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Thursday, December 29, 2016


If you LOVE CHRISTMAS - This is THE PLACE to BE! All throughout the Year... if I happen to hear any news on CHRISTMAS MOVIES, I will be sure to share this news with all of you - HERE! And, if YOU hear any Christmas Movie News - Please share in Comments Below!

So, here is what I have learned, thus far...

Christmas in Angel Falls (originally known as Angel Falls)

(title first discovered: December 29, 2016)

image via: Paul Greene instagram

Via deadline.com:
"Bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz has signed a three-picture development and production deal with Brad Krevoy Television, the TV and SVOD production arm of Motion Picture Corporation of America. The three TV projects will be written, produced and broadcast for Christmas 2017.

The first movie, Angel Falls for Hallmark Channel, is about a fallen angel who falls in love and wins back her halo during the Christmas season. Rachel Boston (A Rose for Christmas) will star and Bradley Walsh will direct the film, which could spawn a potential series."

Paul Greene (A Wish for Christmas, When Calls the Heart) and Beau Bridges ("Flower Shop Mystery") will also star with Rachel Boston in Angel Falls.

Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe

(discovered: December 29, 2016)

Via deadline.com:
"The second film, Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe, is a gender-swapped re-telling of the classic novel. Production is planned for April 2017. Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe will also be published as a novel by St. Martin’s Press during the 2017 Christmas season. De la Cruz will write the screenplay and novel."

*UPDATE Fall, 2017: This movie is not included in Hallmark's 2017 Christmas line-up. Stay tuned for further developments!

Nanny State

(discovered: December 29, 2016)

Via deadline.com:
"The third project, Nanny State, is the story of an FBI agent who goes undercover working for New York’s finest families to solve a child’s kidnapping during the Christmas holidays. De la Cruz will write the screenplay and produce, along with Vincent Balzano, Richard Abate, and Brad Krevoy Television."

*UPDATE Fall, 2017: This movie is not included in Hallmark's 2017 Christmas line-up. Stay tuned for further developments!

A Royal Christmas / A Princess for Christmas (working title)

(discovered: December 6, 2016)

"Coincidentally, it appears that this new Royal Christmas movie (like A Rose for Christmas) is also revolving around the Rose Parade -- specifically, it seems to involve the Royal Court (and possibly the Rose Queen), and it takes place in someplace that is posing as Pasadena."

Cast via whatsfilming.com: Zak Santiago, Nicole Muñoz, Paloma Kwaitkowski, Kalyn Miles

Sherry in California first alerted us to this movie. Here are some details she shared in a previous comment...

According to www.timescolonist.com (January 27, 2017): It looks like this movie may premiere on the UP network and be renamed "A Princess for Christmas." Stay tuned for any additional news!

Southern Christmas

(discovered: December 14, 2016)

An anonymous commenter shared: "Harvey Lowry to direct 'Southern Christmas', a movie #filming in Oklahoma in January 2017."

Storyline via IMDB: "Kara and Jessie are two teenager girls from very different worlds, but with a little Christmas magic, they find they have much more in common than they ever imagined."

Cast members:
Shelley Long, Joe Don Rooney, Brighton Rose Sharbino, Sierra McCormick, Emmanuel Vouniozos, Chris Rich, Bo Derek, Christian Kane and Paula Trickey (shared by Sherry in California)

via Director Harvey Lowry's Instagram
Day 4 filming with Joe Don Rooney, Brighton Rose Sharbino, Sierra McCormick,
Shelley Long, Emmanuel Vouniozos and Chris Rich

Salted Christmas

(discovered: July 8, 2016)

Genre: Christian Comedy
Directed By: Don McChesney
Release Date: November 2017

*Images via Manifest Pictures - "Salted Christmas" Facebook Page.
*Images via Manifest Pictures - "Salted Christmas" Facebook Page.

Sleigh Bell Sweethearts

(discovered: July, 2016)

Author Teri Wilson ('Unleashing Mr. Darcy) shared this Christmas Movie News via Facebook:

"BIG EXCITING NEWS! My book Sleigh Bell Sweethearts for Harlequin Love Inspired is currently in development with the Hallmark Channel! It looks like we'll have a Christmas movie coming out this year!!! *tosses snowflake confetti* "

Based on Teri's Book...
Sleigh Bell Sweethearts

*Credit for discovery goes to Abby from the Hallmark Facebook Fan Group!

*This movie did not make it into production for 2016... perhaps, we will see it in 2017!

*UPDATE: In the comments below, Amy shared this news: "I got a pitch today for an ebook by Teri Wilson and it said that Sleigh bell Sweethearts was in development for 2017. Just a little update there. :)"

*UPDATE Fall, 2017: This movie is not included in Hallmark's 2017 Christmas line-up. Stay tuned for further developments!

Olaf's Frozen Adventure - Frozen Holiday Special

(first discovered in 2016)

*based on the characters of the 2013 Walt Disney Animation Studios film, Frozen.

According to universityherald.com: Before "Frozen 2" is expected to hit the theatres in 2018, although there is no official confirmation and speficic day yet from Disney. The famed movie's fans can instead look forward to the upcoming "Frozen" holiday special, which will be airing on ABC in Christmas 2017."

UPDATE: (July, 2017) - "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" will now be seen in 3D as a short before Disney's movie Coco in Theaters coming November, 2017!

Storyline via disney.wikia.com, "On the first holiday season following Elsa's coronation, the story centers around Olaf's first experience with the holidays. Anna and Elsa have no true understanding of the holidays or seasonal tradition due to their enforced isolation over the years. This prompts Olaf to journey off into Arendelle in search of a holiday tradition for his family to share. Sven also joins the journey as Olaf's 'partner-in-crime'."

◾Josh Gad as Olaf
◾Kristen Bell as Anna
◾Idina Menzel as Elsa the Snow Queen
◾Jonathan Groff as Kristoff


The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

This is a Disney Nutcracker movie.

According to teenvogue.com, "The Nutcracker may have been performed on stage countless times, but now Disney is bringing it to the big screen once more. Earlier this month, legendary dancer Misty Copeland made the exciting announcement on Instagram that she'd be a part of the production, as the lead ballerina."

Mackenzie Foy will portray the lead role of Clara.

More Cast News: Stars Keira Knightley as Sugar Plum Fairy and Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Stahlbaum, Helen Mirren as Mother Ginger, and Morgan Freeman as Drosselmeyer. (discovered by Anonymous/shared in comments below)

UPDATE: THIS MOVIE WILL BE RELEASED IN 2018. (Thank you Sleepy Kitty Paws for confirming this news!)

More details (via Anonymous commenter) "Walt Disney Pictures’ new live-action version of “The Nutcracker.” Most famously adapted as a ballet by Tchaikovsky in the late 19th century, the tale originated as a short story titled “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by E.T.A. Hoffmann in 1816. In it, a young girl’s dolls come to life on Christmas Eve alongside a noble nutcracker, who protects her from a villainous army of mice. There is no word on how much fidelity this new take will have to the original source material, although Powell apparently spent two solid years developing the project."

Christmas on Repeat

Poster and Details via IMDB.com.

Storyline: Sometimes love needs a do-over.

This is a Family Comedy!

Cast: Rachel Hendrix, Karissa Lee Staples, Alexandra Harris, Ted Welch, Aaron Munoz, Shawn Hawkins, Rich Redmond, Mary Sarah, Graham Outbridge, & Joe Mullen

Where this movie will be seen is currently unknown.

*Credit: Thank you Gina for sharing this info!

The Man Who Invented Christmas

This is a movie about Charles Dickens called, "The Man Who Invented Christmas" via deadline.com.

(Thank you for sharing this Christmas news, Sleepy Kitty Paws!)

Storyline via IMDB: "After a series of his books have been flops, Charles Dickens decides to write and self-publish A Christmas Carol."

(Thank you to the Anonymous commenter who shared this movie description)

Stars: Dan Stevens as Charles Dickens, Jonathan Pryce as John Dickens, Christopher Plummer as Ebenezer Scrooge, and more! See at IMDB.com.

UPDATE: This movie will premiere in theaters – Thanksgiving Week – November 22, 2017!

Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer

Coming 2017!

New animated film with John Cleese and Samantha Bee doing voices, Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer:

(Thank you for sharing this Christmas news, Sleepy Kitty Paws!)

A Family for Christmas

(discovered: June 8, 2016)

Storyline via Hallmark Press Release: Several days before Christmas, a reclusive author Andrew rents an isolated cabin in order to finish his long overdue novel. Just as Andrew is settling in, a young nurse named Holly, her daughter and wisecracking mother become stranded nearby. Andrew takes in the three unwanted guests and due to a heavy snowstorm, they end up staying through Christmas. The energetic young nurse breaks down Andrew's anti-social defenses. They soon find themselves involved in a number of festive activities, including chopping down a Christmas tree, a snowball fight, playing charades and gatherings around the dinner table. But the sudden arrival of Holly's ex-husband complicates matters and threatens her blossoming romance with Andrew.

*According to imdb, this movie will now premiere in 2017.

Let it Snow

(discovered: April 4, 2016)

This is a Christmas movie being made based on the short story collection Let It Snow by John Green (The Fault in Our Stars).

Let it Snow

*UPDATE added April 15, 2016: This project has been delayed - it will now premiere in 2017.

(Thank you, Sleepy Kitty Paws, for sharing this news!)

NOTE: Movie rating currently unknown. Amazon lists the Book Let it Snow as follows... Age Range: 12 and up Grade Level: 7 and up

Book Synopsis/Storyline via wegotthiscovered.com: "Sparkling white snowdrifts, beautiful presents wrapped in ribbons, and multicolored lights glittering in the night through the falling snow. A Christmas Eve snowstorm transforms one small town into a romantic haven, the kind you see only in movies. Well, kinda. After all, a cold and wet hike from a stranded train through the middle of nowhere would not normally end with a delicious kiss from a charming stranger. And no one would think that a trip to the Waffle House through four feet of snow would lead to love with an old friend. Or that the way back to true love begins with a painfully early morning shift at Starbucks. Thanks to three of today’s bestselling teen authors—John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle—the magic of the holidays shines on these hilarious and charming interconnected tales of love, romance, and breathtaking kisses."

Holly Starr

(discovered January 5, 2017)

This movie was filmed in December of 2016, in Biddeford, Portland, and Kennebunkport, Maine. Holly Starr is a feature film by writer and director Michael Nickles.

Via WLBZ 2 News - "The Christmas themed movie has a bit of mystery to it as well" according to Katlyn Carlson who plays the lead character named Sloan Kelly. "A struggling puppeteer, an artist in New York City, she loses a job and comes back to her home town kind of dejected," said Carlson. "Has a near death experience and she has this memory when her life flashes before her eyes of Santa Claus burying a bag of money."

*For more news on this movie, plus a behind the scenes video, visit the WLBZ 2 News web-site.

The Star

(discovered January 6, 2017)

This is an animated film shared by Sleepy Kitty Paws in comments below.

Storyline via thestarmovie.com: "In Sony Pictures Animation's THE STAR, a small but brave donkey named Bo yearns for a life beyond his daily grind at the village mill. One day he finds the courage to break free, and finally goes on the adventure of his dreams. On his journey, he teams up with Ruth, a lovable sheep who has lost her flock and Dave, a dove with lofty aspirations. Along with three wisecracking camels and some eccentric stable animals, Bo and his new friends follow the Star and become accidental heroes in the greatest story ever told – the first Christmas.."

Nationwide release date in theaters: November 10, 2017

image via: http://www.thestarmovie.com/

Thank you so much, Sleepy Kitty Paws, for sharing this movie + links! It's refreshing to see a production that highlights the true meaning of Christmas!

Celebrities giving voice to the animated characters in "The Star" are: Kelly Clarkson, Steven Yeun, Aidy Bryant, Keegan-Michael Key, Kristin Chenoweth, Anthony Anderson, Gabriel Iglesias, Ving Rhames, Delilah Rene, Kris Kristofferson, Gina Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, with Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Tracy Morgan and Christopher Plummer.

Actress Patricia Heaton has been added to this cast!

12 Days of Giving

(discovered January 7, 2017)

via fremonttribune.com: "A made for television movie is officially being filmed exclusively in Fremont (Nebraska) pending City Council approval."

"On Thursday (January 5, 2017), The Tribune was notified by Fremont native and film-industry veteran Kevin McMahon that “12 Days of Giving,” a Hallmark-type film, is being shot in Fremont Feb. 1-17. The film is being produced by California-based Expression Entertainment which has direct interaction with Hallmark."

"While McMahon wasn’t able to disclose an abundance of information about the film, he said that there will be at least two familiar actor/actress faces in Christmas-themed feel-good family film."

According to the article at fremonttribune.com: "their aim is to get this onto the Hallmark Channel" ... "Because it really is that type of film, a total feel-good Christmas story."

Cast: David Blue, Ashley Jones, Preston James Hillier, Meagan Flynn, Brooklyn Funk, Dan Bauer, Jax Connolly and more via IMDB

Storyline via IMDB: "A man who wins a small fortune decides to share his winnings by acting as a Secret Santa to people in a small town. One of the characters chosen is a boy whose father is deceased. The man grows fond of the Boys mother and begins to fall in love with her...."

UPDATE: UP will be playing this Christmas movie on their channel this Christmas Season!

David Blue, Jax Connolly, and Ashley Jones on the set of 12 Days of Giving
image via : Twitter

Ashley Jones, Jax Connolly, and David Blue on the set of 12 Days of Giving
image via : instagram video - watch here!

Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas!

(discovered January 7, 2017)

Starring Ed Asner as Santa!

Images via Production Company - First American Cinema

Storyline via IMDB: "On a snowy and cold Christmas Eve, Santa Claus accidentally steals the family Dog. So begins an epic journey through the twelve days of Christmas as the family ventures to the North Pole to get their beloved canine back." See rest of cast list on IMDB.

(Thank you for sharing this Christmas movie, Hero_UK!)

Christmas Solo

(discovered January 10, 2017)

Director: Christie Will

Cast: (updated March, 2017) Kelli Williams, Jonathan Scarfe, Kayla Wallace, Naika Toussaint, Pippa Mackie and Ricky He

Written by: Sheryl Anderson (of "Ties that Bind")

Kelli Williams ("A Boyfriend for Christmas") and Jonathon Scarfe ("Angel of Christmas") also starred together as husband and wife in the UP original drama series "Ties that Bind."

Looks like we can expect this movie to air on UP-TV this Christmas Season, according to Kelli Williams' instagram post.

Jonathan Scarfe and Kelli Williams on set of "Christmas Solo"
image via: Kelli Williams' instagram post.

Christmas Fury

(discovered January 10, 2017)

UPDATE: (March, 2017) The TV movie “A Christmas Fury” is a spin-off to CBC’s “Hatching, Matching and Dispatching. It will air on the Canadian channel CBC this Christmas.

The Christmas Fix-Up

(discovered January 11, 2017)

Storyline via IMDB: "A single woman, struggling to believe in love and miracles, walks into a shoe repair shop on Chicago's Westside where the proprietor's magical gift is hooking up singles through their shoes. The catch is that the first date is the wedding."

Nicole (working title - Disney Christmas Movie Project)

(discovered January 12, 2017)

Via cinemablend.com... "Disney Is Eyeing (actress) Anna Kendrick For An Intriguing Christmas Movie... Penned by Miss Congeniality writer Marc Lawrence, Variety reports that this movie, which has the running title Nicole (a twist on Saint Nicholas), would see Kendrick playing Santa Claus' daughter, who "takes over the family business" after her dad retires and her brother gets cold feet with the job before he's supposed to take off on Christmas Eve."

According to IMDB this is an Untitled Santa Claus Project: Anna Kendrick plays Santa's daughter, (rumored name) Nicole Claus, who finds herself having to take over the family business when her father retires and her brother, who is supposed to inherit the role of Santa, gets cold feet.

UPDATE September 2017: Via movies.mxdwn.com: "Nicole will focus on the daughter of Santa Clause. After her father’s retirement, it comes time to decide who will succeed him and deliver all the Christmas gifts. While her brother could have become the new Saint Nick, his nerves prevent him from pulling off the job. This leaves Nicole with the important mission to continue holiday customs."

Cast includes: Anna Kendrickwill, Bill Hader, Billy Eichner, and more...

Release Date: Current release date is November 9, 2019!

Dashing Through the Snow

(discovered February 23, 2016)

Disney has a new movie project titled "Dashing Through the Snow". Via The Tracking Board: this "action/comedy follows a cop in New York City who arrests a burglar during a reported breaking and entering on Christmas Eve. However, the officer gets into hot water when he discovers that the man may or may not be the actual Santa Claus."


UPDATE: January 12, 2017- Via cinemablend.com... "The currently-titled Nicole (movie mentioned above) isn't the only Santa Claus-centric movie Disney has in the works. Dashing Through the Snow is also in development, which will see Kevin Hart playing Santa Claus in a story about a workaholic father who's trying to repair his relationship with his son."

Mrs. Claus

(discovered January 13, 2017)

Via http://mstarsnews.musictimes.com/articles/118618/20170112/anna-kendrick-is-santa-claus-daughter-in-new-disney-christmas-film.htm: "Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect) will be producing and writing "Mrs. Claus", a movie about Mrs. Claus and the struggles she goes through to make Christmas perfect for everyone in the world."

Alicia Witt to star & create New Hallmark Christmas Movie

(discovered January 14, 2017)

Alicia Witt revealed via Twitter: "Yes. We are developing one (a Christmas movie!) based on my original idea for Christmas 2017- I'm writing a new song for it too! @hallmarkchannel"

*UPDATE Fall, 2017: Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Alicia Witt will be creating her own Christmas movie this year, but she will be starring in the movie "The Mistletoe Inn," based on the book by Richard Paul Evans. Stay tuned for further developments!

The Christmas Calendar

(discovered January 18, 2017)

With actress Hilary Strang.

UPDATE: January 27, 2017: more cast members announced for this movie via whatsfilming.com - Laura Bell Bundy and Greg Rogers

Storyline via www.timescolonist.com: The film stars Laura Bell Bundy (Anger Management, How I Met Your Mother) as Emily, a big-city lawyer who returns to her hometown to take over her late grandmother’s bakery. When the struggling baker receives a handmade Christmas calendar from a secret admirer who instructs her to “open each day, one at a time, until my secret is revealed,” the small town’s ensuing obsession with her mystery draws national media attention.

Also, according to the www.timescolonist.com article, it looks like this movie will premiere on the UP network this Christmas!

IMDB has this storyline description: "When Emily, a struggling baker in a small town, receives a handmade Christmas Calendar from a secret admirer, the local residents become obsessed with finding out the identity of the sender."

This is the cast according to IMDB: Brendon Zub, Laura Bell Bundy, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Jacqueline Robbins, Johannah Newmarch, BJ Harrison, Steven Cree Molison, James Pizzinato, and more...

Tiny Christmas

(discovered January 18, 2017)

Title released on production weekly!

Update (March 8, 2016): What's Filming is reporting - this is going to be a Nickelodeon TV Movie. (Thank you for this update, Anonymous!)

Best Christmas Pageant Ever

(discovered in 2016)

So far, all I have on this one is the title, but I think it is safe to say it is a Christmas production! (information via production weekly)

Hopefully, it is based upon the original story, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson, which was turned into a precious one-hour special (available on DVD!) in 1983! I personally own it on DVD and consider it to be a treasure each Christmas!

The original special - 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever' is a powerful, real, beautiful story that tells the true meaning of Christmas! I truly hope this new production - is a re-telling of this same sweet story.

Update (January 19, 2017): IMDB Pro shares a summary of this new production: "A suburban mom gets in over her head when she signs up to direct her neighborhood's Christmas pageant."

It sounds like this is, indeed, a re-make of the original special! Thank you to the Anonymous commenter who shared this plot summary.

Beverly Hills Christmas II

According to IMDB, This is "a sequel to the popular movie, Beverly Hills Christmas (with Dean Cain) that was shown on UP TV during Christmas 2015."

(To be honest, I was not a fan of the original movie, "Beverly Hills Christmas." I will be interested to see where they take this second film. FYI, it doesn't look like Dean Cain will be in the sequel.)

Starring in this project are Margaret O'Brien, Brandon Tyler Russell (his acting was excellent in the first film), Ron Moss, Donna Spangler, and more...

(Thank you, Lana, for sharing this news.)

Puppies for Christmas

(discovered January 20, 2017)

This title is listed at IMDB as a family movie.

Starring in this project are John Ratzenberger, Basil Hoffmann, Kevin Stover, Dan Hewitt Owens, Morgan Bastin, McKenna Roberts, Danni Tamburro, Sharon Garrison, and more...

