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Friday, April 30, 2021

"Seasoned with Love" starring Julia and Peter Benson on BYUtv! @P_JBenson *DETAILS HERE:


Movie: Seasoned with Love

Network: BYUtv

Original Air Date: April 30, 2021

Starring: Julia and Peter Benson

This real-life married couple has starred together in "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries" and many other Hallmark movies!

Storyline: Winona Applegate is on the fast track to becoming a celebrity chef, already running a very successful bistro in Pittsburgh. With nerves building, she leaves for New York to audition for her own show in front of television executives. Unfortunately, her car breaks down near New Holland, a small, quirky town where Winona rents a room at a local inn run by Adam, a widower. With the local Spring Festival coming up and the resident cook unavailable to manage the menu, Winona agrees to get her car fixed in time for her audition in exchange for her much needed help in the Inn's kitchen. As she prepares for the festival with Adam, Winona begins to fall in love with New Holland and one of its residents as well.

*If you miss this showing on BYUtv, you should also be able to watch via VOD on BYU's web-site - *click here*!

*images via: Incendo Productions


  1. I've never heard of BYUTV but this the second Rom.Com they've aired recently.

    Is this something new - is it likely to become a regular feature?

    Will be interesting to see Peter Benson in the leading role.

    1. Yes, this appears to be a new thing for BYUtv to be airing these new rom-coms, and another one is coming soon - so stay tuned!

      BYU is a channel that was created by Brigham Young University; most of their programming is general G-rated films and dramas, like old eps of Heartland, Flicka, Ramona and Beezus, The Karate Kid, etc...

      Their Wikipedia page gives some info on the station and where you can find the channel - here.

      Another great feature on BYU is no commercials, except in between shows. Love that! Also, all of their content is family-friendly, which as a Christian, I personally love.

      Hope you can find this channel on your provider. I believe most of their shows can also be streamed online, as well.

  2. Net you forgot on Byu the Grand Premiere of A LOVE YARN FRIDAY 4/23 with the beautiful Anna Hutchison. Check on the BYU APRIL MOVIES 2021 on Google. This is the first o 7 movies from Incendo.

    1. Yes, thank you... I noticed that when researching these movies. I will do a separate post on A Love Yarn - and link it to BYU where people can watch.

      I happened to watch it yesterday and really enjoyed it - I'll try to share a review soon!

      I'm excited to see these movies from Incendo on BTY; I only wish they would play them at a regular time over the weekend or Friday.

    2. By the way, here's a direct link to watch "A Love Yarn"-

      I watched it through this link and the quality was excellent.

  3. BYU is actually my Alma Mater, and BYUTV had just started my Freshman year, so it has been great to see how much it has grown! I love that they are doing some Rom Com's and I love their family friendly content!

    1. Sarah, That is really neat. I bet it brings back lots of memories for you. I appreciate you sharing this info with us.

      As a Christian, myself, I really appreciate the family programming on this station and knowing I can trust the shows not to have any worldly content.

      I, too, loved that they have acquired these movies - I certainly hope we see more like this, too! :)

  4. Its not even on the guide for byutv. They have a game listed with movie flicks afterwards. Any details on time?

    1. tvh, The movie aired from 1pm-2:30pm (EST. with no commercials)

      I noticed the same thing regarding not being in some TV listings. I wonder if it was a last minute add-in. I had just recently checked BYU's schedule and it wasn't there and then the next day, I happened to be checking it again and there it was!

      If you have the ability to watch on-line, here's a direct link to do so...

      I haven't caught this one yet, but I think it looks like a good one! :)

  5. This looks really cute! I had no idea they were married in real life. I missed out on taping it (wish I would have checked your blog earlier today!); suppose I'll try watching on the byu website.

    1. Jane, I watched another movie through their site ("A Love Yarn") and it played perfectly for me. I have a cord that I can hook up to my TV - and the picture quality was perfect.

      Hope it works for you, too! :)

    2. Peter and Julia have been in other movies together, although many they don't really interact. They were in Lucky in Love together, and she is Lizzy in aurora and he directs some of the aurora's I think. I think she is just so beautiful. She has a small part in Bramble House but I love her.

      I see a Life cereal commercial with peter benson and I have often wondered if the kid in it is his kid, cause the kid looks a lot like her. I love that he has branched off into directing.

    3. Yes, that little girl "Mikey" is adorable in the Life cereal commercial with Peter Benson. Not sure who she is, but I'm sure she had a lot of fun working with Peter. He just gives off that sort of vibe. I just started watching this one, and it's really cute so far! Love Julia's lighter hair - it's very pretty on her. :)

  6. BYUtv is where I watch Relative Race. It's a really touching 'reality' game show. It always makes me cry. The newest season just ended. I highly recommend watching it. It does deal with adult situations like abandonment, even one had found out his Dad killed his Mother (in a past season). But, it always is done tastefully, not like other networks would treat it.

    I can't believe they are showing romance movies! Do you know who created these movies? I hope that means more Christmas ones. But, I must say that I like their non romance Christmas ones. They are one of the few places that provide movies with heart. I sometimes think that Hallmark gets too preachy with their movies and doesn't do it right for me anyway.

    I don't watch BYUtv on Sundays, because it's focused on their faith.


    1. Misty, I have watched Relative Race, too. You're right - it can be heartwarming and intense. It's nice to see when families reunite or meet for the first time.

      I'm also happy to see that they've acquired these family friendly films from Incendo Productions. They look so good as far as quality and the actors involved - I too hope that means more to look forward to at Christmastime!

      Like you, the station is also not my faith, but I appreciate all of the wholesome shows on there throughout the week.

      Blessings to you! :)

  7. This is the first I've heard of Incendo Productions - Canada seems to be a popular place for film makers.

    It looks as if there might be some connection to New Zealand too.

    There's another 3 movies recently completed which feature actors known to us and I really hope BYUTV air these as Hallmark and UPtv don't seem to use Incendo.

    You May Kiss The Bridesmaid -Tori Anderson/ Kristopher Turner

    Sweet As Maple Syrup - Brooke Nevin/ Carlo Marks

    The Secret Sauce - Tori Anderson/ Corey Sevier

    1. Yes, I'm trying to keep an eye out on their schedule, but them seem to be adding them in at the last minute - almost. I'll do my best to let you all know ahead of time, if I can. Looks like two more are coming up real soon! I'll let you know as soon as I can confirm it for sure.

  8. These movies never show up for me on the grid when I search so I can DVR them. :( I will be gone for 6 weeks in Indiana and it will be hard to watch things online where I will be. I will just keep checking and hope they show up because all of these movies from this channel are looking great!

    1. Grace, I'm having the same trouble with BYU's schedule. These new movies show up on some guides and not on others. I'm also hoping they will eventually play them more often, as they do the other movies they show.

      Have a safe trip - and enjoy your time in the Indy state! (Makes me wanna sing "Back Home Again in Indiana!")

      Blessings to you!!!

    2. many thanks for all the information you are supplying on the BYUtv movies, Net.

      I'm glad it's not just me who can't find them listed in their schedule!

      I was really puzzled!

  9. I don't think any of the movies on UPtv this year have originated from anywhere but Reel One Entertainment.

  10. There really is a New Holland in Pennsylvania.



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