Monday, February 29, 2016

FAMILY MOVIE NOMINEES... for the Annual "It's a Wonderful Movie" Awards!

"It's a Wonderful Movie"
is once again honoring TV Movies
with the annual Family Movie Awards! 
This year there will be 9 Voting Categories!

We will have 3 in March...
1. Favorite Family TV Movie
2. Favorite Mystery TV Movie (NEW!)    
3. Favorite Christmas TV Movie


There will be 3 upcoming weeks of voting, as follows...

Poll #1: Vote for your Favorite Family Movie from February 29th to March 7th (at 12noon EST)!

Poll #2: Vote for your Favorite Mystery Movie from March 7th to March 14th (at 12noon EST)!

Poll #3: Vote for your Favorite Christmas Movie from March 14th to March 21st (at 12noon EST)!

Please Note: the other 6 categories will take place in April!

And, Now for our First POLL....

Please see the complete list of Nominees, pictured and listed in alphabetical order, with their movie posters + trailers below! Choose which ones were your favorites and then Vote by taking the Poll listed in the right column of this blog. (Be sure to click Vote - after you have checked your favorites!)
POLL #1:
Favorite Family Movie Nominees from 2015:

(You may Vote for ALL of Your Favorites - in the Poll listed in the right column of this web-site.)

Click on the Movie Titles below for more details on each film!

1. A Country Wedding - Hallmark Channel
2. A Gift of Miracles - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
3. All of my Heart - Hallmark Channel
4. Autumn Dreams - Hallmark Channel
5. Bad Hair Day - Disney Channel
6. Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors - NBC
7. Harvest Moon - Hallmark Channel
8. Love by the Book - Hallmark Channel
9. Love Finds You in Charm - UP
10. Perfect Match - Hallmark Channel
11. So You Said Yes - Hallmark Channel
12. Surprised by Love - Hallmark Channel


1. A Country Wedding

2. A Gift of Miracles

3. All of my Heart

4. Autumn Dreams

5. Bad Hair Day

6. Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors

7. Harvest Moon

8. Love by the Book

9. Love Finds You in Charm

10. Perfect Match

11. So You Said Yes

12. Surprised by Love

Congratulations to all of the Nominees above and the Networks
who aired these wonderful Family Movies on TV!
Thank You to Everyone who Participates!

Please Vote in the Poll on the right and Stay Tuned next week for the Favorite Mystery Movies Nominees!!!

Please Note: There will NOT be any Monetary or Physical Award given out.
This is simply our way of honoring our Favorite Movies... Thank You!


  1. Where’s “When Calls the Heart: New Year’s Wish”? I honestly thought that movie had a chance at getting nominated especially since the first “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” movie/first episode got nominated two years ago and the “When Calls the Heart” movie won the fourth annual “It’s a Wonderful Movie” awards.

  2. Love, love ,love the polls, Net!! Thanks for making this such a fun, informative place to visit every day!! Can't wait to see who the winners will be...

  3. Love the choices, but my very favorite of the year was A Novel Romance. :) Although A Country Wedding was right up there!

  4. Susan - Des MoineWednesday, March 02, 2016

    Wow! This was tough! So many enjoyable movies! I thought that the two lead actors in All of My Heart had the best chemistry.
    A Gift of Miracles was vert heart-warming and uplifting. But I think my favorite had to be the Dolly Parton movie. It's the one that I remember most fondly. My family really enjoyed how spiritual it was, and the acting and scenery was top notch.

  5. Trevor Donovan in love finds you in Charm


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