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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Signed, Sealed, Delivered - the Hallmark Channel Television Series


Signed, Sealed, Delivered - the Television Series

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: 1st Episode premiered on April 20, 2014

*New Episodes air every Sunday Night at 8PM/7c

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*Signed, Sealed, Delivered has been created, written, and produced by the executive producer of Touched by an Angel, Martha Williamson.

*Following the Premiere Movie, which first premiered on the Hallmark Channel on October 12, 2013, Signed, Sealed, Delivered is currently a weekly drama series on the Hallmark Channel.


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Eric Mabius ... Oliver
Kristin Booth ... Shane
Crystal Lowe ... Rita
Geoff Gustafson ... Norman
Christine Willes ... Vivian
Jessica Harmon ... Donna
Shirley Broderick ...Arlene

*Special Guest-Stars in Various Episodes:
Valerie Harper ... Theresa Capodiamonte
Della Reese ... Cora Brandt
Marilu Henner ... Glynis Rucker
Valerie Bertinelli ... Rebecca Starkwell
Carol Burnett ... (Norman's Grandmother)


Episode 1: "Time to Start Livin": A legendary supervisor makes a grand entrance in time to oversee the postal detectives unravel a mystery behind a letter from a young boy whose life is in danger. (Guest Star: Valerie Harper)

Episode 2: "To Whom It May Concern": After Oliver (Eric Mabius), Shane (Kristin Booth), Rita (Crystal Lowe) and Norman (Geoff Gustafson) retrieve a mangled letter addressed “To Whom It May Concern,” their investigation hits a road block with an old postmark and a government form for the U.S. Army Office. The postal detectives are inspired by their supervisor to take a risk to save the life of an army veteran. (Guest Star: Valerie Harper)

Episode 3: "Soulmates": The postal detectives track clues to deliver a love letter that can change lives, while their strict new supervisor is on a journey of her own. (Guest star: Della Reese)

Episode 4: "The Masterpiece":The postables hunt for clues to deliver a package that could change a family forever, while their tough-as-nails supervisor turns towards a new life chapter. (Guest star: Della Reese)

Episode 5: "The Edge of Forever": The postables are dealt their most heart-wrenching challenge yet when they receive an unusual package with a letter from a deceased woman. Oliver (Eric Mabius) and Shane (Kristin Booth) set out to piece together clues from the family’s past, so they can help them move towards a better future. Meanwhile, back at the Dead Letter Office, Rita (Crystal Lowe) is deciding whether or not to compete for the Miss Special Delivery Pageant.

Episode 6: "The Future Me": When the postal detectives discover a letter postmarked with a future date, it sets off a chain reaction that leads them down a surprising, emotional journey. As Rita (Crystal Lowe) prepares for the Miss Special Delivery pageant—and faces threats from Glynis Rucker (special guest star Marilu Henner), an intimidating supervisor whose daughter is also competing for the crown—Oliver (Eric Mabius), Shane (Kristin Booth) and Norman (Geoff Gustafson) find themselves in the middle of a unique couple's struggle for acceptance. (Guest star: Marilu Henner)

Episode 7: "Something Good": Oliver, Shane, Rita, and Norman track down a wildly talented but anonymous singer/songwriter using only the lyrics of his undiscovered song, taking on an investigation like no other. As the team follows the song’s clues, they quickly unravel the details of a fated night, where two lives were changed. Meanwhile, an old friend of Shane's, Rebecca Starkwell, arrives and stirs things up in the DLO.(Guest star: Valerie Bertinelli)

Episode 8: "Dark of Night": The team at the Dead Letter Office solves clues to deliver not only a letter, but an unspeakable truth that has been buried for years. With special approval from visiting supervisor Rebecca Starkwell (guest star Valerie Bertinelli), Oliver, Shane, Rita, and Norman race to intervene when one man receives devastating news that could lead him to make an irreversible mistake. On a mission to stop him, the Postables’ investigation leads them to another stunning revelation that quickly becomes a matter of life or death. (Guest star: Valerie Bertinelli)

Episode 9: "The Treasure Box": Oliver and Shane investigate an unusual case that leads them to a bank vault. As Rita (Crystal Lowe) prepares for the statewide Miss Special Delivery competition with Norman’s (Geoff Gustafson) guidance, Oliver and Shane discover they're locked in the vault without enough air to survive. There, they unearth a timeless treasure that will change lives if they don't lose their own.

