Thursday, June 30, 2022

🍁Fall Into Love🍁 with Hallmark's August 2022 Movie Premieres...

Get ready to *Fall Into Love" this August on the Hallmark Channel with new rom-coms starring Alexa PenaVega, Carlos PenaVega, Ben Hollingsworth, Rachel Boston, and more!

Plus, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries announces their August movie premieres with Lacey Chabert, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Kavan Smith, and more! See details below...

Hallmark Channel
Fall Into Love 2022 Movies:

Love in the Limelight

Premieres: Saturday, August 6, 2022 8/7c

Starring: Alexa PenaVega, Carlos PenaVega and Ivonne Coll

Storyline: After years of being pen pals with Nick (Carlos PenaVega), Summer’s (Alexa PenaVega) teen crush and former lead singer of the popular boy band The Mendez Boyz, the two finally meet in person when he comes to town for a comeback concert. Their friendship has set the stage for romance and Summer’s Abuelita (Coll) – a hip grandma with a growing TikTok following – encourages her to follow her heart.

Movie Reviews:

♪🎀 "Love in the Limelight was so amazing! After everything that has happened this year, I didn't think I'd ever really love a new Hallmark movie again. Until now. :) Though, I do feel it's important to point out that, there's a 2 or 3 second brief glimpse of that horrendous rainbow flag early on in the movie. Usually the moment I see something like that, I turn the whole thing off in disgust, but this one time, I decided to just keep on watching, and I'm glad I did." -Maria

♪🎀 "I just finished watching Love in the Limelight, and I loved it! I think the Pana Vegas have such great chemistry. While I didn't notice the rainbow flag someone else pointed out, there was a "did I just hear that right?" moment at the beginning. When Summer and Nick first meet in person, they are talking about their bad luck in relationships and Summer says her high school prom date "now lives in California with his husband." However, it felt more like a joke from 20 years ago, when that's all gay men were in movies - a joke. Everything else was family friendly. I actually almost cried twice. Once when Summer's dad shares about her being bullied as a child to Nick to explain why she is so private. Then I cried again when Alexa Pana Vega had a gut wrenching scene towards the end. Her tears were so real - it was a moving performance. Overall, it was fun and cute while also giving touching moments of family, trust, and healing." ~melnewlife


Romance in Style

Premieres: Saturday, August 13, 2022 8/7c

Starring: Jaicy Elliot, Benjamin Hollingsworth and Candice Huffine

Storyline: Ella’s (Elliot) unique designs inspire publishing mogul Derek (Hollingsworth) to include plus-sized fashion in his magazine. It’s not long before Derek realizes that Ella’s influence reaches far beyond the catwalk.


Dating the Delaneys

Premieres: Saturday, August 20, 2022 8/7c

Starring: Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell

Storyline: Maggie Delaney (Boston) is a divorced mother who ventures into the dating world with some help from Michael (Campbell) the single father of her son’s friend. At the same time, Maggie’s mother Barb (Karen Kruper) and her teen daughter Emma (ZoΓ« Christie) begin romances of their own. As these three generations of women explore the highs and lows of modern dating, they learn that love and romance can be found at any age…and sometimes where you least expect it.


Game, Set, Love

Premieres: Saturday, August 27, 2022 8/7c

Starring: Davida Williams, Richard Harmon and Tracy Austin

Storyline: Former pro tennis player Taylor (Williams) reluctantly agrees to coach her former doubles partner Ashley (Jennifer Khoe) and her new partner Will (Harmon), who needs to repair his reputation and career. Although Taylor and Will clash at first, she’s surprised to discover a different side to him. Even more surprising is when Taylor finds herself entering the tournament with Will after Ashley is sidelined by an injury. As they get ready to compete, the pair learns they just may be a perfect match.


Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
August Movie Premieres:

Big Sky River

Starring: Emmanuelle Vaugier and Kavan Smith

Premieres: Sunday, Aug. 7, 2022 9/8c

Storyline: Based on the book by Linda Lael Miller. Looking to take a break from New York City and place some real distance between herself and her ex-husband, Tara Kendall (Vaugier) books a summer rental in Parable, Montana. The small, rural town endeared itself to Tara as a young girl and she credits her time in Parable for her love of horses and horseback riding. Sheriff Boone Taylor (Smith) has finally found his footing after losing the love of his life. Boone is kind to his new neighbor, but he can’t deny that there’s something very special about Tara and he’d like her to stay for more than just one summer. When Tara’s stepdaughter reaches out for help, the painful realities of real-life step on any dreams of life in the country. That is, unless Tara can take care of those she loves and herself, all at once.

