Monday, July 13, 2015

the CHRISTMAS MOVIE you Most Wanted to see...

With 40% of the Vote, the Christmas Movie you most wanted to see during Christmas in July, was...
"The Christmas Card"!
"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" came in a very close second! See the entire list below!


Which Christmas Movie do you most want to see during Christmas in July?

The Christmas Card - (40%)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - (37%)

Let it Snow - (28%)

Family for Christmas - (20%)

Snow Bride - (20%)

Matchmaker Santa - (19%)

Christmas with Holly - (18%)

A Princess for Christmas - - (18%)

A Season for Miracles - (18%)

A Royal Christmas - (17%)

Christmas Under Wraps - (17%)

A Boyfriend for Christmas - (16%)

A Christmas Wish - (15%)

Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas - (14%)

The Nine Lives of Christmas - (13%)

The Christmas Secret - (12%)

Window Wonderland - (11%)

A Grandpa for Christmas - (11%)

Holiday Engagement - (11%)

Deck the Halls - (5%)

I can't help from wondering... if some of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries films didn't do, quite as well, because not everyone has this station and the opportunity to see these shows... and many of them are quite good!

Actually, many of my own absolute favorites came in at the bottom half of this list, but that's okay... this is quite a great listing of popular Christmas Movies! "Deck the Halls" received the lowest amount of votes, and I wonder if that is due to there being other Christmas Movies with this title, and being somewhat unknown... since it was also a new premiere on HMM, and not as many viewers, probably saw it. While it's not a good movie for young viewers, due to Santa issues and minor violence, it was a very fun mystery... ideal for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! Hope to see it, again... and all the movies above replay in November & December!

Congrats, again, to "The Christmas Card", which has won this honor 3 times on this site!


  1. We had not seen the SS&D Christmas movie, until this past week. My husband, and I, thought it was an incredibly good movie - very well-written & acted.

    1. Better than The Christmas Card.

  2. Net, I'm so happy I get to see the Christmas banner one more day!! Yeah!!! I love these polls and it's fun to see the various likes/dislikes of all the Christmas movie fans!! Some of my favorites were low scored also but all in all I enjoyed every bit of "Christmas In July"!!

  3. I was skeptical about the SS&D movie until I watched it out of curiosity. I LOVED it and thought it was very well written and the acting was good, too. Soooo, I watched the second movie and loved it, too. I think, for me, it was the writing, acting and message all wrapped up into one nice movie that adults could relate to and young people could enjoy, as well. I hope there are more of the SS&D movies in the works.

  4. I have watched this channel for so long...if my cable service is changed it will always have it on there or I will not get the service. I loved the Christmas in July on both Hallmark channels. I watched them over and over again......They are all so good. I really enjoyed the 2 new ones I saw and am so ready to Oct 31st to get here. There is NO way I can pick a winner...for they are all winners in my book......thank you for caring about us "Christmas" are the BEST Alice Storey Berry

  5. What a horrible Cristmas in July.
    The Christmas Card? Really? Sorry, just my opinion, which I have that right to disagree.
    Where was the Mrs Miracle movies and Mr. Miracle as well?
    Will there be a second Mr. Miracle.

  6. Yay! So glad The Christmas Card won! It is my favorite Christmas movie amongst the new classics.

  7. Yay! So glad The Christmas Card won! It's my favorite among the newer Christmas movies!

  8. The Christmas Card is one of my favorites. I have it on DVD and still watch when they show it on the HMC.

  9. Maybe it's just me but I think " Fallen Angel" is right up there with The Christmas Card and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

  10. I really am glad that I have the Hallmark Mystery channel as I love their movies more than the usual repeated themes shown on the Hallmark Channel.

    I loved the first two Mrs. Miracle movies, but I didn't like the last one with Mr. Miracle.

    I wasn't able to vote, but a lot that made the top were my favs as well (but for A Christmas Card).


  11. So happy to see Christmas Card be chosen by us the fans. I will never get tired of the movie, I have it on DVD, but I always watch it when it's on tv. Would love to see a sequel.

  12. I loved One Starry Christmas. It wasn't on the list. I do love a lot of the movies mentioned. I set my DVR to record some of them to hold me over until October...Ha!

    Paula :)

  13. I have my television set on Hallmark the entire holiday season. Love so many of the Christmas movies , but what happened to "A Dog Named Christmas". That is a fantastic movie and was not included in the poll?


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