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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Let it Snow!!! My Top 12 Snow Related Movies...

Winter Storm Uri arrived!

It SNOWED and it SNOWED all afternoon yesterday and into the early morning hours here in the Midwest. We received somewhere between 9 to 11 inches of snow, at least, and the snow drifts are even higher! Walking out to our barn was quite the feat during the storm - and once we turned around to head back to the house our previous tracks were completely gone. Unfortunately, it wasn't the pretty snowfall we typically see in the movies. No. No. No. It was a blistering, blizzard-like, fine blowing snow, with 20-30 miles of wind swirling it all around. It was definitely a day to stay inside and stay warm.

So... How is your weather? From watching the news and Weather Channel, I'm seeing reports of cold weather and power outages in Texas (where I have many family members), intense thunderstorms, sadly, went through North Carolina, and lots of severe weather, including snow and ice, across the United States. Wherever you are, I pray you are safe and warm, and being careful until conditions improve.

As I'm snowed in today and only essential travel is recommended, I thought I would create a list of 12 of my favorite snow related movies. It seems there are several circumstances in Christmas movies where people are often snowed-in and can't get out or home for the holidays. I thought I would mention my favorites here, along with a few from Winterfest, and please share yours in comments below! (It was hard for me to limit my list just to 12!)


12. One Winter Winter Weekend / One Winter Proposal

It's a fun skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobile riding weekend with Cara, Ben, Megan, and Sean - when the four are double-booked in the same lodge.

A third movie in this series is coming this spring with "One Perfect Wedding."

One Winter Winter Weekend / One Winter Proposal are available on DVD and streaming - Click Here.

11. Northpole

The snow in this movie is absolutely incredible! You can tell it is the real deal. The drifts and snow piles on the side of the road are incredibly high. Even though it's not actually the North Pole, it sure looks like it! It's also extra sweet to watch as Elf Clementine (Bailee Madison) tries to help Kevin (Max Charles) restore everyone's Christmas spirit!

Northpole is available on DVD and streaming - Click Here.

10. Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through The Snow

Ashley (Meghan Ory) is on her way home for Christmas and Dash (Andrew Walker) is on a secret mission. When these two share a ride together - it's quite the adventure!

Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through The Snow is available on DVD and streaming - Click Here.

9. Winter's Dream

Former professional skier Kat (Kristy Swanson) works with a young skiier and not only falls in love with coaching, but perhaps, the girl's father (Dean Cain), too! This movie is family friendly and fun. I love the scene near the end when the skiiers come down the hill at night holding lights - it is absolutely beautiful!

Winter's Dream is available on DVD and streaming - Click Here.

8. Winter in Vail

This chilly Winterfest movie is one that will truly warm your heart. Family friendly and delightful, you'll simply fall in love with Chelsea (played by Lacey Chabert) and Owen (played by Tyler Hynes) as they bring life to the town of Vail, Colorado with a new festival, which brings the community together and new visitors! Along the way, Chelsea must decide which path she most wants to take and which decision leads her ultimately home.

Winter in Vail is available on DVD and streaming - Click Here.

7. Snow Bride

Snow Bride is such a delightful rom-com with many twists and secrets! It's interesting to see what happens next when tabloid writer Greta Kaine is rescued in a snow storm by Ben Tannenhill (the son of a former, prominent Senator) and both try to hide their true identities!

Snow Bride is available to watch through streaming - Click Here.

6. Amazing Winter Romance

If you're looking for a Winterfest movie with real snow and a great wintery, chilly feel, with lots of fun action-packed activities and excitement, then this film is it! Perfect for all ages, "Amazing Winter Romance" includes sledding, a huge snow maze that is truly incredible and beautiful on screen, snowmobiling, snow plowing, and horse-back riding! Plus, there's an adorable little girl, a very cute dog, and a sweet romance! This movie is truly jam-packed with just about everything fun during the winter, minus the cold! My family thoroughly enjoyed every minute, mainly due to the joyful Jessy Schram ("Road to Christmas") and the delightful Marshall Williams ("When Hope Calls"), who are truly the perfect, ideal boy and girl next door. I found this movie to be "snow" much fun to watch and very sweet!

Amazing Winter Romance is available on DVD - Click Here.

