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Thursday, July 28, 2016


On Wednesday, June 27, 2016, Crown Media rolled out the red carpet, and invited those who are starring in upcoming Hallmark Projects, along with media, etc... to attend a semi-annual gathering where they celebrate and announce what is to come on both the Hallmark Channel and the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries networks!

All images courtesy of Crown Media Family Networks

Typically, each year there is a lovely theme honoring something very special coming to Hallmark, and this time around it was "Summer at the Shore", celebrating the first season of Chesapeake Shores, which is arriving next month on their network - the Hallmark Channel!

So now... let's dive in below to what is coming to Hallmark very soon!!!

ALL IMAGES (unless stated otherwise) and PRESS RELEASES BELOW via Crown Media Family Networks,
home of Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries:

Hallmark's Michelle Vicary (Executive Vice President,
Programming and Network Publicity)
and Bill Abbott (President and Chief Executive Officer)
Welcome guests to the Hallmark Channel and
Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Summer 2016 TCA Press Tour Event
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Meghan Ory - "Chesapeake Shores"
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Jesse Metcalfe -  "Chesapeake Shores"
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Dianne Ladd - "Chesapeake Shores"
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Treat Williams - "Chesapeake Shores"
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Barbara Niven - "Murder She Baked", "Chesapeake Shores"
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Alison Sweeney -  "Murder She Baked", "The Irresistible Blueberry Farm"
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Cameron Mathison - "Murder She Baked"

Kellie Martin - “Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, with Love”

Candace Cameron Bure -  "The Julius House: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery"
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Danica McKellar - "Suddenly Santa"
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Rachel Boston - Hallmark Christmas Movie
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Eric Mabius - "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"

Kristin Booth - 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered'
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Crystal Lowe - 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered'
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Geoff Gustafson - "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"

Gregory Harrison - 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered'
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Martha Williamson - Producer - 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered'
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Shirley Jones - “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm”

Marc Blucas "Operation Christmas", “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm”
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Tricia Helfer "Operation Christmas"
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Taylor Cole - "My Summer Prince"
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Wes Brown - "Christmas Cookies"

Paul Greene - "A Wish for Christmas"

Alicia Witt - "Christmas Bucket List"
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Mena Suvari - "Pair of Jacks"
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Marla Sokoloff - "Summer in the City"
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Bailee Madison - "Good Witch"
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

James and Sheppard Denton - "For Love & Honor"

Dylan Neal - "Gourmet Detective"

Jon Vought - J.L. Family Ranch
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Melanie Griffith - J.L. Family Ranch
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

James Caan - J.L. Family Ranch
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Daniel Lissing - 'When Calls the Heart', 'December Bride'
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Erin Krakow - "When Calls the Heart", "Finding Father Christmas"
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Lori Loughlin - "Christmas Makeover", "When Calls the Heart"
image via: celebmafia.com

Jack Wagner & Josie Bissett (recently starred together in "Wedding March")
Jack Wagner - "When Calls the Heart"
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Kavan Smith - 'When Calls the Heart'

Pascale Hutton - 'When Calls the Heart', 'Song of Summer'
image courtesy: Copyright 2016 Crown Media, Inc./Alexx Henry Studios

Deborah Gibson - 'Song of Summer'
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Wendie Malick - "Finding Father Christmas"
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Colin Ferguson - "Christmas Makeover"
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America

Rachel Leigh Cook - "Summer Love"
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images North America


*EXCERPT via Hallmark Press Release:

Unprecedented 1500 Hours of Holiday Programming
Includes Seven New, Original Movie

Stars Include James Brolin, Mena Suvari and Wendy Malick BEVERLY HILLS, CA – July 27 – Hallmark Movies & Mysteries unveils its blockbuster annual holiday-themed programming event, “Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas,” with an unprecedented 1500 hours of holiday movies airing Friday, October 28 - Saturday, Dec. 31. The 24/7 holiday schedule will feature the world premiere of three new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Originals, “Pair of Jacks” (wt) with James Brolin (“Life in Pieces”), Mena Suvari (“Chicago Fire”) and Giselle Eisenberg (“Life in Pieces”); “Finding Father Christmas” with Wendy Malick (“Hot in Cleveland”) and Erin Krakow (“Army Wives,” “When Calls the Heart”) and “Operation Christmas” with Tricia Helfer (“Battlestar Galactica”), Marc Blucas (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and Lisa Durupt (“Murder She Baked”). The announcement was made today to a semi-annual gathering of the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills.