Movie Reviews:

"Big Sky River is family friendly & it’s based on the book by Linda Lael Miller as the same name. (Review may contain some Spoilers) Erin & her Stepmother named Tara Kendall are at Manhattan Equestrian Center as they bond a lot of time. Tara Kendall is determined to start over in Parable. Reinventing herself and living a girlhood dream is worth the hard work. Tara meets Boone Taylor is a local Sheriff & a cowboy . Boone’s wife has died, and he’s raising his two sons named Griffin & Fletcher while also working as a sheriff in the small town of Parable, Montana. Tara decides to take a break from New York City and books a summer rental in Parable, where she used to spend time as a girl. Tara’s new neighbor in Parable is Boone, and the two sons develop a connection. But when Tara’s stepdaughter named Erin reaches out, the painful realities of everyday life threaten to intrude on her dreams of life in the country. Erin wants Tara as her Mom but it’s not same without her Stepmother Tara & Dad named James. Erin flew to Montana to be with her Stepmother Tara Kendall in Montana. She likes it there & lives there to be with Tara but she didn’t want to back home in NY to be with Dad & Bride to Be Mom; Bethany. Dawson & Erin went to the movie & some ice cream so, Erin calls Tara to pick her up. Erin talks with Tara that if her Dad & Bethany will send her boarding school but she wanna stay with Tara in Montana. Tara, Boone, Griffin, & Fletcher seek out for Erin at Whisper Creek when Erin was rowing 🚣‍♂️ the boat πŸ›Ά . Erin is safe from drowning. Tara & Erin are both staying in Montana with next door neighbor named Boone & his Sons; Griffin & Fletcher. When Boone owns his horses named Bert & Erine are named after Sesame Street Muppets. Joanna Harrison meets up with Tara who rents a house. She has a Son named Dawson. She has chickens: Roosters & Hens." ~Anonymous


The Journey Ahead

Starring: Holly Robinson Peete and Kaylee Bryant

Premieres: Sunday, August 14, 2022 9/8c

Storyline: A famous Hollywood actress (Robinson Peete) and a young wilderness expert (Bryant) drive together from Los Angeles to New York. Along the way, both women learn they can’t run from their past to create the future they want.



Starring: Lacey Chabert, Ektor Rivera and Katie Lee Biegel

Premieres: Sunday, August 21, 2022 9/8c

Storyline: Based on the book by Katie Lee Biegel. On the heels of a personal and professional setback, Emma (Chabert), a chef from Atlanta, travels to Hawaii where she meets Ben (Rivera) a handsome, reclusive surf instructor whose lessons help her to regain her footing.


Unthinkably Good Things

Starring: Karen Pittman, Erica Ash, Joyful Drake, Jermaine Love and Lance Gross

Premieres: Sunday, August 28, 2022 9/8c

Storyline: At a crossroads in her career and love life, Allison (Pittman) is in need of the love and support of her two friends Melina (Drake) and Reesa (Ash). When they visit her in Tuscany, the reunion causes each woman to reexamine the state of her own life and relationships. While they have different personalities and perspectives, they know each other’s truths and help to make life-changing decisions.


What do you think of these new movie premieres? I'm excited to see Alexa and Carlos PenaVega in a new movie together. I wish it was another Picture Perfect Mysteries, but I'll take what I can get. According to ET, their movie is the real-life story of Willie Aames (Harvest Moon, Charles in Charge, Bibleman) and his wife, Winnie Hung. I think this sounds very interesting.

More details and images to come. Stay tuned!

Blessings, Net


  1. Definitely a no on Romance in Style, and since Paul will be in Dating the Delaneys, I'm 99% sure one of the girls will end up with a woman. The Penavegas and Lacey's movies look okay enough for me to consider checking out. -Maria

  2. So are these fall harvest now? Will there be fall movies in Sept and October? Some of these movies sound like they could be good.


