderful and incredible - full of personality and spunk! I loved her! This little girl in Love Everlasting Courage was also precious. My only qualm with her was - I wish she had been blonde. I liked the little girl - I just think they should have put a blonde wig on her. Missy has been portrayed, by at least three other characters - as she's grown, and they were all blonde. (Love Comes Softly Movie Followers will recall - At least it wasn't as bad as the character of Belinda, who went from extremely dark brown hair - to very light blonde!) Anyway, the actress who portrayed Missy, Morgan Lily, in this film, did so with such sweet expressions that were absolutely delightful and heartwarming!

All in all, it's a get your tissues ready sort of movie.

See or Skip:

If you have enjoyed the rest of the Love Comes Softly series, you'll want to see this one, as well.

If you, however, are tired of the same sad story being repeated over and over again, then you may want to skip this one.


*Images provided by: Hallmark Channel - Crown Media Family Networks


  1. when is Love's Resounding Courage coming onto DVD???

  2. Yes. When is Love's Everlasting Courage coming onto DVD???

  3. There are so many davises now, it is almost impossible to keep up with them all. Although i do find that some of the movies are better than the books. But i did love reading and watching the books as well.

  4. The books are 100% better then these cheaply made movies. Actually, I use to love the books but after they made them into sappy movies I can't even stand them anymore.

  5. I've been a fan of Janette Oke novels since 1979. Wonderful inspiring books and the movies from Hallmark are excellent!!!! Keep em' comin'!! Nuff' said!!
    Love Ya' Janette!! GBU!!

  6. I have watched all of the Love Movies, the last 2
    Love’s Unending Legacy and Love’s Unfolding Dream were such a disappointment. The actors and actresses were totally not right for the two movies.

    Just watched the prequel Love Begins Loved it can't wait for the second one in a few weeks

  7. hate to be a stickler but isn't it known not kown?

  8. I think these movies are great! However I wish they were consist in keeping or at least mentioning what happened to characters. For example there is no mention of Jeff, the brother of Sonny in the movies when Missy moves home. Or Jacob, Belinda's little brother, once Drew dies. If they are not going to be in the movies at least indicate what happened to them... I didn't read the books I just enjoyed the movies.

  9. I think these movies are great! However I wish they were consist in keeping or at least mentioning what happened to characters. For example there is no mention of Jeff, the brother of Sonny in the movies when Missy moves home. Or Jacob, Belinda's little brother, once Drew dies. If they are not going to be in the movies at least indicate what happened to them... I didn't read the books I just enjoyed the movies.

  10. even though the books differ from the movies I still find them up lifting and they have helped to strengthen my faith.
    I wish there were more christian/family movies out there to watch. May God continue to bless you and encourage you to make more movies. Even my kids who range from age 20 to 3 love your movies.

  11. when will you make movies to go along with your other series

  12. Waitng for this new movie to air on tv this next week. I watched "Love Begins", and loved it. Love Janette Oke. Didn't know there was a "Loves Resounding Courage", but I am going to love this next one airing this Saturday.

  13. Whatever happen to Ellen's sister Cassie?

    1. That's what I like to know. Cassie was NOT a prop, she was a MAIN character, full of life and to pretend she didn't exist (when the writers could have easily married her off or sadly, killed her off), is Frustrating.

    2. Yes! I wholeheartedly agree! I also mentioned missing Cassie in this movie in my review above. It's such a shame her wonderful, lighthearted character wasn't included in this second film. This movie is good, but it needed her sweetness! :)

  14. I have loved the whole series but wonder why someone has to die in each one, I know it is true to life but I like to escape that reality when I am absorbed in a movie. Can we just have one movie that every character survives until the end, please, we are all aware that death occurs when couples are happy together but geez, does it have to be every movie, enough already

  15. I love the Love Comes Softly Book series, but I am disappointed in the movies. It's so confusing to read the books and watch the movie because they are so different.