Additionally, the network’s annual Happy Yule Log will burn brightly from Christmas Eve through Christmas morning. Featuring appearances by Crown Media Family Networks’ rescue animal ambassadors Happy the Cat and Happy the Dog, the adorable duo will stretch and cozy up by the fire to timeless, seasonal favorites for families to enjoy as they open gifts and create cherished keepsake memories.

“Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is offering the most original holiday movie premieres in the history of the network,” said Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming and Network Publicity, Crown Media Family Networks. “We’re also thrilled to be the exclusive home of more titles than ever before as well as perennial, holiday favorites to help our viewers get into the spirit of the season.”

Following are descriptions of three of the seven upcoming original holiday movie premieres:

‘PAIR OF JACKS’ (wt) Stars: James Brolin (“Life in Pieces”), Mena Suvari (“American Horror Story”), Giselle Eisenberg (“Life in Pieces”) Jackie Foster (Suvari), a dynamic Assistant District Attorney and single mom, is looking forward to wrapping up her latest case and spending Christmas with Gracie (Eisenberg), her adorable and precocious, eight-year old daughter. But when Jackie’s estranged dad, Jack (Brolin), a gruff retired police officer, unexpectedly shows up at her door, they will be forced to confront old wounds. Tensions rise when Jack brings Nose, a mischievous former police dog, into Jackie’s orderly home. Though Jack had planned on quickly passing through, Gracie convinces him to stay until Christmas. Despite the baggage he brings, Jack and Jackie begin to work through their issues and she finds the possibility of an unlikely romance with a detective friend of Jack’s. As they experience the magic of Christmas together, they attempt to let go of their past and celebrate this loving holiday the way Jackie always dreamed.

‘FINDING FATHER CHRISTMAS’ Stars: Wendy Malick (“Hot in Cleveland”), Erin Krakow (“When Calls the Heart”), Niall Matter (“Eureka”) Christmas for Miranda is a painful reminder of the family she never had. Her mother died when she was young, never revealing the identity of her father. But, three days before Christmas, she unexpectedly receives a clue as to the whereabouts that takes her to a beautiful New England town where she meets Ian, a young man who helps with her search. As the clues lead to her father's identity and Miranda discovers the possibility of love in Ian, and she learns that her father lived in the small town and now she knows his family (her brother and her biological father's wife). She faces a terrible decision... Should she share the truth and risk losing the family she has just found, or leave and keep the secret forever? This Christmas promises to be life-changing for Miranda with a new chance at life and love."

‘OPERATION CHRISTMAS’ Stars: Tricia Helfer (“Battlestar Galactica), Marc Blucas (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and Lisa Durupt (“Murder She Baked”) As her new romance blossoms, a single mother is dismayed when her boyfriend, a military sergeant, is deployed right before Christmas. Determined to not let it ruin the holidays for her and her children they decide to give back to the struggling military families on his base and, as their efforts go viral, they are rewarded in ways they never imagined.

*EXCERPT via Hallmark Press Release:


New Original Movie Each Week Beginning September 24

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – July 27 – Hallmark Channel, the nation’s favorite television destination for holiday programming, presents the second season of “Fall Harvest,” a special seasonal event featuring four new, original Hallmark Channel world premiere movies throughout the month of October. The announcement was made today to a semi-annual gathering of the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills. The movie presentations will include some of television’s most popular stars, including: Ashley Williams; Marilu Henner; Rachael Leigh Cook; James Denton.

“This year’s new fall movie line up continues the Hallmark Channel tradition of celebrating love, laughter and family, and will do so with content that is rich in the look and feel that is distinctively fall,” said Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming, Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.


