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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WHO will STAR in All New UP TV SERIES - "Date My Dad" ??? (Clue: Lots of Actors & Actresses from UP & Hallmark Movies!)

Starring in the New upcoming UP Weekly TV Series "Date My Dad" is actor Barry Watson with an awesome Cast! See all the details below!

image via: Instagram

UP has released this synopsis of the new "Date My Dad" TV series:

“Date My Dad” is a 10-episode family dramedy that tells the story of a single dad raising three daughters. Ricky Cooper (Barry Watson) had the perfect life. A former professional baseball player, he was married to Isabella, the love of his life. Ricky’s world comes crashing down when Isabella passes away leaving him to raise three daughters alone. “Date My Dad” picks up three years later while Ricky is raising the girls with the help of his live-in mother-in-law, Rosa (Raquel Welch). On his 40th birthday, Ricky experiences a different type of crisis when Rosa unexpectedly announces that she is moving. He becomes panic-stricken knowing he will have to tackle everything from make-up to boys to driving on his own. His daughters – Mirabel (15), Elisa (12) and Gigi (8) – have also been busy. They have taken matters into their own hands by making it their mission to get their dad back in the game…the dating game, that is. Ricky is in for a roller coaster ride as he is pushed into the dating world for the first time in 20 years while also being the best dad he can be to his girls.

image via: Instagram

The Storyline:

On the surface, the basic premise for this story sounds like the sitcoms Full House or The Brady Bunch, with a single parent raising three children on their own. This series, however, is described as a dramedy. I googled it, and according to Wikipedia, it's pretty much exactly what you think... "a Comedy-drama, occasionally known as dramedy (portmanteau of words drama and comedy), is a subgenre in contemporary forms of tragicomedy, especially in television, that combines elements of comedy and drama." (Basically sometimes it is funny and sometimes it is serious.)

WHO is Starring in this new series?

Barry Watson - of the long-running television drama series 7th Heaven, and the TV movies UP's "Far From Home," Hallmark's "Kiss at Pine Lake," Lifetime's "Santa Con," and many more... will portray the father, Ricky Cooper, in this series. It should be interesting to see Barry take on the father-role, especially for those of us who remember him well as Matt Camden in 7th Heaven, the eldest son of the Camden family.

Barry Watson -  "Far From Home" / image via: UP

Lilah Fitzgerald - of the UP movie "A Girl's Best Friend," and Hallmark's "When Calls the Heart" and "Harvest Moon." Lilah will portray the second daughter, 12 year old Elisa Cooper, the middle child.

Lilah Fitzgerald - "A Girl's Best Friend" / image via: UP

Zenia Marshall - of Hallmark's "Summer of Dreams" - will portray Mira Cooper, the 15 year old daughter.

Zenia Marshall - "Summer of Dreams" (pictured in the middle of ensemble cast)
image via: Hallmark Crown Media

Audrey Smallman - of Hallmark's "Family for Christmas" - will portray 8 year old Gigi Cooper, the youngest of three girls.

Audrey Smallman - "A Family for Christmas"
image via: Hallmark Crown Media

Raquel Welch - has been well known as a movie star since the 1960s. Raquel recently starred in Hallmark's TV movie "The Ultimate Legacy." She will portray Ricky's Mother-n-law in "Date My Dad."

Raquel Welch - "The Ultimate Legacy"
image via: Hallmark Crown Media

Will Verchere-Gopaulsingh - of Hallmark's "A Country Wedding" and "When Calls the Heart" and the UP TV Movie "Welcome Home," will portray Cole, according to IMDB.

Will Verchere-Gopaulsingh - "Welcome Home" / image via: UP-TV

Natasha Wilson - of Hallmark's TV Movie "My Boyfriends' Dogs" will portray Ricky's deceased wife, Isabella.

Natasha Wilson - image via: IMDB

Karen Holness - of Hallmark movies "Wedding Planner Mystery," "The Convenient Groom," "Garage Sale Mystery: The Art of Murder," "Every Christmas Has a Story," "A Rose for Christmas," "Framed for Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery," "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Higher Ground" and more! In "Date My Dad," she will portray Dr. Jackie Cooper.

Karen Holness - (pictured on left, forefront)
"Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Higher Ground"
image via: Hallmark Crown Media

Cindy Busby - of the TV series UP's Heartland and Hallmark's "Cedar Cove," and the TV movies "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" and "Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, with Love" will also star in this series. (Could she be possibly be a friend or love interest of Ricky's?)

Cindy Busby - "Unleashing Mr. Darcy"
image via: Hallmark Crown Media

Matty Finochio - of the Hallmark movies "Kiss at Pine Lake" (with Barry Watson, by the way!), "Window Wonderland," "So You Said Yes," "Autumn Dreams," and UP TV Movies "Far From Home" (also with Barry Watson!) and "Season's Greetings." (not sure, yet, who he will portray in "Date My Dad." My guess is Ricky's friend, but we'll see!)