(Thank you, Lana, for sharing this movie.)

Inheriting Christmas / Christmas Inheritance (wt)

(discovered January 21, 2017)

Category: Drama, Romance

Via IMDB: "After inheriting a toy company founded on charity and holiday spirit, a self-absorbed stockbroker must revisit his family's tragic past and decide the fate of an entire community by Christmas Eve." (Thank you, Lana, for sharing this movie.)

Cast: Eliza Taylor, Nicky Cappella, Jake Lacy and Andie MacDowell

*This appears to be an upcoming Netflix movie. (Thank you, Sherry, for sharing this cast info & more!)

The Christmas Gift

(Discovered January 23, 2017)

Title discovered on Production Weekly.

Cast: Sam Page, Tara Holt, Emily Peterson, Ta'Rhonda Jones, Phillip Edward Van Lear, Stacia Crawford, and Sam Guinan-Nyhart

(Thank you, Sherry, for sharing this title & cast news.)

Lights, Camera, Christmas

(Discovered February 16, 2017)

"Lights, Camera, Christmas" is being reported as a pair of Hallmark Christmas movies starring sisters Kimberly Williams-Paisley ("Father of the Bride," "Follow the Stars Home") and Ashley Williams ("October Kiss," "Love on a Limb")! Each of these movies (which sounds very interesting!) is "told from the perspective of one of the sisters." - via this article - (Thank you Lisa C. & Sherry for this discovery!)

UPDATE: IMDB summarizes this as "Two sisters and a holiday to remember."

Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Ashley Williams at Hallmark's Winter 2017 TCA Event

(Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Ashley Williams will also be working together on the upcoming Hallmark Production "Darrow and Darrow". See Details - here!)

*UPDATE Fall, 2017: This movie is not included in Hallmark's 2017 Christmas line-up. Stay tuned for further developments!

Christmas Wedding March (#3) becomes Valentine Movie!

*UPDATE: See below...

(Discovered February 16, 2017)

If you saw the Hallmark movie "The Wedding March" last June (2016), then you will recall the story of two college sweethearts Olivia Parsons (Josie Bissett) and Mick Turner (Jack Wagner), who "bump into each other" literally years later - conveniently at the precise time of Olivia's upcoming wedding! Unbeknownst to either of them until the last minute... of all places, of course, the wedding is taking place at Mick's resort! In the meantime, planning this wedding rekindles and resurfaces old feelings - that neither in the end, can further deny.

Josie Bissett and Jack Wagner in Hallmark's  "The Wedding March"

An actual wedding never takes place in the first movie "The Wedding March", but I'm hopeful it will in the second. The first movie was a sort of introduction to these characters, their lives, their work, and family! The second movie "June Wedding March" will premiere this June (2017) during the Hallmark Channel's "June Weddings" themed movie event!

Then, the movie "Christmas Wedding March" will be a third movie in "The Wedding March" movie series starring Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett at Christmastime!

(*All "Christmas Wedding March" details are via Jack Wagner's fantastic, revealing interview with Ruth Hill at "Devotional Thoughts" - see HERE! (Special thank you to Sherry - for passing this info our way!) )

According to Jack Wagner's interview, the next movies in this series will be even more musically involved, including Hallmark's CEO Bill Abbott getting in on the music!

*UPDATE - May, 2017: It looks like this movie was changed from Christmas to Valentine's Day! It is now titled: "The Wedding March: A Valentine Wedding."

Second Chance Christmas (former title: Old Acquaintance Be Forgot)

(Discovered February 16, 2017)

Storyline of "Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" from myentertainmentworld.com:
"With her marriage on the rocks, Caroline wants a divorce. However, on the way to the divorce attorney, she is hit by a car and comes down with amnesia. Unable to remember anything about her life - or her marriage - she depends on her loved ones to rediscover herself. In the process, she falls in love all over again."

If the title of the movie sounds familiar to you, then you must remember it as a line from the dear, classic holiday song "Auld Lang Syne." (It's the last song sung in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" as George Bailey is realizing Clarence, the angel, has "won his wings" and the song is annually sung at midnight when the ball drops on New Years Eve/New Years Day! There's an air of sentimentality with this song that has lasted from one generation to another! I look forward to seeing how this treasured song is implemented in this new movie!)

*Additional cast members: Tilky Jones and Katrina Begin. I checked their filmography to see if I was familiar with any of their past works. Tilky Jones was on the TV series 'Nashville' and starred in the UP Christmas movie "Naughty & Nice" with Haylie Duff. (the one where they are radio disc jockeys) I'm not familiar with Katrina, as an actress, but you may know her from the TV series - 'The Agency,' 'No Ordinary Family,' or 'Boomtown' etc...

This movie - re-titled Second Chance Christmas will premiere November 5, 2017 on UP!

The Holiday to Remember

(Discovered February 21, 2017)

This movie is described as a Family TV Movie on imdb.com.

Storyline via imdb: "Time pass so quickly once you become an adult...before you know it time is coming to the end - this Holiday Movie is about once more capturing a time almost forgotten..

Cast Members include: Brian Adam Mahoney, Dean Phillippi Sr., Julissa Ciara, Jann Van Dyke, Buzz Van Dyke, Sara Bajger, and more on imdb.

(Thank you, Tonja, for sharing this movie)

Christmas on Maple Street

(Discovered February 21, 2017)

via https://www.christmasonmaplestreet.com:
"Christmas on Maple Street" is about a hard working family that learns the true meaning of Christmas.

Storyline: "It is a heartwarming story about love, family, faith, disappointments, courage and believing in yourself even at the time of adversity. When we look in the mirror, will we like what we see?"

This movie will star Kathy Garver as the character Mrs. Johnson. You may remember Kathy as the eldest sister - Cissy Davis on the popular 1960's sitcom 'Family Affair.'

(Thank you, Tonja, for sharing this movie)

Second Chance Christmas

(Discovered February 22, 2017)

According to IMDB this is a TV Movie. It is also listed as being a musical!

Storyline via IMDB: "A forgotten West Virginia mining town experiences a musical & emotional rebirth when a snowstorm strands a touring orchestra on Christmas Eve."

A Fathers Gift: Christmas in July

(Discovered February 22, 2017)

According to it's IMDB listing this will be a Family TV Movie.

Storyline via IMDB: "After the sudden death of her beloved father, a young girl struggles to rediscover the joy in Christmas. With the help of a local rancher, a boy and a horse, she, her mom and the rancher discover new meaning in life and find the spirit and love of Christmas." -Written By Aventus Films

Write Christmas

(Discovered February 26, 2017)

According to IMDB this is a fantasy.

Storyline: "A cynical small town businesswoman has her lack of faith in the spirit of Christmas tested when she wakes up one day to find that the holiday has vanished."

The Christmas Letters

(Discovered February 26, 2017)

According to IMDB this is a Family TV Movie in development for 2017!

Storyline via IMDB: "A young girl finds a stack of love letters written over the years, each Christmas, from her Grandfather to her Grandmother. As she reads the letters and learns about love she also, unknowingly, prevents her parents divorce."

Cast: Grace Powell as Tabitha and Dimitri Komocsi as Billy

The Christmas Basket

(Discovered February 26, 2017)

According to IMDB this is a Family movie.

Storyline via IMDB: "Home for the first time in years for her sister's holiday wedding, Noelle McDowell is forced to face Thom Sutton, the man who jilted her when they were both teenagers."

Starring Haylie Duff as Noelle.

A Very Mary Christmas

(Discovered February 27, 2017)

According to IMDB, this is a Romance..

Storyline via IMDB: "When a cynical young cosmetic surgeon who migrates to the tropics every Christmas is stood up by her date..."

Director: Jake Helgren

Stars: Lexi Giovagnoli, Sarah Timming

What I Want for Christmas

(Discovered February 27, 2017)

According to IMDB, this is a Comedy.

Storyline via IMDB: "A woman who makes a Christmas list every year is shocked when those wishes begin to come true."

Director: Paul D. Hannah

The Christmas Gift -(yes, there are two movies this year with same name!)

(Discovered February 27, 2017)

According to IMDB, this is a TV Movie.

Storyline via IMDB: "A strong female executive learns the meaning of Christmas through a series of events at a homeless shelter operated by an ex-NHL player in New York."

Director: Isaac Florentine

Stars: Ella Joyce, Dan Martin

A Winter Wedding

(Discovered publicly March, 2017)

Storyline via IMDB: "When family conflicts arise between happy couple Hallie and Lucas on the week before their big day, their plans for a breezy wedding in the tropics take a turn and their love is tested when they are forced to put on a small town winter wedding in the snow." Written by Jake Helgren

Screenwriter Jake Helgren shared details on this movie with me in January - while he was still writing the script! At that time, the project was still under-wraps, but now (March, 2017) IMDB has it listed and they will be filming this new project this month - March! (Thank you, Anonymous, for letting me know IMDB now has this listed.)

Furthermore, Jake personally shared with me that he will pass along further details on "A Winter Wedding" - where this will be seen, etc... when it is available. Plus, he shared this will be a "fun, family friendly film." Stay tuned for more details!

Image via: instagram

Cast includes: Andrea Bowen, Nick Bateman, Brooke Butler, Adam Senn, Susan Walters, Jane Sibbett, Bruce Thomas, and TV host Jordan Murphy.

A Very Country Christmas / A Country Christmas (wt)

(Discovered March 9, 2017)

Starring country singers Deana Carter ("Strawberry Wine") and Kelsey Lamb.

image via: instagram

This movie is currently filming - March, 2017.

A Very Country Christmas will premiere November 12, 2017 on UP!

A Christmas Cop

(Discovered March 9, 2017)

This is a Fantasy according to IMDB. (Family friendly ?)

Storyline via IMDB: "It's Christmas Eve in Oslo, Norway, and vigilante cop Nils Scroogesen is in no mood to celebrate -- and you can take that to the bank."

Cast via IMDB: William Forsythe, Daniel Stisen, Ralf Moeller, Fred Williamson, James Morrison, Dennis Storhøi, Kate Marie Davies, Pontus Olgrim

Untitled Christmas Movie Project filming in Romania

(Discovered March, 2017)

Cast: Theo Devaney, Rose McIver, Emma Saunders and Ben Lamb

*This appears to be an upcoming Netflix Christmas movie.

(Thank you, Sherry, for sharing this movie and Sherry & Ioana A. for the cast news!)

Christmas on the Coast

(Discovered March 14, 2017)

via INSP Press Release:

"INSP Films has commenced production on the romantic movie, Christmas on the Coast, with filming taking place in the picturesque Georgia towns of St. Simons, Brunswick and Darien. The announcement was made by Gary Wheeler, Vice President of Original Movies at INSP Films.

“In the tradition of ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ comes our latest holiday film, Christmas on the Coast,” said Wheeler. “It follows the story of a New York romance novelist, who after a string of flops, looks to get her creative juices flowing again by heading home to the south for the winter. What awaits her there is more than she expected, and definitely more than she came for. It is a heartwarming story of love, hope and inspiration.”

Christmas on the Coast is produced by INSP Films and will be distributed by Imagicomm Entertainment. The movie is scheduled for release in November 2017."

Cast via INSP Press Release: "Cast in the leading role as Dru Cassadine is Julie Ann Emery (Better Call Saul, Fargo, Major Crimes). Brysen Flynn will be played by Burgess Jenkins (Remember The Titans, Nashville, Army Wives). Cait Pool (Sun Records, Vice Principals) is set to play Brysen’s daughter, Peyton. The movie is slated to feature veteran actors Bonnie Bedelia (Parenthood, Die Hard, The Division) as Ellie Cassadine and Clarence Gilyard Jr. (Walker, Texas Ranger, Matlock, Top Gun) as Fletcher Reese."

Julie Ann Emery image via: http://www.tvguide.com
Burgess Jenkins image via: soapoperanetwork.com - Sean Smith / JPI Studios
Cait Pool image via: imdb.com - © Deidhra Fahey
Bonnie Bedelia image via: imdb.com
Clarence Gilyard Jr. image via: imdb.com / Walker, Texas Ranger

More on Cast for "Christmas on the Coast" revealed via Press Release - see here!

Megan’s Christmas Miracle

(Discovered March 14, 2017)

via register-herald.com: "Filming of a faith-based movie, “Megan’s Christmas Miracle,” is under way at various locations in Raleigh County. The movie is based on a book of the same name, written by Eleanor Wright, a local 70-year-old author.

“It’s not exactly like the book,” shared Wright. “The book is based on a wealthy family whose daughter always had a desire to go to Israel.”

Jason Campbell, owner of JCFilms in Morgantown, suggested the family be a coal mining family instead, which better translates to an Appalachian audience. JCFilms specializes in family-friendly narrative films focusing on Christian viewpoints.

She (writer Eleanor Wright) was adamant in pitching the story to filmmakers that the focus must remain on Christ. Her faith has always been important to her, especially after her two children were born."

See this and more details - HERE!

Photo Credit: Brad Davis/The Register-HeraldJCFilms crew members film scenes for a movie adapted to local author Eleanor Wright’s book titled "Megan’s Christmas Miracle" inside Hollywood Missionary Baptist Church Saturday evening.

Photo Credit: Brad Davis/The Register-HeraldYoung actress and performer Brooklyn Nelson dances as she and JCFilms crew members film scenes for a movie adapted to local author Eleanor Wright’s book entitled Megan’s Christmas Miracle inside Hollywood Missionary Baptist Church Saturday evening. A handful scenes in the movie will feature several local residents as extras, photographed in the background.

Starring in this film are Tim Goodwin, Brooklyn Nelson and Barry Daily.

According to the register-herald.com article, we may "expect the film “Megan’s Christmas Miracle” to be released in the fall — either late October or early November."

Mr. Snowman

(Discovered March 17, 2017)

Cast: Jesse Hutch (Let it Snow)

(Thank you, Sherry, for sharing this movie)

Love Finds Its Way

(Discovered March 20, 2017)

Hallmark Announces in Press Release: "Hallmark Movies & Mysteries announces the start of production on “Love Finds Its Way,” a two-hour Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original World Premiere, shooting in Vancouver and set to premiere exclusively on the network, Sunday, July 9 (9 p.m. ET/PT) as part of the network’s highly-rated GOLD CROWN CHRISTMAS franchise. Catherine Bell (“Good Witch”) executive produces and stars in “Love Finds Its Way,” which also co-stars Victor Webster (“Girlfriends Guide to Divorce”). “Love Finds Its Way” is part of Hallmark Movie & Mysteries’ GOLD CROWN CHRISTMAS, a top-rated, annual July programming event on the network."

Storyline via Press Release: "Jane Evans is a single mother dead set on protecting her teenage daughter Betsy from the harsh realities of life. When Betsy falls in love with an enlisted man, Jane tries her best to steer Betsy away from heartache. Little does Jane realize she and her daughter are about to learn important lessons of the heart and that taking chances can sometimes lead to the most extraordinary happy endings."

See full press release - HERE.

*This Movie has been renamed "Home for Christmas Day" and will premiere July 16, 2017 - Sunday!

All I Want for Christmas is You (Animated Movie)

(Discovered March, 2017)

This will be available this Holiday Season- November 13, 2017, on DVD, Blu-Ray and On Demand and is based on Mariah Carey's Christmas song, "All I Want for Christmas is You." (Thank you, Becky, for sending me this info.)

According to digitalspy.com: "The singer has produced and narrates the adorable cartoon story about a young Mariah's dream to find a puppy under her Christmas tree. Awwwwwww!"

Storyline digitalspy.com: "Here's how Universal Pictures describes the movie: "When young Mariah (Santa Hunters' Breanna Yde) sees a darling little puppy named Princess at the pet store, she suddenly knows exactly what she wants for Christmas. But before her Christmas wish can come true, she must prove that she can pet-sit Jack, a scraggly rascal of a dog; in fact, the worst dog in the county! Naughty Jack turns Mariah and her family's Christmas preparations upside down in hilarious ways. Will Jack dash Mariah's hopes for her dream puppy? Or will Christmas reveal how love works in surprising and mysterious ways?"


Christmas Dreams - The Movie: The Little Drummer Boy Meets The Nutcracker

(Discovered March, 2017)

via NRB.com:
"In the movie, subtitled “The Little Drummer Boy Meets The Nutcracker,” a poor but talented Little Drummer Boy seeks to win the friendship of the Pretty Girl he knows from the playground. Bedeviled by the Pretty Girl’s Bratty Brother and watched over by the magical village Toymaker, the Little Drummer Boy dreams an enchanted Christmastime world. Fantastically, the Pretty Girl shares the same dreamscape with the Little Drummer Boy and imagines her own adventure. Wakening on Christmas Day, the kids bring their families together to share their greatest gifts with each other, realizing that it is truly greater to give than to receive.

“It’s a marrying of two Christmas icons – the Little Drummer Boy and Clara [of] The Nutcracker – as they go through adventure after adventure learning about Christian love, and then learning what they finally learn at the end – and that is: the most important thing is that which they sought, or thought they sought, the true joy came from giving it to each other,” shared Gene Foehl, one of the producers behind Christmas Dreams.

Christmas Dreams is entirely and wordlessly told through color, movement, and dance."

See the trailer - HERE!

Spruces and Pines

(Discovered April 11, 2017)

Details excerpted via article on lowellsun.com: ""Spruces and Pines" is an independent holiday film - the movie includes two Christmas tree farms and a small-town downtown.

The independent filmmakers, who live in Massachusetts, will be shooting completely on location with no sets.

The Christmas love story involves the daughter of one Christmas tree farm owner and the nephew of another, said Director John Stimpson. Think Romeo and Juliet. They have to figure out how to get their families on board and how to continue to run the farms.

Lead actors Jonna Walsh and Nick Ballard have both been in studio movies and on television.

The company came together in March, films in April and will have the film ready to sell in June. It will be out in December.

Read more: http://www.lowellsun.com/local/ci_30914032/ayer-townsend-ready-movie-close-up#ixzz4e5BcCAkT

(Thank you, Tonja, for sharing this movie project)

Miss Me This Christmas and You Can’t Fight Christmas

According to Deadline.com: "The film centers on Regina (Erica Ash) and her estranged husband Franklin, music industry heavyweights who were married on Christmas Day and are facing a divorce on their anniversary unless they can be honest with each other and themselves. Redaric Willias, Eva Marcille, Allen Maldonado, Brely Evans and Richard Gant co-star. Erica Ash will also co-star in the film’s follow-up "You Can’t Fight Christmas" and record original songs for the romantic comedies."

Not sure, yet, where these will be seen, or if they will be family friendly. Stay tuned for further details.

(Thank you, Sleepy Kitty Paws, for the reminder on these movie projects)

Psych: The Movie

(discovered May 8, 2017)

This is a Christmas-themed TV Movie bringing back the cast of the mystery series "Psych."

Storyline via reviewjournal.com: "In “Psych: The Movie,” fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his best friend, Burton “Gus” Guster (Dule Hill), will team up once again. Lassiter (Timothy Omundson), Juliet (Maggie Lawson), Henry (Corbin Bernsen) and Chief Vick (Kirsten Nelson) will also return for the movie, which picks up three years after the series finale. The friends, along with some returning fan-favorite characters, come together during the holidays after a mystery assailant targets one of their own."

The 'Psych' TV movie will air on the USA Network this Christmas!

"A Christmas Story" Live Musical Production

(discovered May 12, 2017)

via FOX Press Release:

Fox Broadcasting Company and Warner Horizon Unscripted Television have partnered with award-winning film, television and theater producer Marc Platt (GREASE: LIVE, "La La Land") on the LIVE musical event A CHRISTMAS STORY, inspired by the holiday classic feature "A Christmas Story" and the Tony Award-nominated Broadway production "A Christmas Story: The Musical." The three-hour live television production of A CHRISTMAS STORY will air this December on FOX.

Holly Star Movie

(discovered May 12, 2017)

Storyline via Facebook: A broke puppeteer comes home for the holidays and gets wrapped up in a bizarre treasure hunt with her Nana, a paintballer, a Christmas tree salesman and Santa.

*Rating is unknown. Don't know, yet, if it will be family-friendly or not?

The Christmas Cure

(discovered May 23, 2017)

According to the Downtown Dundas BIA Facebook: "CP Xmas Productions, produced for the Hallmark channel, is currently decorating King Street for their movie 'Home for the Holidays'." The film will star Brooke Candice Nevin ("Journey Back to Christmas," "On the Twelfth Day of Christmas") and Steve Byers ("Catch a Christmas Star").

*This movie has been renamed "The Christmas Cure"

Switched for Christmas - Candace Cameron Bure stars in new Hallmark Christmas Movie!

