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Friday, March 12, 2021

NEW This Weekend: Blue Ridge, When Calls the Heart, The Charm of Love and Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Con a Con! πŸ”Ž❤ #Hearties SEE HERE:

Set your DVR for a weekend filled with NEW PREMIERES - from INSP, UPtv, the Hallmark Channel, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

Get ALL the details here...

Saturday, March 13, 2021:

Can you solve the murder mystery with Johnathon Schaech and Sarah Lancaster in INSP's premiere of...

Storyline via INSP: In Blue Ridge, a murder in a sleepy town at the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains refuels a longtime feud between two of the community’s most powerful families. The new sheriff, Justin Wise, finds himself in a race against time to solve the murder before ‘mountain justice’ takes over and the townspeople take the law into their own hands.

Blue Ridge premieres
Saturday, March 13, 2021
at 8pm/7c. on INSP


Sunday, March 14, 2021:

It's a charming premiere on UPtv with Katrina Norman and Tilky Jones in...

Story-line: Art historian Dr. Madison Turner, an expert in ancient artifacts, travels halfway around the world to the Caribbean to find the legendary "Lovers Stone" to save her beloved museum, but when she meets Andrew “Fitz” Fitzpatrick, an international hotelier with trust issues and a local’s knowledge of the island, her search may lead her to true love after all.

Sunday, March 14, 2021
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv


Sunday, March 14, 2021:

Sleuth all day Sunday with Candace Cameron Bure in the Aurora Teagarden movie marathon on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries- leading up to the premiere of...

Storyline via Hallmark: When Aida Teagarden's real estate client is found murdered, her sleuthing daughter Aurora sets out with her fiancΓ© Nick and the Real Murders Club to solve the murder.

Sunday, March 14, 2021
at 8pm/7c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


Sunday, March 14, 2021:

New characters are welcomed in Hope Valley, in this all new episode of...

Episode 4 - “Welcome to Hope Valley” :

Storyline: The inquiry begins, and Nathan starts to question his own actions. Meanwhile, the Canfields, a new family in town, buy Gowen’s cabin and Elizabeth welcomes them. Lee’s sister and niece arrive in Hope Valley.

Sunday, March 14, 2021
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel

Streaming "When Calls the Heart" :

If you can't watch "When Calls the Heart" on the Hallmark Channel, you can stream Season 8 through Amazon - *click here*.

Promo video:


What a wonderful weekend filled with new movie premieres + "When Calls the Heart!" Even though the Hallmark Channel is taking a break on Saturday night from new movies (it's actually the first Saturday all year), there will still be plenty to see! By the way, in place of a new premiere on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, is an encore airing of "Country at Heart."

However, if you'd like to watch something new Saturday night, then turn to INSP for the premiere of Blue Ridge. This is a mystery movie, and like Aurora Teagarden on Sunday night, due to the murder mystery theme and some violence, it's probably best suited for ages 12 and up. I always love a good mystery and trying to solve who-dun-it... I love the challenge.

Please Note: I have not pre-screened these new movies. If you'd like to post a review on whether a film is family-friendly, please share in comments below.

On Sunday night... I personally can't wait to see this all new episode of "When Calls the Heart!" We finally get to meet the Canfield family; I just know there will be many heartwarming moments with them, especially with their daughter Angela, who is blind, but has an incredible gift. (See preview video above!) Plus, I'm really hoping we will learn the secret behind Nathan's past with the Mounties at Fort Clay and his possible connection to Jack. Oh... the suspense!!!

Are you looking forward to any of these new movies or "When Calls the Heart?" Please share in comments below.

Happy Watching!

Blessings to you all, Net



"For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open."

~Luke 8:17



  1. Do you think down the road that they have Christmas with Aurora Teagarden Mysteries on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries?

    1. Chris, I personally would love that, but from what I have heard, they like to keep the mystery movies and the Christmas movies separate now. That's too bad, huh?

  2. I'm the most excited about When Calls the Heart. This is really an awesome season. They're keeping you on the edge of your seat, waiting to find out which one she picks. Personally I'm hoping it's Team Nathan. Also can't wait to see what's going to happen with Lee and Rosemary. Will they finally adopt or have children?

    I will watch Aurora Teagarden, but I can see them wrapping up the series soon. Can't you see Niall Matter and Erin Krakow in a mystery series together? That would be awesome!

