Monday, April 23, 2012

Smart Cookies - Hallmark Channel Movie


Smart Cookies

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: August 18, 2012


Jessalyn Gilsig ... Julie Sterling
Patricia Richardson ... Lola
Bailee Madison ... Daisy
Ty Olsson ... (Daisy's Dad)
Samantha Ferris ... Hazel
Brittney Irvin ... Paige
Patti Allan ... Realtor #2
Claudette Mink ... Erica
Michelle Creber ... Mattie
Claire Corlett ... Frank
Jill Morrison ... Sales Clerk
Colin Lawrence ... Troy
Ryan Grantham ... Dax
Nicole Fraissinet ... Clerk
Merrilyn Gann ... Grandma
Kathryn Kirkpatrick ... Realtor #1
Melody B. Choi ... Paris
Tobias Slezak ... Brad
Chris Shields ... Customer
Adam Young ... Boy #1
Maddy Yanko ... Emma


from Hallmark press release:

A perfectionist real estate agent gets a new perspective when she's asked to lead a struggling Girl Scout troop through their competitive annual cookie drive.

Julie Sterling (Gilsig) is a high-maintenance realtor who is just two sales away from being named "Real Estate Agent of the Year." A firm businesswoman, her schedule doesn't leave much time for anything else, including relationships. So when her boss Lola (Richardson) launches a closeted promotion for the company masquerading as company-wide commitment to community pro-social work, and assigns Julie to lead a struggling local Girl Scout troop, Julie is full of protests. Then, she meets the group of hopeless girls, a troop named the Fireflies, including eager new member Daisy (Madison). As she gets to the know the girls and sees their desperate need for friendship and self-esteem, Julie begins to do whatever it takes to transform them from zeroes to heroes in the annual cookie sale competition against their cruel rivals, the Monarchs, led by superior scout volunteer Hazel (Ferris).

With her high-powered sales skills, Julie puts the coveted "Real Estate Agent of the Year" possibility on hold and coaches the girls toward the highest profit on the cookie drive - until she finds out one of her girls is hiding a painful family secret and needs the help of her fellow scouts. To earn her own badge of compassion - and discover a meaningful romance with Daisy's dad (Olsson) - Julie must learn the bottom line isn't as important as the lasting bonds she's building with the scouts she's come to love.

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  1. I love watching the Hallmark Movies. I watch all of them, but my grandaughter is in the scouts. I couldn't resist watching this funny movie.

    Thanks for your movies.

    Wilmington, N.C.

  2. I love this movie!

  3. This movie was impossibly cute! Loved Bailee and the story itself - corny ending and all. ;)


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