(discovered May 31, 2017)

Via an interview with hiddenremote.com, Candace Cameron Bure reveals she will star in another Hallmark Christmas movie this year!

Interview Excerpt:

Hidden Remote: And we can’t forget about your Aurora Teagarden series. Where can your Hallmark and Fuller House fans find you next, and what can they look forward to?

Bure: Season 3 of Fuller House will come out on Netflix in the fall, and you can always catch my mystery series, Aurora Teagarden, on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. And I will have a new Christmas movie coming out on the Hallmark Channel!

*Update: Candace's Christmas movie is... Christmas Sister Swap

*Update #2:- September 12, 2017: Candace's Christmas movie is now titled... Switched for Christmas

Storyline via Hallmark press release: Just because they are identical does not mean these twins even like each other. Estranged twin sisters get together for an obligatory pre-Christmas lunch, a year after their mother died. Both women are unhappy and frustrated with their own lives. Though not close, each is envious of the other's life. What's a twin to do but take advantage of this? And who would be the wiser? They do what any identical twins in need of new outlooks would do -- they swap lives until Christmas Day. And by doing so, each woman discovers the true meaning of her life and gains a deeper perspective and appreciation for what she already had.

Melissa McCarthy To Play 'Margie Claus' In New Christmas Movie Musical

(discovered June 8, 2017)

Margie Claus will premiere in 2019. Melissa McCarthy has been cast in the role, and from what I hear - they are planning to rival the movie "Elf" with this new Christmas Movie Musical Comedy!

*Rating is unknown. Don't know, yet, if it will be family-friendly or not?

Christmas Wedding Planner

(discovered June 10, 2017)

Runaway Christmas Bride

(discovered May, 2017)

Starring: Cindy Busby, Travis Milne, Fiona Vroom, Bruce Dawson, and more...

From Ace Entertainment comes an all new made-for-TV movie for the network - ION!

Here are some fun set pics via Facebook and Instagram...

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

Christmas Hours

(discovered August 10, 2017)

From Hartbreak films (owned by Melissa Joan Hart and her mother Paula - who is directing!) comes a Christmas movie starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez - titled "Christmas Hours"!

image via: Twitter

Storyline via FOX 61: "It’s a story about two competing toy stores during the holiday season. Hart and Lopez play the store owners who band together after a big box store moves to town and end up falling in love."

*At this time, I'm hearing this might be a Lifetime TV movie! Stay tuned for further details!


“A VERY MERRY TOY STORE” (World Television Premiere)

Premieres Sunday, November 26 at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

See press release: here!

Mistletoe Inn

Another Hallmark Christmas Movie! Confirmed!

Writer Richard Paul Evans revealed on his Facebook Page on August 2, 2017 - "Great News! Hallmark just green lighted the production of THE MISTLETOE INN for this next Christmas. The Mistletoe Promise was their 2nd most watched Christmas movie of 2016. I'll keep you updated. The Mistletoe Inn is written around a writer's conference. I'm planning on a cameo as one of the writer hopefuls in the movie."

Since then, cast news for this Hallmark Christmas movie has been buzzing and Alicia Witt has also officially confirmed via social media that she is starring in this movie!

Love Returns Home

Christmas movie starring Wes Brown, Jana Kramer, Faith Ford, and young actor Trace Masters.

*Rumored to be for Lifetime!

Four Christmases and a Wedding

Christmas movie starring Arielle Kebbel, Markie Post, Corey Sevier, Madison Smith, Donna Benedicto, Caitlin Stryker, Jarrod Terrell, and Cassidy Nugent.

Secret Santa (wt)

Via Deadline.com: "Lifetime has greenlit holiday movie Secret Santa (working title), with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alumna Tatyana Ali, Emmy nominee Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers), Dan Lauria (The Wonder Years) and Brendan Fehr (Guardians of the Galaxy).

The two-hour original movie is currently shooting in Salt Lake City, Utah for premiere this winter.

The logline: Christmas is Hillary Nash’s (Ali) least favorite time of year. As the Senior Financial Analyst at the upscale Hudson Valley Outdoor Mall, she has to be the annual Christmas Grinch and cancel the leases of under-performing stores by the end of the year. One afternoon, her 8-year-old niece Molly, asks the mall Santa to help find a boyfriend for her beloved aunt. Unbeknownst to Molly, and Hillary, the mall Santa is just a substitute filling in and is actually Ryan McCue (Fehr), a lawyer-turned-artist who is decorating the mall for Christmas and trying to find his way after quitting his job and losing his fiancee. As Hillary and Ryan begin to fall for each other, they each don’t realize the other’s true identity: Hillary who is tasked with closing a failing gift wrap shop run by Ryan’s Aunt Patty and Ryan who is too ashamed to tell Hillary that he is the acting mall Santa.

Cast also includes Kim Fields (The Facts of Life) and Jasmine Guy (A Different World).

Sterling plays cheery Agnes, who along with her husband, played by Dan Lauria, run the mall cookie store, bringing a combination of sweetness, advice and answers to all."

“WRAPPED UP IN CHRISTMAS” (World Television Premiere)
Premieres Saturday, November 25 at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

See press release: here!

Troll's Holiday

*Thank you "Sleepy Kitty Paws" for sharing this cartoon!

via NBC: About the Show- "Based on DreamWorks' hit musical-comedy film, "Trolls Holiday" is an animated special that continues the story of the Trolls and the Bergens. When Poppy, queen of the Trolls, realizes that the Bergens' calendar has no holidays to celebrate, she enlists Branch and the Snack Pack in a mission to enlighten her best friend Bridget and the rest of the Bergens about the importance of holidays. Can these two mismatched friends find something meaningful to celebrate, even if it's super tiny? The original cast from the Trolls feature film - Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and James Corden - will fill this holiday season with toe-tapping songs and tons of fun!"

Snowed Inn

Andrew Walker ("A Dream of Christmas," "Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through the Snow," and Bethany Joy Lenz ("The Christmas Secret") will star in this new Christmas movie titled "Snowed Inn" for Lifetime.

(*Bethany shared news of the movie via a Facebook video)

Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas Movies

(via September 12, 2017 release to EW!)

All details below via EW & Hallmark...

*PLEASE NOTE - This List has changed - please see my Christmas Movies on TV page for updated details!

Marry Me at Christmas

Premieres: Oct. 28, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Rachel Skarsten, Trevor Donovan

Official logline: “Organizing a Christmas wedding is a true treat for bridal boutique owner Madeline Krug. She loves the challenge of finding the perfect dress for the bride and orchestrating an exquisite event. What Madeline didn’t expect was to be swept off her feet by the bride’s gorgeous brother, movie star Jonny Blaze. Jonny came to the quirky town of Fool’s Gold to support his sister — not to fall in love. Yet Madeline is the most extraordinary woman he’s ever met. Planning the perfect wedding leads to candlelit dinners and strolls through snow-covered streets. Madeline finds the real Jonny even more captivating than her celebrity crush. Will the action star be brave enough to take on the role of a lifetime?”

Christmas Festival of Ice

Premieres: Nov. 4, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Taylor Cole, Damon Runyan, Wendy Crewson

Official logline: “Those years of law school pay off for Emma but not in ways one would expect. When she finds out that her beloved ice-sculpting contest, part of her hometown’s Christmas festival, has been canceled, she springs into action. Determined to keep it going, she enlists sponsors and artists. Nick, the town’s ace artisan, isn’t interested in competing this year, but Emma wants him as her teammate. Considering what she’s managed to accomplish, Nick is impressed and signs on. As Emma and Nick work together, she realizes there’s more to life than legal briefs. And transformed by Emma’s can-do spirit, Nick is invigorated, too. They just might have a shot at winning this very special Christmas contest — and a lot more.”

Miss Christmas

Premieres: Nov. 5, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Brooke D’Orsay, Marc Blucas

Official logline: “Holly Kuhn is on her annual mission of finding a majestic specimen for The National Tree. While searching for the perfect Christmas fir for the Washington, D.C. Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony, Holly receives a letter from a boy detailing why his town boasts the most beautiful evergreen. Holly travels to the boy’s quaint New England town, where she meets his handsome uncle, Sam McCary. Sam owns the land from which it grows and is a protective steward. It holds such deep meaning for Sam that he’s not about to let it be chopped down even for such an honor. Still, Holly finds herself falling for Sam, and they discover the magic that this perfect tree can bring, just in time for the holidays.”

The Sweetest Christmas

Premieres: Nov. 11, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Lacey Chabert, Lea Coco, Jonathan Adams

Official logline: “When struggling pastry chef Kylie Watson learns she’s made it to the finals of the American Gingerbread Competition, she thinks her competitive spirit has finally paid off and hopes the publicity will help her jumpstart her new café. There’s just one problem — the oven she’s supposed to use breaks down right before the contest. Determined to enter, she reaches out to Nick Mazannti, her old boyfriend from culinary school who gave up his dream of being a pastry chef to take over his family’s pizzeria. Nick allows her to use his industrial pizza oven at night to craft her ambitious gingerbread confections. As the two reminisce about the dreams of their youth, their romance is rekindled. But just as Kylie is on the cusp of taking the grand prize — and embracing true love — things get complicated when her ex-boyfriend takes drastic steps to win her back. Kylie realizes she must embrace the Christmas Spirit or risk losing both the contest and her new love.”

Enchanted Christmas

Premieres: Nov. 12, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Alexa PenaVega, Carlos PenaVega

Official logline: “When she left Salt Lake City, Laura (Alexa PenaVega) left behind her father, her love of dance and an old heartbreak to start over as a single mother in Los Angeles. Now, she must return home with her seven-year-old daughter Nikki to spearhead the renovation of an old hotel, the Enchanted Lodge. The hotel must be restored in time for the 75th annual Christmas Eve benefit show – the very one in which Laura performed at when she was younger. But Laura is shocked to learn that her old love, Ricardo (Carlos PenaVega), the boy who jilted her for a professional dance career, has returned to Salt Lake City to choreograph and star in the show. And when his dance partner Taylor (Chelsie Hightower) leaves suddenly for an out-of-town audition, Laura must step in for her, reawakening her love of the dance, not to mention her old feelings for Ricardo – a potent combination that has her head spinning. Now, Laura must try to reconnect to her past, her family, and her love of Christmas to find a way to capture the magic of the season.”

*PLEASE NOTE - This List has changed - please see my Christmas Movies on TV page for updated details!

Coming Home for Christmas

Premieres: Nov. 18, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Danica McKellar, Neal Bledsoe

Official logline: “Allie Richfield is at a crossroads when she lands a job as house manager for the exquisite Ashford Estate in the Virginia countryside. While preparing the place for sale, Allie plans one final Christmas Eve gala for the Marley family, though they seem to be a family in name only. There’s Kip Marley, who never met a party he didn’t like; Robert, the handsome but all-business executor of the estate; Sloane, who arrives with her two young children, sans husband, and the 90-year-old matriarch, Pippa, a spitfire who doesn’t want to put the house up for sale at all. As Allie is inserted into the home and the lives of the Marley family, she finds herself drawn to Robert — even as Kip pursues her. Can she navigate her suddenly complicated love life while helping mend family feuds and maybe teaching all the true spirit of Christmas?”

A Gift to Remember

Premieres: Dec. 2, 9 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Ali Liebert, Peter Porte

Official logline: “Darcy’s lifelong love of reading has led her to the perfect job, working in a small Manhattan bookstore. A real romantic, Darcy won’t settle for some man simply because of his job title or bank account. No, she insists on being swept off her feet. One day, while bicycling to work, Darcy crashes into Adrian, a sharply dressed gentleman walking his dog. Knocked unconscious, he’s rushed to the hospital where he falls into a coma. Deeply shaken, the guilt-ridden Darcy takes the dog home, waiting to reunite him with his owner. As she learns more about Aidan — a world-traveler, a devoted man of letters — Darcy realizes he could be the one she has been waiting for. That is, until he comes to and Darcy discovers she has created a fictional world for a very real man. Will she still fall in love?”

Secretly Santa (Former title: Secret Santa)

Premieres: Nov. 22, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Emilie Ullerup, Aaron O’Connell

Official logline: “Just how secret does an office secret Santa have to be? In Melanie’s case, she finds it’s just a little too covert. The assignments were distributed for Secret Santa, and Melanie is a little worried but very excited that she was given her crush, Donovan. She comes up with thoughtful gifts and spot-on notes. Donovan is so taken by his Secret Santa, he starts to fall in love — only someone else is stealing her credit, pretending to be his Secret Santa. Now Melanie must work to prove to Donovan that she is the right one as far as Santas and girlfriends go.”

The Mistletoe Inn

Premieres: Nov. 23, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Alicia Witt, Casey Manderson, David Alpay

Official logline: “When aspiring romance novelist Kim Rossi (Alicia Witt) is unceremoniously dumped by her soon-to-be-published romance novelist boyfriend, Garth (Casey Manderson), becaause he doesn’t feel she’s serious about her writing career, Kim takes stock and decides to take a leap. She signs up for a romance writing retreat at a quaint Vermont Inn shortly before Christmas, where a top romance novelist is scheduled to attend and read the work of one lucky writer. Shortly after arriving, she crosses paths with Zeke (David Alpay), whom she initially finds to be intrusive and, naturally, ends up being her assignment partner. Worse yet, her ex-boyfriend, Garth, is also at the retreat. Despite these bumps in the road, Kim steps outside her comfort zone and plunges into the writing exercises and ends up surprising herself. Equally unexpected is the attraction that seems to be building between her and Zeke that promises to take her down a road she never imagined traveling. Based on the book by Richard Paul Evans.”

Finding Santa

Premieres: Nov. 24, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Jodie Sweetin

Official logline: “Jessica was delighted to start running her New England town’s Christmas events after her mom died. The main event is the parade on Christmas Day when the jolly man in red greets the crowd. For the last 30 years, Henry, owner of a famous Santa School, played St. Nick. When Henry falls ill, and everyone else he has trained is already booked, Jessica’s in a predicament. The only possible replacement is Henry’s son, Ben, an Uber driver who never wanted to follow in his father big black leather boots. Desperate, Jessica sets off 200 miles north to find Ben and lures him to town by hiring him to drive her back. The trek is daunting; the real Kris Kringle makes it around the world easier than Ben and Jessica on their return. Still, once Ben dons the red suit, he feels the spirit of Christmas — and soon begins to realize he may have found the new, real-life Mrs. Claus.”

The Christmas Train

Premieres: Nov. 25, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Dermot Mulroney, Danny Glover, Joan Cusack, Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Official logline: “David Baldacci’s No. 1 New York Times bestseller comes to Hallmark Hall of Fame: A journalist embarks on a cross-country train ride at Christmas having no idea this journey will take him into the rugged terrain of his own heart as he rediscovers people’s goodness, holiday magic, and a love he thought he’d lost.”

Switched for Christmas (Formerly Christmas Sister Swap)

Premieres: Nov. 26, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Candace Cameron Bure

Official logline: “Just because they are identical does not mean these twins even like each other. Estranged twin sisters get together for an obligatory pre-Christmas lunch, a year after their mother died. Both women are unhappy and frustrated with their own lives. Though not close, each is envious of the other’s life. What’s a twin to do but take advantage of this? And who would be the wiser? They do what any identical twins in need of new outlooks would do — they swap lives until Christmas Day. And by doing so, each woman discovers the true meaning of her life and gains a deeper perspective and appreciation for what she already had.”

*PLEASE NOTE - This List has changed - please see my Christmas Movies on TV page for updated details!

Christmas in Evergreen (Formerly Snow Globe Wishes)

Premieres: Dec. 2, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: TBA

Official logline: “You’re invited to spend Christmas in Evergreen, Vermont. It’s the place you see when you reflect on the beauty and celebration of the season. It’s the place you’re homesick for when December arrives and you reflect on all what’s important. There’s a history to this idyllic small town, a bond between its families that crosses generations, and a story that truly comes alive each Christmas season. At the local café, there is also a belief that if you make a wish on their snow globe, your wish will be granted. However, it must be your heart’s true desire for the wish to come true.”

Christmas at Holly Lodge (Formerly Reindeer Lodge and Evergeen Inn)

Premieres: Dec. 3, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Alison Sweeney

Official logline: “Sophie Bennett begins a new holiday tradition of spending every holiday at the Evergreen Inn and Ski Lodge, which she inherited from her parents. Evergreen Inn is a special place filled with people who cannot make it home for the holidays or who have had such wonderful experiences that it has become their home-away-from-holiday-home. This Christmas, Sophie will meet an unforgettable family, and her own life will be forever changed.”

The Christmas Shop

Premieres: Dec. 9, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: TBA

Official logline: “Anna works for a New York City real estate development company that is trying to buy an old building in a prime location, hoping to flip the property for a profit. Unfortunately, there is one tenant who is holding out—the owner of an old-fashioned Christmas shop. Anna has been hoping for a way to step up in her job, and finally she’s been given the golden opportunity to take point on this assignment. Anna approaches the Christmas Shop’s current (and handsome!) owner Michael, who is not only protective of his family’s legacy but really appreciates what the holiday means to everyone. His customers and employees have been loyal to the shop for generations. He’s not about to roll over for Anna and her company. But with sinking profits, Michael finally gives in a little bit to Anna’s attempts to change his mind—that Anna spend one week working in the store and then, after that, if she doesn’t realize why this shop is so important to him, his family, and the community, they can talk. Without much of an option, she begrudgingly agrees. Under their arrangement, Anna gains a greater appreciation for the store, its customers, and Christmas itself, realizing what really matters in life with respect to her job. Likewise, Michael is resistant to change, and the store has failed to modernize over the years. But through Anna’s innovative ideas and the love that grows between them, Michael is able to move past that. When the company finds out about what’s going on and Anna’s career is on the line, she is forced to make a choice, one that will change her forever and make this one of the best Christmases she has ever had.”

*PLEASE NOTE - This List has changed - please see my Christmas Movies on TV page for updated details!

Christmas Encore

Premieres: Dec. 10, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Maggie Lawson, Brennan Elliott

Official logline: “A struggling actress is cast in her last off (off) Broadway show - a modern take on A Christmas Carol — before giving up her dream and moving home. Instead she find romance with her director and a renewed passion for her craft and the city. But when the historic theater loses its lease and the show is set to fold, she and her cast mates need a Christmas miracle.”

Christmas Shuttle

Premieres: Dec. 16, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: TBA

Official logline:“It’s not easy being Henry, the only child of divorced parents. Every Christmas, he’s flown cross-country to be with his dad. Because he’s 8, a flight attendant looks after him from gate-to-gate. Henry instantly takes to the engaging Megan, who wears a Santa hat while helping him write a letter to the jolly guy. Megan promises to mail it to the North Pole, but slips the note to Henry’s dad. Henry has already decided Megan and his dad would be a great couple. And with all of the sophistication of a little boy, he tries setting them up. It turns out that Megan has no plans for Christmas dinner. Naturally, Henry invites her over, giving the adults a chance to see that they are perfect for each other.”

Father Christmas

Premieres: Dec. 17, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: TBA

Official logline: “Work-obsessed Eric Randall, chief technology officer of a major tech company in Kansas City, is laid off two weeks before Christmas. Divorced and the father of three, this will be Eric’s first Christmas alone with the kids. His ex-wife, Marie, encourages Eric to postpone a job search and instead make Christmas a true family holiday. Unfortunately, he’s better with computers than children. With baby Max strapped into a backpack, Eric is determined to build a sled with son Liam, no small feat for the math-challenged boy. Eric also gets roped into volunteering at daughter Chelsea’s junior cotillion class. At least her teacher, Kate Moore, is lovely. Kate teaches Eric some dance moves, and Eric realizes he’s avoided relationships by burying himself in work. Though enthralled with all old-fashioned romance, Kate finds a lot to like in this digital-age dad while Eric learns that family time does not need to be restricted to Christmas.”

Christmas Getaway (formerly: Baby It’s Cold Outside)

Premieres: Dec. 23, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: TBA

Official logline: "Travel writer Emory has never had a traditional Christmas. Having grown up bouncing around the globe with her vagabond parents, her adult life mirrors much of what she learned growing up—life’s easier when you’re not tied down. Although her free spirit makes her the perfect travel writer, a surprising breakup with her boyfriend takes her personal life back to square one. Hoping to spend the holiday relaxing and recovering, Emory takes the picturesque Christmas vacation planned for the two of them, alone. Through a mix up on the rental site — or maybe a little Christmas magic — Emory is forced to share the cabin with Scott, a handsome widower, his young daughter and mother-in-law. What begins as an annoying inconvenience blooms into a romance she never knew was possible, and a Christmas they will cherish forever."

