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on the set of a Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie

As of yesterday, (April 3, 2017) it has been 100 DAYS since CHRISTMAS, and yet, it almost seems like not a day has gone by since we've had some sort of Christmas Movie news or hints- here at It's a Wonderful Movie! (If you LOVE Christmas, this is THE PLACE to be! I'm Tracking Christmas Movies - HERE - almost as fast as NORAD tracks Santa on Christmas Eve! Almost!)

image: Hallmark Channel - Crown Media

During the final minutes of the first Meow Madness on the Hallmark Channel, came the results in the Christmas Movie Bracket Challenge... "The Christmas Card" defeated "When Calls the Heart Christmas." I'm sure Hearties (fans of "When Calls the Heart") were disappointed, (I love it, too!) but with OVER 8 Million Votes (8,009,291 votes to be exact!) and since "The Christmas Card" has a longer history (first aired in 2006), versus "When Calls the Heart Christmas," which is newer (from 2016!) and only played just once on Christmas Day.... it seems "The Christmas Card" had the edge on being more widely known to viewers over the years - plus, it also just happens to be a wonderful movie! (However, many of the ones that were eliminated, even those early on, ("Window Wonderland," "A Princess for Christmas," "My Christmas Love," and "The Nine Lives of Christmas," which reached the Final Four and more!) are wonderful, too... at least in my book!)

Before Hallmark became such a popular Channel, it was then, and still is... a well known Greeting Card Store... so, it seems quite ironic and appropriate that the first Christmas Movie Bracket Winner for Hallmark is "The Christmas Card!"

And, the best part is... (unless you're the one who won $10,000!) we can all tune in for the winning movie, “The Christmas Card” on the Hallmark Channel - Friday, April 7th at 8/7c!

Special Thank you...

I want to also thank Hallmark for sending me these awesome, adorable 3 D Glasses (pictured below!) on my birthday to watch Meow Madness! Thank you so so much! (That's also, pictured below, one of my pretty oh-so-yummy cupcakes - made by my Momma & Sister - for my birthday celebration! And, the recipe is... my Grandmother's Million Dollar Pound Cake! The best!)

image: itsawonderfulmovie


Now... for those Details on the 32 CHRISTMAS MOVIES COMING to HALLMARK...

Coming to the Hallmark Channel!
Based on the book Maggie's Miracle by Karen Kingsbury     






STUDIO CITY, CA –- After this late and unpredictable winter, it’s hard to believe spring is finally here. But look around. Daffodils are poking up their little heads, forsythia are budding and even the most cautious back yard horticulturalists are making plans.

The seeds of Christmas have been planted, too. Though most might not think of Santa as a gardener, here at Hallmark Channel, we know him pretty well. And while you may still be thinking about chocolate bunnies, he’s hard at work. How could he accomplish all he does by putting off projects until the cold weather?

Same with us! There’s no way Hallmark Channel’s COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ THE MOST WONDERFUL MOVIES OF CHRISTMAS would have a record 32 new films heading your way for the holiday season if we weren’t already tending to them in spring. Here are the next eight films slated for production:

“A Bramble House Christmas”
While settling his father’s estate, Finn Conrad becomes suspicious as to why he left a nurse $50,000. His dad knew her for less than two months before he died. Just before Christmas, Finn wants what to reclaim what he considers his family’s money so he goes undercover to investigate the bed and breakfast the nurse has recently taken over. When Finn meets Willa, he discovers she’s not a conniving gold digger at all. She’s the single mother of a sick boy who needed an operation. Finn’s dad paid for the operation and financed Willa’s dream of running the Bramble House B&B. Though Willa and Finn are protective of their hearts for different reasons, they fall in love – until she discovers his true identity and why he was there. Now Finn must gain Willa’s trust to make this a Christmas to remember.

“Angel Falls”
Fallen angel Gabby must redeem herself. To do so, she’s dispatched to – where else but the town of Angel Falls. It’s not a job for any one being, even one endowed with her special powers. Luckily, Gabby has her own guardian angels, Anna and Michael. All of them work to help the citizens of Angel Falls and along the way, wings and love blossom.

“A Song for Christmas”
Pop superstar Adelaide Kay is so fed up with her controlling manager that she sneaks off the tour bus after their latest squabble. Though exhilarated to be free, she finds herself stranded in the freezing cold of a Pennsylvania winter, with no money and no plan. A local family, the Lapps, take her in. They know the true meaning of the season, even if they’re close to losing their dairy farm. No one in the family recognizes Adelaide except Dillon, the oldest son. He figures she’s the ticket to fast cash and plots to snap photos of Adelaide around the farm and sell them to the tabs. What he doesn’t plan, however, is their mutual attraction. As they get to know each other, Dillon has two realizations: profiteering from invading Adelaide’s privacy is wrong and his uptight girlfriend is not the one for him. When Adelaide performs a song, which Dillon’s kid sister wrote, a lot of money is earned which aids the Lapps and other strapped farmers.

“Christmas for Joy”
Joy may be down-on-her-luck but her humanity is intact. She jumps to the aid of a stranger, rescuing the woman from a terrible accident. The woman who nearly died is quite successful and learns a great lesson from her accident: Helping others is the key to true success and could be the path to finding true love as well.

