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Cedar Cove returns to the Hallmark Channel for Season 3...

Cedar Cove Season 3 Cast
(click image to enlarge)

This Saturday on the Hallmark Channel,
returning for a 3rd Season, is the television series Cedar Cove.

(*Please see my thoughts on this new season of Cedar Cove, below...)

In the meantime, if you're an avid Hallmark Movie watcher,
you will surely know and recognize many of the cast members
pictured below, from various Hallmark movies...
Actress Andie MacDowell
starred in the Hallmark Hall of Fame Move
"Riding the Bus with My Sister"
and she will star in an upcoming 2016 Hallmark Channel movie

Actor Dylan Neal currently stars in the on-going
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - Mystery Series

Actor Bruce Boxleitner has starred
in many Hallmark Movies over the years, including:
"Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery", "So You Said Yes",
and "Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door".

Actress Barbara Niven has also starred in
many Hallmark Original Movies:
"Mystery Woman: Wild West Mystery",
"Moonlight & Mistletoe", "Back to You and Me",
"McBride: Semper Fi", and "A Carol Christmas".

Actor Jesse Hutch has starred in

Actress Teryl Rothery has starred alongside
Jesse Hutch in "My Boyfriends' Dogs",
plus two Christmas Movies "The Wishing Tree",
Actor Brennan Elliott has starred in
with actress Lacey Chabert.

The Cedar Cove Season 3 - 2 Hour Premiere
is Saturday July 18 at 8 PM/7c.
The Encore Airing is next Saturday, July 25th at 10 AM/9c.

via Hallmark: Based on the bestselling book series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber, Season 3 returns viewers to a majestic and idyllic small seaside town of Cedar Cove, home to romance, relationships and drama. At the center of it all is Olivia Lockhart (Andie MacDowell), the revered Cedar Cove Municipal Court judge, lifetime resident, loving mother and loyal friend to many. As Olivia's romance with newspaper editor Jack (Dylan Neal) hangs in the balance following a shocking discovery, Olivia, along with her family and friends, will find her small town is bursting with more drama -and heart- than ever before.

*Please Note: Cedar Cove does contain Adult Content, and I do not endorse this series for family viewing. Last year, I noticed many complaints on the Hallmark Channel's Facebook page from viewers who were not happy with the soap opera turn to this program. Will this season be any different? Morally speaking, I think it will be much the same, and I know that is what turned myself, and a lot of viewers off last season. Also, I know many Cedar Cove readers expected some changes and differences, but many were disappointed how much the storyline deviated away from the original Debbie Macomber books. Please let me know what you think - in the comments below. Are you watching Cedar Cove this season?


  1. Well, Net, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what's in store for Cedar Cove this year. I thought last year was a bit too much drama and adult content also. Let's see some happy scenes and leave "real life" to the soap operas.

  2. Lying, cheating, affairs, and scandals. Am I happy that Cedar Cove is back? Nope!

  3. Immorality is rampant on the Cedar Cove program. As of last year, it is no longer watched in our home. In it's place I wish we could have Signed Sealed Delivered back on the Hallmark Channel. My family always enjoyed those.

    1. I totally agree about Signed Sealed and Delivered. The story lines on that series were so light-hearted and fun. I just think this show is getting to be like a soap opera.

  4. Compared to what is offered on TV today, it's not that bad. But most of the big shows on TV are garbage. Hallmark has normally been a safe TV place for families. Cedar Cove is the exception and if the ratings are good they may try to push more shows with more of the same immoral content. It's up to us as viewers to turn the channel. Jess

  5. I personally can not wait for the premier and it is evident if you are on twitter. I don't see Cedar Cove as a family show I have always seen it as an adult show as it deals with many things in life that we all face or know someone who has faced and think it is done well. While this show has two main characters it also revolves around a community and it is interesting to see how all their lives intertwine. I for one have been counting down the days, so YES!! I am ready for Cedar Cove. #TeamCliffandGrace!

  6. Yes, we also were turned off of the program and no longer will be watching it. That is a shame, because we normally like the programs on Hallmark and prefer to watch it over channels.

  7. It's way too much drama! for one town? Really??? I enjoyed the first season, was VERY disappointed in the second season. Not sure if I'll give the 3rd season a go or not.

  8. We do not attend to watch. Immorality trash is rampant. We did not watch last season, it is no longer watched in our home. In it's place We wish we could have Signed Sealed Delivered back on the Hallmark Channel. Our family always enjoyed those. Hallmark, live up to your name of loving family values!!! Get out of the gutter!!!! You can do better than "Cedar Cove junk"

  9. Cedar Cove is fine for adult viewing and they should advertise it as such. We are hoping that When Calls The Heart is renewed. We would also like to see more of Signed, Sealed, & Delivered!

  10. While I thought the "soap opera" elements were a little ramped up last year and would prefer less, and I agree with the comment that we'd like to see some more "happy scenes," I still like Cedar Cove. It has a great central women's friendship - which is very rare in today's worship of all things "bromance." I like having a few romances that aren't targeted at the 25-year-old audience. I love Moon! I like the fact that each woman has a defined personality - feminine and intellectual for Olivia, feisty and outgoing for Grace, warm and nurturing for Peggy, artistic and caring for Justine. I've looked over some of Debbie's plots for her books and characters, and they are fairly adult without being trashy. Cedar Cove just needs to find its rhythm and balance between the dramatic stories and the more uplifting elements of the characters' stories. Part of it might be that they just tried to fit too much in to 12 episodes rather than spreading some of the more dramatic elements out over multiple seasons. I prefer to be more patient with a network that's trying to give me a wide range of acceptable programs (Christmas programming, adult mysteries that aren't gruesome and overly negative, romantic drama and romantic comedy that isn't offensive).

  11. I am soooo looking forward to meeting the new Colin Ferguson character. Mr. Ferguson was in the terrifically positive and funny sci-fi show Eureka. I've been wanting to see him in something Hallmark-related for a while, and now I get my wish.

  12. Susan - Des MoineSaturday, July 18, 2015

    I won't be watching this season. It's not a program that my children ever watched. It's just not something that they were ever interested in, which is fine. Some shows are family shows, and some shows are just for Mom & Dad. My husband and I really enjoyed the first season of this show. The second season did a complete 180. We didn't like the storylines and how much the characters changed. We were very surprised because we enjoyed the writing and the style of the show so much in Season 1. We're huge fans of Hallmark but this show just isn't for us anymore.

  13. Well, a lot of drama left hanging from last years finale seemed to smooth itself out during the season opener and we did have a sweet lesson on forgiveness. Colin Ferguson was a nice touch; "Christmas in Paradise" and the "Maytag Man"; love those commercials. I can't call it yet but I hope the format takes a turn for the better.

  14. Sadly, I missed the season premiere! I thought it was NEXT Saturday! I, like so many others, was a little disappointed in last season. But I hung with it and hope the new season is better. My biggest disappointment is how far away the shows have strayed from the original books. I LOVED all the books! Hoping for a good season this year!

    1. I just checked my recording for "other times" and the season 3 episode 1 is replaying on Saturday at 10am. You still get to see it!


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