When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree

Premieres: Dec. 25, 8 p.m. ET/PT

Stars: Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, Daniel Lissing, Jack Wagner, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith

Official logline: “A loved one returns, Christmas spirit is renewed, and children’s wishes are granted in this heartwarming Christmas movie featuring the series’ beloved characters. Elizabeth’s fiancé, Jack, surprises her, coming on home on leave and bringing a young Mountie desperately searching for Christmas inspiration. The community of Hope Valley works together to aid this young man with the help of an enchanted Wishing Tree. And as mayor, Abigail is pretty busy. Recognizing that, her newly adopted son, Cody, engages classmates in creating the town’s annual Christmas Celebration. While Sheriff Bill Avery forges a relationship with the disgraced former mayor, Henry Gowen, Rosemary and Lee are reminded that family is the true meaning of Christmas.”

New Year’s Gala

Premieres: Dec. 30, 8 p..m. ET/PT

Stars: TBA

Official logline: TBA

*PLEASE NOTE - This List above has changed - please see my Christmas Movies on TV page for updated details!

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries “The Most Wonderful Miracles of Christmas”
-coming this Christmas Season!!!

*PLEASE NOTE - This List has changed - please see my Christmas Movies on TV page for updated details!

The Perfect Christmas Present
Premieres: Nov. 4, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: Sam Page, Tara Holt
Official logline: “Tom Jacobs has built an entire business around helping clients find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Since his company’s busiest time of the year is the holidays, he’s earned himself the nickname Mr. Christmas. When Tom’s good friend Paul comes to him asking for help in finding a gift for his girlfriend, Jenny, Mr. Christmas finds himself in a bit of trouble. The more he learns about Jenny during his research, the more he likes her, and the guiltier he feels being caught between his heart and his best friend. With Christmas rapidly approaching, Tom dreads his encroaching deadline as it will mean an end to his time with Jenny and perhaps an end to his only chance at being with his one true love.”

Christmas in the Air
Premieres: Nov. 5, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: Catherine Bell, Eric Close
Official logline: “Lydia, a successful professional organizer, is constantly trying to grow her business, but even her ambition takes a back seat to love when she meets Robert, a frazzled widower with two young children. A toy inventor, Robert is asked to present his new Christmas toy line to a superstore. His challenge is he only has 12 days to get his life and his business in order. Talk about a Christmas rush! Lydia shows Robert that this task goes way deeper than messy junk drawers and encompasses every aspect of his life. While she’s intent on helping him straighten out details he had long ignored, Robert teaches the buttoned-up Lydia that messiness can be a delightful part of life.”

A Song for Christmas
Premieres: Nov. 11, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: Rebecca Tobin, Kevin McGarry
Official logline: “Pop superstar Adelaide Kay is so fed up with her controlling manager that she sneaks off the tour bus after their latest squabble. Though exhilarated to be free, she finds herself stranded in the freezing cold of a Pennsylvania winter, with no money and no plan. A local family, the Lapps, take her in. They know the true meaning of the season, even if they’re close to losing their dairy farm. No one in the family recognizes Adelaide except Dillon, the oldest son. He figures she’s the ticket to fast cash and plots to snap photos of Adelaide around the farm and sell them to the tabs. What he doesn’t plan, however, is their mutual attraction. As they get to know each other, Dillon has two realizations: Profiteering from invading Adelaide’s privacy is wrong, and his uptight girlfriend is not the one for him. When Adelaide performs a song, which Dillon’s kid sister wrote, a lot of money is earned which aids the Lapps and other strapped farmers.”

Engaging Father Christmas
Premieres: Nov. 12, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: Erin Krakow, Niall Matter, Wendie Malick
Official logline: “It was supposed to be the perfect engagement. What could be more romantic than a Christmas proposal in a bucolic Vermont inn? Ian has it planned perfectly, or so he thinks. Miranda, an interior designer, returns to where she met Ian, a dashing former attorney who now runs the little hotel in the quaint town of Carlton Heath. After doing some digging to learn about her family roots, Miranda had traced her lineage to Carlton Heath. Though it’s Christmas, Miranda had always done her best to distance herself from the holiday; her mom, an actress, had died while performing a holiday play. Ian has carefully planned every aspect of Miranda’s visit so he could make the most romantic proposal. Too bad the best-laid plans often go awry – even during Christmas.”

Christmas Homecoming (Formerly Welcome Home Warrior)
Premieres: Nov. 18, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: Julie Benz, Michael Shanks
Official logline:“A military widow, whose faith in Christmas has lapsed, rents an apartment to a handsome Army Captain, recovering from an injury in battle, and whose faith in Christmas is inspirational. As they team up to save the town’s military museum with a Christmas fundraising event, these two ‘wounded birds’ find themselves falling in love — and being healed by the magic of Christmas.”

*PLEASE NOTE - This List has changed - please see my Christmas Movies on TV page for updated details!

A Bramble House Christmas
Premieres: Nov. 19, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: Autumn Reeser, David Haydn-Jones, Teryl Rothery
Official logline: “While settling his father’s estate, Finn Conrad becomes suspicious as to why he left a nurse $50,000. His dad knew her for less than two months before he died. Just before Christmas, Finn wants to reclaim what he considers his family’s money, so he goes undercover to investigate the bed-and-breakfast the nurse has recently taken over. When Finn meets Willa, he discovers she’s not a conniving gold digger at all. She’s the single mother of a sick boy who needed an operation. Finn’s dad paid for the operation and financed Willa’s dream of running the Bramble House B&B. Though Willa and Finn are protective of their hearts for different reasons, they fall in love — until she discovers his true identity and why he was there. Now Finn must gain Willa’s trust to make this a Christmas to remember.”

A Joyous Christmas (Formerly Christmas for Joy)
Premieres: Nov. 26, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: TBA
Official logline:“Joy may be down-on-her-luck, but her humanity is intact. She jumps to the aid of a stranger, rescuing the woman from a terrible accident. The woman who nearly died is quite successful and learns a great lesson from her accident: Helping others is the key to true success and could be the path to finding true love as well.”

Christmas in Angel Falls
Premieres: Dec. 2, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: Rachel Boston, Paul Greene
Official logline: “Angel Gabriel (Rachel Boston) – Gabby – gets a special assignment and is dispatched to the town of Angel Falls. The town has lost its Christmas spirit and Gabby is charged with the task of helping the residents recapture it. Along the way, she befriends Jack Avery (Paul Greene), the Volunteer Fire Chief, who’s initially skeptical about her plan to revive the local Yuletide cheer. Determined, Gabby takes a job at the local church as the volunteer coordinator and sets about her business of recruiting residents to get the town’s holiday back on track. In the process of bringing back beloved Angel Falls Christmas traditions, Gabby has a surprising revelation about herself and her own dreams that set her down an unexpected path.”

Unbridled Love
Premieres: Dec. 3, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: TBA
Official logline: “Evil stepmothers don’t only lurk in castles, tormenting helpless children. Sometimes, they’re on ranches, tormenting adults. A year after her father died in a fire at their Oregon ranch — a fire accidentally caused by her stepmother, Mae — Sarah has finally found her footing, turning the family homestead into a successful dude ranch. Still, Mae is pushing to take it over, seeing it as a potential goldmine. Meanwhile, Graham, a Hollywood superstar, wants to use the ranch as the location of his next movie. Sarah isn’t inclined to allow it. During a long horseback ride through the moonlit mountains, Graham explains why this project is so dear to him. That and a soulful kiss make Sarah relent. But all does not run smoothly once the movie starts. Graham and his costar, Simone, had been involved; Sarah has fallen hard for the handsome star. Still, she won’t allow jealousy to cloud her professionalism. When Simone’s horse runs wild, Sarah saves her. And when Sarah’s evil stepmother, Mae, also runs wild — suing Sarah — Simone, in turn, saves Sarah.”

*PLEASE NOTE - This List has changed - please see my Christmas Movies on TV page for updated details!

When God Winks
Premieres: Dec. 9, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: Kathie Lee Gifford
Official logline: “Executive Producer and author of the When God Winks book series SQuire Rushnell presents this true story demonstrating that God communicates with us, making incredible things happen in our lives every single day. Viewers will begin to recognize god winks in their own lives, both past and present. Through these tangible signposts from God, we receive personalized messages that reassure us, stop us from worrying, chart our path in life and help us keep the faith.”

The Christmas Cottage
Premieres: Dec. 10, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: TBA
Official logline: “Still only in her mid-twenties, Lacey Quinn has already given up on love. Her heart’s been broken too many times, and now she concentrates on her career as an interior designer in Raleigh, North Carolina. When BFF Ava Callahan asks Lacey to be her maid of honor, she must take on a few responsibilities, including making sure the Callahan family cottage is perfect for the honeymoon. Legend has it that if newlyweds spend their first night there, everlasting love and happiness follow. Lacey isn’t sure she buys into that notion. Still, when she finds herself snowed in there with Charlie, Ava’s brother, Lacey has to reconsider if the little house may hold some romantic magic after all — especially at Christmas.”

Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle
Premieres: Dec. 10, 9 p.m. ET/PT
Stars: TBA
Official logline: “Megan spent one unforgettable summer with a boy when they were teens, and she’s never forgotten his magical definition of love. Now a high-powered attorney in New York and the single mother, her young son unexpectedly connects them again, but it’s not until Christmas when Maggie finally gets the miracle — the love — she’s longed for.”

The Magical Christmas Ornaments
Premieres: Dec. 17, 9 p.m. ET/PT

*PLEASE NOTE - This List above has changed - please see my Christmas Movies on TV page for updated details!

A Christmas Cruise

Nick Viall (The Bachelor season 21) is working on a Christmas movie with actor Kristoff St. John ("The Young and the Restless") and Vivica A. Fox ("Summer in the City," "Annie Claus is Coming to Town," etc...).

MORE (possibly!) TO COME!!!

Note: If any of the MOVIE TITLES currently listed above end up NOT being Family Friendly, I will remove that title from the list.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the upcoming Christmas movies for the 2017 Christmas season! Stay tuned for more additions!

Let's keep Christmas in our Hearts all throughout the Year!!!


  1. Cool! Already crazy excited for these. :)

    1. I so agree, Rissi! I'm super excited, too! It's so wonderful to hear about these Christmas movies all so early and share them here with all of you!!! :)

  2. Yay! It's fun to read these clues to future movies!


    1. I second your Yay, Misty! I was thrilled to discover this news so soon, especially for Hallmark! :)

  3. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, December 30, 2016

    I don't know if this is going to be the official "Christmas Movies for 2017 and Beyond" thread, but we also have some carry-overs from 2016 -- movies that were delayed and were added to the "...2016 and Beyond" list as upcoming. So those 4 titles listed above are not the only potential 2017 movies we know of thus far.

    And then there is the possibility that some of them will not materialize in 2017 at all, despite the original intentions and announcements!

    1. Yes, this is the New List of Christmas Movies for 2017! I didn't have the chance before, but I just updated the post above to include some of the Christmas movies we learned (from the Beyond page!) will still be coming in 2017!

      You are so right, Sherry - it's a toss up on whether "some" of the previously announced films will actually be made. (for instance: "Joy to the World") But, we shall see, maybe it's still in development, after all, and others, too!

      Happy New Year to You, Sherry!!! Enjoy ALL the movies!!!

      Blessings!!! Net :)

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, December 31, 2016

      Net -- it just occurred to me that there are a couple of other Christmas movies I have to tell you about, which are supposed to be coming up in 2017. I think there is probably only one that you might be able to add to this list -- and you might choose not to add it just yet -- but I will email you about them soon, instead of posting here.

  4. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, December 30, 2016

    I should reiterate -- just in case anyone didn't read my original information about it here on Net's site -- that "A Royal Christmas" is NOT a Hallmark movie. It was very clear to me that it is not a Hallmark movie when I dug into it a bit as it was being filmed. It may go straight to DVD or end up on UP, ION or some other random channel.

    The reason I am bringing this up is that I noticed that someone added "A Royal Christmas" to the Wikipedia page for the list of Hallmark movies Announced or In Development. (But I deleted it from Wikipedia when I saw it there this morning.) I am guessing that they saw the info here on Net's site and just jumped to conclusions that it is a Hallmark movie.

    As Net knows all too well, Hallmark is very careful with what they announce and what they don't announce. Some things they want to keep hush-hush until they give put out press releases or give exclusives to publications such as Entertainment Weekly, Yahoo TV, Broadway World, etc. That's why sometimes the actors in the movies cannot reveal that they are filming Hallmark movies -- because they have to wait until Hallmark makes an announcement.

    At the same time, even when Hallmark actually does announce things or gives the info to the media to announce, some of those projects never come to fruition. We've seen it happen several times this year.

    1. So true, Sherry! You just never know... and Hallmark can be full of Surprises!!! :)

    2. A Royal Christmas starred with Lacey Chabert & Jane Seymour

      My Winter Prince was originally changed to A Royal Winter. Jaimie King was replaced by Merritt Patterson

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, January 10, 2017

      Incorrect. Jaime Pressly was originally supposed to be in "A Prince for Christmas" -- not Jaime King.

      No one knows if "A Winter Prince"/"A Royal Winter" is the same story as "A Prince for Christmas" or a different story. (I'm the one who uncovered "A Winter Prince" as it was filming in Romania, along with who is starring in it, and first reported the info here on this site. I followed it on social media throughout the filming -- and even I can't tell if it is the same story.)

      It is *probably* a reworked version of the story that was supposed to involve Jaime Pressly, but we don't know for sure just yet.

      "A Royal Christmas" is, I'm sure, just a working title for the movie that I found, starring Nicole Munoz. Since Hallmark's movie of the same name was released in 2014, enough time has passed that another network could use the title again in 2017 -- but I think it will probably be changed or adjusted a bit so as not to be an exact replica of the Hallmark title.

    4. I don't think the other channels care if their movies have the same title as a Hallmark one as long as it's not the same year premiering

    5. I'm sure that's true. That's why we, unfortunately & confusingly, have many movies titled "I'll Be Home for Christmas!"

    6. You're gong to have several repeat titles when it comes to Christmas movies since there's only so many titles you can use. Hallmark wasn't the first to use I'll be Home for Christmas and no one was sitting around thinking Disney already has a movie with this same title or NBC did a TV Movie with this same title. I think that's something more some of us on here worry about

  5. Thank you, again, for your blog. It's my life line in this crazy world :) I can always count on you to offer the best in family viewing. Thanks for 2016, I'm looking forward to 2017. Abundant blessings to you and your family.

    1. Awe, that is so sweet of you to say, Lori! I appreciate your thoughtful comment, it truly means the world to me!

      A Blessed, Happy New Year to You & Your Family, too!!! See you back here in *2017*!

  6. Hopefully they add some diverse leads in 2017

    1. True! I wish Tia or Tamera Mowry would do a Hallmark movie.


    2. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, January 10, 2017

      Misty -- I agree. I think that especially Tia would be a perfect addition to the Hallmark family. She proved that she can shine in a leading role in a TV Christmas movie, when she starred in "The Mistle-Tones." Not only can she sing -- which could come in handy for some of the movies with a musical element to them -- but she has a certain sweetness about her (and a lovely smile!) that seems to be a common denominator among the favorite, recurring Hallmark leading ladies. She seems down to earth and likable. I think she would fit right in to the Hallmark roster of actresses.

    3. Tamera is also best friends with Candace

  7. Wow, it's only a few days after Christmas, and you've already learned a lot of possibilities for 2017! Great list. This is why I love your web-site, Net. Happy 2017!

  8. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, December 31, 2016

    Regarding "A Royal Christmas" --

    I posted on December 6th that Nicole Munoz and Paloma Kwiatkowski appear to be in the movie. And I *think* it was directed by the same man who directed the UP movie, "Season's Greetings."

  9. Are there any new Hallmark movies for countdown St. Patrick's Day?

    Leprechauns, Lucky Charm, Celtic Swan Princess, Irish, Ireland

    Chasing Leprechaun is only one movie on Hallmark Channel

  10. How many Christmas movies will both of the Hallmark stations will make in 2017 and 2018?

    What is the name of the christmas movie that will be out in July for Christmas Keepsake Week in 2017?

    1. We don't know how many Christmas movies Hallmark will release this year, yet! However, each year they are trying to surpass the last, so it will most likely be over 19 for the Hallmark Channel, and over 7 for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! So, overall it will be 27+ for Hallmark!

      We will have to wait and see for Christmas Keepsake Week, too!

    2. Let's hope the lineup isn't too over saturated with Romance features this time around :)

  11. Happy New Year Net and everyone! Love visiting this blog! :-)

    Disney's The Nutcracker And The Four Realms film started filming last September 2016 (according to film's director Lasse Hallstrom) for a tentative Christmas 2018 release. It might be released on Christmas 2017 if they finished filming and post-production soon. Though Walt Disney Pictures hasn't announced an official theatrical release date yet. It also stars Pride & Prejudice (2005) stars Keira Knightley as Sugar Plum Fairy and Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Stahlbaum, Helen Mirren as Mother Ginger, and Morgan Freeman as Drosselmeyer.

    1. Oh, thank you! Happy New Year to You, as well!

      Thanks so much for all the information on "The Nutcracker And The Four Realms," what an awesome cast! Fun to see Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen together again since Pride & Prejudice (2005).

    2. Nutcracker and the Four Realms is on Disney's release schedule for 2018.

  12. this years Christmas were great..
    now i have to wait 7 months to see some of them again.not sure if i can wait that long!!!!! lol lol

  13. The movies should be filming now as even California is getting snow! LOL


  14. There are at least two family theatrical holiday releases set for 2017. Let It Snow, originally scheduled for 2016, is back on the schedule for Nov. 22, 2017. It's based on the YA novel that has three slightly interconnected Christmas romances, written by three different authors, including John Green.

    Also there's an animated film set for Nov. 10 called The Star that's the story of the first Christmas from the animals' perspective. See: http://www.movieinsider.com/m14507/the-star

  15. The official website for The Star is here: http://www.thestarmovie.com

    1. Awesome news! Thanks so much for the update on Let it Snow and the new animated Christmas movie news for The Star, Sleepy Kitty Paws. I'll try to get those both added above soon!

      The animation sounds precious - I can't wait to visit the site and learn more about it! Thank you so much for sharing!!! :)

  16. Late to the party. Have you heard of "Santa Stole Our Dog" which is in production. The main attraction with this upcoming 2017 feature is Ed Asner reprising Santa Claus.


    1. Awesome news, Hero_UK! I added this Christmas movie above. How fun to see Ed Asner portray Santa Claus once again!

      (By the way - you are definitely not late to this party. We'll be sharing Christmas movies all year long!)

  17. All of this information is very good! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, January 10, 2017

    In the past week I found 3 titles of upcoming Christmas movies -- but no plot synopses, casts or designated networks. Just the titles and nothing else. I think they're all still in development.

    The titles are:

    A Christmas Solo

    A Bad Mom's Christmas

    Christmas Fury

    I think we can safely assume that the second and third title are not Hallmark movies. "A Christmas Solo" may or may not be a Hallmark movie.

    Time will tell.

    1. A Bad Mom's Christmas is the sequel to Bad Mom's. It was revealed last December

    2. Thank you for sharing those Christmas movies, Sherry. You never know sometimes when you just discover a title.

      Thank you Anonymous for letting us know that A Bad Mom's Christmas is a sequel to the movie Bad Mom's. I guess we can mark that one off as not being family friendly, since the original is rated R.

      As for the other two titles, who knows where they will end up. I will add the other two titles above and wait until we hear more!

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, January 11, 2017

      No problem, Net! :-)

      I should mention that I found the "A Christmas Solo" title on the Reel One website. At the time I found it there was no info other than the title and a 2017 reference. The title could possibly change, as we know, which is what happened with last year's "A Christmas Hero" (which eventually became "A Firehouse Christmas") -- also originally found on the Reel One site by Paul M.

      I am now trying to remember where I saw the "Christmas Fury" title. It was just in the last week, so you'd think that it wouldn't be hard to remember where I saw it... but I was looking at a bunch of similar sites one after another, within about 15 minutes, and I can't recall on which specific site it was found.

  19. I was actually on IMDB looking up information about "Christmas Fury", when I stumbled across another Christmas movie called "The Christmas Fix-Up". Here's a description directly from IMDB:

    "A single woman, struggling to believe in love and miracles, walks into a shoe repair shop on Chicago's Westside where the proprietor's magical gift is hooking up singles through their shoes. The catch is that the first date is the wedding."

    I have no idea if this movie is going to be family-friendly or where and when this movie will premiere.

  20. Does anyone know if Jill Wagner will star in any of the 2017 Christmas movies?

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, January 16, 2017

      I don't have any information on that (it's a bit too early for detailed Christmas movie information to come out), but if I had to guess I'd say the chances are good that she will be in something.

