Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What is Your Favorite 'Lacey Chabert' Christmas Movie?

On the heels of Lacey Chabert's latest Christmas Movie premiere, "Family For Christmas"... I thought it would be fun for us all to vote for our all-time favorite Lacey Chabert Christmas Movie! (see the poll - on the right!)

Over the last few years, she has made several Christmas Films... "Matchmaker Santa", "A Royal Christmas", and "Family For Christmas"... all for the Hallmark Channel, and "The Tree that Saved Christmas" was an UP Original Christmas Movie.

Please note: I didn't count in this voting an ION Christmas movie, which she co-starred in, titled "A Holiday Heist". Nor did I count in this, "The Color of Rain", which is a very touching movie, just not necessarily a Christmas movie, although it does have a few Christmas scenes, at the end.

Please know, for this poll you can only choose one answer! Happy Voting and it will be fun to see which Lacey movie is our Favorite - so far!


  1. It's good you didn't include Holiday Heist because that movie is AWFUL. I mean, terrible, hideous bad.

  2. I love all Lacey's movies but I believe I love "Matchmaker Santa" the best!!

  3. Matchmaker Santa is my favorite!

  4. so thankful that "Black Christmas" is not on this list.

  5. wow. just looked and found that you could do the same with Candace Cameron Bure as the one this holiday would be her 5th Christmas themed movie.

  6. It's so funny---I have always thought Lacey's movies were bad. Whenever I would hear about her being in a movie, I'd write it off and wouldn't even be worried about watching it (much like Candace's movies). However, I absolutely LOVE "A Royal Christmas". LOVE!!! I was SO incredibly shocked at how good it was! Lol. Just a few days ago, I was thinking about how "A Royal Christmas" just might be my 2nd fave Christmas movie! It's REEEALLY close with a couple of other ones that are my 2nd faves, too. Lol. I even gave her "Family For Christmas" movie a chance just because I loved "A Royal Christmas"...and I ended up liking that one, too, surprisingly! I hope she keeps it up!

  7. EVERYBODY LOVES MATCHMAKER SANTA - since it's a Hallmark Movie why haven't they released in DVD. That Donovan Scott that plays Santa is the BEST.

  8. I love both " Royal Christmas" and "Matchmaker Santa", but my favorite is Lacey's newer one, "Family Christmas". I was watching her interview last week, and she said that "Family Christmas" is one of her personal favorites.

  9. Does anyone know if The Tree That Saved Christmas is available anywhere? I've been searching for it for ages and really want to watch it.

    Otherwise, my favorite from the options is definitely Matchmaker Santa, even though I like all three.

    1. Hi Shae, "The Tree that saved Christmas" will probably be available to purchase this holiday as the movie was just made for UP last year.

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reDOmGdEIlk

  10. My favorite is Matchmaker Santa. Honestly I always hoped they would make a sequel. I really love all the Christmas Movies she is in; actually I love all the movies she is in generally. I hope she keeps making movies with Hallmark and all the networks!

  11. I don't think I could pick, I love ALL of them!!!

  12. Hmm.... Well, I am going to rule out "The Tree That Saved Christmas." I didn't like that one as much as I had hoped, to be honest. And the fake snow just looked way TOO fake in some scenes.

    So, of the remaining 3 movies that you gave us to choose from... it's a tough choice. I suspect that I will like "Family for Christmas" even more the next couple of times I see it, but it won't be number one now.

    I guess the #1 favorite for me would have to be either "A Royal Christmas" or "Matchmaker Santa." I will probably give a slight edge to "Matchmaker Santa," only because I love the Hallmark movies where Santa is a bit mischievous and mysterious. But it's a close call, though, as I really enjoyed "A Royal Christmas."

    My favorite Lacey Chabert TV movie in general would not be a Christmas movie. It would be "All of My Heart"!!

  13. I liked all four and definitely look forward to watching them each Christmas season (and possibly during my own personal Christmas in July every year). By the way, it was super fun to go the Hallmark store and preview tons of Christmas decorations and listen to really great classic, non-trendy Christmas music.


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