“Seeds of Love,” Saturday, October 1, (9 p.m. ET/PT) on Hallmark Channel starring Ashley Williams, Trevor Donovan, Marilu Henner. Aimie Roarke (Williams) is always up for a cause, whether it’s helping a local animal shelter or hosting a bake sale for the Fire Department. When the town’s beloved oak tree is set to be cut down, she takes it upon herself try and save it. When the Mayor hires Kyle Sorenson, a handsome new landscaper to cut it down, she decides the only way to save the tree is to chain herself to it. As Kyle attempts to out wait her, the two start to spend more time together, they find the old tree brings them both more than they could have imagined in life and love.

“Pumpkin Pie Wars,” Saturday, October 8 (9 p.m. ET/PT) starring XXX. A modern-day Romeo & Juliet story with a happy ending. Faye McKenzie and Lydia Harper have led a small family feud for years with the pumpkin bake-off at the annual Drum County Harvest Festival. This year, the bake-off duties are being passed to the kids—Carrie and Sam. But things get complicated when Cassie and Sam unexpectedly fall head over heels in love with each other and embark on a secret romance. Their attempts to help their families see the error of their ways and mend the rift between families, makes this year’s pumpkin pie contest the most riveting ever.

“Autumn in the Vineyard,” Saturday, October 15 (9 p.m. ET/PT) on Hallmark Channel starring Rachael Leigh Cook. Frankie Baudouin is determined to turn Sorrento Ranch into an award-winning winery and Nate DeLuca shares the same dream. But they don’t exactly have a trusting relationship ever since Nate embarrassed her with a kiss in front of the entire town. So when Nate finds himself forced to corporate with Frankie in order to make their dreams come true, sparks fly.

“Good Witch Halloween,” Saturday, October 22 (9 p.m. ET/PT) starring Catherine Bell, Bailee Madison, and James Denton. Middleton gets transformed into a town where "it's always the day before Halloween" when the author of a series of magic-and-romance-filled novels comes to Grey House to celebrate the release of her newest book, "The Enchantress Unites." But it's Cassie (Bell) who ends up doing the uniting, bringing together the people of Middleton to stage the special event (and helping the author find love of her own) while also coming to a special realization about Sam (Denton).

*EXCERPT via Hallmark Press Release:


New Movies for Returning Popular Mystery Franchises “Gourmet Detective” and “Aurora Teagarden;” Also, Debuts of Dramas “J.L. Family Ranch,” “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm,” “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” and “Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, with Love” (wt) From Executive Producer Nancy Grace

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, July 27 – Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, the premiere television destination for thrilling mysteries and poignant dramas, will present a slate of five new, original world premiere movies on its Fall 2016 program schedule. Cable television’s fastest-growing network unveiled plans for new movie installments of its returning popular mystery franchises as well as new, original dramatic movies. The announcement was made today to a semi-annual gathering of the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills.

The new franchise movies are “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Lost Without You,” starring Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Crystal Lowe and Geoff Gustafson; “Gourmet Detective: Death Al Dente” starring Dylan Neal and Brooke Burns; and “The Julius House: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery” starring Candace Cameron Bure.

In addition, the network will premiere the new original movies “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm” starring Alison Sweeney, Marc Blucas and Shirley Jones; “Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, with Love” (wt) from executive producer Nancy Grace based on characters from her upcoming novel and starring Kellie Martin; and the previously announced “J.L. Family Ranch” starring Jon Voight, James Caan, Melanie Griffith and Teri Polo.

“The ratings success of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ original content has driven the tremendous growth of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and continues to demonstrate that there is a strong appetite for compelling mysteries and intelligent dramas with poignantly woven storylines,” said Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming and Publicity.

