Thursday, December 4, 2014

UPDATE ALERT: Christmas TV Schedule

Changes for Hallmark Movies:

I wanted to inform you all that the Hallmark Channel and the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel have both updated/rearranged their Christmas schedules; therefore, I have just gone through the process of updating my schedule, too. They have even changed up their Christmas Day schedule, too. The movie The Christmas Shepherd has been moved to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and there have been lots of various movie changes for each day.

I am truly grateful for their family moves, but I personally miss seeing A Christmas Wish, A Season for Miracles, and A Grandpa for Christmas, and many others on the Hallmark Channel, as I know they air those now on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. I also miss Eloise at Christmastime, One Magic Christmas, and The Night they Saved Christmas... which are not a Hallmark movies, but they used to play them on the Hallmark Channel.

I hope you all continue to enjoy the JOY of the Christmas Season each day!


Please see the Christmas TV Schedule for all the updates!


  1. I agree - we don't have the hallmark movie and mystery channel available so I am missing MANY of my very favorite movies. Husband found Eloise and The Christmas Card on DVD last year for me, but I really miss the rest of them...

  2. I get Hallmark Channel but don't get Hallmark Movie Channel. It is very disappointing that some of these movies are not shown on the channel I get.

  3. thank you for the update!

  4. thank you for the update!

  5. I also do not have Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. It is available to me at an additional fee from my provider which is money that is currently best spent elsewhere right now. I also miss a lot of the same movies many are discussing here.

  6. I have Hallmark Channel only . I'm very disappointed.

  7. Thanks as always!

    It's hard keeping up with all of these movies!


  8. I don't understand why Hallmark ch doesn't show some of the movies they list--The Christmas Card. I have checked and rechecked, it is listed but not shown. I watch this movie every year since it came out. SO WHY IS THIS--I WANT TO SEE THE MOVIE THE CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR. PLEASE LIST IT AND SHOW IT.


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