Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rachel Boston and Rita Moreno star in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie: A GIFT OF MIRACLES


Movie: A Gift of Miracles

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Original Air Date: February 15, 2015


Rachel Boston ... Darcy Miller
Rita Moreno ... Beverly
Jesse Moss ... Nathan
Andrew Airlie ... Frank
Sarah Jane Redmond ... Kathy


via Hallmark: A pragmatic PhD candidate must let go of her logic when she finds a list of items to give away written by the late mother she never knew. With the encouragement of her enthusiastic new mentor, she attempts to return everything on the list, and begins to encounter unexplainable coincidences that lead her to understand the world's smallest marvels have the greatest meaning.

Movie Review:

There must be a logical explanation for everything, at least, that is how Darcy Miller, an analytical thinking, PHD seeking, young woman sees the entire world... until one moment, a small window opens her up to life's truest miracles.

Late one night, during a storm, a tree crashes through the attic window of Darcy's parents home, leaving quite a mess in it's place. While cleaning up with her father, Darcy discovers a list left in an old trunk, written by her late mother, Marianne. On the to-do list, were several items: a vase, a recipe book, champagne glasses, and dining chairs, Marianne wished to give to dear friends, people Darcy has never met. Darcy isn't sure what to think of the list, and yet, she cannot stop thinking of it.

Nathan Riley, the Professor from the English department, is giving Darcy advice in writing her paper, and when he learns of her Mother's list, he encourages her and sets out with Darcy to give those gifts to the recipients her mother intended. Although, Nathan is sure that everything is meant to be, Darcy isn't so sure, until unexplained happenstances turn into what can only be deemed as true miracles, when lives seem to intersect at just the right place and time.

Each gift given, seems to come back to Darcy, along with the gift of knowing her mother more fully. It's an enriching, precious tale of the bond of Mothers and their children, and how each life touches the other.

"A Gift of Miracles" is a heartwarming story that will open the window of your heart to the miracles of everyday life.

See or Skip:

See. "A Gift of Miracles" is filled with Faith, Hope, and Love.


1 comment:

  1. This isn’t my normal type of movie by a long shot, some people would call it sentimental mush.
    This film stood out for me because, it had an unusual story line, plus actors who could actual act.
    So because it is different and I thoroughly enjoyed it I give it 10/10.


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