Monday, July 19, 2021

Together Forever Tea - Starring Kim Crossman and Jay Ryan on BYUtv! SEE HERE:


Movie: Together Forever Tea

Network: BYUtv

Original Air Date: August 6, 2021 at 1pm/12c.

Starring: Kim Crossman and Jay Ryan

Storyline: Marketing whiz Lara Thompson is living a fast-paced life in the big city when she’s summoned to the sleepy town of Kissing Falls to settle the affairs of her late Aunt Vivienne who owned a tea shop. Lara originally plans to sell the shop quickly, but switches course to fulfill her aunt’s last wish – to have one of her teas awarded by the prestigious International Council of Tea Sommeliers. With the help of handsome local flower expert Matt, Lara sets out to recreate a long lost “love potion” tea. One problem – the tea’s secret ingredient is the extinct Kissing Falls rose. As Lara and Matt work together, she finds herself not only falling for Matt but for the town itself.

*If you miss this showing on BYUtv, you should also be able to watch via VOD on BYU's web-site after it premieres.

*images via: Incendo Productions


  1. BYUtv is a great find, Net.

    It looks like they have some tie to Incendo Productions because they seem to air all their movies and they've generally been pretty good.

    I'm not sure what to expect from this one as sometimes the synopsis can be misleading but it does seem a bit dry with no friction between the leads.

    There are acouple of other movies coming from them which I like the look of.

    The Secret Sauce starring Tori Anderson and Corey Sevier is one and looking particularly intriguing Farmer Seeking Love with Jesse Hutch centred around a dating reality TV show in which his sister submits his name without nhis knowledge! - Florence

    1. Florence, Glad you've been enjoying these movies on BYU. I'm also glad to see BYU has this connection with Incendo Productions... I'm hoping this means we'll see even more new Christmas movies on there this year!

      By the way, I've also got my eye on those titles you mentioned - The "Secret Sauce" and "Farmer Seeking Love!" They both look appealing. It's really great to have this alternative.

      Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. Hi Net,
    Can you watch these movies on the BYUtv app? This sounds like a great network, but I don't get it on my TV. Hoping you might know. Thanks for all you do

    1. Melissa, Yes! BYU offers an app and various streaming sources to watch their movies and shows. You can visit their app page here:

      Hope this is helpful to you! I've watched free through my Roku and it works perfectly - just like watching TV.

  3. Wow, I am so glad to see BYUtv doing romance movies.


    1. Me too, Misty! Hope they continue to air more of these! :)

  4. Together Forever Tea sounds interesting. I've never seen these actors before.

    1. Namegirl, Same here! I looked at their IMDB pages and they've both been in lots of stuff, but they are new-to-me, too! They look like a cute match, I think. All the pics really have me intrigued.

  5. Where was this movie filmed?

    1. Chris, "Together Forever Tea" was shot on location in New Zealand. Most of the actors are also from there.


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