      Because Jill was at Hallmark's TCA event this past Saturday night, that means that Hallmark is still working with her. They like her. She is in the family now.

      So it is possible that Jill could end up in a movie for another theme -- maybe she'll be in an upcoming Spring Fling, June Weddings or Summer Nights movie. Maybe she will be in a Christmas movie that films in the first few months of this year, or later in the year. Whatever the case, you can bet that Hallmark will put her in something, and that something is in the works for her.

    2. That is a wonderful question, Anonymous. Jill Wagner was so fantastic in the Hallmark Channel Christmas movie "Christmas Cookies"! I've heard many say they loved Jill and Wes Brown it in together. I know I certainly did... I love it just as much as her first Hallmark movie "Autumn Dreams"!

      Personally, I was so thrilled to see Jill Wagner (she's one of my favorites, too!) attend the TCA event Saturday night - knowing that this is always an indication that anyone attending has some sort of Hallmark project "in the works."

      Timing is key here, because Jill also hosts a weekly half hour show for INSP titled Handcrafted America. It was recently announced that INSP ordered a 3rd season of this series and production of 13 new episodes begins this spring with the premiere scheduled for late summer, 2017. So, whatever Jill is filming will have to be done around that schedule, as Jill travels all across the United States to film these episodes for INSP.

      Time will tell, I suppose, which sort of project Jill is doing this year for Hallmark! In real life, she was just recently engaged last year... so maybe it's a Hallmark June Wedding movie! For now, we can only guess! Thanks so much for asking!

      Blessings to you! Net

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, January 18, 2017

      Anonymous -- I came back here to post this bit of info about Jill Wagner that I just accidentally stumbled upon a few minutes ago. I hadn't seen it yesterday or the day before.

      This is one of those bits of info that did not make it into one of the many press releases that came out of Saturday's TCA event, so it would have been easy to overlook as it was not posted by all of the reporters at the event.

      A reporter named Tim Clodfelter tweeted that Jill is doing a movie for Hallmark about how she met her fiancé, which is coming to the channel this fall. I don't know if that means it will be a Fall Harvest movie, or just something that airs in between Summer Nights and Fall Harvest.

      In any event, it doesn't sound like it is going to be a Christmas movie.

      This link may or may not be active, but here is the tweet where it is mentioned:


    4. That is truly interesting news! I remember Jill Wagner sharing the story of how she met her fiancé on Home & Family when she was there to promote her Hallmark Movie "Christmas Cookies." They all kept remarking at the time that their love story sounded just like a Hallmark movie! And now, it sounds like it is - or will be! How sweet!

      I found a link of this interview with Jill Wagner on youtube. (It's probably on Hallmark's site, too)


      Enjoy! If you haven't seen it, you will also love the cooking segment with her Grandma! It's so special and endearing!

    5. While guest-hosting Hallmark Channel's morning show Home & Family, Jill Wagner confirmed this movie news today!

      She discussed, alongside her fiancé David Lemanowicz, their real-life love story, their upcoming wedding plans, and how their story will become a Hallmark movie!

      Jill looked lovely, co-hosting in a black lace top and flared red skirt with black detail on the side! She also shared a lovely pic on instagram.

      Should be interesting to see who they cast in David's part, for the TV movie!!!

  21. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, January 18, 2017

    Net!! I have just discovered a new Christmas movie title!

    It is being referred to as a "feature film," but my feeling/hunch is that it is really a TV movie.

    The title is.... "The Christmas Calendar." Actress Hilary Strang got a part in it.

    Could this be the first Hallmark Christmas movie lined up to go into production this year? Or will it end up with another network? Or go straight to DVD? "Love Always, Santa" was filming in January of 2016, so I would not be shocked if something Christmas-y starts production very soon (especially for Hallmark, with 30 Christmas movies to knock out this year).

    1. That is fun news! Whether or not, it's made-for-TV, the movies, or DVD, as long as it ends up being family-friendly, I'm happy to add it above.

      I have heard other Christmas titles above are already in production, too, so I'm hopeful more movies are being made with real snow this year!

    2. I just read on the What's Filming? website that production for "The Christmas Calender" will start on January 25th, so hopefully this movie will air in the 2017 Christmas season.

    3. On the What’s Filming? website, an actor by the name of Greg Rogers has been casted in “The Christmas Calendar.” Do you know if he’s ever appeared in any Hallmark or family-friendly films?

    4. Yes, I saw his name, too! There is an actor, Greg Rogers, listed on IMDB - who was in Hallmark's "Looks Like Christmas" and "Love on the Air." It may or not be this same actor, but it is possible!

  22. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, January 19, 2017

    "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" and "Tiny Christmas" are 2 titles I just saw -- no clue what they are about or if they are family-friendly.

    1. I remember the title "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!" I was thrilled when I discovered it and shared it on the "Christmas Movie News" for 2016 and Beyond - Page last year.

      In fact, I just saw the title again yesterday, as well as "Tiny Christmas"! (interesting title, huh?) Can't wait to discover more on both of these. I'm still hoping the first one is a re-make of the 1 hour special from the 80s!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, January 19, 2017

      For some reason I never saw the Best Christmas Pageant Ever entry on the 2016 list (I think I somehow overlooked it), but I didn't see it on this 2017 list so I assumed it was a new thing.

      I have no idea what Tiny Christmas could be about! Lol.

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, January 19, 2017

      Oh, I forgot to mention that my first thought, when the news of the "30 Hallmark Christmas movies" was revealed, was "Will they be able to come up with 30 new titles?" Lol

      The options are getting more limited if Hallmark is trying to put the word "Christmas" into every title, or even if they just want to use some sort of Christmas-related word or phrase in every title. Too many of the titles are starting to run together and seem too similar. I think that a lot of people assume they have already seen a movie if the title is similar to another one, even if they have not seen it.

      And that is not even taking into consideration the titles for movies on other networks, which may be similar to Hallmark titles and vice versa.

      The thought of 30 more Christmas titles to come up with this year is ominous, as I fear we will end up with titles like "The Christmas Rooster," or "A Merry Mop," or "Snow Street." Lol

      That said, I would like to see a movie with the title of "A Candy Cane Christmas." Hallmark has never used this title, and I wonder if it has been used in the past by any other company (maybe for a straight-to-DVD release or something?). The plot would, of course, be about a candy shop owner participating in a fierce candy cane-making competition with the rival confectioner across town. Soon, as they realize that joining forces is better than working separately, they will discover the "sweet rewards" that love has to offer.

    4. After I tried to find out more information about "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" movie (the one on this list) on IMDB, I'm starting to think it's not a remake of the movie from 1983. Here's the synopsis of the movie directly from IMDB:

      "A surburban mom gets in over her head when she signs up to direct her neighborhood's Christmas pageant."

    5. Yes, it will surely be even harder for them to name the Christmas movies and for viewers to keep them all straight, especially for the casual movie watcher. I was surprised by the similar titles this year that we've mentioned before, such as: "My Christmas Dream" and "My Christmas Love", and also, "Love You Like Christmas" and "Looks Like Christmas." I know it was also confusing for some, with the new Alicia Witt movie "Christmas List," being named after a well known and loved ABC Family movie. I sure hope they will be able to come up with some unique, distinct titles this upcoming Christmas season!

    6. In regard to "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"...

      Anonymous, thank you so much for sharing that description of the new movie - "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" from IMDB Pro. It actually sounds exactly like the first 1 hour special, which I love! I am truly excited to hear this news! Thank you so much for sharing it!

    7. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, January 20, 2017

      Let me make sure I have not missed anything on the Hallmark Christmas front...

      Okay, so the confirmed, officially announced Hallmark Christmas movies as of right now (and some of them may not make it to the Countdown to Christmas this year if they get stuck in development) are:

      Angel Falls

      Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe

      Nanny State

      Untitled Alicia Witt movie

      **Remember, too, that writer Julie Sherman Wolfe said she is working on TWO Hallmark Christmas movies for this year.

      **Writer Nina Weinman Swift said that she has a Hallmark Christmas movie coming up this year.

      Then we have the "Titles that Have Been Announced By Hallmark or Actors/Writers In the Past, But the Status is Unknown" category. Those are:

      Sleigh Bell Sweethearts (announced by author Teri Wilson in 2016)

      A Family for Christmas (got pushed from 2016 to 2017)

      Joy to the World (was supposed to star Brooke Shields)

      **Curveball Christmas most likely turned into "Curveball"

      **A Prince for Christmas most likely turned into "A Royal Winter" (fka "A Winter Prince")

      Then we have the "Movies that Hallmark Has NOT Officially Announced or Claimed As Their Own, but Are Supposedly Optioned or In Development for Them" category, which consists of:

      The Christmas Cottage

      And then there is the "Titles That Sound Like They Could Be Hallmark Movies, But May Not Actually Be Hallmark Movies" category. Those titles are:

      The Christmas Calendar

      Best Christmas Pageant Ever

      A Christmas Solo

      Am I forgetting anything?

    8. I think you re-capped it above pretty well, Sherry. There are some Christmas movies that I have learned, but have been asked not to reveal, quite yet!

      As for the writers you mentioned, who have shared & hinted at future projects, I have decided to wait until I receive further word from Hallmark, before adding them above.

      It should be a wonderful year of Christmas movie discovery! ;)

    9. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, January 21, 2017

      Net -- You are so right! The word "discovery" is very fitting. There are so many twists, turns and treasures waiting for us this year.

      I was thinking about this as we entered the new year. Last year was such a journey of movie discovery on ALL fronts (for assorted channels and assorted themes), but especially when it came to Christmas movies.

      As you know, there were titles that were officially announced as Countdown to Christmas 2016 movies by Hallmark (more than once)... but they never materialized during the holidays!

      Then there were titles that Hallmark never announced themselves, but that were said to be Hallmark movies from seemingly credible sources -- and yet they ultimately landed on UP or ION.

      Then there were the assorted title changes of most of the movies (even non-Hallmark movies).

      Then there were the random separate tidbits that ended up all being part of the same movie, such as the Lisa Whelchel movie and "Snow Capped Christmas"/"Falling for Christmas" being the same project.

      And then there was the whole Lifetime mystery -- only one truly new movie on their channel for the season, and a couple of movies that also ran on UP and ION, which was odd.

      Then there was the Autumn Reeser mystery, which plagued us starting early on in 2016 -- the Christmasy photo with the kitten, indicating that it was a great way to end a movie and a year. And yet, that kitten never appeared in an Autumn Reeser movie, and, in fact, Autumn herself has not appeared in a Hallmark movie since "Valentine Ever After," nor does it seem she has anything lined up for them in the near future.

      Then there were the movies that were supposed to be Christmas movies, which ended up being stripped of Christmas, such as "A Worthwhile Life" becoming "Love At First Glance."

      And there were some unexpected filming locations last year, such as Minnesota.

      The actors used in the range of movies across the channels was interesting too -- from the very familiar faces to the brand new faces, and a lot of shining young talent, such as adorable Christian Convery and Brooklyn Rae Silzer, as well as veteran actors such as James Brolin and Shirley MacLaine.

      It is astounding to think that there are *only* about 40 weeks to go before the assumed/expected start date of the Countdown to Christmas and Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas. ALL 30 of the Christmas movies for Hallmark's and HMM's 2016 slates will have been filmed by that time, or will be just about to wrap up filming soon after.

      In fact, all of the remaining movies out of the "90" that Hallmark plans to make for 2016 will be just about done by that time. (Anything that starts production in November and December is going into the 2018 events like Winterfest or Countdown to Valentine's Day.)

      ...Only 40 weeks for all of the movies to be filmed, and for us to uncover all of what is in store! That sounds like not much time at all, given how quickly time flies. So, there is a LOT to be discovered and learned in those 40 weeks, for sure.

      Oh, I should add that, to their credit, both Julie Sherman Wolfe and Nina Weinman Swift have been careful to not divulge any details of their upcoming Hallmark Christmas movies -- just that they are writing them. I think that was the most info they could give right now. :)

    10. It is truly amazing, when one starts to look at the actual numbers, how short the time is, as far as the creation process of making TV movies, especially with 30 new Christmas movies!!!

      In the past, many, if not most, were made during the summer months, but with the enormous task of creating more & more each year, I think they are doing their best to spread the filming throughout the year, too! Thus, the reason, I believe, why Hallmark Christmas movies are already being announced so early this year - they are filming them sooner!

      The 2016 Christmas movie season was certainly full of surprises, Title changes, Movie Mysteries, etc... It's always exciting when we get that first press release and little hints at what's to come this Christmas! Of course, even press releases are sometimes changed, but we take it all in stride, and look forward anyway to the Christmas season with great joy and wide-eyed childlike anticipation!!! :)

    11. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, January 23, 2017

      Correction to one of my above sentences. I said "In fact, all of the remaining movies out of the '90' that Hallmark plans to make for 2016 will be just about done..."

      Clearly I meant to type "2017." It always happens. Every year I start off really well, being careful to type or write the correct year after we have started a new one. I am fine for the first 2 or 3 weeks of the new year -- and then, all of a sudden, I start typing/writing the old year again! Lol

      Anyway, yes, there is no choice but to spread out the productions of the Christmas movies over the first 10 months of the year. Hallmark has too many of them to film, and too many other non-Christmas movies to film. There is no way they can wait to film all Christmas movies at a time when there is real snow on the ground, or all 30 within the same couple of months.

      However, I did notice (in 2016) that, while "Love Always, Santa" was filmed in January, and the movie that ended up going to UP but was originally said to be a Hallmark movie -- "Falling for Christmas" -- was filmed in February, the majority of the Christmas movie filming action picked up steam in the spring -- like from late April/early May and onward. There was a concentration of Christmas movies being filmed across May-June-July, and then a bit more of a lull in filming until September. In September and October there were a bunch of Christmas movies filming at one time, or all in rapid succession, with the last one wrapping up in early November.

      This year Hallmark has not added too many extra movies to the number they put out last year. In other words, there is not a huge difference between 27 Christmas movies and 30 Christmas movies. So the filming schedule might not change too much -- they could still film one or two before the end of February/mid-March, then pause for a minute to film some June Weddings movies, and then start really kicking up the Christmas movie productions in May.

      We know that they have to have at least one Christmas movie starting production by early to mid-May, as that one will likely be the one they sneak preview in July.

      This year, I would actually not be surprised if Hallmark decided to sneak preview a new Christmas movie on HMM in July too -- something they have not yet tried. if they stagger the Christmas in July schedules for the 2 channels, as they did last year, then they could premiere a new Christmas movie on HMM first, and then another new one on the main Hallmark Channel the following weekend.

      If they do that, then they'd need to have 2 Christmas movies wrapped up and completely ready to go by late June/early July... which means they would have to start production no later than May, but possibly even earlier than that.

      Since we know of some Christmas movie titles for 2017 (which may or may not be Hallmark), one or two of those could be intended as July premieres!

      One other thing to consider is the fact that Hallmark is branching out in filming locations, so they don't have to worry about trying to film 10 things in Vancouver or Ontario at the same time.

      We know that Hallmark has filmed in:

      Canada (Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto, etc.)

      They will film in Africa (if "Wild At Heart" ever gets made!)

      New York (not a full movie, but certain scenes)
      California (again, not a full movie, to my knowledge, but certain scenes)

      And there are probably more locations that I am forgetting, but you get my point. They are spreading out the film shoots in different locations, so it can allow them to continue filming Christmas movies throughout the year, while their other movies for June Weddings, Summer Nights and Fall Harvest continue to shoot in (mostly) Canada.

  23. Puppies for Christmas

  24. Beverly Hills Christmas II


    1. Thank you Lana for sharing these Christmas movie titles - I added them both above! The puppy one especially sounds cute! :)

    2. Here is the trailer for the puppy one Net

    3. That was very sweet, Lana! Thank you for posting that! John Ratzenberger is such a terrific actor - I'm glad to see him in another Christmas movie. He was also great in "Matchmaker Santa." Hope one of the networks picks this one up!

  25. Optioned by Hallmark was also Last Chance Llama Ranch based off the novel

  26. Lana here dropping another gem from imdb

    Inheriting Christmas (2017)
    After inheriting a toy company founded on charity and holiday spirit, a self-absorbed stockbroker must revisit his family's tragic past and decide the fate of an entire community by Christmas Eve.

    1. Added this Christmas movie above! Thank you for sharing, again, Lana... the storyline sounds quite intriguing! :)

  27. Much as I love Hallmark and especially the Christmas Movies I personally think 30 new ones this year is overkill - they're going to reach saturation point. The low 20s would be plenty!

    We've now just about managed to get through the 2016 batch and there were 26 (or27?)

    The thing is that plots which look appealing sometimes turn out to be run-of-the-mill while ones you think you might not enjoy so much really hook you so you have to make the effort to watch every one and it is really time consuming - if enjoyable.

    These were top 5 Christmas favourites for 2016:

    01 A December Bride

    Far and away the best Christmas Movie for 2016, in fact probably the best TV movie of the whole year. This scored on every front, a magical pairing in Jessica Lowndes and Daniel Lissing, several excellent secondary characters' Layla's brother or next-door neighbour look good for future starring roles.

    The sparring between Layla and Seth in the first half hour and the scenes between Layla and her brother and the dinner with Seth's parents were hilarious.

    The ending must be one of Hallmark's best ever - from the attempt to break the fake engagement through to the wedding - the look of awe, wonderment, pure happiness and love on Seth's face looks so real.

    As the title of the Blog says Its A Wonderful Movie!

    02 Finding Father Christmas.

    Would never have expected this to be so high. Can't put my finger exactly on why I love this so much but the voice of the film really calls to me. There's nothing cutting edge about it and the mystery is "explained" pretty early on but you're left with such a good feeling at the end.

    Niall Matter was a revelation. I remembered him from Stop The Wedding which was highly thought of by some although I thought it was a solid if not spectacular Hallmark. His acting and emotions were brilliant throughout.

    03 Christmas Cookies

    This could have been just another Hallmark Movie with the now tired and familiar theme of corporate troubleshooter going to small town to close local business etc but the inspired pairing and superb performance from Jill Wagner and Wes Brown lifted this to sheer magic even if the resolution to the business "problem" didn't hold much water and the ending was disappointingly downbeat (although it was made clear they were in it for the long term).

    04 Christmas In Homestead

    Hollywood Movie Star meets unimpressed small town Mayor and the chemistry flows in buckets.

    It was so refreshing that for once the young daughter of the hero didn't actively try to match make. Lovely feel to the whole film.

    05 Christmas List

    Alicia Witt has been unfortunate in that she has always seemed to be cast as a hard-nosed businesswoman with few redeeming qualities who has been hard to like. (Never understood how the heroes could fall in love with her!) but here she was cast in a much more sympathetic role in what was surely the best movie she has made for Hallmark with an interesting plot.

    The pairing with Gabriel Hogan strikes just the right note, infinitely better than their previous outing.

    1. I know, it is hard to watch ALL of them, especially with sooooo many now - during the Christmas season. (I totally get that - as I'm still finishing up!)

      It's a challenge to watch them or record them, as well, during Christmastime - due to space limitations on our DVRs and the fact that some of us, can't record more than one thing at a time! And, not to mention, with our busy Holiday schedules! Yes, indeed, seeing them all is quite challenging, but often, well worth it!

      The 30 new Christmas movies this year will be spread over both the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. There is certainly a more dramatic, serious feel to the HMM movies, while the Hallmark Channel ones are mostly lighthearted. Perhaps, they feel some people will be drawn to particular movies, over other ones. Do the expect the typical movie watcher to see all 30? Probably not. Only the true Christmas movie fans (like all of you here!) will schedule and make lists, in order to catch each one! That's the reason why I do what I do - to bring the joy of the Christmas season to as many people - as possible!

      Thank you for sharing your Christmas movie favorites from 2016!

      Blessings to You, Net :)

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, January 23, 2017

      I think that Hallmark is in a no-win situation with viewers. Viewers say there are not enough new movies. Viewers say there are too many new movies.

      They can't please everyone. All Hallmark can do is follow what the ratings tell them, and the 2016 ratings were very impressive.

      Hallmark is creating something different than what any other channel is doing by making so many new movies, and for running the event for 2 solid, 'round-the-clock months. It has become THE holiday destination for 2 months straight. The Christmas event is also what helps to bring in more viewers and advertisers for the other themed events, such as the Countdown to Valentine's Day and June Weddings. Any network with half a brain would ride that gravy train all the way to the station and not stop.

      Thirty movies are impressive and astounding, considering how few movies the other networks put out. But "30" is not much more than "27," which is what we got last year. And, as Net said, the movies will be split between the 2 Hallmark channels.