Following are descriptions of the new original movies announced today:

“J.L. Family Ranch” – Sunday, August 21 (9 p.m. ET/PT) Stars: Jon Voight (“Ray Donovan”), Teri Polo (“Meet the Parents”), James Caan (“The Godfather”), with a special guest appearance by Melanie Griffith (“Working Girl”), Steven Bauer (“Ray Donovan”), Grant Bowler (“Defiance”), Abby Brammell (“The Unit”), Trevor Donovan (“90210”) “J.L. Family Ranch” follows veteran rancher and former sheriff John Landsburg (Voight), who is forced to face the federal bureaucracy when an old enemy, Tap Peterson (Caan) seeking revenge over a decades-old grudge falsifies documents and alleges Landsburg doesn’t actually own his beloved family ranch. John however isn’t the type to go down without a fight.

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Lost Without You” – Sunday, September 25 (9 p.m. ET/PT) Stars: Eric Mabius (“Ugly Betty”), Kristin Booth (“Orphan Black”), Crystal Lowe (“Smallville”), Geoff Gustafson (“Primeval: New World”) A battered package turns up in a prop mailbox on the set of a Denver-based commercial, prompting Oliver O’ Toole (Mabius), strait-laced leader of a team of postal detectives, to open an investigation to track down its intended recipient. Working closely with technophile Shane McInerney (Booth), free-spirited “girl next door” Rita Haywith (Lowe) and research expert Norman Dorman (Gustafson), Oliver learns that the package contains a bucket list, apparently meant to reach someone nearing life’s end. But before Oliver can immerse himself in the investigation, Shane — who shares a blossoming romance with Oliver — convinces him to take an uncharacteristic break from his work and join his father, Joe, on a rustic camping excursion. Meanwhile, Norman and Rita embark on an out-of-state road trip, attempting to deliver the lost package to its rightful destination.

“The Irresistible Blueberry Farm” – Sunday, October 2 (9 p.m. ET/PT) Stars: Alison Sweeney (“Days of Our Lives”), Marc Blucas (“Underground”), Shirley Jones (“The Partridge Family”)

Before Ellen’s grandmother and long-time confidant Ruth (Jones) passed away, she asked Ellen (Sweeney) to deliver a mysterious letter to a man owning a blueberry farm. After the funeral, Ellen walks along an old dock contemplating her grandmother’s request when the dock breaks under her feet. After plunging into the water, she quickly gets caught in a strong current and is swept to sea — only to be rescued by a handsome stranger (Blucas). After Ellen recovers, she sets out on her grandmother’s mission and unravels the mysterious love story her grandmother left behind.

“Gourmet Detective: Death Al Dente” – Sunday, October 9 (9 p.m. ET/PT) Stars: Dylan Neal (“Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove”), Brooke Burns (“The Chase”)

San Francisco homicide detective Maggie Price (Burns) and former, world-class chef Henry Ross (Neal) are on the case once again. The crime-solving odd couple investigates the murder of Henry’s friend, a well-known local chef found dead in his kitchen. As they begin to unravel an old family secret, Maggie has to stay one step ahead of a mysterious man in the shadows who appears to be stalking her, while her blossoming relationship with Henry is threatened by the arrival of an ex-love from Maggie’s past.

“The Julius House: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery” – Sunday, October 16 (9 p.m. ET/PT) Stars: Candace Cameron Bure (“Christmas Under Wraps,” “Fuller House”)

Aurora Teagarden (Bure) is a beautiful young librarian with a passion for solving murders. After an exhaustive search for the perfect home, Aurora finally purchases her dream house, unaware of its murky history. As she prepares to move in, Aurora discovers that the family who once lived there mysteriously disappeared without a trace. “Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, with Love” (wt) – Sunday, October 23 (9 p.m. ET/PT) Stars: Kellie Martin (“Mystery Woman,” “Hello It’s Me”) Portrayed by Martin, Hailey Dean (Martin) is a bright, disciplined and acutely observant former prosecutor who has found a new way to help others when she becomes a therapist. Always motivated to get to the heart of the truth, Hailey suspects foul play when one of her patients’ parents tragically dies. Hailey finds herself invested in uncovering the truth and is aided by her two secret weapons: telegenic good looks and a generous supply of charm.

