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Friday, September 4, 2015

Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas to be announced on Hallmark's Home & Family!


On September 16th, the Hallmark Channel morning lifestyle show Home & Family will announce the Christmas movies coming to the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. So, this means HMM will get a whole day all to itself, Wednesday, on Home & Family!

There's a new commercial promoting this event, with the Home & Family hosts Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare:

(Mark and Cristina are both standing in front of a white fireplace mantel holding Irish coffee cups of eggnog, with a cinnamon stick.)

Cristina: Get ready for a Home & Family Exclusive Announcement!

Mark: Tune in Wednesday, September 16th, to find out this seasons lineup of the Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

Cristina: Save the Date!

Mark: Wednesday, September 16th at 10. Only on Hallmark Channel. The Heart of Christmas!

(movies clips of The Christmas Secret, The Wishing Tree, and Signed Sealed Delivered for Christmas are shown throughout the commercial.)

This should be exciting to see this special Christmas movie announcement for the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel, as well. I'm amazed they will be getting their own special day on Home & Family! For now, we will have to wonder who the guests will be!!!

See the "big reveal" of
 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries  
"Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas" lineup
Wednesday, September 16, 2015
on Home & Family at 10a/9c.

(Don't forget:
the Hallmark Channel's BIG Reveal
is the day before on Home & Family!)


  1. Exciting news, Net!! Two days for two Hallmark channels; I'll be tuned in!!

  2. Sherry in CaliforniaFriday, September 04, 2015

    This is good news -- and it's great as far as bringing attention to the Movies & Mysteries Channel -- but we are assuming that there will only be 4-6 brand new movies on HMM this year, as opposed to the regular Hallmark Channel's 15 or 16 movies. Does that mean that Tuesday, 9/15 is going to be jam-packed with one movie title after another (as they try to get them all mentioned in time), and that 9/16 is going to slowly drag on for an hour and they stretch out the announcement of only a handful of movies? Lol.

    1. I was wondering the exact same thing Sherry. My guess is that Hallmark Movies and Mysteries are planning to release more than four movies and that those movies will be announced on Home and Family on September 16th.

    2. Sherry in CaliforniaSaturday, September 05, 2015

      At first I thought that "Home & Family" might have one big special to announce all of the movies for both channels. I was really surprised to see that they are splitting up the specials!

      My guess is that they are only announcing the brand new movies. I don't think that HMM will have any more than 6 new movies, if that many. They seem to load most of the new movies on the main channel.

      However... it would be great if they announced the full lists of ALL the movies that are going to air on each channel, including older and newer.

      For example, last year they ran at least 66 (probably a couple more) movies on Hallmark and at least 43 movies on HMM -- and that included all of the older and new movies. A lot of viewers were expecting to see things like "The Christmas Card" on Hallmark, only to discover later on that the movie only aired on HMM. I think it would be beneficial to EVERYONE (to viewers and to Hallmark) to let people know which movies are going to be airing on which channel. That way, if someone does not already have HMM, they will have time to decide if they would like to subscribe to it before the movies begin. And if they don't subscribe, at least they know not to expect to see certain things on the regular Hallmark Channel. I think it would help bring more viewers over to Movies & Mysteries.

  3. I am really disappointed. I have to pay extra on my U-Verse to get an upgrade so can have the Hallmark Channel. Which I gladly have done. I love Hallmark that much! But in order to get HMM I would have to pay even more for another upgrade! Which I refuse to do! So, as excited as I am that Hallmark is at least back on AT&T U-verse, I hate that I still will be missing some of there movies! My choice, I know. But still....

  4. Yay! Looking forward to reading about it here!


  5. When will Hallmark add AT&T U-verse to the drop-down menu in order to sign in to use Hallmark Everywhere? It's been 6 weeks since Hallmark was added to the AT&T U-verse line-up. I would like to access Hallmark Everywhere on my mobile devices. Still waiting.

  6. wow, I didn't realize the Christmas shows started so soon. I'm looking forward to them. Hallmark channel has some delightful ones.

    Have a terrific weekend.



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