5. When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing

When Elizabeth, Abigail, and Rosemary go on a trip out of Hope Valley at Christmas, Elizabeth unexpectedly goes into labor as the three run into a blizzard of snow. Their car runs off the road - and somehow they are able to walk through the snow storm to an abandoned cabin, where Elizabeth gives birth to her baby boy, Jack. It's a beautiful scene as - Lee, Carson, and Bill (a sweet representation of the three wise men) set out to find them in the storm.

When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing is available on DVD and streaming - Click Here.

Season 8 of "When Calls the Heart" begins this Sunday, February 21st, on the Hallmark Channel!

4. Winter Love Story

Portraying writers in "Winter Love Story," both Jen Lilley and Kevin McGarry make taking a road trip look like great fun - even in the middle of winter! Along the way, they both make snow angels, which is cute, and they take walks in the snow with his dog. Then, of course, they have to get warm by the fire and read a good book!

Winter Love Story is available on DVD and streaming - Click Here.

3. Snowed-Inn Christmas

I just adore this Lifetime Christmas movie with Betheny Joy Lenz & Andrew Walker! When Jenna and Kevin (writers who are competing for the same job) get snowed in together at a inn in Santa Claus, Indiana - it's a magical turn of events when these two rivals start to fall for one another, as they attempt to write their Christmas story and save the inn from closing.

Snowed-Inn Christmas is available on DVD - Click Here.

2. Winter Castle

With this Winterfest movie set in an actual Winter Ice Castle, (brrrr!!!) everything about this movie was magical, whimsical, enchanting, and cold! You almost expected to see Elsa, Anna, and Olaf there, as it very much looked like a scene right out of Disney’s princess animated fairytale, ‘Frozen.’ There's also an incredibly fun indoor slide, a sleigh ride and cross country skiing. You'll want to cozy up in your favorite blanket and enjoy this N-ICE Hallmark movie! It's perfect for family viewing!

Winter Castle is available on DVD and streaming - Click Here.

1. Let it Snow

How could I not end the list with Candace Cameron Bure and Jesse Hutch in "Let it Snow," which includes sledding, skiing, a snowball fight, and ice fishing! Will Candace's character, Stephanie, and her father end up buying Snow Valley and change everything about it, or will they both come to love the charm of the place and keep it just the way it is? Even though it's the middle of winter, there's something so warm and inviting about this special lodge where visitors (like family) return year after year to share the holidays together. There's even a beautiful snowfall just before the credits roll.

Let it Snow is available on DVD and streaming - Click Here.

Take care, everyone, and be safe out there!

Please share your favorite Snow-Themed Movies 
in comments below!

Blessings to you all, Net


  1. Yes, sadly we had severe weather on our North Carolina coast with loss of life. I was shocked to hear we had a tornado touch down in the middle of winter! It wasn't close to where we live thankfully! We were very fortunate. We only had mostly rain, but lots of ice all around us with power outages and another storm expected Wednesday & Thursday. I can't imagine being in a storm like you just experienced yesterday!

    Your list of winter movies is very good! "Let It Snow" had to be number one!! Love of that movie!

    1. Joyce, I was sorry to hear that news. It just breaks my heart to see devastation like that - those poor people. So glad you had mostly rain. Ice is definitely the worst to deal with.

      Be safe with the storms still heading your way, my friend.

  2. My favorite Snow related movie is Winter in Vail.

    1. Chris, that's a great pick - I love Lacey & Tyler together! :)

  3. a non hallmark, but really fun.... Snow Day

    1. bnchile, My brother actually suggested that movie! It's been awhile since I've seen it, but I recall it was pretty funny.

  4. So glad you recommended "Snowed-Inn Christmas, one of my very favorite Christmas movies! You may have posted this but I just bought, "A Very Country Christmas: Homecoming" on Amazon for about ten dollars. I just loved it and I know some of our members did too.

    1. Kathy, Thank you for sharing! Glad you love "Snowed-Inn Christmas," too! It's such a fun one - mainly because Bethany & Andrew are so doggone cute together!

      Thank you also for the suggestion of the UPtv movie - "A Very Country Christmas: Homecoming." I have seen that one - it is very sweet! The lead guy was so funny in Hallmark's "Cross Country Christmas."

      Blessings to you!