*EXCERPT via Hallmark Press Release:


Hallmark Hall of Fame is Most Award-Winning Series in Television History

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, July 27 – Hallmark Channel announces the first two films in development for the storied Hallmark Hall of Fame, the most award-winning series in the history of television. “Christmas Angel in Training” will have its world premiere on the network, November 28 (8 p.m. ET/PT), as part of Hallmark Channel’s “Countdown to Christmas” event. “Love Lock,” part of “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” event, will have its world premiere on Hallmark Channel in February, 2017. Announcement of the new, original movies was made to the semi-annual gathering of the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills, CA.

"Christmas Angel in Training" tells the story of the untimely death of a workaholic who never put much value into personal relationships or the joys of Christmas who finds herself recruited to be a Christmas Angel even though she hasn’t participated in seasonal traditions on earth in a very long time. She is assigned a hard luck case, though she has little success in helping her charge find joy, happiness, and peace – until she begins to discover these things within herself.

“Love Lock” tells the story of Hannah, a young woman who discovers that the love padlocks sweethearts have placed on a famous bridge in Paris will be torn down, and so she returns to the City of Lights to retrieve her parents lock. Unbeknownst to her parents, Hannah and her boyfriend had also placed a lock on the bridge, but they broke up soon after. Never understanding the reason for the breakup, Hannah travels to Paris and discovers her boyfriend is engaged to another.

I hope you all have enjoyed all the pictures and information on upcoming Hallmark Movies! Which ones are your favorites? And, which ones are you looking forward to seeing?!?!?

I can't wait to see them all!!!

Have a Blessed Day, Everyone!!!


  1. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, July 28, 2016

    Thank you, Net, for taking the time to try to assemble everything into one post and focus on the highlights! With all of the photos, and all of the information that was coming in last night, it was hard to keep up with!

    I was very surprised to see that Autumn Reeser was not there -- she is usually at all the Hallmark TCA events. I hope this doesn't mean that we won't see her in another movie before the year is out, but it's looking that way.

  2. Whewwww!!! Everyone looked fab for the TCAs!

    I can't wait to see everything coming!

    Smiles! Lauren

  3. Thanks for this. We have great movies coming out in the future. I'm excited!

  4. So excited about all of these but especially Good Witch Halloween Show. I can not get enough of Good Witch! Thank you Hallmark for such wonderful movies and series. Disappointed that I did not see James Denton and Catherine Bell.

    1. I looked for a pic of James Denton, especially since there is one of his son, but I didn't see one. Maybe Hallmark will release more images!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, July 28, 2016

      James Denton was there. Net -- Did you get the last email I sent you, with the link to more photos? James Denton is in quite a few of those photos, but I don't know if those are photos you can use (legally, without purchasing them!).

      Catherine was not there.

    3. Yes! I see it now, too... Right after I posted the comment above, of course! Great to see them together! Very sweet!

  5. This HAPPY POstable was thrilled to see so many Signed Sealed Delivered cast members at the TCA! Hoping this means we will see even more of them next year! Please Hallmark!

    1. I'm happy to report Norman - Geoff Gustafson was there, too! The Proof is in the Picture, here:

      Looks like the POstables team had a great time!!! I'm also hopeful this means many more Signed, Sealed, Delivered movies beyond 2016!!!

  6. I’m really disappointed with the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie news. It’s too bad that the movies are going to stay on the Hallmark Channel. I was hoping those movies would premiere on the major networks (ABC, NBC, etc.) as Hallmark Hall of Fame’s movies could accumulate ratings and viewership like in years past. I’m also disappointed that “Christmas Angel in Training” sounds exactly like “How Sarah Got Her Wings” from ION last year. “Love Lock” just sounds like a “typical Hallmark Channel” movie, like Hallmark Hall of Fame doesn’t want to try anything new. I miss the days when Hallmark Hall of Fame was creative with their storytelling and actually put the effort into making intriguing entertainment. Since these Hallmark Hall of Fame movies have already been announced, does that mean we’re not getting any Hallmark Hall of Fame related announcements in September like originally planned?

