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Monday, February 1, 2021

πŸ’• When Calls the Heart - Season 8 is full of LOVE Sunday Nights on the Hallmark Channel - starring Erin Krakow, Jack Wagner, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, Kevin McGarry, Chris McNally, Andrea Brooks, Paul Greene, Kayla Wallace and More! πŸ’•


Television Show: When Calls the Heart - Season 8

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: February 21, 2021

*Airs Weekly on Sunday Nights!


Erin Krakow ... Elizabeth Thornton
Pascale Hutton ... Rosemary Coulter
Jack Wagner ... Bill Avery
Kavan Smith ... Leland “Lee” Coulter
Chris McNally ... Lucas Bouchard
Kevin McGarry ... Nathan Grant
Paul Greene ... Dr. Carson Shepherd
Martin Cummins ... Henry Gowen
Aren Buchholz ... Jesse Flynn
Eva Bourne ... Clara Stanton
Loretta Walsh ... Florence Blakeley
Andrea Brooks ... Faith Carter
Johannah Newmarch ... Molly Sullivan
Hrothgar Mathews ... Ned Yost
Ben Rosenbaum ... Mike Hickam
Viv Leacock ... Joseph Canfield
Natasha Burnett ... Minnie Canfield
Jaeda Lily Miller ... Allie
Gracyn Shinyei ... Emily
Ava Grace Cooper ... Opal
Christian Michael Cooper ... Timmy Lawson
Jaiven Natt ... Robert
Vienna Leacock ...
Elias Leacock ...
Gunnar Taylor ... Little Jack
Lincoln Taylor ... Little Jack

"When Calls the Heart" Storylines by Episode:

Episode 1 - “Open Season” :

Air Date: Sunday, February 21, (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: Elizabeth tries to come to terms with how she feels about Nathan and Lucas; a visitor causes trouble for Nathan; Faith returns from medical school; Jesse and Clara have issues; Fiona starts an exciting venture.

Episode 2 - “Honestly, Elizabeth” :

Air Date: Sunday, February 28, (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: The sudden arrival of Lucas' mother makes Elizabeth more than a little nervous; Lee injures his back; a newcomer's arrival causes Rosemary to reflect on what she wants in life.

Episode 3 - “From the Ashes” :

Air Date: Sunday, March 7, (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: A geyser erupts at the oil rig and everyone in Hope Valley drops everything to help. Nathan is summoned for an inquiry by a Mountie from his past and Jesse takes a liking to driving Lee’s motorcycle.

More episode details & images to come...

*Images Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

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Look for "When Calls the Heart" Sundays nights on the Hallmark Channel at 9pm/8c. beginning February 21st, 2021!


  1. I wish it was going to be on at 8 instead of 9. That's just too late for me to stay up to watch a show on Sunday night before the work week starts.

    1. Jennifer, I agree! I was surprised they changed the time to 9. I thought it was 8 last year, so I double checked my archived schedule and yeah, it was. "When Hope Calls" aired last year at 9, immediately afterwards.

      Since WCTH is a family show, which many children could watch, it would make much better sense for it to air 8-9, then 9-10. Plus, I know it's difficult for those who have early Monday mornings.

      Hopefully many will record it to watch at a better time.

  2. Replies
    1. Same here! I'm so looking forward to returning to Hope Valley to see everyone again! :)

  3. Is When Calls the Heart the series that premeires on February 21 only one hour?

    1. Chris, That's right - each weekly episode of "When Calls the Heart" is one hour long. For Season 8 - we are receiving two bonus shows, with a total of 12 brand-new episodes! :)

  4. I can't wait either! Hope she picks Nathan!

    1. Me too! I've always been fond of Kevin McGarry, so I've been hoping from the very beginning Elizabeth would choose Nathan, but I think they are going to keep us guessing back and forth throughout the season.

    2. You're right, they do keep surprising us, but I don't see them disappointing Allie.

    3. Abigail, I'm hoping the same thing! Would love to see the four of them become a family.

  5. Is this the NEW season? 2020 or 2021?

    1. gsmith3417, This is just the start of my promotion for "When Calls the Heart" Season 8 - the new one for 2021!

      I'll be adding more episode details & images once they are released by Hallmark.

      Stay tuned! ❤

    2. it says in your post Air Date is Feb 2020. That is why I asked . Thank you!!

    3. Oh, thank you for letting me know! Guess I'm still so used to typing 2020. I corrected it above. I appreciate you catching that. :)

  6. I love these "When Calls The Heart" shows. I saw some of them at Christmastime, and they were always good. The main character reminds me a bit of my niece. Take care of yourself, Net, and I hope you have wonderful February days.


    1. Sheri, Thank you for your sweet comment. When I saw WCTH, along with the previews for Season 8, on Christmas Day I remember thinking that February felt so far away and now here we are, just weeks away!

      Enjoy the new Season! Blessings to you, Net

  7. I haven't seen Clayton James' name (blacksmith Kevin Townsend and possible love interest of Fiona's) in any cast lists for this season. With more 'horseless carriages' around, a blacksmith would be great to morph into auto mechanic. That is unless new character Joseph Canfield is the mechanic and gas station owner.