    2. Bethany & Andrew are adorable in "Snowed-Inn Christmas" and I love Santa & Mrs. Claus! I thought Greyston Holt was really funny in "Cross Country Christmas" too. Cute, fun movie! In "A Very Country Christmas: Homecoming" the song with the little girl and her stepdad was so sweet and made us cry. Also what she wrapped up for his Christmas gift was beyond precious and tears again. Happily both songs from that movie are available on Amazon with Alexa. Blessings to you and thank-you for all your recommendations. There would be so many great movies that I wouldn't own if not for your research and keeping us informed!

  5. wonderful list of snow-themed movies


    1. Denise, Thank you! It was snow-much-fun to put together! :)

  6. Amazing Winter Romance

    I love that Winterfest movie

  7. Two days ago our high here in central Oklahoma was -3 degrees without the wind chill. The Weather Channel advised that this is the worst winter for Oklahoma in a century. Our hot water pipe froze, no dishwasher, shower. At one point we had to melting snow to flush the toilet and heating water on the gas range to wash what few dishes we used. Talk about Glamping,.. well not quite (our experience was nothing like The Nature of Love). Yesterday the hot water thawed, the cold water was okay. When the hot water thawed I started crying and praising God for Everything that He has given us, especially the things we use daily and take for granted.
    Yesterday morning our power went out for an hour and thank the Lord we had a generator that came on automatically.

    1. Namegirl, Oh my goodness, girl - you and your family have certainly been through an ordeal. It seems everyone has had to deal with unusual weather this winter. Our temps also seem much cooler than usual, with single and minus temps - like you.

      I can relate to a little of what you've been through. We had an ice storm several years ago that left us without power for an entire week. For us, that meant no water or heat initially, so we all camped in the den around the fireplace. Thankfully, we were able to get a generator - which meant we could power those sources and our refrigerator, but we had to keep our very loud generator (at that time) going nearly 24/7, which took quite a bit of gas. It was too dangerous for us to be outside with tree limbs falling due to the weight of the ice - so we could barely walk around - it was so dangerously slick. Sometimes these moments are tough when we are going through them, but when we look back - there is a lot of joy in overcoming and the sharing those day to day struggles with our family.

      So glad to hear things are improving for you all, especially with your pipes. Praise God!

      Hope your temps warm up, too, in coming days. Be safe and take care - I'll be praying for you!

  8. My favorites are Winter in Vail, Winter Love Story, Winter Castle, and Snowed Inn Christmas, When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing, Winter's Dream (Kristy Swanson and Dean Cain are Christians, btw).

    1. Wonderful list, Namegirl! I really like Kristy Swanson and Dean Cain, too... they work wonderfully together!

  9. You guys do not want to know about the weather in Florida. This weekend it was close to 80 and the sun was out, and it felt like summer, the sun beating on me I love the sunshine and living in florida. we did not get any of that weather at all, we did drop into the low 70's yesterday but now back to warm and tomorrow it will be 86. Some may laugh at this, but we did have a colder than normal December and January, my electric bill was double what it has been over the last 5 or so January's. February has brought us more rain and sunshine, and everything is growing so green and pretty. Strawberries are so good this year.

    Hopefully I made all of you warmer for reading this :) I love this list Net. I would add:

    A Perfect Christmas-- I love the scene when they are outside sledding and throwing snowballs and Cynthia hits her new mother in law right in the face (on accident).

    Christmas Cookies--I love when they go sledding and the sledding contest they all 3 ride on the sled, and I think the little girl is making a snowman.

    Christmas Getaway--I love some of the scenes where they were doing things outside, like building the snowman and cutting down the tree, and they let Emory cut down the tree, the ice skating, and then the hayride, bonfire towards the end that was outside in the snow.

    And probably my favorite Winterfest movie (cause winterfest are usually my least favorite movies) LOVE on the Slopes--I love the outdoor scenes and love the movie with her being afraid of things and doing things and him bringing her adventurous side out.

    1. Sabrina, can we all come stay with you for awhile? ;)

    2. Sabrina! Thank YOU, my friend, for adding some Sunshine to our cold winter days! Florida sounds like THE PLACE to be these days - with great weather and a lot more freedom than most states. I would love to know how many people have migrated down there since last year and everything.

      I agree with Mark - we all need to visit you for a while! (haha!) We could have a big camp-out and binge watch movies! Wouldn’t that be fun?!?!