    1. Yes Christmas Angel in training sounds absolutely like How Sarah Got Her Wings which was a movie I enjoyed. Hallmark Hall of Fame used to be really good movies seems like they're turning them into the average rom com Hallmark releases every month when they were always the best written Hallmark movies.

    2. Sadly, I agree on all of the above. Hallmark Hall of Fame used to mean something special. I know the last movie was cancelled, but I thought they WERE returning to network TV. I certainly enjoy just "normal" Hallmark movies, especially around the holidays, but the Hall of Fame distinction that used to exist, no longer seems to apply.

    3. I agree! Hallmark Hall of Fame movies have gone from the absolutely spellbinding Winona Ryder/Alcoholics Anonymous movie (that I can't recall the name of) to "The Makeover," a film that we couldn't even finish watching it was so dull and bland.

    4. And I bet Christmas Angel in Training will lack the diversity of How Sarah Got Her Wings

    5. SleepyKittyPaws, the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that was cancelled this year (“Hear My Song”) was indeed supposed to premiere on CBS. After that happened, it made me want Hallmark to go back to network television and succeed that much more. Since “Coat of Many Colors” did far better with ratings and viewership than expected, you’d think that Hallmark would see that there’s an existing audience who wants to watch family oriented programming. I not only hope that Hallmark Hall of Fame can go back to the greatness it was once, but I hope that enough Hallmark fans can express their disappointment to encourage Hallmark Hall of Fame to be better. Amy G., the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie starring Winona Ryder that you’re thinking of is called “When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story.”

  7. This is amazing, Net, and what a wonderful job you did bringing all this info and beautiful pic's to all of us to enjoy!! Looks like Hallmark is going to top last years fall line-up into Christmas and I'm so excited I can't hardly wait!!

  8. For a channel that keeps saying on Facebook they're working towards diversity there was an absolute lack of it present at the Summer TCAs. Not a good sign

    1. THIS!!!! It really bothers me how Hallmark continues making absolutely no effort to incorporate diversity into their movies. Why, in 2016, has there not been ONE black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. actor/actress cast in a LEAD role?!?! Not a one!

      It's such a slap in the face to the people that want to see better representation of the human race in these movies! There are PLENTY of talented minority actors/actresses that would be perfect for lead roles in these Hallmark movies! For example, you see Vivica A. Fox every now and then in a minor supporting role, but you've never dared to cast her as a lead. Really? Give me a break.

      Get with the times, Hallmark. Your exclusion is a total turn-off.

    2. The blatant disregard for diversity at Hallmark is why I've been watching more UP TV, Aspire, and PixL lately. A minority is lucky if they can get a small supporting role in a Hallmark movie let alone a B story in a rom com or the coveted leading role. Vivica Fox is too talented a famous to be playing second fiddle all the time to a younger no name actress.

  9. 150 days until Christmas.

  10. Sherry in CaliforniaFriday, July 29, 2016

    Other random observations I had (beyond the absence of Autumn Reeser)...

    -- For someone who is supposed to be in TWO Hallmark Christmas movies this year (one on each channel), I am surprised that Niall Matter was not at this event. I'm sure he was invited, but he must be working on something else that prevented him from attending.

    -- Paul Greene was there (looking quite handsome). I guess someone had to represent the upcoming movie "A Wish for Christmas" since Lacey is about to give birth!

    -- Jack Turner and Marina Sirtis from "My Summer Prince" were there too.

    -- It's interesting to me that Rachael Leigh Cook was cast in a second Hallmark movie (for Fall Harvest) before her first Summer Nights Hallmark movie premieres. Not knowing what viewer response will be, it must mean that Hallmark really likes her. A lot of us remember her from the feature film "She's All That," but I wonder how many of Hallmark's viewers have seen that movie.

    -- James Brolin was always a handsome man, and now he is a very distinguished, handsome, older man (like Sam Elliott). Too bad Barbra wasn't with him!

    -- Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett were apparently there together to "announce" a sequel to "The Wedding March," according to what was tweeted by Jack.

    -- Dylan Neal was there, looking quite handsome, but no Brooke Burns?