    1. Sabrina, Sounds like these aren't the typical *Fall Harvest* movies. I do think it's strange they are giving these August movie premieres a fall themed title when Fall doesn't begin until late September. I personally liked when they brought Summer Nights back in August last year. I guess Hallmark is always rushing into the next holiday or season.

      Hope you are doing better... Have a Blessed 4th! πŸŽ‡

  3. I wonder about “Meet Me in New York”, for Hallmark
    Starring Brooke Nevin & Corey Servier

  4. What’s about August 27, 2020 for a new Hallmark movie - Girlfriends’ Summer Getaways

    Starring Tamera Mowry

    1. "Girlfriends’ Summer Getaway" was originally scheduled to air on July 30th, but Hallmark replaced it with "A Splash of Love." A new premiere time has not been given, yet.

  5. Oh dear, sorry to be so negative but overall this looks awful.

    Personally I thought the PenVegas were poor together in previous movies and I'll be very surprised if the Rachel Boston/ Paul Campbell movie is family friendly.

    Just trying to understand the plot from the blurb has given me a headache.

    On the face of it the only two which look interesting to me are Groundswell with Lacey Chabert which seems like a good old familiar Hallmark and Game, Set and Love.

    I wonder if the Tracy Austin listed is the real life ex-tennis star?

    Anyway a very happy 4th July to Net and all my American friends here - Florence

    1. Alexa Pena Vega was in an excellent Hallmark movie in late 90s Follow the Stars Home, as a young teen mother's helper. Kimberly Williams starred.

    2. One of my favorite non-Hallmark performances of Alexa PenaVega - is the powerful faith-based film, Do You Believe? She is terrific in that movie; she portrays the role of a young woman named Lacy, who is dealing with troubling issues from her past.

    3. Net-I agree, "Do You Believe" was very powerful and Alexa was great in that role. I also enjoyed her in Follow the Stars Home.
      I was wondering wht I don't see Journey Ahead on your list on the right? Did you find out it's not family friendly? So thanklful for your website, it's a ministry!

    4. Lizzy R., First of all, Thank you for your comment. It's so good to hear you also enjoyed seeing Alexa in the faith-based movie, "Do You Believe!" It is very deep and emotional.

      As for the movie, "The Journey Ahead"...
      From what I am hearing, I believe the younger woman in the story may be struggling with coming out, and she will share those feelings with Holly's character.

  6. Big Sky River sounds wonderful and I love Kavan Smith

    And as a massive tennis fan I think I will love Game, Set, Love

    1. Staying away from anything Paul Campbell.

    2. Debbie, I'm curious about the two movies you mentioned, too. Should be good to see Kavan in this new one! He's always fun to watch.

      Also, I used to be a big tennis fan, as well. I don't follow it like I used to, but I still love playing the game.

    3. JoCo, I think many share your opinion on this.

    4. Just wonder if Campbell’s costars share his leaning.

    5. I agree about avoiding Paul Campbell's later works for Hallmark Channel. My favorite is his first move for Hallmark "Window Wonderland" 2013. Naomi Judd, Chyler Leigh It was also Cameron Mathison's first movie, too..

  7. Are there going to be any Mysteries on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries from August thru October?

    1. Chris, I've heard some mysteries are in-the-works, but I don't know when we will see them, yet. Unfortunately, none of them are continuations, like Mystery 101 or Martha's Vineyard, etc... I sure miss the mysteries on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries!

  8. I'm looking forward to watching these movies.


  9. Big Sky River sounds good and Groundswell might be ok. Huge NO for me on anything with Paul Campbell. He’s too woke for me besides just simply not being a very good actor.


  10. I love movie every Saturday night but I really miss Hallmark days when Fall Harvest movies was actually in the Fall and even had a Halloween movie in October. I would be excited about 5 nights of Thanksgiving because the Christmas movies just started. And didn't have to worry about Hallmark having inappropriate stuff. Hopefully GAC will end up doing more seasonal movies. Really enjoyed watching a fall movie in the fall on gac last year. And maybe Up start doing it to that would be amazing 🀩

  11. Is Hallmark movies and mysteries about to change over to Mahagony? Because so confused on why so far this year only had 3 mystery movies. And no sign of anymore coming out. I really need another Mystery 101 because the teaser left us with made my head explode with anticipation. Every since dying for chocolate been waiting for another Mystery and nothing. So now even more confused after seeing it being called Mahogany this fall. Anybody know anything?

