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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kiss at Pine Lake - Hallmark Channel Movie


Kiss at Pine Lake

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: May 19, 2012


Barry Watson ... Luke Garvey
Mia Kirshner ... Zoe McDowell
Bill Engvall ... Mr. McDowell (Zoe's Dad)
Brennan Elliott ... Pete Sherman
Matty Finochio ... Tommy
Billy Mitchell ... Suit
Cole Heppell ... Wayne
Victoria Bidewell ... Erica Taft
Adam DiMarco ... Young Tommy
Sarah Desjardins ... Young Zoe
Amanda Kierszenblat ... Young Erika


Luke Garvey, a philanthropic entrepreneur, buys his uncle's Camp Pine Lake for sentimental reasons - to preserve his childhood memories - only to find himself as the new owner of a sinking business. He is disheartened when he realizes the camp may get shut down for safety code violations. Zoe McConnell, Luke's girlfriend from camp years ago, is the point person in her development firm assigned to convince Luke to sell his new land. When the two meet, they rekindle an old flame, and Zoe agrees to help Luke any way she can to save their favorite, childhood retreat. They must also learn to reconcile their past with their future.

More PLOT DETAILS from Hallmark
(May Contain Some Movie Spoilers):

On the last day of camp, fifteen year old Luke Garvey and Zoe McDowell are about to share their first kiss, when they are interrupted by Zoe's dad (Engvall). Now, fifteen years later, destiny is about to come calling. Luke (Watson) is now a philanthropic entrepreneur, who recently purchased his uncle's Camp Pine Lake for sentimental reasons, only to find out the camp may get shut down for safety code violations; and Zoe (Kirshner) is the point person in her upscale development firm assigned to convince the new camp owner, who prefers to remain anonymous, to sell his land. As she prepares to head back to camp, Zoe confesses to her best friend Erica (Bidewell) she is sad to hear Camp Pine Lake is rundown and she thinks often of Luke, her teenage crush.

When Zoe arrives, she is stunned to learn that Luke is the new owner. This changes everything for Zoe when she realizes Luke isn't interested in making a profit, he wants it to stay open. But feeling cornered by her boss, Zoe agrees to use her friendship with Luke to their advantage. As the two get reacquainted, Zoe feigns support and Luke misunderstands, thinking she is there as an investor. But as the conversation drifts to their teenage years, Zoe gets upset with Luke, as too many memories come back and she runs away, dropping her cell phone. With time running out and only two weeks to bring the camp up to code, Tommy (Finochio), Luke's right-hand man and accountant suggests selling to a developer, who Luke immediately recognizes as the logo on Zoe's cell phone. Luke is disgusted with Tommy for going behind his back and he feels betrayed by Zoe. Zoe apologizes for not being truthful about the development deal and asks for a second chance and for their "first" kiss. As they rekindle an old flame, Zoe agrees to help Luke save their childhood retreat.

Movie Review:

Get out you Sunscreen and Calomine Lotion... It’s a trip back to Summer Camp... a trip that takes Luke and Zoe back to the place where they were young and first fell in love with each other.

The movie begins with a young Luke and Zoe, together at Pine Lake with their friends. It’s the end of Summer... and they are saying goodbye, yet promising to call or write.

But time slips by and 15 years later they are now adults, but Luke isn’t altogether “Grown up”. He still acts like a big kid, even though he is the anonymous president of a company, Zeppo Enterprises, he has created with his “nerdy-type” best friend. In the midst of all of this, Luke’s Uncle Charlie has sold him the camp at Pine Lake, which is sadly, breaking down and on the verge of being shut down. It’s up to Luke to do what he can to save it, even though, he can’t afford it – do to giving so much of his money, to other charities and causes.

Zoe, too, has grown up and moved on with her life. She is hoping to earn an executive position at Sherman Leonard, which is exactly what she wants – because it will mean financial success and security, if she can get a certain piece of property to be sold. And, that property is Pine Lake and of course, her old crush, Luke, is now the owner- who is determined to keep the camp going. It’s a blast to see Luke try to fix repairs at the camp, by himself, since he cannot afford to hire help. He even falls off the roof!

The questions become – will Zoe be sentimental about the past and give up on Luke selling out or will Luke give into financial pressures when Zoe says they can’t re-live the past.

It’s a satisfying and sweet story of love lost and found again. I loved the way they weaved the stories of the past with the future... and the younger actors who portrayed the characters today – were fantastic – great matches!

Barry Watson was extra fun and so naturally relaxed, comedic, and real, as his character, Luke. I couldn't help from laughing, even when he fell off the roof! (A funny side note: his wife used to be on Extreme Makeover Home Edition - so it was pretty funny that he wasn't exactly Mr. Fix-It!)

It’s a very sweet Romantic Comedy... a happy story that is family-friendly and fun! Plus, it includes fireworks on the fourth of July, and of course, a “Kiss at Pine Lake”!

See or Skip:

See... very sweet and fun!



  1. I LOVE this movie and hope it comes out on DVD soon!!

  2. Anyone know the names of the song they were playing with the lyrics
    "long time coming , long time running baby , got my feet back on solid ground" ?

    Great movie

    1. I do not know these songs, but agree it is a Great Movie!

    2. Looking for the same song so Please anyone who knows it I have looked everywhere. Love the song

    3. Song is "Long Way Down", written and sung by Tom Kimmel.

    4. Is it available as a recording anywhere? Where? TIA

  3. Your movie information is absolutely the best and most thorough of all the places where I look for information. I really appreciate your effort and hard work!

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I so appreciate your kind words. I do my best to give you all great movie information and updated details - so I am thrilled to know how much you enjoy it!

  4. Was this movie filmed at the same camp as Disney's Camp Rock?

  5. It's out on dvd but only on the German Amazon website think it's the German one anyway

  6. Would like the sountrack Long way up its a long . away down. have been looking for it forever.


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