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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hallmark Channel's Fall Harvest Schedule

The 2016 *Fall Harvest* Schedule below is direct from hallmarkchannel.com:

Saturday, October 1st
11a/10c: Surprised By Love
1/12c: Summer of Dreams
3/2c: Dater's Handbook
5/4c: The Good Witch
7/6c: October Kiss
9/8c: Love on a Limb, A World Premiere Original

Sunday, October 2nd
11a/10c: June in January
1/12c: A Wish Come True
3/2c: Wedding Bells
5/4c: Love on a Limb
7/6c: Autumn Dreams
9/8c: Chesapeake Shores New Episode

Saturday, October 8th
11a/10c: A Ring by Spring
1/12c: Lucky in Love
3/2c: My Summer Prince
5/4c: A Country Wedding
7/6c: Love on a Limb
9/8c: Autumn in the Vineyard, A World Premiere Original

Sunday, October 9th
11a/10c: The Good Witch's Charm
1/12c: Love on a Limb
3/2c: The Wedding March
5/4c: Autumn in the Vineyard
7/6c: Harvest Moon
9/8c: Chesapeake Shores Season Finale

Saturday, October 15th
11a/10c: First Daughter
1/12c: I Do, I Do, I Do
3/2c: The Good Witch's Destiny
5/4c: Love on the Sidelines
7/6c: Autumn in the Vineyard
9/8c: Pumpkin Pie Wars, A World Premiere Original

Sunday, October 16th
11a/10c: Love by Chance
1/12c: Autumn in the Vineyard
3/2c: Love in Paradise
5/4c: Pumpkin Pie Wars
7/6c: Summer Villa
9/8c: October Kiss

Saturday, October 22nd
11a/10c: Autumn Dreams
1/12c: Harvest Moon
3/2c: Autumn in the Vineyard
5/4c: Love on a Limb
7/6c: Pumpkin Pie Wars
9/8c: Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House, A World Premiere Original

Sunday, October 23rd
11a/10c: Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House
1/12c: Pumpkin Pie Wars
3/2c: All of My Heart
5/4c: Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House
7/6c: Anything for Love
9/8c: Stop the Wedding

Stay tuned for any potential updates!


  1. Is this the first year for this? I don't recall seeing a harvest theme in years past. I LOVE IT! Something fun to look forward to before Christmas from Hallmark!

    1. This is the second year for Fall Harvest. It began last year with Autumn Dreams, Harvest Moon, and October Kiss! You are so right - there is a lot to still look forward to on Hallmark before Christmas!!!

  2. How exciting, Net! I love how they're highlighting all the seasons for the "Grand Finale", Christmas!! Hallmark is focused like a laser, and I'll bet their ratings are through the roof!! Now, please..please..can't we have something during the week, too??

    1. Oh, so true, Linda!!! It would be wonderful to have more during the week on Hallmark. They certainly do love every Holiday!!!

    2. Theyre skipping over Halloween and Thanksgiving though. I wish they would take full advantage and put new movies for those holidays

  3. Replies
    1. Great question, Amanda!

      *Countdown to Christmas* on the Hallmark Channel will officially start October 29, 2016!!!

      I have the press release here, if you would like to read it.

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, September 08, 2016

      Amanda -- Remember I was telling you (when I messages you that schedule that I typed up) that Hallmark will likely premiere a new Christmas movie on the starting weekend of the Countdown? The movies actually begin on 10/28 (at night). October 29th is the first full day of movies. They always premiere a new movie on the kickoff weekend. Remember I was saying that I think that the first Christmas movie will be on 10/29 or 10/30? Nothing has been announced for that weekend yet, but they might put something there.

      The Fall Harvest movies are only for the first 4 Saturdays in October (just as they were last year too). And, as you and I have discussed, can we even really count the Good Witch movie, as it is technically part of the allotted number of hours in the new season -- even though it is a standalone themed movie?

      I don't completely count the WCTH Christmas movie as a separate Christmas installment in the Countdown to Christmas, either -- even though Hallmark does -- because that movie is figured into the number of hours in the new season. So it's really just an extended Christmas episode of the new season of WCTH. I think it's the same think with the "Good Witch: The Enchantress" Halloween installment... it's an extended Halloween episode of the new season of GW.

