Friday, July 13, 2012

Hallmark Channel "Christmas Movie" Trivia

Here are some trivia questions for the Movies that are airing on the Hallmark Channel this weekend! (see Schedule here) Maybe you'll know some answers now - or maybe you'll have to look for some answers - as you watch this weekend!

Just click on "Comments" or "Post a Comment" below to answer! I won't post any of the answers until - Tuesday (July 17). So, we'll see then - who is best at Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Trivia!

"Christmas Movie" QUESTIONS:

1. In the "Mrs. Miracle" Movies, what is Mrs. Miracle's real name?

2. In "A Princess for Christmas", what antique piece does Jules break at Castlebury Hall?

3. In "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year", what item of clothing does Morgan say woman don't wear enough of?

4. In "Annie Claus is Coming to Town", what is the name of the orphan boy that Dean says he has been helping?

5. In "The Christmas Card", what is engraved on the gift that Cody gives Faith's parents?

6. In "Holiday Engagement", what Thanksgiving Dish is Hillary's Mother hoping that Jason will like?

7. In "Call Me Mrs. Miracle", what is Holly's favorite Monopoly piece?

8. In "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year", what is the name of Brian's turtle?

9. In "Moonlight and Mistletoe", what does Nick create on-line, with Holly's help, in order to spread the word about Santaville?

10. In "The Night before the Night before Christmas", the daughter, Hannah, had hoped for a camera - last year for Christmas, but instead she received what?

11. In "The Christmas Card", what is Faith's special nickname, that her Uncle has given her.

12. In "Holiday Engagement", what is Hillary's favorite Christmas Song?

13. In "Annie Claus is Coming to Town", what name also means - My One True Love?

14. In "The Town Christmas Forgot", what barnyard animal is a part of the Christmas Pageant?

15. In "A Princess for Christmas", who does the family find at the Christmas Tree, after the ball?

Enjoy the Christmas Movies All Weekend Long!

And, don't forget to leave your answers - simply click on "Comments" or "Post a Comment" below.


  1. 110 days!!! Can't wait for the Christmas TV Schedule 2012.

    See you soon!!!

    Ho Ho Ho

    Mr. C

  2. Thanks for a great site. Hope I did okay on the quiz.

  3. I Love your Site! It's actually my favorite. I visit it daily and look forward each day to all of your new posts. I'll be watching as many of the movies as I can over the weekend and looking for the answers to the questions I didn't know. Happy Christmas in July!


  4. Me and my wife love to record the movies and watch them whenever we want. I am so excited for all the new Christmas movies to come. I love your blog. It's the only one I check on a dailt basis.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. I Absolutely love Christmas and your Blog. How special it is to have your site to keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long. I watched Hallmark movies all fun...I didn't want it to end. I can't wait until November! Here are my answers...

    1. Mrs. Merkle
    2. A Sconce
    3. Hats
    4. Charlie BrownStone
    5. Where the Magic Begins
    6. Yams
    7. The Thimble
    8. Skip
    9. A Blog
    10. A hamburger phone
    11. Dottie
    12. Gloria
    13. Calvin
    14. Chickens
    15. Santa Claus

    Thank you again so much for your site and keeping Christ the center of Christmas! God Bless!


  6. Thank you so much, Sweetie! We're so blessed to have this site to come to. God bless you - as you bless others! May the Lord's Amazing Grace be with you, Always!
    I love you, Honey,

    Here are my answers to the Trivia questions...

    1. Merkle
    2. Sconce
    3. hats
    4. Charlie Brownstone
    5. Where the Magic begins
    6. yams
    7. thimble
    9. blog
    10. hamburger phone
    12. Angels We Have Heard on High(Gloria)
    14. chickens
    15. Santa Claus

  7. 1 Mrs. Merkle
    3 Hats
    7 The Thimble
    8 Skip
    13 Calvin
    15 Santa Claus

    I hope I'm not too late to take the quiz. This was a fun idea and I love Hallmark Movies, too. This is my favorite blog. Thank you. H.K.

  8. 1. Mrs. Merkle
    3. Hats
    4. Charlie Brownstone
    6. Yams
    7. Thimble
    8. Skip
    9. blog
    12. Angls we have heard on High
    13. Calvin
    15. Santa

    THANK YOU!!!

  9. I'm not sure if I know all the answers to these questions, but I do love this site and I try to watch as many Christmas Movies as I can at Christmastime. Thank You!

  10. I watched the movies all weekend long and kept referring back to the site for the questions - so I could look for all these answers. I think I found them all ,except number 11 - I must have missed that one.

    1. Mrs. Merkle 2. sconce 3. Hats
    4. Charlie Brownstone 5. Where the Magic Begins 6. Yams and Turkey ( dark or white meat?) 7. Thimble
    8. Skip (not Skippy - as his Uncle Ralph says.) 9. Blog 10. A phone
    11. ??? 12. Angels we have heard on high 13. Calvin 14. Chickens
    15. Santa Claus

    thank you for the Christmas Movies, S.C.

  11. Oh bummer. I forgot to submit my answers. I have them written on a piece of paper on the coffee table. Maybe next time.

    I scored myself and missed only 2.


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