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"When Calls the Heart" Season 5 Finale is Here!

We've waited an entire season for this incredible moment, and now... here it is upon us! Most of the time we never want "When Calls the Heart" to come to an end, but this time around, we just desperately want it to begin and answer all of our week-long burning questions from the sudden end to episode nine.

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"When Calls the Heart" Season 5 Poster - via: Hallmark Crown Media

Many have been asking, "Can children watch this finale episode?" Without question, we've all considered "WCTH" to be a family show before, one special time each Sunday when all ages could typically come together and share an hour of entertainment.

I sincerely hope there is a positive outcome ahead in the finale, but since none of us know what news will be revealed next, we cannot be certain if young viewers should be watching. The abrupt end to episode nine broke many Hearties hearts, young and old alike. Daniel Lissing should be quite honored that his character means so much to all the "WCTH" fans.

I've heard many parents say they will be previewing before their young children see this episode, which I think, sadly, is a good idea. At this time, we cannot trust that the show will be appropriate for family viewing, for all ages, but I do hope our faith will be restored. We watch the Hallmark Channel, "the Heart of TV," to escape reality for a little while, to be uplifted, and encouraged... let's hope season 5 ends with more of these themes.

Throughout this season of "When Calls the Heart" we've all felt a gamut of emotions...

...when "When Calls the Heart" returned in February for Season 5.

...when Abigail testified on behalf of Henry Gowen.

...when Elizabeth missed Jack while he was in the Northern Territory.

...when Abigail convinced the railroad to build its depot in Hope Valley.

...when Julie Thatcher came to Hope Valley
and announced she was going to be a teacher, too, just like Elizabeth.

...when Clara thought she might be loosing Jesse to Julie.

...when the Bank could not pay out any funds.

...when sweet Phillip had trouble seeing and needed to go to the children's hospital.

...when Pastor Frank returned to Hope Valley, but felt a calling to return - to help the children.

...when Jack returned to Hope Valley and he and Elizabeth decided to get married.

...when Rosemary helped Elizabeth plan their wedding in such a short time.

...when Jack visited Elizabeth's Father and asked for his blessing.

...when the children accidentally set the church on fire, practicing for the wedding ceremony.

...when Jack rescued Opal from the fiery flames.

...when the town came together to rebuild the church.

Love, beyond measure
...when Jack and Elizabeth exchanged vows on their wedding day.

...when Jack and Elizabeth talked about their future, children, and building their home.

...when A.J Foster returned - turning herself into Sheriff Bill Avery.

...when the children of Hope Valley followed business leaders for the day.

...when Cody decides he wants to be a businessman, just like Lee.

...when Bill Avery protects A.J. and is bitten by a snake.

...when it appeared Henry Gowan was going to return to a life of crime.

...when Jesse admitted to Clara he hadn't finished the 8th grade,
but was still trying to learn.

...when Dr. Carson Shepherd successfully performed his Sister-n-Law's operation.

...when Abigail finds and secures a sound investor for Hope Valley.

...when Cody and Robert drop Dr. Shepherd's birthday cake
and try their best to bake another one.

...when the Mountie delivered sad news to Elizabeth
(presumably about Jack).

...when this news was delivered at the end of the episode,
leaving us waiting an entire week to find out what really happened.

Apprehension we await the Finale of this season.

Hope we most assuredly "hope" that Season 5 ends, somehow,
with everyone's hearts happy once again!

While I was most definitely shocked, like many of you, on how episode 9, "In My Dreams" ended and somewhat hurt they would play on our emotions so strongly, I am still filled with great hope... it is Hallmark and Hope Valley, after all.

I am hopeful there will be a positive conclusion to this season, it's just a feeling I have, possibly like Rosemary's woman's intuition! However, we shall all have to wait and see how this season finishes out... we definitely need some hope before Season 6!

Season 5 Finale
Episode 10: "Close to my Heart"
Sunday, April 22, 2018
9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel


  1. I was wondering if my daughters should watch. Thankfully we were away last weekend, and I kept them from seeing the end. I plan to preview this week before they see it, just in case.

    1. Thank you, Anna, for your response. I've heard so many children were crying following last weekend's show, and my heart breaks for them. It was a terribly sad, shocking ending to the episode, and whether it's true or not, it still hurt so many people. I completely understand parent's decision to preview it first.

      Blessings, Net

  2. I guess the world is just very different for kids now. When I was little, the family show was Little House on the Prairie, and nobody questioned whether little kids should watch or not when sad things happened like Charles and Caroline lost a baby, Mary went permanently blind, or when a fire took the lives of Mary’s baby and Alice Garvey. The show was typically light-hearted and even humorous at times, but obviously it veered into tragedy as well.

  3. I think every parent needs to do what they feel is best for their children/family. But, for some children last week's episode and possibly this week's episode can be an opening for a family discussion about (re:last week) how we feel when someone we love so very much is very sick, or maybe the person had been in a bad accident, or anytime there is a loss or a period of time when family members have very high anxiety levels because they are very worried about someone's welfare. It's hard for children to process everything that is going on within a family when a similar situation arises - and totally unexpected. If tonight's episode would end with Jack's death (which I really hope is not the conclusion) that opens a dialog about death and dealing with a death in the family. All hearties are heavily invested in the series and that alone causes us to feel our emotions in a stronger way than watching a movie or a series when we aren't as heavily invested in or at all. In our world today the opportunities for families to have a conversation about these difficult situations are few and far between. So maybe everyone can look at this as a way for family dialogue that may not have happened before they experience such a difficult situation in their lives. Just a thought.....

  4. Why are you killing Jack off? What are the writers thinking of? Jack is the main character next to Elizabeth!!! Shame on you!!!

  5. Why is Jack being killed off? What are the writers thinking of? He is the main character next to Elizabeth! Shame on you !!!!!

  6. Why, why, why? I feel like I've lost one of my own relatives. My only consolation would be if she eventually became the Doctor's wife, otherwise I may never watch another episode :(

  7. I was so disappointed in the killing of Jack. We waited all 5 seasons to see them marry and then he was gone. I am pretty sure the producers could have come up with a better way. I don't see myself watching this show without him in it.

  8. Bring Jack back. TV should be entertaining and to kill off a main character is shameful. You can bring him back on the first episode next year, think about it. You will probably lose viewers if you do not.


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