      If I had to guess, I'd say that 1 or 2 of those movies will be primed for July (maybe one on the main channel and possibly one on HMM). Then, Hallmark will probably increase the number of new movies on the HMM channel for the holiday season -- maybe going from 7 in 2016 to 8 or 9 in 2017. We could end up with anywhere from 19 to 21 new movies on the main Hallmark Channel.

      As Net said, most likely the average or casual Hallmark viewer is not going to watch all 30 movies. Some of them don't have HMM, so they will only be able to watch what is on the main channel. And even then, they will not watch every single movie on the main channel.

      As many times as Hallmark promoted the 19 new movies on the main channel in 2016, I still saw people saying that they "only make a few new movies," as though Hallmark should be filling up all 1500+ hours of holiday programming with only new movies. It is crazy -- and completely unrealistic -- what people expect of them.

      That said, I do think there could be a saturation point for people once the novelty of this massive Christmas event wears off. At some point people will just get tired of Christmas, and not watch as frequently, or will stop watching completely. There might not be a mass exodus of viewers all in the same year, but over time people will reach their Christmas movie thresholds.

      Right now, though, Hallmark seems to be on a winning streak, both as far as increasing the number of viewers and advertising revenue.

      As for the quality of the movies... it is all subjective. While there may be a lot of people who agree that X year had a better crop of new movies that Y year or Z year, it all boils down to what we personally, individually, like. I might not have thought that the 2016 movies were as collectively strong as, for example, the crop of movies in 2013. But that's just my taste. And I can't forever live in 2013. Someone else out there might have thought that the movies from 2016 were outstanding as a whole, and better than other years.

      In other words, I can't say, "Well, I think Hallmark should stop making so many movies because the quality is not as good and the stories are not as good as the movies in 2013, which were my favorites." To someone else, the movies in 2016 were probably the best yet. And, as I do every year, I found a few gems in the 2016 batch. Others I will like more over time, when I have a chance to watch them again, without distractions.

      When I will start to worry is when Hallmark puts out 27 or 30 new movies and I don't like a single one of them. I should like *something* out of that many movies. So if that ever happens, I might start to wonder if I have reached an over-saturation point.

    3. The problem is they're doing quantity over quality and many of the storylines are repeats. That's what people mean by not enough new movies. Too many movies have the same exact plot and it doesnt help that they constantly reuse the same actors for those plots.

    4. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, January 24, 2017

      The people who don't like seeing the same faces, or who don't like the plots that they feel are redundant, should simply not watch the channel. I don't watch anything (on any channel) that I can pretty much guess I'm not going to like. But that's not what happens -- people who already know they are probably not going to like it end up watching anyway. Sometimes people complain about the movies even if they have not watched them, which is quite curious.

      But some people actually like seeing the same actors each year (and I am one of them!). Those are the actors who are in the "Hallmark family," and the fans of those actors know they will probably enjoy whatever they are in.

      No one is setting out to make a bad movie. Hallmark is bringing in new writers, new directors, new actors, etc. -- as well as using the ones that are established and familiar. They are trying to make movies that they hope people will like -- but not every person is going to like every single movie.

      An opinion about the quality of movies is subjective. It's an opinion. It may be the opinion of 1000 other people too, but it's an opinion. I might love something that you find boring or terrible (for example, I loved "Christmas List" with Alicia Witt, and I love that she does a movie for Hallmark every year, and I could not care less if 1000 other people don't like her or her movies). You might enjoy something that I can't bear to sit through. Does that make your opinion more valid than mine, or mine more valid than yours? No. They are just opinions.

      It's all subjective -- whether there are 10 movies made or 30 movies made. People are going to like some things and dislike other things, and we're not all going to like and dislike the same things. That's just the way it works.

      When I say that I see people whining and grumbling (during the Countdown to Christmas) on the Hallmark pages about how Hallmark doesn't make enough new movies, I am saying that those specific people -- the ones to whom I am referring -- are complaining about the actual quantity.

      The average or casual viewer or Facebook follower does not pay close attention to exactly how many new movies there are. (Believe me, I am endlessly baffled by how uninformed some people seem to be.) It doesn't matter how many times Hallmark advertises it. A lot of people are just clueless. I see people say "You only make a few new movies" because they don't know of the other movies' existence.

      I have told some of them, "There are 19 movies on one channel and 7 on the other channel." And then I have linked the actual page with the list of all of the new movies. Most of the time, they did not know about the majority of the new movies and only knew of a few.

      That is what I was trying to say in my previous comment. There are people who think that only a few movies have been made, and they somehow missed the memo about all of the rest of the new movies.

      Or, people complain that there are not enough new movies because they are still seeing repeats of older movies. They think that if there are more new movies, then the older ones will no longer be shown as much. They are complaining about the ratio of repeats to new movies, or what they feel is a shortage of new movies, because they don't like repeats (which they can easily choose to avoid).

      What you're commenting on -- your opinion of the quality -- is a separate complaint, and not the one to which I am referring. I am not saying that people don't complain about the quality too -- they certainly do, of course -- but when I say that I have seen many people complaining about the lack of new movies, I mean exactly that -- they don't know about all of the new movies that are made, and/or they think that Hallmark is only making a few.

    5. Hallmark loves hearing from their viewers - that is how they grow! I understand loyal Hallmark viewers are concerned, when even more movies are made, the quality may suffer. I hope this is not so, but I do understand this concern.

      I know many people enjoyed the new movie "Love Always, Santa." It certainly had a fresh storyline and mostly, new faces, which was refreshing! So, I think people are just hoping for more quality family movies, and I too, am hoping for the same!

    6. People do skip out on those movies because of the same actors constantly being in them

    7. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, January 31, 2017

      And that's what they should do. If someone sees that a movie is starring someone they are tired of, or someone they don't like, then they shouldn't watch. The people who enjoy or even prefer those actors will watch. It's not that complex.

      There are plenty of new actors being used as well, so there is something for everyone.

      Hallmark isn't suffering or seeing a mass exodus of viewers just because some people don't want to watch certain actors again. They seem to be doing quite well, relatively speaking.

    8. For me it's about the magic of Christmas. This site is a huge part of that magic. The excitement and joy everyone has on their visits here. The months leading up to the Christmas season even are filled with magic. I remember having an excited expectant conversation on here in August this past year on how excited we were all starting to feel already.

      Hallmark is a huge part of the magic also. Yes I know I'm going to see the same story lines over and over for the most part (although they do step outside the box sometimes..I loved Journey back to Christmas and The Nutcracker Christmas this year best. They both seemed a bit different), I know I am going to see the same actors and actresses for the most part, I know that I am going to know what's going to happen 5 minutes into the movie for the most part, I know the scene may look the same, only difference being the Christmas Tree was moved to a different wall, but you know what? I don't care. It doesn't matter. It's about the Christmas magic that it brings for me.

      I know I will come to tears in every single Hallmark Movie. I know that my heart will feel full of warmth when the movie is over.

      Just hearing the movies in the background, even if not watching brings the addicting magic. Hearing the Hallmark Christmas commercials with the bells ringing does the same.

      It's all about the magic my friends. I have seen Charlie Brown Christmas a million times and so many others but every year I still watch. Why? Because of the good that it does to my soul. It doesn't matter that I have seen it a million times.

      Just typing this is making me miss that magic so much. I just took down my Christmas tree yesterday and oh how it hurt my heart.

      I love that you all are chatting about Christmas still and through the year. Makes at least a little bit of the magic come back. I still miss the magic so much. January is so hard for me.

      Take care all.

      P.S. I would be terribly upset if I didn't see Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert, Alicia Witt and so many others every year in a Hallmark movie. They are my new Charlie Brown.

    9. That is beautifully said, Jim! Hallmark has truly created Christmas movies that have become special annual traditions! (And, for those of us who really love Christmas movies - all year long thanks to our DVDs!)

      I, too, cannot imagine a Christmas season without Candace, Lacey, and Alicia... plus Rachel Boston, Dean Cain, Paul Greene, Danica McKellar, and a bunch more Hallmark regulars!!! It's like visiting family for Christmas!!!

      I'm so glad this site can make January a little easier for you, Jim. You're not alone here - we all miss Christmas, too! We'll just have to keep the Christmas spirit in our hearts and before we know it, it will be that special time again!!!

      God's Blessings!!! Net :)

    10. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, February 01, 2017

      I agree, Jim -- It wouldn't be the same for me if the "regulars" in the Hallmark family didn't do Christmas movies each year. If there were a line-up of movies with all new-to-Hallmark actors (spread out over 30 movies!), it would be a bit strange.

      I have no problem at all with a mix of familiar faces and new-to-Hallmark faces, but not an entirely new roster of lead actors for each new movie. I need some familiarity at Christmastime. I know what I will get from the familiar faces. I know what to expect from them. Sometimes, with new faces in the mix, I don't know what I'm going to get -- and they can be sort of hard to get used to, whereas others fit right in.

      I also don't have a problem with similar story lines, or identical story lines, or recurring themes. They're made-for-TV Christmas movies. I am not expecting anyone to reinvent the wheel. Sure, it's nice if someone comes up with something new and surprising every once in a blue moon, but I have no problem with the familiar plots. All of the Christmas movies strung together work to create an overall mood, feeling and atmosphere for me -- much more so than the non-Christmas movies -- so I am much more forgiving.

      Seeing that Hallmark has 30 Christmas movies coming our way this year (at least one of which we will get to see in July), we have a lot to look forward to. There are something like 38 weeks until the next Countdown to Christmas likely begins -- which really doesn't seem like a long time at all. So the magic will return in the blink of an eye!

    11. Net and Sherry...I love your responses about and what I was trying to get across.

      Net I love your line "It's like visiting family for Christmas!!!" That was put so perfectly in how I was trying to express a particular thought.

      Sherry your line..."All of the Christmas movies strung together work to create an overall mood, feeling and atmosphere for me" Puts into one statement exactly what I was trying to say. That beautifully describes it. There is a deeper essence to it all.

      You both put it so much more eloquently than I did in just those two lines.

  28. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, January 23, 2017

    Net -- I see yet another movie with the working title of "The Christmas Gift" listed on the Production Weekly site. So that's one to add to the list!

    Also, the director of "The Christmas Calendar" is the same guy who directed "Season's Greetings" for UP, and also that recent "A Royal Christmas" movie filmed late in 2016. He has not done anything for Hallmark that I can see.

    So, my feeling is that "The Christmas Calendar" might not be a Hallmark movie. But... only time will tell!

  29. Net, I love love love your site so much! I'm commenting as Anonymous, but once I shared a link with you and then you went and found all the information, pictures, and so on an on. Then you posted and sure enough, gave me all the credit. I was blown away. All I gave you was one little link and you did all the work. Thank you for what you do for all of us movie lovers. I know I can always stop in here and get a good dose of what's to come and if I'm down, it always makes me feel tons better!

    1. I love this website. I just finished watching the Christmas movies. Can't wait to watch the winter ones. Everyone needs to ge the Dvr where you can tape sic shows at once. That way you will never miss another movie again.

  30. I got a pitch today for an ebook by Teri Wilson and it said that Sleigh bell Sweethearts was in development for 2017.Just a little update there. :)

    1. That is fun news, Amy! Thank you for sharing that interesting development news for "Sleigh Bell Sweethearts!" It is coming this year, after all! Yay!

      Thank you for commenting & sharing! :)

      Blessings!!! Net
      (*I also enjoyed visiting your site!!!)

  31. I love this website. I have just finished watching the Christmas movies. Can't wait to see the winter ones. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy all the news on TV Movies here at It's a Wonderful Movie! There's a lot to watch and keep up with- so, I hope you like all the winter ones, too!

      I appreciate your encouraging message of support! :)

      Blessings!!! Net

  32. I know we haven't voted yet for our favorite Christmas movies, but I must say I was very pleased with this years movies. At first glance I didn't think there would be so many good ones. My favorites for this year were 1) Christmas in Homestead, 2) A december bride and My Christmas Love, 3) A dream of Christmas, Christmas to remember(so good to see Mira Sorvino in a Hallmark movie), Love Always Santa, and Sleigh Bells Ring. Difficult to number them after the first two as they are all so good. Hope they all come out on dvd. Thank you Hallmark for such great movies. RG

  33. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, January 25, 2017

    Net! I will whisper this...

    Pssssst... I wouldn't be shocked if, perhaps, maybe, possibly, Laura Bell Bundy were the leading lady in "The Christmas Calendar." ;) ;) ;) That is my guess. ;) ;)

    As I mentioned somewhere above, The Christmas Calendar is directed by the same person who directed Laura's 2016 UP movie, "Season's Greetings."

    Since I now have reason to believe that Laura could possibly, maybe, perhaps, be in The Christmas Calendar too, I am going to go out on a limb and assume that this is going to be an UPtv Christmas movie.

    Of course, I could certainly be wrong -- maybe they will surprise me and put this movie on Hallmark. (Maybe Laura isn't in the movie at all... though I doubt that.) But I am thinking it is bound for UP.

    1. Laura Bell Bundy is such a wonderful actress & singer - I'd be thrilled to hear "IF" she is anything new! I hope your hunch is right! :)

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, January 27, 2017

      Net -- I sent my findings to What's Filming yesterday, and told them how I figured out who was in The Christmas Calendar. I asked them to then use their connections and sources on the scene in Vancouver to confirm it. That's why they did not have Laura's name attached to The Christmas Calendar yesterday -- I guess they were checking out the info I gave them to be sure Laura was in the movie before posting anything.

      However, today they have added her to the cast so I guess my discovery was spot on!

    3. Yay! I'm thrilled Laura Bell Bundy will be starring in another Christmas movie! Two years ago, it was "Becoming Santa" on Lifetime. Last year, it was "Season's Greetings" on UP! So, wherever this one ends up, I just hope it's another good one! :) She's so fun to watch!!!

    4. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, January 28, 2017

      Net - Did you ever have a chance to watch "Season's Greetings" during the holiday season (I know that you were super busy and unable to watch everything)? I thought it was a good story idea -- and I also liked that it covered a full year, so we got little glimpses and hints of other seasons or holidays as the greeting card company people were trying to come up with new ideas. I also liked the fact that it dealt with a very realistic concern of bringing a company based in tradition and old-school products into the 21st century, while still maintaining their established charm, warmth, humor -- and customer base.

      There were parts of "Season's Greetings" that I did not like -- certain scenes I thought were silly or just unnecessary -- but, to focus on the positive, in general it was a good idea for a movie, and a strong installment for UP's annual Christmas event.

      One thing I got a big kick out of in Season's Greetings was the product placement -- there was a party scene with a big bowl of enticing Hershey's Kisses. That is a pretty big "get" for UP -- to have a big brand/advertiser/sponsor such as Hershey jump on board. UP is a channel that not everyone has, and some people don't even know it exists. I can't see Hershey buying into a big product placement scene such as that for a movie whose network was unknown. As the movie was being made, it must have been clear that it was going to air on a specific network and not go straight to DVD.

      So I can see why UP (assuming "The Christmas Calendar" is an UP movie, which is just my personal, uneducated, guess) would want to round up the same director and actress again, since their last effort was met with good feedback and general success.

      Let's see if another big brand like Hershey makes an appearance in "The Christmas Calendar"!

    5. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, January 28, 2017

      Net -- I just accidentally posted the link to this article -- http://www.timescolonist.com/big-picture-christmas-movie-being-filmed-on-fort-street-1.9095061 -- under another comment that was totally unrelated to "The Christmas Calendar"! Lol. I have no idea how I ended up under the wrong comment, but I did -- and I didn't realize I posted under the wrong comment until I had already submitted it. Feel free to delete it under the other comment if you see it.

      Anyway, what I was saying is that the above-linked article talks a bit more about "The Christmas Calendar" and mentions Laura Bell Bundy.

      The article also refers to the director (Allan Harmon) having worked on "A Princess for Christmas" in December.

      Since Allan directed "A Royal Christmas" with Nicole Munoz (on your above list) last month, I am going to guess that "A Princess for Christmas" is an alternate title.

      Either way, whichever title they use, they will end up using a title that Hallmark has used!

    6. I saw that article, too! I loved reading a little synopsis of the story - "The Christmas Calendar" sounds cute & perfect for Laura Bell Bundy!!! I added the storyline above! ^

      That is kind of funny - the other UP Christmas movie "A Royal Christmas" has possibly changed titles to another Hallmark Christmas movie - "A Princess for Christmas"! Hope they tweak it again and add something to the title that makes it a bit more unique!

    7. And, YES I did see "Season's Greetings!" I thought, minus the language, and drinking (which was minor compared to most movies)... it was UP's best Christmas movie! Super funny and heartfelt! I'm ecstatic they are bringing Laura back for another Christmas movie! :)

  34. Joanne Fluke Christmas Bundle: Sugar Cookie Murder, Candy Cane Murder, Plum Pudding Murder, & Gingerbread Cookie Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery)

    I wonder if Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - Murder, She Baked Christmas Mysteries movies based on the books this year or beyond since they made the Christmas mystery movie called; "Murder, She Baked: Plum Pudding Murder"

    1. I think it would be great if Hallmark made another new "Christmas themed" mystery!

      "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: For Christmas" was the first Hallmark mystery movie series to do a Christmas movie in 2014, then "Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery" came in 2015.

      For 2016, I wondered if one of the other mystery series would do a Christmas movie, but, unfortunately, none of them did.

      We'll have to keep a look out to see if any of them plan to do a Christmas movie in 2017... there are certainly lots of possibilities!!! :)

    2. There's so many Christmas themed mysteries to make movies about

    3. Yes, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has a lot of mystery series possibilities that could be Christmas movies! My hope is another "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" or "Aurora Teagarden" mystery!

  35. I hope there's another Christmas movies are based on the books.

    Christmas Fairytales by Nora Roberts
    Holiday Wishes by Nora Roberts
    The Christmas Wish by Nora Roberts
    Christmas in Alaska by Debbie Macomber
    Marrying in Alaska by Shannon L. Brown
    A Northern Christmas by Rockwell Kent
    A Letter from Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien
    Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris
    Christmas Wishes by Debbie Macomber
    Under the Mistletoe by Mary Balough
    Lakeshore Christmas by Susan Wiggs

    Any Christmas books by book authors. Which Christmas books will make into movies on Hallmark Channel or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries?

    1. There are some plans being made behind the scenes, however Hallmark has not officially announced anything, yet.

  36. I hope they will make a movie called; "Gingerbread Christmas", for Hallmark Channel about making a various gingerbread recipes & Arts & Crafts. Like Gingerbread train & house, Gingerbread man, gingerbread cookies, etc...

    1. That's a cute and yummy Christmas movie idea! I would definitely want to eat it, I mean watch it!!! LOL!!! :)

  37. The Christmas Calendar
    TV Movie 01-25-2017 to 02-09-2017
    Laura Bell Bundy, Hilary Strang, Greg Rogers

    1. Thank you for sharing. That cast information was just recently shared in a comment just a few above yours. ^ I'm so delighted to see Laura Bell Bundy's name attached to another Christmas project! :)

  38. A Royal Christmas
    TV Movie
    12-01-2016 to 12-15-2016
    Zak Santiago, Nicole Muñoz, Paloma Kwaitkowski, Kalyn Miles

    1. It looks like the title of this movie may be changed to "A Princess for Christmas," according to this article http://www.timescolonist.com/big-picture-christmas-movie-being-filmed-on-fort-street-1.9095061. Plus, it appears it will be airing on UP this Christmas, too, if everything goes according to plan!

      As for the cast... Zak Santiago may be known to Hallmark viewers as Ramon from Signed, Sealed, Delivered! Kalyn Miles was in Hallmark's "The Convenient Groom" and UP's "Season's Greetings."

  39. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, January 30, 2017

    A couple of things:

    1. The title "Christmas Inheritance” is now appearing on the Production Weekly site. I am going to guess that this must be an alternate title for "Inheriting Christmas," listed above.

    Also... I wonder if "The Angel" is a Christmas movie. I guess there is no way to know, as the title is way too vague.

    2. I discovered that "The Christmas Gift" (listed above) is filming from mid-February to early March -- in Chicago.

    As we know, Hallmark does not typically film in Chicago. I tend to think that it would be too costly for them to film a whole movie in Chicago.

    So... it is possible that "The Christmas Gift" is not a Hallmark installment either!

    By this time last year, production was already in progress (or maybe close to wrapping up??) for "Love Always, Santa." But that was filmed in Minnesota, where I never would have expected a Hallmark movie to film.

    Either Hallmark has already shot their first Christmas movie of the year somewhere under the radar or away from any of the expected locations (just as Minnesota was unexpected last year)... or they have not filmed their first 2017 Christmas movie yet.