    -- I didn't see any signs of Leah Renee, Jill Wagner, Wes Brown, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Marguerite Moreau, Travis Milne, Lucas Bryant, Jewel, Andie MacDowell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jaime Pressly, etc. In other words -- all people who supposedly have projects coming up on one or both of the channels.

    -- It was sad to not see any Flower Shop Mystery representation at all. I think that Brooke is on vacation and Brennan is probably working, but it would have been great to at least see Brennan, though Brooke is the one with a Christmas movie coming up.

    -- No Lisa Whelchel, so that makes me wonder if her Christmas movie is, indeed, a Hallmark film or if it belongs to someone else. Hmmm...

    -- No one from the "Summer Villa" cast was there, so if Hallmark really is planning a "Christmas Villa" sequel to the movie I have to wonder if it will air in 2017 instead of this year. There might not be any room for it in this year's schedule. But would the holiday season of 2017 be too long to wait for a sequel?

  11. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on the event, Sherry! It was great to see so many of the Hallmark celebs we love!

    I, too, was surprised not to see Niall Matter or anyone from Flower Shop. Hmmm? Maybe Niall is filming another Hallmark movie!

    Did want to let you know - Wes Brown was there!!! He was wearing a suit & looking very handsome!

    I was suspicious about Jack Wagner & Josie Bissett - I'll have to check out that tweet!

    It was great to see so many series be represented so fully.... Such as - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Chesapeake Shores, When Calls the Heart, Murder She Baked, etc... I didn't see anyone else there from Aurora, except Candace Cameron Bure, and like you said - just Dylan Neal from Gourmet Detective, and also... just Lori Loughlin from Garage Sale Mystery, from what we could see.

    It was a great group from the Hallmark family, and as usual, the fashion itself is always fun to look at and in some cases - there were some definite fashion mistakes, but I won't be cruel and name any names, but you probably noticed them, too - the "what were they thinking" ensembles!?!?!

    Thank you, Sherry, for sharing all of your insights! :)

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, July 29, 2016

      And thank YOU, Net, for this great website and for all of the time-consuming work you have to do to maintain it!

      You know, right after I posted (and, of course, there is no way to edit these comments after we have submitted them) I went back and found Wes Brown. He was hidden in the middle of all of the other photos (27 pages of photos at last count) and I didn't see him upon first search.

      I sent you an email (yesterday) about "The Wedding March" sequel and tweet. Hopefully you saw it!

      It's always interesting to see who shows up to these Hallmark events and who doesn't, isn't it? It's fun to see who ends up taking photos together in the photo booth; who ends up sitting together and posing for photos in the dining room, etc. For example, Tricia Helfer and Colin Ferguson... Alicia Witt and Rachel Boston (who I had never seen in a photo together in the past)... Debbie Gibson and Shirley Jones.

      Likewise, it's always interesting to read the news that comes out via the press releases. In less than a day, the Hall of Fame movie title had changed from "Christmas Angel" to "Christmas Angel in Training" (and I think it will change again). Lol. The Blueberry movie jumped from a September premiere on the main channel to an October spot on HMM. The Gourmet Detective date changed from the originally planned September to October.

      And, of course, October 8th is missing a new Fall Harvest movie, which makes no sense. I'm actually a bit surprised and disappointed that Hallmark did not bulk up Fall Harvest this year and add an extra movie or two from last year (especially after 6 new movies or Summer Nights). It's still just 3 movies and a Good Witch movie -- and a lot of people who don't watch the Good Witch series will skip it -- but with a random weekend in early October with no new movie (unless one suddenly gets added into 10/8).

    2. Hallmark had optioned a script earlier this year for a tv movie titled Halloween Moon with this synopsis:
      A romantic dramady about a woman who makes a wish for her deceased finance to return and it comes true.

      Guess they decided to put the breaks on it

    3. After reading the synopsis you provided, I can see why Hallmark would pass on the “Halloween Moon” movie. The storyline alone sounds like something that Lifetime or ION would create (especially Lifetime since they created the movie “The Spirit of Christmas” last year).