Episode 10: "A Hope and A Future": Season One concludes with the Postables’ investigation that leads them to a family that has been separated for decades. As Oliver (Eric Mabius), Shane (Kristin Booth), Rita (Crystal Lowe) and Norman (Geoff Gustafson) search for clues to bring them together, Norman is having a family reunion of his own with an amazing grandmother (guest star Carol Burnett) he never knew he had. (Guest star: Carol Burnett)

My Review:

The Hallmark Channel Delivers Again!

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" will send your heart on a first class journey of adventure!

Follow Oliver, Shane, Rita, and Norman, the team of Postables, whose daily mission is to deliver lost letters.

Creative, Heartwarming, and Mysteriously Mesmerizing... you are guaranteed to be captivated every episode until the very end!

Review by: itsawonderfulmovie.com

See or Skip:

An Absolute Must See!

* “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” is a Muse Entertainment production in association with MoonWater Productions.

* All images are property of Hallmark Channel Crown Media.


  1. I recognize the casts of SSD and The Color of Rain in our current banner, but what are the other two pictures from?

    1. Yes, you are right... it is Signed, Sealed, Delivered on the left and The Color of Rain on the top right.

      The two beneath The Color of Rain are The Memory Book (left) and When Sparks Fly (right).

      You can see more details on all of these movies, here:

      Hope that helps! Net : )

  2. I love signed sealed and delivered. Eric is a great actor and all the other actors on the show. I just wisehd it was a 2 hour show like the first show was.One hour does not give it justice with all the commercials. Hope you will give the show 2 hours. thanks Coco

  3. Signed, Sealed, Delivered is a one of my favorite shows. I hope the Hallmark Channel will give us a Season 2 of this one - just like WCTH!

  4. Linda KriedemannSaturday, June 21, 2014

    Every now and then there comes a movie/tv series to warm out hearts and this is one of them. SSD I absolutely love this series. So good to watch a show that show good values, kindness and love in the best way. Keep them coming, hats off to Hallmark for this wonderful production.

  5. The most amazing program, we have friends over and dinner and a movie, we've shared every episode with them, we all love love love the characters, the plot, the HEART in this great show! MORE MORE episodes please!

  6. This is a great series. The writing is magnificent. I love how God and providence is intertwined. It's really special!

    I did find that the episode 'Dark of Night' was a bit too much for me. I found it too dark and dramatic and I couldn't finish it. Other than that, so many episodes were stand outs. It's hard to determine what makes this show so great...between the characters, the storyline, the set, the acting. So many things!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, Amanda! There is something so beautiful and real about each story in "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." I think it stand outs because it not only touches our hearts, but also our spirits!

      Thank you for sharing. God's blessings to you!

  7. I absolutely love these films. They are amazing. I keep looking for more. I think I have watched all of them a few times now. Except tonight, I got to watch 'Something good' and 'Dark of Night' for the first time. Both were excellent. This made me really happy. It would be amazing if they made more. I've read that there are 12 movies, 13 movies, 17 movies. How many were there? When did they make the last movie? Hopefully there are more to delight me.

    1. Trudy, So good to hear from you! I have good news! Hallmark is making TWO more movies in the "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" series!!

      You can see all of the details on these two new "SSD" movies here:

      Also, you can see the Chronological Order of All of the "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" movies and series here:

      The last movie was made in 2021, but thankfully, two more are on the way!

      Blessings, Net


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