    1. Yes, I can answer your question. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will remain the name for the network. Mahogany is a collection of movies that will air on the network.

      Hallmark gave this information below on the new Mahogany movies:

      "Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will be the home to Mahogany, the first of several new content initiatives and brand extensions tapping into the rich 100+ year legacy of the Hallmark brand. Mahogany, which is rooted in the iconic Hallmark greeting card line of the same name, will expand Crown Media’s content offerings with powerful storytelling that exemplifies Hallmark’s core ethos – family, community, human connection, positivity, and the transformational power of love – through the unique lens of Black culture. Look for new Mahogany movies launching on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in early 2022."

      Hope this information is helpful to you. "Unthinkably Good Things" will be the first original movie under the Mahogany banner - airing on August 28th. It's the last movie listed above.

  12. Heartland Mysteries was originally titled for Frankie Quinn P.I.

    The Movie Is Called ‘Heartland Mysteries’

    A synopsis by Casting Workbook shared that the movie is about a private investigator, Francesa “Frankie” Quinn. Her fiance — novelist Carl Wiseman — dies and she finds his body. Her ex, Wynton Rousseau, is the detective assigned to the case. Things between them ended so badly that Frankie actually left her job in forensics at the police department.

    The synopsis explains that Wyn and Frankie are very different. Wyn is stoic while Frankie is sweet and approachable — which leads to her often being underestimated as a private investigator.

    Carl’s sister, Sheryl, ends up hiring Frankie to investigate Carl’s death.

    The synopsis concludes: “Suspects include Carl’s rich heiress of an ex-wife, the agent he was going to fire, and the protegΓ© who may have taken hero worship too far. Ultimately, circumstances force Frankie and Wyn to join forces to unravel a serpentine plot and unmask a sinister killer — that strikes at the heart of Frankie and Wyn.”

    When the announcement was made, it appears that only Frankie had been cast, as she was the only character not listed under available roles. Wyn was still being cast, along with Det. Beatrice Tallbear, Ray Quinn, Det. Ella Huntsman, Megan Quinn, Pam Lockwood, Sally Gibson, Bill Duncan, Kara McRae, Christopher Bishop, Sheryl Wiseman, Carl Wiseman, Officer Tommy Yen, Ronda Harper, Harlan Trent, Dave Lisher, Lucian McRae, Allison Depew, Mickey Cole, and more.

    Mallory Jansen May Be Cast in the Role of Frankie

    Hallmark star Mallory Jansen may be cast in the role of Frankie for the movie.

    TrademarkTalent’s profile page for Jansen lists her as playing the lead in “Heartland Mysteries.”

  13. The description for Dating the Delaneys has me very cautious. The last two times they made a movie with several members of one family finding love - one ended up being a lesbian. (The Christmas one with the three sisters and the more recent one with the mom setting her kids up ) I will keep checking here for info before watching.

  14. So not a Penavega fan --neither one. Will not be watching. None of these but the one with Kavan Smith and then the one with Lacey Chabert looks like it might catch my interest.

  15. I just finished watching Love in the Limelight, and I loved it! I think the Pana Vegas have such great chemistry. While I didn't notice the rainbow flag someone else pointed out, there was a "did I just hear that right?" moment at the beginning. When Summer and Nick first meet in person, they are talking about their bad luck in relationships and Summer says her high school prom date "now lives in California with his husband." However, it felt more like a joke from 20 years ago, when that's all gay men were in movies - a joke. Everything else was family friendly. I actually almost cried twice. Once when Summer's dad shares about her being bullied as a child to Nick to explain why she is so private. Then I cried again when Alexa Pana Vega had a gut wrenching scene towards the end. Her tears were so real - it was a moving performance. Overall, it was fun and cute while also giving touching moments of family, trust, and healing.

    1. melnewlife, Thank you for adding this review for Love in the Limelight. I thought that moment you mentioned was peculiar, too. For me, it felt a little like a joke, too. Of course, it meant she really had never been in a real relationship... 'til now.

      I so appreciate you sharing your take with us and how the movie touched you personally. I have posted your review here:

      Thank you & God bless!

  16. Richard Harmon is Son of Hallmark Director: Allan Harmon & his Sister; Hallmark Director: Jessica Harmon. He is in tennis movie: Game, Set, Love


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