Friday, September 4, 2015

2 New UP Original Christmas Movies Coming on DVD!

New on DVD...
the inspiring Christmas movie "Paper Angels"
starring Matthew Settle and Josie Bissett!

image via: UP (this may or may not be the actual DVD cover)

The "Paper Angels" UP Original Movie was inspired by the hit Christmas song of the same name, written and performed by country music singer Jimmy Wayne. The song "Paper Angels", is featured in the film, along with two more songs from Wayne.

This Movie tells the story of a couple expecting their first child, a mother trying to raise her children alone after leaving her abusive husband, a high school bully who could use a real friend, and how the Christmas project "Paper Angels" impacts all of their lives due to unexpected acts of generosity and kindness.
Click Here for more DVD info for Paper Angels!

Also, new to DVD...
is the UP Premiere Christmas Movie
starring Haylie Duff and Tilky Jones
"Christmas Mix"!

image via: Marvista
You may recall, this movie was titled Naughty & Nice when it first aired last year, during the 2014 Christmas Season on UP.
When two radio hosts Samantha McCoy (Haylie Duff) and Pepper Sweeney (Tilky Jones) with completely different views on Christmas and everything are suddenly thrown together to host a radio talk show, it's a mix that viewers like, but sets these two at odds... most of the time!
 UPDATE:  Reviewers have shared in comments below - the suggestive dialogue in this movie "Christmas Mix" is not always family friendly. I wanted to be certain you all were aware of this.


  1. Christmas Mix, or Naughty and Nice was NOT great family friendly film quality as Hallmark has given us. The movie included som e off color moments and a couple of sex jokes that were unnecessary. Not happy with UP choosing to air this.

    1. Oh dear, Erick... I'm not remembering that dialogue between the lead characters. I appreciate you sharing that info!

    2. In the opening scene the words skank, slut & bimbo to be followed by "skinny little lying _____". with the anger in the voice of the caller you could only imagine what was said. I understand what Erick means as this is not family friendly as in just the opening scene I may have to explain to my 7yr old what they mean....and I am not ready for that.

    3. I agree with Eric. This movie was not family friendly. I thought I would watch it with my sisters for movie night, but after I watched(by myself) I was very disappointed. Needless to say we did not watch it, and I have not watched it since.

  2. "Paper Angels" is not available yet, but I signed up for an e-mail alert and pre-ordered "Christmas Mix". Thanks, Net; two more for my collection!!

    1. Well, that's interesting! Thank you for letting me know, Linda. It was available for Pre-Order from Amazon when I put this post together. Perhaps, there was a delay in production.

      I will re-post the Link when it becomes available!

    2. For all of you who follow this site daily, Net's site only gets our purchasing credit when we click thru this site. If you do an email alert click thru no credit will be given to IAWM. Your best bet is what I do. Click the Amazon link at the top right of this page. Find your product(s), purchase, and a portion goes to this site.

    3. great info, joyce. thank you!

  3. I saw both of these Christmas movies on UP last year. Paper Angels deserves to be on DVD.

  4. Per the comments on "Naughty and Nice." UP has a wide audience of both adults and children; however, UP is not required to parent for you. You should always watch a film, whether it be UP or Hallmark or Disney, on your own before you show it to your children. Second, the male character was clearly characterized as a "bad boy" in the advertising. If you are a particularly sensitive viewer, which you are perfectly in your right to be, then you might want to pay a little bit more attention to the info that is available about the movie and characters in something as simple as the trailer.


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