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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Winners Announced! *It's a Wonderful Movie* Awards - Favorite Family Movie, Christmas Movie, Actors, and More!

This is the 5th Year for the Annual
"It's a Wonderful Movie"
TV Movie Awards!


The viewers have voted... and now we are honoring our *Top Picks* for...
"Favorite Family Movie", "Christmas Movie", "Actor", "Actress", "Supporting Actor", "Supporting Actress", "Young Actor", and "Young Actress" from a TV Movie that premiered on TV in 2014!

All the Winners below are highlighted in Yellow!

POLL #1:

Favorite "Family Movie" for 2014:

(Nominees are in alphabetical order)

Along Came a Nanny
Chance at Romance
Coffee Shop: Love is Brewing
The Color of Rain
Dear Viola
Garage Sale Mystery: All that Glitters
June in January
Midnight Masquerade
My Boyfriends' Dogs
Perfect on Paper
The Redemption of Henry Myers
Wedding Planner Mystery

Congratulations to... 'The Color of Rain' creators & cast, for being chosen as the...
"It's a Wonderful Movie" Favorite Family TV Movie from 2014!

'The Color of Rain' is a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie starring Warren Christie and Lacey Chabert, as they tell the real life story of Michael and Gina Spehn. Click here for movie details.

The Color of Rain is also available on DVD!

Also, in the honors for Favorite "Family Movie" for 2014... The Hallmark Channel movie 'Chance at Romance' came in second, while the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film 'Garage Sale Mystery: All that Glitters' tied with Hallmark Channel's 'My Boyfriends Dogs' for third.

POLL #2:

Favorite "Christmas Movie" for 2014:

(Nominees are in alphabetical order)

Angels and Ornaments
The Christmas Secret 
A Christmas Tree Miracle
Norman Rockwell Presents: Coming Home for Christmas
The Nine Lives of Christmas
One Christmas Eve
Paper Angels
A Royal Christmas
Santa Con
Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas
The Tree That Saved Christmas

Congratulations to the... 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas'  creators & cast, for being chosen as the...
"It's a Wonderful Movie" Favorite Christmas TV Movie from 2014!

'Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas' is a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie starring Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Crystal Lowe, and Geoff Gustafson, as they work in the Dead Letter Office of the U.S. Post Office delivering letters and packages, perhaps late, but always on time! Click here for more movie details!

Also, in the honors for Favorite "Christmas Movie" for 2014... Hallmark Channel's 'The Nine Lives of Christmas' and 'A Royal Christmas' tied in a very close second. While, the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie 'The Christmas Secret', came in third.

POLL #3:

Favorite Actor from a "Made for TV Movie" for 2014:

(Nominees are in alphabetical order)

Warren Christie
Geoff Gustafson
Ben Hollingsworth
Eric Mabius
Cameron Mathison
John Reardon
Brandon Routh
Matthew Settle
Kevin Sizemore
Drew Waters
Barry Watson
Sergio Di Zio
Congratulations to Eric Mabius, for being voted as the
"It's a Wonderful Movie" Favorite Actor...
in your TV Movie role in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas'.

POLL #4:

Favorite Actress from a "Made for TV Movie" for 2014:

(Nominees are in alphabetical order)

Erin Bethea
Kristin Booth
Lacey Chabert
Erika Christensen
Brooke D'Orsay
Anne Heche
Erin Krakow
Bethany Joy Lenz
Lori Loughlin
Crystal Lowe
Kimberley Sustad
Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Congratulations to Lacey Chabert, for being voted as the
"It's a Wonderful Movie" Favorite Actress...
in your TV Movie roles in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie 'The Color of Rain', Hallmark Channel's 'A Royal Christmas', and the UP-TV movie 'The Tree that Saved Christmas'.

POLL #5:
Favorite Supporting Actor from a "Made for TV Movie" for 2014:

(Nominees are in alphabetical order)

Matthew Anderson
George Canyon
Kevin Daniels
Rob Estes
Carlos Gomez
Gregory Harrison
Jamie Kennedy
Terry Kiser
Russell Porter
John Ratzenberger
Jack Wagner
Andrew Walker

Congratulations to Gregory Harrison, for being voted as the

"It's a Wonderful Movie" Favorite Supporting Actor...
in your TV Movie role in the Hallmark Channel movie 'The Nine Lives of Christmas'.

POLL #6:
Favorite Supporting Actress from a "Made for TV Movie" for 2014:

(Nominees are in alphabetical order)

Kendra Anderson
Josie Bissett
Nicola Cavendish
Miranda Frigon
Valerie Harper
Melissa Joan Hart
Rachel Hendrix
Mary Lou Henner
Gabrielle Miller
Marion Ross
Jane Seymour
Tracy Waterhouse

Congratulations to Jane Seymour, for being voted as the
"It's a Wonderful Movie" Favorite Supporting Actress...
 in your TV Movie role in the Hallmark Channel movie 'A Royal Christmas'.

POLL #7:
Favorite Young Actor from a "Made for TV Movie" for 2014:

(Nominees are in alphabetical order)

William Ainscough
Callum Airlie
Ian Andrew
Luke Benward
Max Charles
Rustin Gresiuk
Seth Isaac Johnson
Griffin Kane
Sean Michael Kyer
Devin Lawrence
Ezra Pouch
Logan Williams

Congratulations to Max Charles, for being voted as the
"It's a Wonderful Movie" Favorite Young Actor...
in the Hallmark Channel movie NORTHPOLE.