Matty Finochio - A Kiss at Pine Lake
image: screen - capped from Hallmark Channel movie

Lisa Durupt - of the Hallmark mystery series "Murder She Baked" plus "The Irresistible Blueberry Farm," "Operation Christmas," "A Dream of Christmas," and more... will also have a role in this TV series.

Lisa Durupt - "A Dream of Christmas"image via: Hallmark Crown Media

With such a great cast - I'm hoping this will also be a terrific family show!

Does this look like something you plan to watch? If so, which Actor or Actress above are you most excited or interested to see in this project?

By the way, this weekend on UP -- you can see Barry Watson and Matty Finochio in "Far From Home" - Sunday night, February 19, 2017 at 9pm (EST) and you can see Lilah Fitzgerald in "A Girl's Best Friend" also Sunday night, February 19, 2017 at 11pm (EST).

If you are intrigued by this upcoming Television series... "Date My Dad," then be sure to stay tuned here at "It's a Wonderful Movie" for news & updates and look for it to premiere (according to deadline.com) in June on UP!


  1. I'm glad UP I'd making TV series again. Hope to see more original movies too

    1. Me too! UP has had some nice family movies in the past - would be so nice to see them air more originals!!!

  2. This looks super cute! I wonder what profession Barry Watson's character has. Would be funny to see him be the preacher this time. I see the description says former baseball player - maybe he's retired and living off that. Maybe?

    I love all of these cast members. Are they all regulars? Would be fun to see one of the Camden family from 7th Heaven have a small role, even it's just one episode!

    Thanks for this awesome update, Net, this looks like something our family would watch!

    1. He's a retired baseball player. That'd his profession

    2. Thanks for the comment, Allie B! :)

      As far as profession, you're probably right - he's most likely (the father Ricky portrayed by Barry Watson) living off his baseball retirement, but it might be possible for him to have another type of work now or hobby.

      Not sure if all of these cast members mentioned above (other than the family) are in each episode. Some may be in one or just a few! Whatever the case, I'm hopeful this will be something nice to watch with the family! :)

  3. This looks like a good show. I will look forward to the update on when it will premiere. Thanks!

    1. Good to hear, Susan! Me, too! I'll do my best to keep you posted around premiere time! :)

  4. While we're on the subject of original UP network productions, is the movie "Rescue on the 55th Floor" still going to premiere this year? I'm asking because I haven't heard anything about it.

    1. I spoke to UP about the movie "Rescue on the 55th Floor." I originally posted details about it last year - HERE!

      The response was... "no updates to share, yet!"

      So... UP hasn't revealed a premiere date, and I'm sure they will want to put out an official press release when the time is right.

      It was, however, previously stated that this movie would premiere during the first quarter of 2017 - so that would be sometime before the end of March, if that remains true. Hopefully, it does!!! :)

  5. Any idea if this is a 30 minute or 60 minute show? Either way it looks cute!

    1. From what I've heard, this will be a one hour drama. (or dramedy, as I mentioned above!)

      I agree - this looks cute! Great casting is a terrific pre-cursor for sparking interest on any new series!

      Thank you for commenting, Sarah!!! :)

  6. It does look good. I certainly hope it is. The UP channel could certainly use a boost in quality TV shows and movies. There comedies are much to be desired and they need to get rid of the reality shows. Hallmark certainly has them beat. I so wish they would bring Dr Quinn and Heartland back to nighttime.

    1. I, too, would love to see Heartland return! I asked UP about it - but they were not ready, YET, to reveal any news on that! I'm still hopeful!!!

      Would be so nice for them to play more original family movies, too, like Hallmark or PixL! I'm not usually a big fan of the typical reality genre of shows, but I do think "Bringing Up Bates" is such a wonderful show - the entire family can watch and enjoy together!

      I agree - this is looking good! Thinks are looking UP for UP!!! :)

  7. I'm not finding either of these movies on UP tonight. My guide says Accidentally Engaged at 7 pm and Legally Blonde at 9 pm. I'm recording both in case the guide is wrong, but wanted you to know!

    1. Looks like the schedule must have been changed at the last minute, Cathie. I'm sorry to hear that.

      Perhaps - they will replay these movies closer to when this new series "Date My Dad" premieres - since both the movies "Far From Home" and "A Girl's Best Friend" star those cast members who are in the series! Let's hope.

      Thank you for letting me know!

  8. A teaser was released

  9. I've been watching Date My Dad, I love it. Great cast of actors, very well picked. Just read in a interview with Barry Watson, that his father in law, Robert Wagner will be appearing on the show. Love him on NCIS as DiNozzo, Sr.

  10. I changed my DirecTV package just to get UP for this show. I'm loving it! I'd love to see it have a longer season, like all through the summer, or even a full season of fall through spring. Barry Watson is a believable actor and I really like his presence in this. Great show... good job, UP! Bring it back soon, please!!!


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