Friday, April 8, 2016

Tell DISH to bring INSP Back!!!

If you are a DISH customer, then you are now missing out on all the wonderful family-friendly programming INSP delivers to their customers every day; such as: The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and on the weekends, wonderful Westerns and Family Movies!
INSP recently shared this information via their newsletter:
"A big THANK YOU to all of you who have contacted DISH Network and demanded they return INSP to their lineup!  Your emails and posts do make a difference.

If you haven’t contacted DISH – please do so now.  If you’ve already contacted them, please do so again


Tell DISH you miss INSP and want the network returned immediately!  And, remind them that since INSP is free, it won’t cost them, or you, anything to add it back.

Please e-mail and call DISH today and let them know that you want your INSP.  They will listen.  You have rights - demand they carry INSP, the network you want and watch!    

Visit for more details."

Also, you'll recall, among their festive holiday programming at Christmastime, INSP premiered their own heartwarming original made-for-TV movie, "Christmas in the Smokies". You won't want to miss all that it is to come on this great family network! Please support family programming and INSP and call, email, Facebook, or Tweet DISH today to let your voice be heard!


  1. If INSP is truly free to cable providers, then they should make their live feed available via apps on android and Apple as well as set top boxes like Roku. This would expand their reach which is what they need to sell to advertisers which is their source of income.

    1. It may be free, but they still have to work out contracts and agreements.

    2. If INSP developed an app for Roku and some other set top box solutions, they could then offer up their on air feed complete with advertising to anyone.

  2. I love the INSP channel. Why can't DISH keep carrying it? DirecTV does!

  3. If you've already called, be sure to facebook message them or send a tweet.

  4. I called, but the woman didn't give me any conclusive answers on why it's not there. I like the westerns on the weekend so this is not good news for me. You never know how much you like something until it's gone. In this case, it was completely unnecessary and I hope DISH sees this soon and restores this great channel.

  5. Anyone getting any answers?


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