      Almost 80 degrees sounds amazing! We probably won't hit that (here in the Midwest) until April. I know my cousin said she laid out in the sun in early January in Texas and now, of course, as we all know, the temps there are crazy low.

      So good to hear the crops are good in Florida, too, since we all get a lot of our fruit from down there. I love strawberries! Yummy!

      Also, love your movie choices… especially Christmas Cookies! If I had thought of that one – I would’ve had to squeeze it on my list somewhere! Love that sledding scene you mentioned. It looks like so much fun – and yes, they build a snowman, too! Such a cute movie! Love Jill Wagner & Wes Brown together – and that adorable little girl, too!

      Thank you sooooo much for sharing! Send some sunshine up this way! :)

    3. You guys can all come for a visit. we will make room. I do feel so bad for the areas where the snow and freeze has broken pipes and people have no power, that is very sad. I bet they never really thought in Texas they would have to make the pipes so they could be ok with temps not above freezing as highs for the day. we have covers for our pipes for when our lows are below freezing but we are talking a few hours, so I can only imagine the issues in Texas.

      I have vendors in Tennessee and they haven't been able to ship all week, cause the roads and they cant get to work or drive the shipping trucks there. I really do forget living in Florida what the rest of the country deals with. I hope everyone here is safe and ok, we are all friends and like a family and we all hope for safety for everyone.

      I have lots of hallmark movies on dvr, and dvd's and we have several tv's, so bring your dvds (if you have dvds) and we could watch movies for like a week straight, I will make plenty of cookies, cakes, snacks, yum. It would be so fun.

    4. Sabrina, Awe... you would be such a wonderful hostess! Friends, films, sunshine & snacks - what a great combination! How fun! Thanks for playing along with us!

      Thankfully, the weather has been improving for us and the sun is finally shining today, although the temp is 16 degrees right now! That's actually higher than it's been for days.

      Thanks, Sabrina, for brightening our day! You are a breath of Sunshine!!! :)

    5. Thank you Sabrina for your kind offer! Wouldn't it be a blast if a number of us could really get together sometime and have a Hallmark party like you two described?! And let's throw in some Christmas caroling too! (Ooh, I know, we could call ourselves the Hallmark Harmonizers!) I'm game!

    6. Oh Mark, the Christmas Caroling would be so fun. We would definitely have to watch Looks Like Christmas and all channel our "Christmas Carol's" inside. We should all plan something after Covid is done, I know they have Hallmark con type things, but it would be fun if we could meet somewhere and do fun Christmas and Hallmark things.

      we have a street here in Dade City called Church St (it may be avenue but they call it Church Street Christmas) and they always do it on the 21, 22, and 23 of December, they close the whole street and it is an old brick road, and the houses decorate and there are some houses that have bands and kids singing it is so fun. a few of the churches open and you can go inside, in 2019 they had kids performances going on in one of the churches. we didn't go in 2020 cause almost everything was cancelled and although they did have this, it was smaller and I think they wanted masks, which I am not a fan of wearing especially outside. It is just a special place and I sure hope everything is up and running for 2021. I missed the tree lightings this year. Hope they can be back this Christmas too.

  10. Thank you Net for letting us know you are okay. I have been praying for all affected by this snow. Heard yesterday that so many have died from the cold in one state that they were requesting trailers to put the dead bodies in temporarily. The number 50 plus was mentioned. With the media you can't be sure what the truth really is.

    Joyce, I have been praying for those in NC who suffered from the tornado. That was devastating! So tragic! Glad you are safe.

    Loved several of these you mentioned Net. My two favorites are "A Winter Love Story" and "Snowed Inn Christmas". Two others not mentioned that I like are "A Song For Christmas" and "Christmas Scavenger Hunt". These all had natural snow! I can't seem to get away from Christmas movies. Love Christmas!

    Our weather has been wet but temps are tolerable. We have had rain 13 of the last 15 days.

    Net, the prophets predicted over a month ago, the snow and cold temps deep into the south, breaking records over a hundred years old, and even setting some records. I love the snow but not when it is taking lives.

    1. Kitkat, thank you for the prayers. I really hope this next round of bad weather will not be as bad, but in our area they're saying it will be worse. Prayers for your safety!

      Net, I hope the weather is better where you are. Prayers for your safety too.