    4. Lifetime did not create Spirit of Christmas they just bought the distribution rights. Same thing Ion does. I on doesn't create original movies they distribute movies Marisa creates and also distributes on VOD. This was a script Hallmark option to create

  12. Great comments Net and Sherry!! Love it when you, two, put your sleuther minds together!!

  13. This post and the comments were so much fun to read through - I tried to go slow so they would last! As Sherry mentioned, there was no Andie MacDowell photo or news. Her supposedly upcoming "Beach House" (I think) movie is what I'm most looking forward to. I hope it's still happening!

    1. When the concept of the “Summer Nights” movie line-up was first announced, I thought that “The Beach House” would be included for sure. Then I didn’t see “The Beach House” listed with the rest of the “Summer Nights” movies, making me wonder if it will be featured during “Fall Harvest” or next year’s “Summer Nights?”

  14. I cannot wait for Chesapeake Shores. I was born and raised there. It has beautiful shore lines and lovely homes. Thank you for you information. Peace and Grace

  15. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, August 09, 2016

    Net -- After the initial wave of press releases came out on 7/27, I noticed that The Futon Critic posted a release for Fall Harvest that showed a slightly different schedule than the one that Crown Media had put out. Crown's release indicated that there would be Fall Harvest movies on 9/24 and 10/1, and then we'd skip a weekend, and then have 2 more new movies on 10/15 and 10/22. The Futon Critic release indicated that we would have one new movie for the first 4 weekends in October and that September was not involved in it at all.

    I noticed that Crown has quietly changed its Fall Harvest release to reflect the version that Futon Critic put out.

    In other words, right now there appear to be NO new movies scheduled for the Hallmark Channel in September. If "The Beach House" were done shooting by then (assuming it started filming this month, which was supposed to be the case), they could place it on one of the September weekends just to fill the gap a little bit. But seeing that it seems like it has not yet been filmed, I don't know what's happening.

    There has to be some sort of new movie in September. After going strong with June Weddings, Christmas in July and then Summer Nights, having to wait until October 1st for a new movie will kill a lot of the great momentum Hallmark had built up this year.

    1. I just updated the Fall Harvest Dates, but I also noticed a discrepancy. Hallmark's press release says "Pumpkin Pie Wars" will premiere on Saturday October 9th and the Futon Critic's release says Sunday October 9th.

      Well, October 9th is definitely a Sunday (BTW, it's the night the next new Gourmet Detective premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!) and I fully believe they intend for this movie, "Seeds of Love", to premiere on a Saturday, so I am going to presume that "Pumpkin Pie Wars" will actually premiere Saturday, October 8th on the Hallmark Channel.

      As for September, perhaps they think "Chesapeake Shores" will be enough to bring viewers in, and I'm certain it will do that! But, I wouldn't be surprised if they added in a few more extra movies! :)

      Thank you, again, Sherry!!!

      Blessings, Net

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, August 09, 2016

      I noticed the October 8/October 9 mistake as well. I assumed that was just a goof or typo. I am guessing that Crown/Hallmark intended to say October 8th. Even if the movie were on 10/9, at least they are putting a new movie on that weekend. It made no sense to me that a random weekend in the middle of Fall Harvest was going to be left without a new movie.

      I keep thinking that maybe Hallmark was originally planning to add a another new movie to the line-up and have 5 in total, but if there was a plan for a 5th movie it didn't work out for this year, I suppose.

      I think they should have left the Blueberry movie on the main channel.

      I think they will come up with one or two non-theme movies to add to the main channel in the second half of September -- kind of what they did last year. If "The Beach House" isn't ready to go by then, then perhaps a couple of the movies we have wondered about -- the ones that were never clear on as to which channel would get them -- could end up there.

      In the release about the 5 new movies for HMM, they actually name 6 movies! Lol. They indicate there will be 5 World Premieres, but they talk about 6 movies in total. That makes me wonder if the Blueberry movie will, at some point, air on the main channel and then move over to HMM, or vice versa.


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