Friday, November 23, 2012

8 New "Christmas Movies" this Weekend!

Starting on Friday, there will be 8 New Christmas Movies + a New Christmas Cartoon, as well... to enjoy with your Turkey Leftovers!

(Click on Show Titles for more details...)

FRIDAY – November 23, 2012:

SATURDAY – November 24, 2012:

*Naughty or Nice
Hallmark Channel

SUNDAY – November 25, 2012:

*Hitched for the Holidays
Hallmark Channel


See the Christmas TV Schedule for times airing.

It's a great line-up that includes
many well known Celebrities ... even Joey Lawrence !
Enjoy the New Shows and Christmas Shopping this weekend !

Which ones are you watching ?
Please "Comment" below !


  1. Cool, cool! So many of these sound (and look!) cute. Love that Hilarie Burton is in one since she frequents as a "guest star" on one of my fave shows. :)

  2. Thanks for thees movies...these are enough for this weekend ..thanks admin

  3. We'll Watch as Many as we Can! Going out Shopping, too - to try to get the greatest deals. Thanks for this great list!

  4. Oh - I wish so many of these were NOT on at the same time. It's makes it harder to watch them all. Now we have to choose between them.

    Thank you, also, for this great list. It really helps me to stay organized with everyrhing that is going on during the holidays!


  5. Jingle & Bell look so adorable.


  6. Thanks everyone - for the great comments! Let's see...


    I agree, so many of these look cute! I've never seen Hilarie Burton in anything, but I've seen previews for the movie: "Naughty or Nice" and she looks great in it - perky and fun... full of personality! and it looks like a fun Christmas Movie, too!


    I hope you can see alot of movies, even thought you will be shopping throughout the weekend! Hope Santa got you a Tivo last year!


    I agree it's difficult to see many of them when they are on all at the same time! But we'll do our best!


    I so agree - Jingle & Bell are absolutely adorable!!! And the stuffed animals are so cute, too, as well as a great incentive for reading! I know the children in my family - absolutely love them! And, I do, too!!!

  7. Jingle & Bell was a great little movie for the family to watch.

    I liked Christmas Angel and I didn't like The March Sisters at all!



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