“Christmas Shuttle”
It’s not easy being Henry, the only child of divorced parents. Every Christmas, he’s flown cross-country to be with his dad. Because he’s 8, a flight attendant looks after him from gate-to-gate. Henry instantly takes to the engaging Megan, who wears a Santa hat while helping him write a letter to the jolly guy. Megan promises to mail it to the North Pole, but slips the note to Henry’s dad. Henry has already decided Megan and his dad would be a great couple. And with all the sophistication of a little boy, he tries setting them up. It turns out that Megan has no plans for Christmas dinner. Naturally, Henry invites her over, giving the adults a chance to see that they are perfect for each other.

“Good Sam”
As an L.A. news reporter, Kate has spent years covering people’s worst actions, often on their victims’ worst days. She’s finally assigned to a story focusing on a wonderful act of generosity. An anonymous good Samaritan, dubbed Good Sam, has left $100,000 in cash on the front porches of 10 people. Kate tracks down Good Sam and her exclusive interview with him thrusts her into the national spotlight. Those years of having to dig for the truth have made Kate attuned to when people are lying and she suspects the man laying claim to the credit is not who he says he is. Searching for answers, Kate unravels the unexpected reason behind the mysterious cash gifts and the true identity of Good Sam becomes the biggest surprise story of her career, upending her personal and professional life.

“Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Miracle”
Megan spent one unforgettable summer with a boy when they were teens and she’s never forgotten his magical definition of love. Now a high-powered attorney in New York and the single mother, her young son unexpectedly connects them again but it’s not until Christmas when Maggie finally gets the miracle – the love – she’s longed for.

“Sugar and Spice”
Ginger may have had her hopes for a Christmas engagement dashed, but her hopes of resurrecting her pastry chef career pays off when she makes it into the finals of the American Gingerbread Competition. When a broken oven nearly derails her entry, help arrives from unlikely source: local pizzeria owner Bobby, who happens to be Kylie’s high school sweetheart. As the pair collaborate their romance is rekindled – but will creative differences and an ex determined to win her back threaten her chances of winning the grand prize, and her true love?
# # #

I hope you all enjoyed this Christmas Movie news in April! It's fun to see Hallmark planting these small seeds of Christmas! And, don't forget, if you haven't already - be sure to vote in my Christmas Movie Poll (in the right column!) for your Favorite Christmas Movie from the 2016 Christmas Season!!! Poll Closes Tomorrow April 5th at 12pm/11c.! The Top Three Results will then be revealed! Stay Tuned!

Blessings & Merry Christmas Every Day of the Year, from my Heart to Yours!!! Net


  1. A Bramble House Christmas sounds like a book I have on my Kindle.

  2. From looking at this list of announced Christmas movies, here are the three that I’m looking forward to the most:

    1. Christmas Shuttle – In the past, there have been stories featuring characters who had experienced divorces. However, based on the movie’s description, it seems like this story is taking the topic of divorce and putting it in a child’s perspective. This is something that I don’t think Hallmark has done before, so “Christmas Shuttle” would definitely bring something new to the (Christmas) table.

    2. Good Sam – The story reminds me a little bit of “Finding John Christmas”, a heartfelt mystery set during Christmas time. Because the synopsis didn’t seem to reveal any spoilers or important details involving the plot, this movie sounds intriguing and gives its audience the opportunity to solve the mystery alongside the characters.

    3. Angel Falls – The description for this movie reminds me of the “Max the Angel” series starring Peter Falk (“A Town Without Christmas”, “When Angels Come to Town”, and “Finding John Christmas”) and “Touched by an Angel”. Since I enjoy both of those series, I am instantly intrigued and excited for this movie!

  3. Christmas in April is The Christmas Card on April 7, 2017


  4. I'm so surprise Gingerbread competition for Gingerbread Christmas for Christmas movie called; "Sugar & Spice". That used for recipes for various gingerbread cookies & even Arts & Crafts. May my dreams come true!!! Gingerbread Christmas competition by using recipes: sugar & spice.

  5. Is Good Sam the same as 12 Days of Giving? And The Sister Swap--Lights, Camera, Christmas?


  6. Countdown to Christmas - Coming October 27, 2017

    Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas celebration begins Friday, October 27th with all-new holiday movies!Countdown to Christmas - Coming October 27th

    1. Susan - Des MoineThursday, April 06, 2017

      Thanks, Anonymous! I'm always curious to see when Hallmark decides to start their countdown. Great news!


    2. Yes, Hallmark Christmas Movies are Coming Soon!!!

      These dates were just announced by Hallmark during the airing of "The Christmas Card" (the Meow Madness Bracket Winner!)-

      for Christmas in July...

      Gold Crown Christmas
      on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
      - begins Friday June 30, 2017

      Christmas Keepsake
      on the Hallmark Channel
      - begins Friday July 7, 2017

      For the Christmas Season...

      Countdown to Christmas
      on the Hallmark Channel


      The Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas
      on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
      - both begin Friday October 27, 2017

      ALL Christmas Movie Fans are surely enjoying this news!!!

      Blessings!!! Net :)

  7. Hey Net, I follow the author of A Bramble Christmas, CJ Carmichael and she shared the news that Autumn Reeser will be starring in the movie as Willa Fairchild. How exciting! I really enjoyed her in Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade & Country Wedding. Thank you Net for being the most informative outlet for great family movies!

  8. I love the song at the end of the movie Sugar and Spice where can I find it?


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