Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Chance at Romance", a Hallmark Channel Film


Chance at Romance

Also Known As: Friend Request

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: February 8, 2014

*Images via Hallmark Crown Media and the Erin Krakow FB Fan Page.


Erin Krakow ... Samantha Hart
Ryan McPartlin ... Heath Madsen
Patricia Richardson ... May
Ian Andrew ... Donny Madsen
Kaitlin Doubleday ... Celeste Jeffers-Johnson
Abraham Benrubi ... Jackson


Samantha Hart is delighted when her online “Chance at Romance” to famous photographer Heath Madsen eventually results in Heath sending her a first class ticket to visit. Upon arriving for what she expects to be a romantic weekend, however, she learns her online relationship with the widowed photographer was actually fueled by Heath’s matchmaking son and their longtime housekeeper. When Sam is unable to end her trip due to circumstances outside her control, her non-relationship with Heath has the chance to evolve into a friendship— and possibly more.

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  1. Thanks for the great site! I've seen Erin Krakow on Army Wives and she is totally captivating. Will watch her rise to stardom with joy. I think she's a Juilliard grad too! Beautiful actress!!!!

  2. I don't see anything regarding a Sept. 14th airing of 'Friend Request'?? Has the scheduled air date been changed?
    Why no more details?

  3. I'm looking for this movie too??? I've been looking forward to seeing it!!!

  4. You can watch this wonderful movie on the PixL if you have the Hearland Package from Dish which already aired Oct, 5th!

  5. it aired again today on PiXL.

  6. I really enjoyed this movie!

  7. I absolutely love this movie! Hallmark u did it again, another amazing movie! Keep them coming but please start having them come out on dvd! I already have a good collection going but want to add to it more

    1. I so agree, Colleen. More Hallmark movies need to be released on DVD! And this one should definitely be one of them!

  8. Can you tell me the name of the song featured towards the end of the Hallmark Movie, "Chance at Romance"? A male vocalist/group.

    1. So sorry. I don't know. Perhaps, someone else will recognize it!

  9. what is the name of the very first song at the beginning of this movie

  10. I love the movie and want to purchase it. I don't like the loud music on the Hallmark movies and I think it takes from the movie.

  11. I agree. The loud music in these movies is often very distracting making it nearly impossible to hear the dialogue, at times. May I suggest you use closed captioning. We use it often, and it is wonderful - especially when the background music drowns out the words.

    I, too, hope this movie is released on DVD!

  12. This is my favorite movie ever, - the cast, the house, the location, the woods--aaaaaaaaw, except that, he shouldn't have allowed the bloody jealous blonde to have the jewelry, and rather would have presented that to Sam while introducing her as the model to everyone at the show...and of course, the blonde needed one tight punch on her face from somewhere for talking nonsense to Sam! Very nice script, and direction! Loved it!


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