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Who is MR. MIRACLE ? ... Answer Revealed!

Doris Roberts as
Mrs. Miracle
Many of us have loved the Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies Mrs. Miracle  and Call Me Mrs. Miracle which star the ever delightful Doris Roberts (Everybody Loves Raymond, Remington Steele) as the nosey, yet very helpful nanny or employee, Mrs. Merkel, that was often mispronounced Mrs. Miracle.

So, I know many of us were thrilled to learn that this Christmas Season- 2014, Hallmark would bring to us a new version, "Debbie Macomber's Mr. Miracle".

The next question, of course, is...
Who will portray Mr. Miracle?

My Guesses:

My first guess was Cameron Mathison (The Christmas Ornament). I had heard he was filming a Hallmark Movie with Sarah Lancaster (Fir Crazy). But, then it was revealed they were filming Man Maid. So, I knew it couldn't be him.

Then I thought, maybe they would choose someone a little older, like Doris Roberts. So, I guessed then they might, perhaps, go with Dick Van Dyke. He had been scheduled to be on Signed, Sealed, Delivered, but that didn't work out, at the time. However, since I knew Hallmark was in touch with him, and he has starred in other Hallmark movies, I thought... hmmm... maybe?

I also guessed Kevin Sorbo (God's Not Dead, Abel's Field) who shared in an interview, he would be working on another Hallmark project and I also guessed John Corbett (Ramona and Beezus, A Smile as Big as the Moon) since he has starred in other Hallmark movies.

Alas, all of my guesses were off the mark. Well, I guess John Corbett was pretty close, as you'll see! A press release came out today revealing the true identity of the new Mr. Miracle.

Would I have guessed this actor? No.

Am I familiar with his work? Yes. Some of it.

Is he a member of the Hallmark family? To my knowledge, No.

So, who is he? Who is Mr. Miracle?

Here's an Excerpt from the Hallmark Press Release, with all the details:




“Debbie Macomber’s Mr. Miracle” Has Begun Production in Vancouver;

Part of Hallmark Channel’s COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS

The #1 Most Treasured Holiday Destination By Television Viewers

Actor Rob Morrow
image via: imdb
Hallmark Channel announces Golden Globe® and Emmy® nominated actor Rob Morrow (“Northern Exposure,” “Numb3rs”) will star in “Debbie Macomber’s Mr. Miracle” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie, now in production in Vancouver to premiere Holiday 2014. The charming Christmas story stars Morrow as a na├»ve but earnest heavenly angel who ditches his wings to walk the Earth on a mission to help an insecure college student gain confidence to embrace a promising new future. Morrow co-stars with Michelle Harrison (“Continuum”), Britt Irvin (“Packages from Planet X”), Sarah-Jane Redmond (“Da Vinci’s Inquest”) and Andrew Francis (“Max Steel”). “Debbie Macomber’s Mr. Miracle” continues Hallmark Channel’s partnership with beloved bestselling author Debbie Macomber and is part of the network’s COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS, the #1 most treasured holiday destination by television viewers.

“We’re very excited to once again partner with our beloved Hallmark family member Debbie Macomber to bring to life another one of her magical stories as part of our popular holiday season lineup,” said Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President of Programming, Crown Media Family Networks. “The immensely talented Rob Morrow is perfect for the role of Mr. Miracle, a surprising and often eccentric character whose heartfelt mission will inspire our viewers this Christmas.”

When guardian angel Harry Mills (Morrow) arrives on Earth for the first time, he’s got a lot to learn about life as a human. But this miracle worker-in-training ignores the advice of his heavenly mentor, Celeste (Harrison), to eagerly take on his first assignment—helping a young woman named Addie (Irvin) find the confidence to change her life. Addie has always struggled in school and is currently feeling overwhelmed and indecisive trying to live up to her father’s expectations of becoming a doctor. Now, after her father’s sudden passing, Addie is living with her mom Sharon (Redmond), filled with regret and uncertainty while attempting to finish her degree all while avoiding her childhood nemesis, Erich (Francis). Enter Harry, posing as her fumbling, well-meaning new English teacher who takes on the task of guiding her to see the wonderful things she can’t see in herself. With a deadline of Christmas day to change Addie’s perspective, or else say goodbye to his own Earthly existence, Harry is clueless but endearing in his effort to make Addie open up to a life full of promise—and even love—while learning a few life lessons of his own along the way.

------END of Excerpt------
So now, let me ask you... what do you think? Would you have guessed this actor? Are you familiar with Rob Morrow's work?

I remember him mostly on Northern Exposure with Janine Turner and John Corbett (one of my guesses, by the way!).

Does this movie premise remind you of another movie? I thought of Cary Grant in The Bishop's Wife immediately.

Now, I would love to know what you think of this news. Please share in the comment section below!


  1. Looking forward to it!! Would never have guessed.

  2. I absolutely loved Rob Morrow in Northern Exposure. One of my favorite shows of all time. Jim

    1. Oh, well that's terrific, Jim! I bet it will great for you to see him in this! I always thought Northern Exposure was a pretty interesting show. Definitely unique!

  3. Probably wouldn't have guessed Rob, but ironically, I am watch Numbers just now which is one of Rob's better known roles. It'll be fun to see him in something drastically different. ;)

    1. Yes! I love to see actors in very different roles, too, Rissi! Sometimes you can almost forget them as another character when they are so vastly changed. This should be interesting!

  4. I think it's a good fit! Rob Morrow was so good on Northern Exposure and I l'm looking forward to this movie, too. Of course, we all love John Corbett...don't you just swoon every time a Walgreen's (and the old Applebee's) commercial comes on TV??

    1. I know just what you mean, Susan! I always recognize John Corbett's dreamy voice in those commercials. I love it! He really needs to do another Hallmark Movie!!! :)

  5. I believe he starred in Hallmark's "Remember Sunday".

    1. I looked it up Nancy, but I couldn't find him listed under Remember Sunday at Do you recall what role he played?

      By the way, I LOVE your It's a Wonderful Life Profile Pic!

  6. I think Rob Morrow will be perfect in the role. Can't wait!!

    1. I'm so glad! Half the fun is the anticipation of the wonderful Christmas Movie Season ahead!

  7. Oops, sorry it was Zachary Levi in "Remember Sunday". They sure resemble. On a personal note, I wish it would have been Cameron Mathison!

    1. Oh, that's okay!

      By the way... Love your personal note! Was hoping the same thing! :)

  8. Wow! I remember him from Northern Exposer. I'm pretty surprised. I can't wait to find out more.
    Also, I am so mega happy that Man Maid is finally being filmed! Sounds like a mega cute movie.
    I would so love or Van Dyke to star/co-star in a Hallmark movie!


    1. Yeah, it was many moons ago... but it's one of those shows you always remember.

      I was pretty excited to hear about Man Maid, too. I think it will be a good one... it already has a great cast!


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