    2. Kitkat, We are all so thankful for your prayers. It's so hard to see all of the tragic weather-related stories on the news. How we wish we could help everyone to safety. So glad to hear your weather is not too bad. We are now expecting temps possibly in the 40's come Sunday or Monday - so the next concern is melting snow and flooding. Hopefully, it will thaw out slowly and everything will be okay. I pray.

      Also, I really like the two other snow movies you mentioned - "A Song For Christmas" and "Christmas Scavenger Hunt!" I see a theme here with that cutie, Kevin McGarry! And of course, the snow in both movies is incredible! :)

      Hope you have a nice day - and hopefully those gray skies are going to clear up! :)

    3. Joyce, Thank you, honey, for your continued prayers. We are doing very well. My heart goes out to those who don't have power for heat - that must be so awful.

      Our prayers are also with those who lost their homes and so much more in North Carolina.

  11. I am so sad to see all the weather issues that so many are dealing with...praying for them all each night. For us we live in Southern California so snow is not in the cards for us. I love to see snow though but not when people are losing lights/heat/water!

    This was a challenge for me as I do love soooo many winter/Christmas movies. Here are my selections:
    12 Love In Iceland
    11 One Winter Weekend/One Winter Proposal
    10 Christmas Getaway
    9 Let It Snow
    8 Amazing Winter Romance
    7 Love Always, Santa
    6 Winter Castle
    5 Winter in Vale
    4 Romance At Reindeer Lodge & Matchmaker Santa
    3 A Winter Princess
    2 The Perfect Christmas Present &The Mistletoe Promise
    1 Love on The Slopes & Spirit of Christmas

    There are so many others and I realize I doubled up on a few but I will say with those I usually watch on the same day. I have to admit that I watch Love on the Slopes & Spirit of Christmas at least once a week....love ALL the lead actors....would love to see more of Thomas Boudoin!

    Thanks Net for the challenge....now I know what I will be watching this weekend!

    1. Janet, So glad your weather is good in South California. I agree - I don't like to see all of these bad weather stories. Hopefully things will improve soon for everyone.

      Your list of snow-related movies is really great! I noticed you & Sabrina both mentioned “Love on the Slopes.” I so wanted to put that one on my list, too… I love how she challenges herself to do all sorts of winter sports.

      Also, love your pick - “Love Always, Santa!” That is most definitely real snow in that movie, too! That end scene where the go snowmobiling to the wishing well and Jake arrives with the sleigh – is incredible! Love that part – it looks like it is snow for miles and beyond!

      Plus, excellent choice with “The Mistletoe Promise…” I especially love that scene where the snow is falling! It is so beautiful! You picked so many good ones! :)

      Happy movie watching!

  12. Two of my favorites; Tucker, Let It Snow. Expecting rain, then snow (4 inches) then ice in the next 12 hours. Southern Virginia. God is so good.

    1. Do right, "Christmas with Tucker" is also a good movie choice with snow! I remember how they plow out the snow with their tractor. That boy in that movie is such a great actor.

      Be safe with your weather - sounds like you are getting a mix of everything. Hope you won't have to get out when the ice comes.

      Take care & stay warm!

  13. I love it when a movie has real snow in the movies, but I personally don't like winter at all. My nose runs, it is harder to get around, falling by on ice and so many other reasons.

    I think Let It Snow is one of my most favorites, because it not only showed the fun side of winter, but the wonderful family traditions of Christmas. I recently bought the movie, although the price was a lot more than typical Hallmark movies.


    1. Misty, I'm so sorry to hear the winter is so hard for you. Does it get better for you in the spring? I sure hope so.

      I noticed "Let it Snow" was a bit pricier than other DVDs. I also wondered why. There must be a reason for it. Other movies starring Candace don't cost that much, so that can't be the reason. Very interesting.

      Take care, honey...

    2. I live in Denver. Typically, it melts pretty fast, but when there is a cold snap, it's just no fun. It hasn't been half as bad as you guys and other states have had. Give me
      Spring, Summer or Fall weather here any day! LOL



  14. Any of you guys are from Texas? Texas is freezing so cold that people died from hypothermia.

  15. What a great list, Net! I think you mentioned most of my favorites. I like The Christmas List when they go tubing in the snow. Plus there’s a lot of snow in A Christmas to Remember. It’s up the whole door! Anna


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