Wednesday, November 30, 2022

πŸŽ„UPDATEπŸŽ„ Recent Changes Made to the *Great American Family* Christmas Movie Schedule & More... 🌟 SEE HERE:

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, Great American Family released a revised schedule for their Christmas movies, which includes some minor changes for their Christmas movies airing around mid-December.

At the time I received this news, I updated the information on my blog under the Great American Family list of Christmas movies, plus the full Christmas Movie List and the main Christmas TV Schedule.

However, I wanted to be certain to alert you all today to these new changes - just in case you missed it over Thanksgiving.

Here are the details...

*The Art of Christmas has been moved from December 18th to December 9th

*Aisle Be Home for Christmas was moved from December 9th to December 17th

*A Brush with Christmas (previously known as Crafting Christmas and A Brush with Christmas Romance) was moved from December 17th to December 18th

*Plus, a special encore showing of A Christmas… Present will air prime time on December 11th at 8pm/7c.


Also, I have an update on the movie A Puppy for Christmas, starring Cindy Busby, Christopher Russell, and Greyston Holt.

Just before Thanksgiving, I was contacted by Great American Family and was asked to inform my followers that A Puppy for Christmas was acquired with the realization that it would require some editing before it would air on their network. The movie was previously 86 minutes long and has since been edited down now to 71 minutes.

Even though A Puppy for Christmas required editing, the network's primary reason for choosing this film was the two main stars, Cindy Busby and Christopher Russell. You can be assured that before choosing to air a movie on the channel, each film is watched by the programming department multiple times, and they are striving to provide family-friendly programming for their viewers.

If you'd like to give the Great American Family programming department your thoughts on this movie or any of the others airing on the channel, you can do so here.

I haven't had the opportunity yet, to view the edited version of A Puppy for Christmas, but I'm grateful to know Great American Family took these steps and they are doing their utmost best to provide quality entertainment.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
Blessings to you all, Net



  1. Even if it is edited I just couldn't watch A Puppy For Christmas again.

    I was absolutely disgusted with the original and even aside from the family-unfriendly aspect, it was just a poor movie.

    Wooden acting and an OTT plot - Florence

    1. Did the original have same sex issues Florence? If so, I wouldn't want to watch either.

    2. Florence, I know what you mean. For those of us who've seen the original, it's rather hard to forget what was edited out.

    3. Abigail, Not really. However, there's a woman (I believe she plays Greyston Holt's sister) who follows Cindy Busby's character around and she kinda acts like she likes her in an adoring way.

      Anyway, you can read my full review of the unedited version here:

  2. Net, What about Chocolate Belgian Christmas on GAFAM? It’s could be on December 18, 2022, we like to watch this movie.

    A Belgian Chocolate Christmas (2022)

    Photographer takes her best friend's place at a Belgian culinary school at the holidays and connects with the chocolateir leading the class. As romance begins to bloom, the only problem is a case of mistaken identity.

    1. Unfortunately, "A Belgian Chocolate Christmas" did not meet GFam's standards and will not be airing on their channel after all.

  3. That is nice to hear they take the time to make sure a movie is family-friendly. Even if it means extra work on their part. I just love Great American Family! :)

    1. Jennifer R, I agree! I'm so grateful they take such effort to give us viewers wholesome programming. It's nice to know someone still cares about that these days.

  4. Replies
    1. Denise, You're welcome! Please know, I always appreciate your comments. :)

  5. I wish they'd air a belgian chocolate Christmas


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