    Now that Hallmark has gone to locations such as Bulgaria, Belgium and France -- all within a couple of months -- and is filming in other places beyond just Utah and Canada, I suppose they could be filming a Christmas movie anywhere in the world, and we might not know it!

    1. Yes, it's quite possible Hallmark could be filming Christmas movies right now anywhere! Hopefully, they are taking advantage of snow and Christmas decorations left up somewhere!

      I also caught that possible alternate or working title for "Inheriting Christmas" / "Christmas Inheritance." There were so many title changes last year, it's impossible to know, of course, if any of these will stick.

      It sure is fun to speculate and see hints of potential new Christmas movies!

  40. Christmas Inheritance
    TV Movie

    Christmas Inheritance is upcoming soon to filming in Tornoto/Ontario, Canada

  41. Christmas Solo
    TV Movie
    02-18-2017 to 03-05-2017

    Tiny Christmas
    TV Movie
    03-06-2017 to 03-31-2017

    Hailey Dean Mysteries 2
    TV Movie
    02-16-2017 to 03-07-2017

    Like Cats and Dogs
    TV Movie 02-20-2017 to 03-10-2017

    They will filming for upcoming movies in Vancouver & British Colombia, Canada

  42. Someone got info from Twitter

    Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Dead Over Heel will premiere on 3/19/2017 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

    Murder, She a Baked: Strawberry Shortcake Mystery will premiere on 3/26/2017


    1. That was thoughtful of you to share, but I already have those premiere dates listed on my New Movies on TV page and I shared that press release, here.

      I know many of us mystery fans are excited to see the next new movie in both of the Aurora and Murder She Baked series!

      Thank you, again, for taking the time to share. I appreciate it so much!

  43. I saw on the Upcoming Toronto and Ontario production list on the What's Filming? website that there was a made-for-TV movie listed, titled "Wonderful World". I don't know what network it will premiere on or if it will have a Christmas theme.

    1. You never know! It sounds like a positive happy story, either way! For now, I listed it under the New Movies on TV Section - under Unknown Network.

      Thanks so much for sharing!!! :)

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, February 08, 2017

      I noticed (elsewhere -- not on What's Filming) that "Wonderful World" is labeled as a "family" movie (whereas a lot of Hallmark movies and other TV movies are not specifically labeled as "family" movies during filming, even if they are, indeed, family-friendly). So that implies to me that it could possibly be something that is kid-friendly or for all ages -- for some network or another.

      It's not filming for a long time, so "Wonderful World" is definitely not a June Weddings movie. IF it turns out to be a Hallmark production, it could only be a Summer Nights movie, a Fall Harvest movie or a Christmas movie (based on the timing of the filming).

      It could also be a straight-to-DVD release as well, I suppose.

      "12 Days", on the other hand.... that movie I am almost positive is a Hallmark installment (either a Christmas movie or something for late Spring Fling or early June Weddings).

      And "Christmas Solo" is looking very much like it is *probably* going to be a Hallmark movie too.

  44. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, February 10, 2017

    Net -- The main actors in "Southern Christmas" appear to be: Shelley Long, Joe Don Rooney, Brighton Rose Sharbino, Sierra McCormick, Emmanuel Vouniozos and Chris Rich.

    I found the names tagged in a photo on director Harvey Lowry's Instagram page. The movie is filming right now.

  45. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, February 10, 2017

    I just posted about the cast of "Southern Christmas," based on a photo I saw on Instagram. IMDB also lists Bo Derek, Christian Kane and Paula Trickey as cast members too!!

    1. The cast for this movie is sounding awesome! Shelley Long is always terrific in a Christmas movie! (Love her in so many, especially "Holiday Engagement!) Even the title of the movie piqued my interest from the start! I always find stories about the South to be endearing. Sure hope this will be on TV somewhere this year!

      I just read the plot description (added above!) and it sounds like the story will focus mainly on the teenage girls in the movie. That's fine, but I do hope Shelley Long and Bo Derek will still have a prominent role!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, February 10, 2017

      Yes, same here! Shelley is always entertaining. I don't think Bo Derek does do too much acting anymore (and she still looks great!), so it's nice to see that she is involved in this movie.

      Also, I know that there are a few fans of Christian Kane out there (or so it seemed when his Lifetime Christmas movie debuted last year), so the fact that he is doing another Christmas movie should make his fans happy.

      I truly do wonder where this movie will end. Freeform, maybe? Lifetime? Hopefully it doesn't just head straight to DVD.

    3. Yes, the Christian Kane fan base certainly came in great support of the Lifetime movie premiere of "Heaven Sent."

      I'm sure they will do the same for this Christmas movie when they learn where it's going!!!

  46. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, February 11, 2017

    I have been wondering what kind of movie "Tiny Christmas" will be -- from the title, I can't really guess what the story might be, or if it is a kids' movie or whatever (for example, maybe the story is about a pet named Tiny).

    If it's not a children's movie of some sort, then I wonder if it is somehow about someone moving to a tiny house and celebrating Christmas.

    You know how "tiny houses" are a thing all of a sudden -- a growing trend/phenomenon?? The movie "Tiny House of Terror" that is currently filming is about a woman who moves to a tiny house (and things go horrible awry). That's what makes me wonder if "Tiny Christmas" also involves a tiny home -- but with a cheerier spin than "Tiny House of Terror"! lol

    1. Yes, I've been thinking exactly the same thing since I saw those two "Tiny" titles appeared around the same time on production weekly - in mid January.

      I've been wondering if they could possibly be related, but I'm hoping not since the one has "horror" in the title!

      I could, however, see one network or other doing two movies that go together - one for Halloween - obviously "Tiny House of Terror" and then the other, "Tiny Christmas", obviously for Christmas! It would totally make sense.

      Perhaps, it could even end up being for that Chiller network! (Scary!!!)

      Well, until we know, let's hold out hope, as you said Sherry, that the Christmas one is a cheerier story!!!

  47. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, February 11, 2017

    I am going to change my stance on where "Christmas Solo" (or "A Christmas Solo" -- I've seen both versions of the title) will end up.

    I started out not thinking that it would be a Hallmark movie. Then, I kind of shifted to thinking that it might possibly be a Hallmark movie after all, as it is being directed by Christie Will.

    But now... I think that it could be one of those movies that is either not set for a specific network yet (in other words, they have to see who picks it up), OR it is already planned for another network, OR it is something that might be intended for Hallmark but ends up on UP/Lifetime/ION.

    The producer of the movie has done a lot of TV movie work on a regular basis -- but very, very little Hallmark work. That's what now leads me to believe "Christmas Solo" could possibly land elsewhere, on a network other than Hallmark, whether it is planned that way or not.

    We'll see what happens!

  48. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, February 13, 2017

    Okay, I have the name of one cast member in "The Christmas Gift" (which starts production today, in Chicago) -- Emily Peterson.

    I have no idea if Emily is the lead in the movie, or a supporting player, but she is in Illinois now, and on her Instagram page she tagged thechristmasgift next to a picture from a wardrobe fitting a couple of days ago.

    "The Christmas Gift" is a MarVista project, according to IMDB, so you know what that means... it could go to UP, Lifetime, ION or Hallmark! lol

  49. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, February 15, 2017

    The movie "12 Days of Giving" is filming in Nebraska right now, and the cast is up on IMDB. It looks like the lead actors are David Blue and Ashley Jones.

    1. Thank you for sharing these cast details, Sherry! Can't wait to find out where all of the Christmas movies above end up! :)

  50. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, February 15, 2017

    I guess we can add "Lights, Camera, Christmas" to the list of upcoming movie titles (it sounds like there will be 2 movies instead of just one? How unusual!) -- with Ashley Williams and Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

    Here is the article that mentions it (hopefully this link will work) --


    (Credit goes to Lisa C. for finding this article -- I almost skipped right past the part about the Williams sisters' Christmas movies! I saw it just as I was about to close the tab.)

    1. That is fantastic news for both of the Williams sisters - Kimberly & Ashley! (I feel like I should say the older sister's name first!)

      That is interesting that it will be a "pair of 2017 Christmas movies!" Do you suppose it will simply be part 1 and part 2, like "Karen Kingbury's The Bridge" ?

      Thanks so much, Sherry, for sharing Lisa's discovery! :)

      Blessings!!! Net :)

    2. 2 real life siblings: Ashley Williams & Kimberly Williams-Paisley star in Lights, Camera, Christmas on Hallmark Channel & Darrow & Darrow on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

      Darrow & Darrow is more like Simon & Simon (TV Series) starred Jameson Parker & Gerald McRaney

  51. I saw wiki page: Lights, Camera, Christmas on Hallmark Channel list

    Are there any new movies able to add on announced or in development?

    1. Yes! "Lights, Camera, Christmas" is a newly discovered Hallmark Christmas movie title! (see comment above ^)

      Thank you so much for sharing, too!!! :)

  52. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, February 17, 2017

    Net -- Lori M. shared this with me (but she is not the one who found the article -- I don't know who did).

    It's a Hallmark Christmas movie called "Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" -- and it stars Cassidy Gifford (Kathie Lee's daughter). (The title sounds like it might veer into New Year's things too). It's filming in New York.

    Here is the link to the article -- http://www.syracuse.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2017/02/hallmark_channel_films_christmas_movie_in_snowy_syracuse.html#incart_river_home

    By the time you get this post, you may already know of this discovery! (I added it to Wikipedia.)

    Unless something else has been filmed in another off-the-radar location, then I *think* that Cassidy's movie might be the first Hallmark Christmas movie production of the year!!

  53. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, February 17, 2017

    I just posted (a little while ago) about Cassidy Gifford's Christmas movie filming right now in New York, but here is yet another Hallmark Christmas movie to add to the list!

    Jack Wagner says that not only will there be the expected sequel to "The Wedding March" in June, there will be a 3rd Wedding March movie, set at Christmastime!!!!!!

    Jack mentioned the Christmas Wedding March movie here, in Ruth's interview with him --


    1. Love all the new Christmas movie news pouring in! I hadn't heard the scoop on Jack Wagner- that's so interesting, but I did read that article on Cassidy Gifford! I love the name and the story sounds interesting... But, it sounds like the lead actress in the plot would be older than Cassidy - since she is considering divorce - so I think Cassidy Gifford will be one of the co-stars, possibly a daughter???

      I also recall Cassidy in the first God's Not Dead movie - she was great in that role - so I look forward to seeing her in this new Hallmark Christmas movie!!!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, February 17, 2017

      Maybe Cassidy is playing a younger version of the woman considering divorce (in a flashback)? Or maybe she is the daughter of the woman?

    3. I think it's possibility that Cassidy Grifford will be portraying 2 different roles from flashback & a Daughter of a woman with different characters.

  54. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, February 17, 2017

    I just established that I am 99.9% certain that "Christmas Inheritance" will be a Hallmark movie, just as I am 99.9% certain that the movie "12 Days" will be a Hallmark movie (though it has not started production yet). All signs point to those 2 titles being Hallmark movies.

    ...Still not sure about "A Christmas Solo" or "Tiny Christmas."

  55. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, February 18, 2017

    Net -- A listing for "The Christmas Gift" has been updated on IMDB, and, in addition to Emily Peterson, the cast list includes -- surprise, surprise -- Sam Page!

    (It's funny, because I figured out that Sam was in "Walking the Dog" way before any cast info appeared anywhere -- to the point where I was starting to doubt my findings -- but I had NO clue that he was in this current Christmas movie at all, until I just checked IMDB!)

    So I guess that Sam is the leading man in "The Christmas Gift."

    It looks like Tara Holt might be the leading lady (it's either Tara or Emily).

    Now I did not think that "The Christmas Gift" was a Hallmark movie, because it is filming in Chicago. It still doesn't seem Hallmark-esque to me other than being a Christmas movie, but the fact that Sam is in it has gotten me to not write it off just yet. I still don't think it's Hallmark, but I also don't know which network it might be for.

    It could be a movie that is being filmed independently, which will be sold off to a network -- and Hallmark is probably one of the networks to whom it will be offered.

    1. More Wonderful Christmas Movie News!!! It's a lot to keep up with! I think everyone wants to create a Hallmark Christmas movie these days!

      How fun that Sam Page is doing a Christmas movie for somebody - maybe Hallmark, maybe not, just like you said!

      I was beginning to think he would keep doing the annual Valentine's day movie for Hallmark! (LOL!) Should be fun to see him do a Christmas one!

      Thanks for the cast info, Sherry! Should be fun to see where this ends up! Both Hallmark regulars Cynthia Busby and Niall Matter's Christmas movies ended up on UP last year - so you never know!!! :)

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, February 20, 2017

      Yes, exactly. We now know that just because a Hallmark actor is in a Christmas movie, or Valentine movie, or a rom com of any sort, it doesn't mean that the movie will end up on Hallmark. It could go to UP -- that is actually more likely than going to ION, but ION is probably the next choice. Even Freeform could get a Hallmark actor in a movie, as we saw last year.

      And who knows about Lifetime? We don't know if Lifetime is going to premiere one new Christmas movie or 8 new Christmas movies this year, but whichever way they go, that adds even more mystery to the whole Christmas movie situation.

      The other thing that confuses the matter is the fact that Hallmark is now branching out to different filming locations they don't normally use. Belgium, Bulgaria, Paris, New York, Georgia, Connecticut, Minnesota, Ohio -- all kinds of places other than Canada and Utah. Even in Canada they are branching out beyond Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. So we can no longer immediately assume that something is NOT Hallmark because of a different filming location. Now... they might be filming in a bunch of different places at one time, and some of them could be new locations for Hallmark.

      Hopefully you got my other posts after the Same Page news. I sent you info about a brand new, previously unknown Christmas movie that just popped up out of the woodwork (with cast info), and then sent another post with cast info for "Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" (cast members other than Cassidy G., in other words).

      The Christmas movie info is rolling in, all of a sudden, isn't it?! Who knew that February would be a hotbed of Christmas movie news? It is hard to keep up with, but I am on it! lol

  56. I absolutely love this page. It's like Christmas stands still here. It never ends. I feel like I found the secret room in the back of the house where one can only enter with a secret code (The code being you must have Christmas in your heart like a child would all year long and at all times. The door won't open if you don't).

    Upon entering I am dazzled by all the Christmas lights blinking, multiple Christmas Trees, and every thing Christmas. I see my IAWM friends sitting around on the couches talking about upcoming Christmas movies. I don't have much to offer but I just sit and listen with sugar plums dancing in my head.The joy and warmth of Christmas never ends here. You all are the best! The best secret room ever!!

    1. I'm so glad you have found the secret passageway, Jim! Here we are! And, our only oath is - you must love Christmas and keep it in your heart all year through! I already that perfectly describes you!

      Also - just so you know... I'm also adding on occasion to movies that are already listed. Sometimes, it's another cast member name, etc!!!

      With 30 New Movies coming to Hallmark alone - I'm sure there will be plenty to talk about - all year through!!! So... get comfy, and enjoy the Christmas movie chat!!! :)

      Blessings to You!!! Net

  57. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, February 18, 2017

    Earlier I posted about Sam Page being in "The Christmas Gift."

    Well... get ready for another Christmas movie. Full credit goes to Ioana A. for discovering this. It did not pop up on my radar at all, earlier this morning. And I checked and checked. It just popped up in the last 2 hours or so (it's Saturday night right now, about 8 p.m.).

    Taylor Cole, Damon Runyan, Wendy Crewson.... And it starts filming on Tuesday, Feb. 21st in Canada (but it flew under the radar and stayed off of the filming sites, it seems).

    At first I wondered if it could be A Christmas Solo, which was supposed to have started filming today. But this Taylor Cole movie is not in Vancouver, where Christmas Solo was supposed to film.

    And then I wondered if it could be Christmas Inheritance, which is filming in Toronto/Ontario -- but Christmas Inheritance is not supposed to go into production until mid-March.

    So I think this new one may have just popped up out of nowhere.

    Here is the link --


    1. Thank you for sharing, Sherry! It's fun to see three people who have been in previous Christmas movies! I shared the info above! ^

  58. Sherry In CaliforniaSunday, February 19, 2017

    Yesterday I posted about Same Page, and also Taylor Cole/Damon Runyan (2 separate comments/replies).

    Today, I am sharing 2 cast members who are in the movie "Old Acquaintance Be Forgot." And they are...

    Tilky Jones (presumably the male lead) and Katrina Begin (who is possibly the female lead).


    (It's Sunday, 2/19, about 12:45 p.m., and I am sending this info to your site first, before I post it elsewhere!)

  59. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, February 20, 2017

    I found another movie title (on Production Weekly) -- “Marry Me At Christmas" is the name (UP already has a movie with an almost identical title, correct?).

    I wonder if, perhaps, maybe, possibly, "Marry Me At Christmas" is the same movie for which I posted the info here (with a link) over the weekend (the one that I mentioned that Ioana A. discovered -- which totally popped up out of the blue). Check the Spam folder if you didn't get it.

    Probably 2 separate movies. But... who knows?

    1. UP's has Marry Me for Christmas and Marry Us for Christmas

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, February 21, 2017

      I thought so. Thank you. I wonder if this new "Marry Me At Christmas" movie is somehow a continuation of those stories on UP, or something totally unrelated.

  60. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, February 20, 2017

    I just found the working title of Taylor Cole's new movie.

    It's called "A Christmas Festival of Ice"!!

    Here is a link --


    1. Is A Christmas Festival of Ice on Hallmark Channel? Taylor Cole is part of Hallmark Family. I can't wait to watch it.

      Taylor Cole was portrayed as Samantha Owens on CSI: Miami; She's Ryan Wolfe's (Jonathan Togo) love interest.

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, February 21, 2017

      It's is suspected/thought to be a Hallmark movie -- more than likely it will be, just based on the 2 leads in the movie -- but sometimes these movie shoots can be tricky.

      What can happen is that some media source or another will report something as being for Hallmark, and then it ends up not being for Hallmark at all. OR... another scenario that can happen is that a movie films and it is somehow kept fairly quiet that it is a Hallmark movie. It can fly under the radar while filming, and almost no one seems to know that it is a Hallmark movie except for the people who live in the immediate area of the filming, but then it pops up on the Hallmark schedule a couple of months later. Sometimes when these movies are filmed, the cast and crew will even say they are filming something for Lifetime or something "independent," and then the movie later ends up on Hallmark after all.

      But I think it will be a Hallmark movie! Perhaps it could be one of the contenders for the Christmas in July premiere, or it could just go to the Countdown to Christmas later this year.

    3. Love Christmas Movie news! Shortly after receiving your first comment, Sherry - with the news from Ioana, I saw another article with lots more details on the movie - "A Christmas Festival of Ice!"

      The article included storyline details, which I added up above (sounds like it could be a good one!!!) and it stated this movie is being produced by the Hallmark Channel!

    4. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, February 22, 2017

      Good info!

      Ioana found the original Instagram picture on 2/18. I found the movie title on 2/20 (and posted it above)! It took quite a bit of digging (because, at that point there was no article with plot details -- that article didn't appear until yesterday), but I searched around and found it.

      Hallmark is tagged next to the original Instagram photo, too. :) That one I believed from the beginning to be Hallmark. "Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" is a bit harder to believe as Hallmark based on a few factors I usually consider, but we'll see.

    5. It's truly AMAZING how much Christmas movie news is coming in so quickly this year!!! And - all at once, it seems!!!

      It is also fun to guess, based on titles and plot details, where a Christmas movie might potentially end up!!! :)

    6. Sherry In CaliforniaWednesday, February 22, 2017

      I think that some of the movies are obvious Hallmark projects. Either Hallmark will announce them, or there are other things that point to them being clear Hallmark productions. Some of them I don't even need to guess on -- I just instinctively know that they will be Hallmark movies from the information I find.

      But then there are the wild cards... the question mark movies. The movies that -- based on title alone, or maybe based on one lone actor (such as Sam Page in "The Christmas Gift") -- seem like they *could be* Hallmark movies... but might not be.

      We know that Hallmark puts out more Christmas movies than any other network. So, mathematically and statistically speaking, most made-for-TV Christmas movies that are made this year will go to Hallmark.

      But there are certainly enough other Christmas movies being made for other channels that we cannot automatically assume that something is Hallmark just from a title, or from one lone actor. We need more info.

      I would not even think that "Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" is a Hallmark movie, despite what was stated in the Syracuse article, if not for the Cassidy Gifford connection. But now that I see that she is in "Like Cats and Dogs," I am really starting to wonder if OABF is truly a Hallmark movie at all, or if she is actually even in the movie at all! lol I would have chalked up OABF to being an ION or UP movie if I had never seen the Hallmark name and Cassidy's name attached to it.