POLL #8:
Favorite Young Actress from a "Made for TV Movie" for 2014:

(Nominees are in alphabetical order)

Dove Cameron
Helen Colliander
Kirstin Dorn
Rachel Eggleston
Siomha Kenney
Bailee Madison
Jaeda Lily Miller
Erin Pitt
Jaden Robert
Alissa Skovbye
Ava Telek
Alison Thornton

Congratulations to Bailee Madison, for being voted as the
"It's a Wonderful Movie" Favorite Young Actress...
in your TV Movie role in the Hallmark Channel movie NORTHPOLE.


Thank You to EVERYONE who participated by Voting in the Polls for your Favorites!

Congratulations to ALL the Winners and Nominees above - who made it a Great Year of TV Movies!!!

We are also grateful to All the Networks that play wonderful Family Movies all year long...!

I hope you enjoy your next Family Movie Night ~
so you can say...
"It's a Wonderful Movie!"

*Please Note: These awards are given to honor of our Favorite Films and Actors. There will not be any Monetary or Physical Award given out. This is simply our way of honoring our favorite Movies, Actors, etc... Thank You!


  1. Wow!! Excellent choices!! It would have been hard for me to pick just "one" in each category! I do believe the "viewer's" got it right!!

    1. I so agree, Linda, it is hard to pick only one, especially when it comes down to the actors and actresses. There were so many excellent performances this past year... Some nominees were well deserved winners, too, in my eyes, but the voters made some excellent choices, too, and I would highly recommend each movie chosen!

      Thank you, for your comment, Linda! :) I'm glad you liked these viewer picks, too! :)

  2. Awesome! This is my favorite post all year, on It's a Wonderful Movie! Great to see many of my top picks were chosen as winners. Way to go Hallmark, Signed Sealed Delivered for Christmas, The Color of Rain, Eric Mabius, Lacey Chabert, Gregory Harrison, Jane Seymour, Max Charles, & Bailee Madison!!! Jessica

    1. Awwww... Thank you, Jessica! I'm happy to know you enjoyed your favorite post and many of your "top picks" were also chosen! It was such a great year of TV Movies! Thank you for watchin' with me! :)

  3. Net, you get my vote for "greatest job ever coordinating all things holiday" for all of us crazy for Christmas people. We are so blessed to have you in our lives!🎄

    1. Patty, your comment blessed me so much! Thank you for following my site and for leaving such a thoughtful, uplifting reply! It truly means so much to me! Blessings to You!!!

      So glad you all love Christmas movies as much as I do!!!

  4. Net -- I love polls like this (some of my choices won, and some didn't)!!

    Out of curiosity -- would you ever consider putting together a poll of favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, from ANY year (only Hallmark, not Lifetime or anything else at first)?

    This idea is something I have been wanting Hallmark to do for the last year -- because so many people are so passionate and vocal about their favorite movies (especially if their favorites are missing from a particular marathon!), and it would be interesting to find out the top 50 or top 100 movies, in order of ranking, as decided by the voters/viewers.

    What you could do, instead of making one giant list of every single Hallmark Christmas movie, is break up the lists into categories -- for example, Favorite Holiday Romances ("Snow Bride," "One Starry Christmas," "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," "Let it Snow," etc., would go into that category); Favorite Holiday Dramas ("November Christmas," "The Christmas Card," "A Christmas Wish," etc.); Favorite Holiday "Magic" Movies (in other words, movies featuring elves, angels, Santa and his family or some bit of magic-gone-awry such as "Help for the Holidays," "Christmas Magic," "Angels and Ornaments," Mrs. Miracle," "Once Upon a Christmas," "Naughty or Nice," "Christmas at Cartwright's," etc.); Favorite Holiday Pet movie ("Nine Lives of Christmas," "The Christmas Shepherd," "One Christmas Eve," etc.) and so on.

    Then, the winners of each category would 'square off' against each other in a final poll, in which voters would have to choose their absolute, all-time favorite Hallmark Christmas movie of the bunch.

    Or... to shorten it up you could just compile a list of the top 30 Hallmark Christmas movies (from any year) that people seem to talk about a lot as being their favorites -- "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," "The Christmas Card," "Mrs. Miracle," "Let it Snow," etc. -- and have voters pick a favorite from that list.

    I am just truly curious which movies 'the people' actually want to see, and I think polls are a good barometer of that.

    Also, another reason why it would be good to do this is that I think a lot of folks get confused as to which movies are Hallmark movies, and which movies are exclusive to Lifetime, UP, Ion, Insp, ABC Family, etc. This way, the poll(s) would break it down to just Hallmark alone, since I believe they have the biggest catalogue of holiday movies.

    If you want to do this and need any assistance compiling the lists, I'd be more than happy to help!

    1. You are a great encourager! I always love your comments... And even though you respond as Anonymous, I always can tell you apart, because of your extensive knowledge of Hallmark Christmas Movies... And now when I see your comments, I think of you as Hallmark's #1 fan, so if you could sign your comments with that, that would be great!

      Also, I've been mulling over the idea of doing another poll during the Christmas in July week. I love all of your suggestions! In 2012, I did a poll asking everyone which Christmas movie they were most likely to watch during CIJ and The Christmas Card won that one. I think it would be great fun to put together something again this year! And, if you would like to email me some ideas, that would be great!

      Thank you Hallmark's #1 Fan!

  5. I love the way your site is so easy to look at and navigate around. Thanks, Net, for making it convenient and not as complicated as other sites, especially for someone like me, who is computer challenged. This was a fun poll. Several of my picks were winners!

    1. Oh, thank you! I appreciate that so much! I like to keep it simple. Why have a blog if it's too complicated for visitors to navigate. I'm so glad you enjoy mine!

    2. ...and I'm so delighted that many of your picks were Winners! Yay!!! :)


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