    1. Lissa! I love your When Calls the Heart enthusiasm! I'm on the edge of my seat right with ya! I like Nathan best, too, if you haven't heard me mention this already. I just think Elizabeth is afraid to love and lose someone again, that's why she can't fully give her love to Nathan... yet.

      Lee and Rosemary are also my favorites - it's so refreshing to see a happy married couple on TV like them. Even individually, their characters are always interesting and fun. There are many characters to love and it's great to see Hope Valley is growing!

      Also, enjoy the new Aurora! I sure hope they don't end those. I enjoy them so much. In Garage Sale Mystery, Lori Loughlin's character was married and they were still great, so hopefully they will do many more after Aurora's wedding.

      Although, I do think Erin & Niall were great together. If only he could do both! :)

  3. There’s no new Hallmark movie tomorrow night instead rerun Country at Heart at 9pm/8c

    1. That's right. I mentioned this in my comments at the end of the post above. This is the first Saturday this year the Hallmark Channel hasn't had a new movie premiere. I guess they needed this little break.

      It's an excellent time to flip our TV channel over to INSP for their new mystery premiere!

  4. I missed the Jonathan Schaech movie. :( I forgot. He grew up in my county.


  5. I’m gonna watch Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Con to Con unless I’m recording WCTH

  6. That promo clip for WCTH brought tears to my eyes. I am going to love this family.

  7. I’m watching When Calls the Heart. Can’t dvr so I’ll catch Aurora another time.

  8. Hearties Hallmark movies and Mysteries is having a WCTH Marathon on March 28, 2021

    A Moving Picture
    The Heart of a Father
    Family Matter
    Sweet & Sour
    An Unexpected Gift
    In Perfect Unity
    Heart of a Writer
    Into the Wood
    New Possibilities
    Don’t Go
    Open Season
    Honestly, Elizabeth
    From the Ashes
    Welcome to Hope Valley
    What the Heart Wants

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this news! I think they recently updated their schedule.

      I'm excited to see Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will be airing all of "When Calls the Heart" Season 7 and Season 8, that has aired up until that point! That will be a wonderful marathon that day - on March 28th!

      So looking forward to this! Thank you, again, for sharing with us.

  9. WCTH

    What’s Lucas is up to because he’s Con-Artist

    People don’t like Lucas tells Elizabeth about Nathan & Allie

    Elizabeth, Don’t go with Lucas

    Lucas isn’t the right guy for Elizabeth but it’s Nathan is the right guy for Elizabeth

    What if Elizabeth will find out Lucas isn’t right guy for Elizabeth - her heart tells her it’s Nathan for hers - she owes Nathan apologizes for everything & even Allie

    ♥️Elizabeth still lioves Nathan forever♥️

  10. WCTH

    What’s Nathan got a note from Elizabeth next Sunday episode?

  11. WCTH

    Elizabeth has only have eyes on Nathan always

  12. WCTH

    Kevin said there was another obstacle-other than Allie’s Dad - to the adoption that snowballs throughout the season & affects Elizabeth’s life.

  13. Cold Feet & a Cold Case — the 16th movie in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series — will premiere on June 14, 2021. This would be about three months after How to Con a Con premieres

    1. Anonymous, do you think they postpone the wedding?

    2. No, Aurora & Nick are still searching for wedding venues: catering, decoration, etc... in Aurora Teagarden: How to Con a Con: Cakes, church, & catering until they will get married at the end of the movie just before Aurora & the real murder mystery club will solve the cases in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Cold Feer, Cold Caae.

      Later on, Aurora & Nick will go on their honeymoon in Aurora Mysteries: Honeymoon, Honeymurder

      I don’t know if what’s happen to Nick, if he will died in the movie during their honeymoon just like in the book, Martin Barfell dead in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Thel Last Scene. Aurora Teagarden married Martin Bartell & he passed away & she married to Robin Daniels in the book. In the movie, I’m not sure if Martin Bartell will back in Aurora’s life so, maybe they’ll get married someday

    3. Anonymous, thank you for this. This is interesting! I don't want Nick to die.

  14. Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Con a Con

    The cast for the new movie includes:

    Candace Cameron Bure (Aurora)
    Niall Matter (Nick Miller)
    Marilu Henner (Aida Teagarden)
    Lexa Doig (Sally Allison)
    Peter Benson (Dt. Arthur Smith)
    Miranda Frigon (Lynn Liggett-Smith)
    Dylane Sloane (Phillip Pifer)
    Ellie Harvie (Lillian Tibbett)
    Cole Vigue (Davis Mettle)
    Brad Harder (Officer Heard)
    Ecstasia Sanders (Amanda Gaines)
    Matthew Kevin Anderson (David Kotkin)
    Rhiannon Fish (Melissa Needham)
    Adam Beauchesne (Hal Needham)
    Tony Gulati (Billy Wickman)
    Sarah Jane Redmond (Bianca Avery)
    David Lewis (Ben Avery)
    Yoshie Bancroft (Misty Wagner)
    Linda Pollard (Older Woman)
    Madeleine Kelders (Minister)
    Malcom Masters (Undercover Cop)
    Karen Khunkhun (Reporter)
    Sharon Crandall (Bank Manager)

  15. I was disappointed that HMM changed the schedule yet again. Last Saturday they played season 1 of cedar cove and this sat was supposed to be season 2 and next season 3. I have never got to watch it all so last Saturday I watched all season 1 which ended in a cliff hanger, and of course they changed the schedule to play Emma Fielding mysteries and Ruby Herring that they play literally all the time. Thanks a lot HMM. I got HMNow again so I could watch more of the SSD's so I watch on my phone. I watched the SSD Christmas this weekend and I loved it. so much Faith and so much about the meaning of Christmas and not all just presents. I just hope they can film the new movie this year. # Postables

    1. Yeah, I wondered what happened there? Do you suppose ratings were not good on the Saturday they aired Season 1 of Cedar Cove, so they changed airing Season 2? I was really surprised it dropped off the schedule. CC was an interesting show, it's just too bad they had to make it more PG-13 as it went along, instead of PG, which is what the typical Hallmark audience wants. I think if they go that similar direction with Chesapeake Shores, it will suffer the same fate.

      I love hearing how much you enjoy Signed, Sealed, Delivered! The faith part of it is so beautiful. I was checking out the HMM schedule and it looks like there will be another SSD marathon the day before Easter (unless they change it) on my birthday - April 3rd!!! What a great gift! Happy Birthday to me! Plus, it's followed up with the Murder She Baked Christmas movie!!!

    2. What a wonderful present for you Net. I really loved the pilot movie, I just watched Truth Be Told the other day, kind of wasn't that happy with it, not the show itself just the truth that had to be told. I guess those things do happen in life, but.

      Yeah I will say Cedar Cove did seem more PG13. It did seem to deal with sensitive issues. I do like that Chesapeake Shores pushes it a little, I mean they don't have same sex or people making out, I like that they all aren't perfect and make lots of mistakes and try their best in life. In the books, it took them a lot longer to forgive Megan, but even that issue, Megan made a decision and she had to live with it and the kids didn't want to let it go so fast cause they were affected the younger ones especially.

      the shows and movies based off books, sometimes they cant be re-written into Hallmark stories completely, as the basis of CS was Megan leaving Mick and the kids behind cause she was stressed out and couldn't deal anymore. And the kids were hurt by it. I was surprised they had a whole season with Bree writing a book about it. But I looked that season a lot cause we got to see how much it did effect (or is it affect) Bree a young girl growing up with a dysfunctional family.

      The aurora books have a lot more PG13 stuff such as Roe got pregnant with Robins child in the later books and they weren't married, and I think they played the Martin Roe storyline 1st like it was a physical attraction. Arthur got Lynn pregnant and it was in question if he was even broken up with Roe then.

      The movie Welcome to Christmas, Debbie mason book and it was a much different book and series of books that were definitely PG13. I was actually surprised they made that movie. I love Debbie Mason books, her most recent series is Highland Falls series and the most recent book was Christmas on Reindeer Rd, it was so good. Could be a perfect Hallmark Christmas movie. Kind of a Brady Bunch story, a father with his 3 boys and a woman with her 2 stepsons and they all get into trouble and the little boy (on fathers side) is so sweet he loves Mallory and he knows from the start he wants her part of their family. Calling on Hallmark to make this into a movie and it would be awesome. although hallmark would likely have to make it woke and ruin it.