    1. Namegirl, I was actually just wondering about him, too, especially since Fiona is a bit larger than some of the other side characters on the poster and like you mentioned, he's one of her potential love interests.

      A couple days ago, I was looking over the "When Calls the Heart" cast list on IMDB and I don't know if it's completely updated or not, but some actors are listed through 2020, for Season 7, and others are listed through 2021, for Season 8. Clayton James is only listed through 2020, so that makes me think he may not be in this upcoming season after all. Or, maybe the IMDB list isn't completely updated???

  8. Hallelujah, one of my prayers has been answered!

    Movieguide.org posted a February 2021 interview with Brian Byrd, Executive Producer of When Calls the Heart. "Hallmark’s WHEN CALLS THE HEART Season 8 to Showcase Biblical Values" Url below.


    I lift Christian actors up to the Lord in prayer for strength to persevere.

    1. Namegirl, Wow! What a great interview! Thank you, Thank you... for sharing it with all of us. It is so rare to hear any new show on TV these days proclaim any values at all, especially Biblical values!

      I am so grateful to the writers and producers of this wonderful series, that they are keeping to their moral compass and aren't afraid to show that these characters do have faith. I was already looking forward to this new season, but even more so now!

      God bless you, my friend!

    2. Namegirl, Thank you so very much for sharing that link. I knew that the WCTH series was based on Janette Oke's wonderful books, but I had no idea that the Executive Producer was a Christian. He seems so well-spoken and firm in his faith and also gentle and gracious. I need to finally start watching this series. I have the dvd's for the first several seasons -- I guess it's about time I start watching and catch up with everyone else!
      (p.s. - Net, on one of these threads I saw you mention that Jen Lilly was a Christian. I had no idea. I live in such a bubble!! Hah! The only Hallmark actor I knew about that professed to be a Christian was Candace Cameron Bure. Are there others?)

    3. Here's the link to Mr. Bird's interview in The Christian Post:

    4. Jane, "When Calls the Heart" is truly such a wonderful series. It's a bit like "Little House on the Prairie" with a bit more romance, in Hallmark's style... and of course, there are plenty of inspirational stories weaved in that touch the heart.

      There is such a warmth in the community of Hope Valley, you instantly feel drawn to each character. The part with Jack was hard at the end of Season 5, if you're familiar at all with what happened, but other than that, I've just loved it!

      And to answer your question... yes, there are other Hallmark actors who have expressed having faith like Jen Lilley... including: Nikki DeLoach, Paul Greene, Lacey Chabert, Chad Michael Murray, Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, Jill Wagner, Kristoffer Polaha and many others I'm sure.

  9. Hallmark & UPTV playing Little House on the Prairie on different channels & episodes in the morning

    1. Yes, it is always sweet to see "Little House on the Prairie" on TV. I think it fits better on Hallmark Drama, than Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, but whatever.

      I still enjoy watching many episodes from the LHOTP series; in fact, I watched a little of it this morning. Love those early episodes best!

  10. Do you think it's possible that Elizabeth would build on the land that Jack bought for them? -Makes me tear when I remember Jack's words, "the whole Thornton Clan"

    1. Abigail, I love that idea. I'm sure Elizabeth still dreams of creating that dream home for little Jack, but I can hardly imagine Elizabeth moving away from Lee and Rosemary. That, too, would be a teary moment!

    2. Remember Jack Thornton had a chance to build a dream house for Elizabeth & firstborn Son; Jack Jr..

      The other Mounties hand Jack Thornton’s message bag πŸ’Ό with a blueprint in it to Nathan - he’ll leave in the middle in the night & leaves hhs Niece; Allie behinds with Jack Jr.. so, Elizabeth wants to come with him on his horse 🐴. Whenever Jack Sr.., will appear in Elizabeth & Nathan’s Dreams if he’s with them & including Allie & Jack Jr.

    3. Yes! I think it would be very sweet if Nathan(only after engaged) built the cabin by honoring Jack's plans. I would love to see little Jack wearing a baby tool-belt.

      -Also Net, was it just me or did you notice in the season 8 preview, the scenes with Nathan seemed more personal?

    4. Abigail, That is such a sweet idea! And... YES, I too thought the clips of Nathan and Elizabeth seemed more personal, deeper emotionally. That part where Lucas puts his hand on Elizabeth's hand seems somewhat forward for that time period and I'm not sure she likes it, but that's just my feel. We'll see!

    5. Oh Net, I'm so glad you noticed it too! Hopefully this means Nathan has a better chance. I re-watched the preview and it did seem forward. It looked like Elizabeth hesitated. Guess we'll find out soon, only 2 days now. Yippee!πŸ˜€

      I've really enjoyed chatting with you. Hope you have a great weekend. God Bless!❤

    6. Abby, Awe, I've enjoyed chatting with you, too! Enjoy the new season... I hope we have more chats and gushing over WCTH & Nathan! haha!

      God bless you, too!!! Net


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