      On that note.... so far, most signs are now pointing to "A Christmas Solo" NOT being a Hallmark movie (which is what I was beginning to lean towards anyway, once I looked into it further). It is quite possibly going to be another UP movie, or maybe an ION movie. Maybe -- if a network has not picked it up yet -- it could end up with Hallmark after all, but I don't think it is intended for Hallmark right now.

      All of this Christmas movie info suddenly popping up out of the blue, most of it this month (as opposed to last month), is really quite astounding. I mean, we knew that Hallmark would have to start kicking the Christmas productions into high gear, as they have to crank out 30 of them by late October/early November. They can't leisurely wait until Sept/Oct to film all of them. But the thing that is intriguing is that the film shoots could pop up in a variety of places beyond the usual Canada and Utah sites, and we might not even know about them until they are done shooting!

  61. Per IMDb: The Holiday to Remember (2017)
    Family | TV Movie 1 December 2017
    The Holiday to Remember Poster
    Time pass so quickly once you become an adult...before you know it time is coming to the end - this Holiday Movie is about once more capturing a time almost forgotten..
    Director: Sharlene Humm
    Writer: Sharlene Humm
    Stars: Brian Adam Mahoney, Dean Phillippi Sr., Julissa Ciara

  62. https://www.christmasonmaplestreet.com/

    1. Thank you so much for sharing those Christmas movies, Tonja! I added both above! Should be fun to see where they end up playing and I love knowing they are both family-friendly!

      I so appreciate you sharing them here at It's a Wonderful Movie!

      Blessings to You, Net :)

  63. Project: Puppies for Christmas (2017)
    John Ratzenberger
    Director: Dan Hewitt Owens

    Second Chance Christmas (2017)
    TV Movie

    a forgotten West Virginia mining town experiences a musical & emotional rebirth when a snowstorm strands a touring orchestra on Christmas Eve

    A Family for Christmas (TV movie)
    When reclusive novelist is forced to take in 3 generations of women (mother, daughter, grandma) shortly before Christmas, they form an usual family, paving the way for romance to blossom between the novelist & the mother.

    The Holiday to Remember (2017)
    TV movie

    1. Thank you for sharing those titles. I do have three of them already listed above - "Puppies for Christmas," "A Family for Christmas," and The Holiday to Remember - that one was just recently added! But, you are the first to share "Second Chance Christmas." I will be glad to add that one above! Again, thank you so much for sharing!!! :)

    2. Second Chance Christmas (2017)
      Musical | TV Movie

      Second Chance Christmas is a musical TV movie about singing competition to give someone second chance to sing a Christmas song(s)


  64. A Fathers Gift: Christmas in July (2017)
    Family | 2017 (USA)

    Christmas Cottage (2017)
    Comedy | TV Movie
    Director: Paul A. Kaufman

    Any couple who spends the night in the Christmas cottage shall have love everlasting - Lacey Quinn did not believe in happily ever after or the legend of the Christmas cottage. As maid of honor for her best friend Ava, her duties included decorating the cottage for the newlyweds. It was a simple enough task, but she hadn't counted on sexy Ean Callahan, the bride-to-be's brother, to be assisting her. Spending the evening ensconced in the overly romantic setting while a blizzard howls outside has Lacey wondering if fairy tales really do come true.

    The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017)
    Biography, Drama | 2018 (USA)

    After a series his books have been flops, Charles Dickens decides to write and self-publish A Christmas Carol.

    Director: Bharat Nalluri

    The Holiday to Remember (2017) (TV Movie)
    Director: Sharlene Humm

    Time pass so quickly once you become an adult...before you know it time is coming to the end - this Holiday Movie is about once more capturing a time almost forgotten..

    Cast: Brian Adam Mahoney, Julissa Ciara, Dean Phillippi Sr., Jann Van Dyke

    1. Thank you for sharing this Christmas movie news, Anonymous! I added "A Fathers Gift: Christmas in July" above - along with the storyline. That is interesting - a TV Movie title with "Christmas in July" in it. I'm stating the obvious here, but it sounds like they are aiming for this one to premiere in July! Could it possibly be a new premiere during Hallmark's Christmas Keepsake week?

      Plus, thank you so much for sharing descriptions for two of the movies I had listed above - "Christmas Cottage" and "The Man Who Invented Christmas!"

      I already had "The Holiday to Remember" above (thanks to Tonja, who just shared it a few days ago!) - but I appreciate you sharing that one, too!!!

      Blessings & Thank you!!! Net :)

  65. CHRISTMAS INHERITANCE will start filming in North Bay, Ontario, Canada on March 13, 2017-April 7, 2017

    Dir.: Ernie Barbarash


    1. Thank you for sharing that link. The web-site whatsfilming.ca also has the same filming dates - so it's good to confirm that.

      Plus, it's also interesting to see the Executive Producer is Brad Krevoy. He has been a part of creating so many Hallmark productions ("When Calls the Heart," "Love on Ice," "Every Christmas Has a Story," "The Wedding March," "Murder, She Baked," "Flower Shop Mystery," "A Christmas Detour," and many more!!! This makes me think this is most likely for Hallmark, too! However, please know, nothing has been confirmed officially - I'm just putting pieces of the puzzle together and it looks like they all fit into place!!! :)

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, February 23, 2017

      Net -- As you may remember, I said a couple of times (including sometime last week) that I had already concluded that "Christmas Inheritance" is Hallmark. In fact, I think I said I was 99.99% certain that it -- along with "Safe At Home" and "12 Days" -- is a Hallmark movie. Brad Krevoy is just one of the reasons. The director (Ernie) just did "A Royal Winter." Also, David Anselmo has worked on a lot of Hallmark things. Amy Krell has worked on Hallmark things.

      There are lots of ways I come to the conclusions I come to, after digging around. I'm not going to list all of my strategies here, every time, but know that when I say that I have concluded something is a Hallmark movie -- it means I have dug into it and formed a reasonable conclusion!

      I would gladly share with you behind the scenes (via email) how I come to certain conclusions, but am trying to spare you the extra email to have to slog through! lol

      Of course, as you said, Hallmark has NOT announced Christmas Inheritance (or 12 Days, or Safe At Home) as a Hallmark movie, and they might not announce it for a while.... but it will be a Hallmark movie.

      A Hallmark actor being in something is not always a guarantee that the movie is Hallmark, as you know all too well, BUT when the whole team of people working on the movie is very Hallmark-connected, it is usually a telltale sign (as I have realized) that it is a Hallmark project.

  66. 2016 Production Credits

    eOne / Really Real Films

    Nicole Munoz, paloma kwiatkowski


    Nicole & Paloma aren't on the list "A Royal Christmas", on their IDMB


  67. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)
    Adventure, Family, Fantasy | 2018 (USA)

    A young girl is transported into a magical world of gingerbread soldiers and an army of mice.

    Director: Lasse Hallström

    Stars: Keira Knightley, Morgan Freeman, Mackenzie Foy

    Walt Disney Pictures’ new live-action version of “The Nutcracker.” Most famously adapted as a ballet by Tchaikovsky in the late 19th century, the tale originated as a short story titled “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by E.T.A. Hoffmann in 1816. In it, a young girl’s dolls come to life on Christmas Eve alongside a noble nutcracker, who protects her from a villainous army of mice. There is no word on how much fidelity this new take will have to the original source material, although Powell apparently spent two solid years developing the project.


    Meet the Growing Cast of Disney's Live-Actor Nutcracker Movie


    1. Thank you for sharing this extra information on this new Disney Nutcracker movie!

  68. It remains to be seen what direction they take with The Wedding March 2 but from what I've read so far The Wedding March 3 looks more suited to HMM rather than the main Hallmark. Channel

    1. That's interesting! Would love to know more about what you read!!!

  69. Anxiously waiting to see where the new Sam Page Christmas movie surfaces.

    The Production Company is listed as MarVista so it is possible it could go to Hallmark.

    It seems to me that Hallmark sign up most lead actors for two movies. Some disappear after this but if they make it to a third one then it generlly means they become part of the "family".

    Walking The Dog was Sam's second Hallmark lead so here's hoping.

    Another favourite of mine Lucas Bryant is also on the 2 mark.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, February 24, 2017

      Walking the Dog was Sam's 3rd Hallmark lead. He was in a Hallmark Christmas movie several years back ("Annie Claus is Coming to Town").

  70. Thanks for the info Sherry In California. I hadn't known about this.

    The great news is that is avaialble on DVD!

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, February 24, 2017

      Oh, you're very welcome! No problem at all. Annie Claus was several years back, so it was easy to overlook or forget because it wasn't lumped into the same general time frame with Sam's more recent Valentine movies. There was a big gap of time in between the Annie Claus movie and "All Things Valentine."

      Also, Annie Claus is being shown less and less when the Countdown to Christmas happens, or it gets pushed to odd hours of the night/morning where no one will find it. The DVD is a good investment, because it might only be shown a couple of times this year.

    2. Yes, "Annie Claus is Coming to Town" premiered on the Hallmark Channel in 2011! As Sherry said, nowadays it only typically airs late night or very early morning. The movie stars Sam Page, Maria Thayer, Ryan Bittle, Vivica A. Fox, and Vicki Lawrence. I have a page on it HERE with pics!

      Since you haven't seen it, you are in for a delightful treat, Anonymous! "Annie Claus is Coming to Town" is such a sweet Santa & Northpole happy little romantic comedy!

      I have this movie included, along with other Hallmark movies on DVD, from A to Z, HERE!

      Hope this info helps!!! Enjoy!!!
      Blessings, Net :)


  71. Write Christmas (2017)

    TV Movie? Or Movie Theaters?

    A Family for Christmas (2017)
    Romance | TV Movie

    The Christmas Letters (2017)
    Family | TV Movie 2017

    Beverly Hills Christmas II (2017)
    Family | 2017 (USA)

    A sequel to the popular movie, Beverly Hills Christmas that was shown on UP TV during Christmas 2015 to more than 70 million viewers.

    Director: Christian Filippella

    Stars: Margaret O'Brien, Kira Reed Lorsch, Ronn Moss

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2018)
    Animation, Comedy, Family | 9 November 2018 (USA)

    A grumpy Grinch plots to ruin Christmas for the village of Whoville.

    Directors: Peter Candeland, Yarrow Cheney

  72. Miss Christmas: A heartwarming romance for Hallmark movie fans!
    Kindle Edition by Gigi Garrett (Author)

    Holly Kuhn is on the hunt for The Tree, but could she possibly find The One along the way?

    Next to Santa Claus, Holly Kuhn has one of the most important Christmas jobs out there. She’s the Director of Horticulture at Rockefeller Center, which means she’s in charge of finding the biggest and most perfect Norway spruce and transporting it to Manhattan. When she stumbles upon The Tree of her dreams on an idyllic Massachusetts dairy farm, Miss Christmas—as she’s called—is on seventh heaven. That is, until she meets the farm’s owner, handsome Sam McCary, and discovers he doesn’t share her holiday spirit.

    Will Holly be able to convince him to share his tree with the world? Or will workaholic Holly learn that sometimes there’s something even more important than tinsel-trapped success?

    Join Holly and Sam—along with a colorful supporting cast and charming small town—as they discover that Christmas miracles are all around us, if we’re only willing to see them in plain sight.

    Note: This is an expanded and updated version. There are additional scenes from 2015's edition. It's also hopefully going to be on Hallmark's 2017 movie line-up.

    1. Yes, it sure is! "Miss Christmas" has been announced as one of the first 8 films being produced by Hallmark - for this upcoming Christmas Season! This news was just shared a few days ago, by Hallmark, in their latest press release!

      Thank you so much for sharing the full version of this story! I appreciate it very much - sounds like one I'll definitely look forward to watching this year!

      Blessings!!! Net :)

  73. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, February 27, 2017

    Net -- I have a scoop-in-the-making for you, meaning it's about a Christmas movie I discovered a couple of days ago, but I have not found some important details yet.

    There is currently (what has been labeled/tagged as) a "Christmas movie" filming in... Romania!

    When I discovered "A Royal Winter" (at that time called "A Winter Prince") filming in Romania last year, it was pretty obvious from the start that it was a Hallmark movie. Not only were one or two actors tagging Hallmark next to photos, but I saw Brad Krevoy's name attached to the movie as well.

    The Christmas movie that is currently filming in Romania has not been as transparent right off the bat, in terms of this being a Hallmark project.

    Two interesting things about this movie:

    1. I *think* -- or I strongly suspect ;) ;) ;) -- that actor Theo Devaney might possibly be in it (probably playing a prince or king, I would guess). He has not said he is doing the Christmas movie that is filming right now, but he IS in Romania; and

    2. Ioana A. found a photo from someone in Romania who tagged "onset" -- and also tagged..... "A Prince for Christmas"!!!!!

    As we know, "A Prince for Christmas" was one of Hallmark's titles that vanished last year (though it was changed to a Winter movie and replaced by "A Royal Winter"). However, it is also the name of an ION movie. And then we have UP with a movie that might either be called "A Princess for Christmas" or "A Royal Christmas"! lol

    Could it be possible that Hallmark is making yet another Romanian royal movie, using the title that they shelved last year? If so, I would expect Brad Krevoy to be involved in this one... BUT Brad is involved in the soon-to-be-filmed "Christmas Inheritance," along with Ernie Barbarash, who directed "A Royal Winter"!!

    Is it possible that the Christmas movie that is being filmed in Romania right now might actually be part of "Christmas Inheritance"? For example, maybe there is a royal element to Christmas Inheritance, where someone "inherits" a castle or something like that, requiring some footage to be shot in Romania and the rest of the movie to be filmed in Canada (just like the "Love Locks" shoot was split between Paris and Montreal)?

    Or is the current Romanian Christmas movie a totally separate project (whether it's for Hallmark or not)?

    It is a Christmas movie mystery, indeed! Or, as Meredith Hagner's character said in "My Christmas Love," it's a Chris-tery!

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, February 28, 2017

      Theo Devaney is working with Amy Krell on the above-referenced movie filming in Romania. Amy is also one of the producers (along with Brad Krevoy) of the upcoming "Christmas Inheritance," AND she has worked on a lot of Hallmark movies (including all of the Romanian-filmed royal movies).

      Theo said that this (Romanian project) is a TV movie, but he also said it was going to Netflix. Could it be that he doesn't know this movie is going to Hallmark and thinks it is going right to Netflix? Or might this movie not actually be for Hallmark (despite the "A Prince for Christmas" tag next to someone's photo a few days ago)? Or, as I previously wondered, is this movie somehow connected to "Christmas Inheritance," and there will be a split shoot between Romania and Canada?

      In any case... it's a Christmas movie for TV and/or Netflix, and it's filming in Romania.

    2. Oh my! Sounds all very intriguing!!! I love a good mystery, as you know!

      I'm not familiar with the actor, Theo Devaney, so of course - I IMDB'd him, (that's a word, right? LOL! like googled?) and he definitely has the look of someone who could play a prince.

      Please do keep us posted on any discoveries on this one!

      Blessings!!! Net :)

  74. I find another Christmas Movies - TV movies 2017 via IMDb

    The Christmas Gift (???? TV Movie)
    A strong female executive learns the meaning of Christmas through a series of events at a homeless shelter operated by an ex-NHL player in New York.
    Director: Isaac Florentine
    Stars: Ella Joyce, Dan Martin

    The Christmas Basket (????)
    Home for the first time in years for her sister's holiday wedding, Noelle McDowell is forced to face Thom Sutton, the man who jilted her when they were both teenagers.
    Stars: Haylie Duff

    A Very Mary Christmas (????)
    When a cynical young cosmetic surgeon who migrates to the tropics every Christmas is stood up by her date...
    Director: Jake Helgren
    Stars: Lexi Giovagnoli, Sarah Timming

    1. Thank you so much!!! I added these above - with credit to you, Anonymous! Appreciate you sharing!!!

      Should be fun to discover where these will be seen!!!

      Blessings!!! Net :)

  75. I found this via IMBb

    Once Upon a Date (2017 TV Movie)
    A romantic comedy about a struggling family-owned theatre at risk of being forced out of business by a greedy real estate developer. Josh undertakes the task of convincing the owner to sell by auditioning for Prince Charming in the upcoming production Once Upon A Date.
    Director: Lee Friedlander
    Stars: Katrina Bowden, Francia Raisa, James Callis, Dean Geyer

    The Mechanics of Love (2017 TV Movie)
    In town for a wedding, Mattilynn runs into an old flame at her father's mechanic shop and is torn between staying and returning to the big city.
    Director: David Weaver
    Stars: Shenae Grimes-Beech, Tyler Hynes, Lochlyn Munro, Emily Tennant

    The Proposal Plan (???? TV Movie)
    A dishonorably discharged Army Ranger must take over his ailing sister's high end proposal business only to fall in love with one of their clients.

    Bridal Boot Camp (2017)
    When pretty dress-maker Andy joins a motley crew of brides-to-be for a grueling bridal boot camp, where...
    Director: Jake Helgren
    Stars: Spencer Locke, Jake Sandvig, Aeriél Miranda, Cameron Richardson

    Brimming with Love (2017)
    Family | TV Movie 2017
    A matchmaking coffee shop owner helps a jilted journalist find love.
    Director: W.D. Hogan
    Writers: John Donovan, Debbie Gaughan (as Deborah Gaughan)
    Stars: Kelsey Asbille, Jonathan Keltz, Alexandra Metz

    1. Thank you for sharing - I believe most of those titles will be PixL TV movies! I have them listed on my NEW MOVIES ON TV PAGE.

      I so appreciate you taking the time to share!

      Blessings to you!!! Net :)

  76. Net, thank you for taking all the bits and pieces of Christmas movie information we all send you and keeping it all organized so neatly here in one place. You don't know how much I love this. I visit literally every day. Sometimes twice. Thank YOU!

    1. You are most Welcome! Please know, it is my pure Joy to share Christmas Movies and most of all, the Spirit of Christmas, which is the Love of Christ, all year through!!! Thank you for your kind, thoughtful compliment!!! You have warmed my heart!!!

      Blessings!!! Net :)

  77. This is from Hallmark website

    Production has begun on “12 Days” a new, original movie premiering in 2017 during Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas! The movie will star Catherine Bell (“Good Witch,” “Army Wives”) and Eric Close (“Nashville,” “Suits.”)

    Switching gears from her role as Cassie Nightingale, the raven-haired enchantress at the heart of “Good Witch,” Bell plays Lydia, a successful, no-nonsense professional organizer, who works a different kind of magic by helping clients take control of their lives. Possibly one of her more challenging – albeit charming – cases is Robert (Close), a harried toy inventor who is a widower with two kids. He has just 12 days to get his life in order before making a big pitch to a major retailer – and hosting a home-cooked holiday feast for the client at his house, which is in disarray and not holiday-ready. As the two work side-by-side and Lydia helps transform Robert’s life, she learns giving up some control can be a good thing and that sometimes opposites do attract.


  78. Hallmark Channel film crew shoots Christmas movie in snowy Syracuse
    By Katrina Tulloch

    syracuse.com — SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- More than a dozen actors and filmmakers spent the day shooting scenes in Armory Square for an upcoming Hallmark Channel movie. Camera operators, actors and production members filmed under blue tents on South Franklin and Walton Streets on Thursday, for a film titled "Old Acquaintance Be Forgot," a line from "Auld Lang Syne."

    And then, years later, like some sort of Hallmark movie...a Christmas miracle! Wale shows up at my door during the holidays, new mixtape in hand, and all is forgiven.


    Actors, camera operators, and filmmakers are in Armory Square in Syracuse to film a movie for a Hallmark Channel movie.
    According to syracuse.com, a production team from the Hallmark Channel was set up in Syracuse to film a Christmas movie. The movie will be titled “Old Acquaintance Be Forget” and crew members were seen carrying around poinsettias to really add to the Christmas spirit.
    One actor was even dressed as Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick and rang a bell outside of Nick’s Tomato Pie around 5pm on Thursday. Several people who were passing by stopped to watch the scene being filmed. Several scenes were also filmed the Syracuse Ukranian National Home earlier in the week.
    The film will star Cassidy Gifford, daughter of TV hose and comedian Kathie Lee Gifford and football player and TV commentator Frank Gifford.
    With all the snow that Syracuse has gotten this winter, it’s no wonder why it was the perfect place to film a movie about Christmas!

    Read More: Hallmark Channel Filming Christmas Movie in Syracuse | http://961theeagle.com/hallmark-channel-filming-christmas-movie-in-syracuse/?trackback=tsmclip


    When is Old Acquaintance Be Forgot start filming until it's done filming

  79. Jake Helgren has another upcoming movie that sounds perfect for Christmas. It's a Marvista movie so we know it will at least be on Video On Demand


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