    3. Sabrina, Thanks for the info on the Aurora books. I've always wished they would put ratings on books, like they do movies. In the books does Roe end up with Robin? I always wondered why they didn't keep Robin Dunne on there a little longer. I liked him in the beginning. He reminds me of Nick - in the way he was helpful to solve the case.

    4. Yeah Roe and Robin get married and they have the baby. Roe thought she couldn't get pregnant and was happy when she found out she was. I know a lot of people were mad about what happened to Martin in the books, me included, but the author said she always planned on making Robin the true love for Roe. But Martin and Roe had an instant connection and love. John Queensland marries Aida and they have a blended family of his adult kids and their families. Phillip is Roe's step brother, not cousin. he is actually in the 1st book, which is Real Murders, and hes a little kid and he isn't allowed back to stay with Roe til later books, and he only is able to stay cause he runs away to stay with Roe. I LOVE the relationship with Roe and Phillip, I think it is so special, in books and the movies. And sadly, they kind of ruin Arthur in the books, and he isn't in the last few. I was always sad about that, but maybe that is Peter Benson's fault cause he is so wonderful and makes Arthur so special.

    5. I am so afraid they will ruin Chesapeake Shores like they have been ruining their regular movies. I honestly hope they don’t make anymore just for that reason. It has become one of my family’s favorite shows to watch and it would totally crush if the included non family-friendly material.

      I agree, Net. I liked Robin a whole lot better than any of the others. It didn’t make sense why they didn’t keep him around longer.

    6. Sabrina, Wow! Thank YOU for all of those insightful details into the Aurora books. I still very much miss the John Queensland character. I loved him with Aida. At first, I thought they let him go so Aida could have more love interests, but they haven't really explored that, so I don't understand why.

      Anyway, thank goodness they change some things up from the books to the movie - I cannot imagine the movies without Peter Benson. From what I hear, he often makes Candace laugh on set to the point of tears. I can totally see that... he's so funny!

    7. Anonymous, I feel the same way about "Chesapeake Shores." With the way things are going though, I have a feeling something will be included.

    8. That’s disappointing. :(

  16. Watched "How To Con A Con" and it was so good I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see who the guilty person was. Loved every minute of it! I love the relationship between Aurora and Nick. Looking forward to their wedding!

    1. kitkat, So good to hear that you loved the new Aurora movie! I didn't see it Sunday night due to watching "When Calls the Heart," and I planned to see it yesterday, but we had rain, sleet and ice - we lost power and didn't get it back until this morning. You forget how much you rely on electricity until you lose it, right? I'm hoping to record it tomorrow!!! :) Glad you loved it!!!

      By the way, I posted your review - *here*! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  17. I am going to take a guess that there will probably be a Christmas movie with Aurora Teagarden Mysteries?

    1. Chris, I sure hope you're right - I know many, including myself, would love that!!! :)

    2. Somehow can't see that - they don't generally have a Christmas edition of any of their Mystery Series.

      Mu gut feeling is that they'll give the "leading" Christmas role to Lacey Chabert and will bring her and Tyler Hynes together again. (Winter In Vail).

  18. WCTH Marathon
    Season 7-8
    March 28, 2021

    1. Yes! This "When Calls the Heart" marathon is going to be great and very early... beginning at 6am/5c. on Sunday, March 28th! Set those DVRs for sure! :)

    2. I wish they would replay all of the seasons. When I was on instagram I saw that the candadian channel that plays When Calls the Heart would do maraothons of all the old seasons. I wish hallmark would, since it is their own show after all

    3. I agree... That would be very nice if they would do that here. I know many would love to revisit the earlier WCTH episodes.

  19. I enjoyed The Charm of Love. I would recommend watching it on once and if you missed it.


    1. Misty, I watched Charm Of Love last night and completely agree! Planning to watch again. So happy I recorded it.

  20. We went up to our farm this past weekend and I completely forgot to record "Blue Ridge". Guess I was too focused on Aurora's mystery. Hope I can catch it next time around.

    1. kitkat, Good news... "Blue Ridge" will air again on Sunday, MARCH 28TH at 2PM ET. I just started watching it and so far, it is a very intriguing mystery. INSP's movies are always family friendly - so there are no worries there.

  21. Thanks Net! Will not miss it this time.

  22. Nathan is a keeper for Elizabeth

  23. ❤️Nathan & Elizabeth❤️ Forever always with Niece Allie & Jack Jr. as a family together

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.


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