  4. Sad to not see anything specifically Halloween-set, outside the Good Witch special. Last year's October Kiss, especially, was really adorable and sweet. And I still lament the demise of Thanksgiving movies. I'd love to see at least one per year, even if it's just the initial entry in their Christmas line-up. Family Thanksgiving which, admittedly, might have been a Lifetime original, I can't recall, remains one of my very favorite made-for-TV holiday films.

    1. Yes, loved "October Kiss" last year with Ashley Williams! I loved that it combined Halloween in a sweet way, without be creepy or gory.

      I, too, enjoy when they give us a nice Thanksgiving Movie. They certainly don't play "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade" nearly enough.

    2. hopefully they'll bring back The Thanksgiving House too. Lifetime had a really cute movie "A Family Thanksgiving". Don't know if LIF has been bringing that back. "A Time to Remember" with Dana Delany and Doris Roberts and "One Special Night" are 2 other favorites - they're available on a duo DVD ($5.97 on Amazon).

  5. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, September 08, 2016

    Net is right -- Hallmark certainly does love every holiday and season, but, as they say in the Countdown to Christmas commercial that began running this year, they love holidays -- but they love ONE holiday so much, they celebrate every day for 2 months.

    All of the other holiday and seasonal celebrations are the appetizers. The Countdown to Christmas is the entrée, the side dish AND the dessert, all rolled into one!

    You know, I saw the Fall Harvest schedule a few days ago, but I didn't notice at the time that last year's "Good Witch" Halloween installment (2-hour movie) is not in the line-up?? They're showing an older Good Witch movie from a few years ago, and the brand new "Enchantress" movie (Teryl Rothery is in that one) but not the actual Halloween movie from last year? That's odd.

    It is also worth mentioning -- for anyone who is interested and who hasn't been following along with the filming of the Fall Harvest movies -- that, in addition to Teryl Rothery being in the "Good Witch: The Enchantress" movie, other casts include:

    "Pumpkin Pie Wars" -- Julie Gonzalo and Eric Aragon

    "Autumn in the Vineyard" -- Rachael Leigh Cook, Brendan J. Penny, Ali Liebert and Marcus Rosner

    "Love on a Limb" (formerly "Seeds of Love") -- Ashley Williams, Trevor Donovan and Marilu Henner

    1. Yes! Looks like the 'Fall Harvest' movies are going to be quite good again this year with great casting! A real treat leading up to Christmas!

      I did feature an on-the-set post of 'Love on the Limb' about a month ago. For anyone interested, see it here!

      Also, in the case of 'Pumpkin Pie Wars', I was excited to see Julie Gonzalo in Hallmark's Fall Harvest commercial... I immediately recognized her from 'Christmas with the Kranks' and ION's 'Golden Christmas 2: The Second Tail!'

  6. Sherry, the above says that there might be some changes, so I'm wondering if they might include another movie since The Good Witch one technically doesn't count - at least to me. I am surprised that they'd announce something that could change.

    1. Changes to the schedule, unfortunately, are always a possibility. I have seen various changes made to the Christmas schedules over the years, as well as other Holidays. Theses changes can be made in advance or even last minute. It just depends. I wanted to be sure everyone was aware of this possibility.

    2. Also, I don't think we can anticipate any other new movies added to the schedule, just simply the times might be adjusted here and there.

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, September 09, 2016

      Amanda -- No new movies. Net (who runs this site) and I are in contact all the time behind the scenes about these movies, exchanging notes and details we uncover. If I had learned of another one, I would have told her immediately and she'd revise her info accordingly (and I also would have told you!). If Net had found out about another one, she would have told me, and then I, in turn, would have told you. As I mentioned to you off of this site, the "changes" to which Net was referring were in regards to scheduling -- dates, order in which the movies, air, etc. Hallmark changes those kinds of details all the time -- they even change the actual titles of movies all the time. Or, in an extreme situation, if a movie were not completed in post-prod then maybe they might have a weekend without a movie.

      But, alas, it's too late in the game now for another new Fall Harvest movie to be added into October's schedule.


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