Monday, October 31, 2016


I hope You ALL are enjoying ALL the CHRISTMAS MOVIES on the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! I certainly know I am, along with ALL my Family!!! It is such a TREAT to have them early and I adored the new Lacey Chabert and Paul Greene movie, 'A Wish for Christmas!' So cute! A perfect start off to the Hallmark Holiday Season!

Image:  'A Wish for Christmas'  Hallmark Crown Media

I just loved... when Lacey Chabert's character Sara Shaw said (paraphrasing here) she loved to decorate before the department stores and Paul Greene's character Peter asked something like... What are we talking here, before Halloween?... and she replied something to the effect of... She would love to do it before Easter, if she could!!! LOVED that comment!!! That should have definitely been in the promo - especially since it aired before Halloween! I could totally relate to that feeling!!!

Anyway, I'm busy updating the Christmas TV Schedule some more today!!! I just wanted to take a minute and share in this special treat with all of you! Thank you Hallmark for bringing the joy of Christmas to our homes!!!

Here are some delicious Christmas Treats I found today on Amazon's site... They look quite festive! Maybe something Santa might want to put in somebody's stocking!!! (hint! hint! just click on the images for all the yummy details!) Enjoy!!! :)


  1. I enjoyed A Wish for Christmas too! Thanks for the gift ideas.


  2. A Wish for Christmas was so enjoyable, and the perfect start to the Saturday Christmas movies. I kind of liked Lacey Chabert's characters love of the Green Bay Packers :) I'm a life long Packer fan.

  3. I also enjoyed A Wish for Christmas. I am also a Packer fan and was surprised to find a movie with a character who was. Lacey's character also recounted going to games with her dad in the movie. But for many Packer fans that is in real life the way it works. Parents take the kids to games.


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