  16. when will Love's everlasting Courage be on DVD? Love begins will be out Nov. 22. 2011.

  17. Good Evening, I without a doubt LOVE ALL your movies of the love comes softly series I have them all so far. Except I need the love saga, love begins and loves everlasting courage along with any new or old ones I might be missing! Every evening I always watch one of them before I go to bed. Also a great series all together to watch. It's truly an inspirational, family. loving powerful series. I could go on and on about how much I love all your movies. Looking forward to owning all the new ones when I see them come out. Keep up the great work!!

    PS For those of you reading this just remember when you think your life is bad know that it can always be worse! NEVER take anything for granted Especially your Family!! God Bless!

  18. Why can't make a happy ending for once, why does someone always have to die. These are getting old and depressing.

  19. I really love these movies but I wish they would reshoot the Love Comes Softly series with these actors: Wes Brown, someone with Julie Mond's ability, and the little girl who played Missie. I don't think Michael Landon, Jr. followed the books, so I would hope these movies would be reproduced with the best actors. Wes Brown as Clark Davis did a phenomenal job portraying this character.

  20. I like all the love series,Love's Enduring Promise, Love's Long Journey, Love's Abiding Joy, Love's Unending Legacy, Love's Unfolding Dream, and Love Takes Wing, and Love Finds a Home: how they follow Clark life after his wife dies,and then follows Missy's life. All of them are great movies about this family.

  21. Does anyone know were i could watch Love's Resounding Courage for free?!?!?!

  22. I love all of Janette Oke's books and can not wait until I can watch this movie. She is one of my favorite writers.

  23. so what happen to Cassie Ellen's sister ??

  24. These movies are wonderful, but I hate how they use so many different actors for the same character. Especially changing the actress who originally played Marty really bothered me. I've never read the books and I don't think I ever will because they are so different. If I had read the books in the first place I would have steered clear of the movies. Hollywood always does this... why must they change an authors stories? People love the books, the books are popular.. that is why Hollywood wants to make them into movies in the first place, so why change them!

  25. I truly love this series. "Why do people fall in love and die?" is often asked. Death was a fact of life for the pioneers in the American west. Childbirth or illness took many women and the men typically died by accident or violence. So the plots (and the necessity of remarriage) are not phony at all. Of course with the passage of time and the nature of actors, some of these had to be played by different people. My main beef with the whole series is technical. Compared with the wonderful natural lighting and landscape in "Love Comes Softly" the early morning and evening shots in "Love's everlasting Courage" are unconvincing. The valley viewed from the hilltop was not at all like the wooded river shown in "Softly" and the Anderson's Corner cabin they return to in "Love's Abiding Joy is just a made-over version of the Tettsford Junction home. Surely, since there is no acting or dialogue in these shot, previous footage could have been used. Nevertheless, all in all a thoroughly satisfying and uplifting story. I won't read the books to save muddying the waters.

  26. I could understand why they may need to use a different actor or actress for a role from one movie to the next, however, I cannot understand why they would not even attempt to find someone who looks remotely similar. Like why on earth would they change Belinda's hair from a dark brown to bleached blonde, and it was not even the new actresses Sarah Jones' real hair, it was a really bad quality blonde wig, so this defies logic. Have they ever heard of continuity. They could and should have either dyed her hair brown or gave her a brown wig.

  27. I really missed Katherine Heigl playing Marty after the 2nd movie, and they way they used 4 different actresses to play Missie in 4 different movies was highly annoying. At least Erin Cottrell somewhat resembled the previous Missie, January Jones, but Morgan Lily who played the little girl aged Missie in the prequel movie bore no resemblance to the original little girl Missie, Skye McCole Bartusiak. Why the production doesn't at least keep the same hair color for each character from movie to movie is beyond reason and is highly annoying. Regardless, I still like the movies, but they could have done a much better job if they gave a care about the audience


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