Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Movie Poll - What was "Your Favorite New Christmas Movie"?

THANK YOU to all the Networks - Hallmark Channel, ION, Lifetime, ABC Family, TNT, and GMC, who gave us New Christmas Movies on TV this Year. We are especially grateful for the Hallmark Channel.... who gave us, (in my opinion) not only the Most, but the Best in Christmas Movies - that were also Family Friendly!

Now, it's our turn to Choose our Favorites and there are many to choose from. I've added a Poll on the right - for you to vote for your favorites - and Yes, you may choose as many as you like! Perhaps, you have seen Some, All, or you have them Recorded and will watch them soon! Whatever the case - you can vote today and if you see something in the meantime, and love it, too - just come back and add it to your vote. You can only vote once per computer, but you can always change/update your vote on that computer.

The Poll will remain open until January 25th, 2012 - an entire Month after Christmas Day - so we'll be thinking of Christmas, even after the day is passed on the Calender.

Be sure to vote for your Favorites - so the Networks know which types of Christmas Movies we enjoyed the most!

 "Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!"



  1. Why isn't A Christmas Wish on the poll? Or am I missing it? That one was the greatest out of them all! :)

  2. The Movie, "A Christmas Wish", is on the list - it has "A Root Beer Christmas" written next to it - in paranthesis!

    It's the 7th Movie on the list. It definitely has my vote for one of my favorites this year. Our family really enjoyed it, too!

    Hope you come back and give it a vote, Grace.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks for helping me out! I must have looked too fast. That has been the best one out of them all in my opinion. I did like others too but LOVED A Christmas Wish.:0)

  4. Trading Christmas was my top pick.

  5. I love this site! Mt go to guide for good family movies. I loved so many of the movies. I was thrilled to hear this blog mentioned on 106.7 LiteFM in NYC last week. He really plugged the blog and mentioned the name a few times!

  6. Hi, I recently found your blog and I must say I like it. I really appreciated hearing about new christmas movies and being able to see pictures from them too. Thanks, and keep up the good work! :)

    I haven't seen any of the movies on the poll yet (I'm not American) so I can't answer.


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