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image: "The Spirit of Christmas" (via Marvista)

for the 2015 Christmas Season!!!
(Titles via Lifetime Press Release)

Here they are...

A Gift Wrapped Christmas

Premieres Saturday, November 28, at 8pm ET/PT

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The Christmas Gift

Premieres Sunday, November 29, at 9pm ET/PT

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The Flight Before Christmas
image via zap2it

The Flight Before Christmas

Premieres Saturday, December 5, at 8pm ET/PT

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Last Chance Christmas

Premieres Sunday, December 6, at 9pm ET/PT

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Becoming Santa

Premieres Saturday, December 12, at 8pm ET/PT

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The Spirit of Christmas
(via Marvista)
Wish Upon a Christmas

Premieres Sunday, December 13, at 9pm ET/PT

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The Spirit of Christmas

Premieres Saturday, December 19, at 8pm ET/PT

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and a Thanksgiving Movie, too:

Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow

Premieres Saturday, November 21st, at 8pm ET/PT

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My thoughts & more...

So... it looks like the movie "Accidental Trip", with Mayim Bialik & Ryan Mcpartlin, was renamed: "The Flight Before Christmas"! Much Better! That sounds a lot more like a Christmas movie title!

The Thanksgiving movie Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow is based on a story of Muppet's creator Jim Henson and stars Mary Steenburgen, of Back to the Future III and "One Magic Christmas".

"Last Chance Christmas" will star Hilarie Burton from Hallmark's "Naughty or Nice" and "Surprised by Love"... and Lifetime's "Christmas in the Bayou".

Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter, (the parents from the sitcom series Family Ties) who also were in Hallmark's "Naughty or Nice", will star in "Becoming Santa" along with Jesse Hutch, from Hallmark's "Let it Snow"!

It's fun to see even more movies coming our way! Lifetime's new Christmas movies begin on November 28th!

Which ALL NEW Lifetime Christmas movie
looks like a *must watch* to You?


  1. Yay, excited to hear this, and that's more new movies than they've had in recent years. I'm actually kind of surprised they're holding them until after Thanksgiving, given the latest trend to show Christmas fare earlier and earlier, allowing for multiple December repeats.

    Very excited about the Family Ties reunion movie, which I just read about in EW, and the new Thanksgiving Henson film as well.

    Did you see anything in the press release about repeating past Christmas films? Like, will they go to an All Christmas Movie format at some point, a la Hallmark? And was there anything on Lifetime Movie Network’s plans?

  2. Lifetime seems to have more interesting movies this season! Love it.


  3. Wow, I'm reeling; competition for Hallmark, no doubt!! Some of our favorites are starring in Lifetime's lineup and I hope they're all family friendly. I see some endearing, sweet scenario's going on and hopefully we'll learn more as time draws near. I want to see them all, Net!! LOL!!

  4. Last year, only one of Lifetime's new holiday movies was family-friendly, so it's great that they are planning a more widespread portfolio of holiday movies. I don't mind adult-targeted holiday fare, but last year's films didn't have much holiday spirit.

    I especially like this year's Thanksgiving production. First, because of the Jim Henson connection, of course. But also because very few movies take place around that beloved holiday.

  5. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, October 21, 2015

    I could be wrong, but I think that Lifetime had this same number of new movies back in 2013 (or more). I remember writing down all the titles, and I think there were at least 7 new ones that year (a few of which were very Hallmark-esque). It seemed like they were really trying to give Hallmark a run for their money - and I think that they started their new movies about 2 weeks after Hallmark's new movies began.

    It was last year -- 2014 -- that Lifetime seemed to fall off track. It was like a different programmer or network executive stepped in and steered them off course. They didn't make as many new movies, and most of the ones they DID premiere seemed oddly non-Christmasy, or just uninteresting in general.

    So this year -- despite the really late start to the Lifetime movie premieres -- it seems that Lifetime is at least trying to get back in the game. Last year it almost seemed like they were giving up.

    I will definitely watch the Hilarie Burton movie, and the Jesse Hutch movie, and the Mayim Bialik movie. The others? It will depend on how much DVR space I have left! Lol.

    Now... the REAL mystery is ION. What is happening with ION's Christmas movies this year? We've heard a bit about some of what UP has in store, but there hasn't been any word on what ION's plans are. They really seemed to be stepping up their Christmas movie game over the last couple of years, and I figured they would go bigger and better this year.

    However, by this time last year ION's Christmas movie plans had already been announced via a press release. This year... not a peep about anything. Have they given up and thrown in the towel, or are they going to suddenly emerge with 10 new movies?

    1. They've got five, actually. The press release came out earlier this week:

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, October 22, 2015

      I'm usually notified of the press releases for ION, UP, Hallmark, etc. (as I was last year as well), and did not receive anything this year about ION. Last year I got word -- this year, nothing.

  6. I'm a sucker for stories where people get forced to stay together on trips, especially with a romance genre, so that Mayim Bialik one probably has me most excited, but Michelle Trachtenberg, Hilarie Burton, and Beverley Mitchell are all actresses I'll tune in for no matter the story!

  7. Not sure how reliable it is but this site seems to say that ION is releasing five movies

  8. More on ABC's holiday plans ...

  9. ABC will be dedicating Thursdays starting Nov. 30 to holiday programming, including two limited run series, the Great Christmas Light Fight (returning) and the Great Holiday Baking Show (new), from the hosts of the Great British Bake Off. There’s also a Toy Story 20th Anniversary special. See here for dates and more details:

    1. Thank you! I added all the ABC specials to the Christmas TV Schedule! Fun to see the Return of many great shows and cartoons!!! :)

  10. I have checked Walmart's site a few times and cannot find Snow Bride dvd. Does anyone know where I can get it?

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, October 24, 2015

      I got my "Snow Bride" DVD from Walmart, but now it appears to be out of stock.

      However, the great news is that you can also order it from Here is the link to Net's original article about the "Snow Bride" DVD -

      Follow the link in the article to ChristianBook and it will take you right to the "Snow Bride" order page.


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