Friday, June 5, 2009

New Hallmark Movies - Safe Harbor & Come Dance at my Wedding

Oh, it's hard to believe it's already June. It's such a nice time of year... the sun shining bright and beautiful. Everyone is so busy with activity- mainly outdoors, but just in case you find yourself at night looking for something to watch on TV - I have a few suggestions for this weekend.

Hallmark re-airs Safe Harbor tonight - June 5th at 9 PM est. It just premiered last Saturday. I had planned to watch it and would give you my review, however, a terrible storm went through our area that evening and I was unable to watch it. Check the Family TV Schedule for more times.

“Safe Harbor” is based on a true story about a couple about to set sail around the world who agree to take a couple of juvenile delinquents under their wing and in the process learn about hope, second chances and living their dreams.

Click Here for more details + pictures from the movie, Safe Harbor.

On Saturday (June 6th) and Sunday night (June 7th), Hallmark is premiering their newest original movie - Come Dance at my Wedding.

“Come Dance at my Wedding,” an original movie about a young bride-to-be who is shocked when the father she never knew shows up alive and holding the deed to her family’s dance studio. It is the first of many surprises for Cyd who will soon learn other surprises about her father, including their shared love of dancing.

Click Here for more details + pictures from the movie, Come Dance at my Wedding.

In Reality TV results... I guess I was able to pick a few of my favorite winners. I was most excited that Kris Allen won American Idol. He had been my pick for a long time. Congrats to him!

Course, Joan Rivers won the Celebrity Apprentice - she, too, was my pick. However, on the Biggest Loser, I had chosen Tara or Mike - and Helen, who looked too thin, took the title. But, in my opinion, Tara and Mike looked more Healthy looking. That was quite disappointing - I think many Biggest Loser fans join me in my disappointment. The Amazing Race was lackluster, as well. The Brother and Sister team won. It was kind of expected- though Margie and Luke, my favorites, were so close.

I guess - you win some & lose some.

Have a Wonderful Weekend, Everyone...

God's Blessings!

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