Thursday, June 24, 2021

New Hallmark Movie Filming for Fall 2021 Premiere - with Tom Everett Scott, Mía Maestro, and Ella Ballentine! See Here:

Tom Everett Scott image credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Steven Ackerman / Mía Maestro image credit: Aria Isadora / Ella Ballentine image credit: Denise Grant Photography

ET online is reporting: "Tom Everett Scott and Mía Maestro will star in Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone, adapted from the 2017 novel by best-selling author Phaedra Patrick, for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Ella Ballentine also co-stars."

According to the article, the story follows "Benedict Stone (Scott) and his wife, Elena (Maestro), who have separated after 10 years of unsuccessfully trying for a baby. Benedict wants Elena back, but Elena needs space. So when Benedict’s teenage niece, Gemma (Ballentine), mysteriously arrives on his doorstep, his life is turned upside down, except she might be the change that he desperately needs to improve himself and to get a second chance at life with Elena."

Hallmark viewers may recall Tom Everett Scott starred in a previous Hallmark movie in 2017, "Christmas Connection." Ella Ballentine has also starred on the Hallmark Channel in a Christmas movie, "Baby's First Christmas." (Side Note #1: Ella was actually one of my first interviews for this Christmas movie - back in 2012!)

In addition to these familiar Hallmark actors, Peter Benson ("Aurora Teagarden Mysteries") will be directing this film. At this point, we can anticipate this movie to premiere in the Fall. I think it's great Peter is directing, but I love him in front of the camera, too. It was nice to see him recently in the lead role in "Seasoned with Love" with his real-life wife, Julia Benson. (Side Note #2: For those interested, an encore airing of "Seasoned with Love" is currently scheduled to air Wednesday, July 21st, at 1pm/12c on BYUtv.)

As for Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone, I am not familiar with the novel this film is based upon; however, I think the story sounds like a potentially interesting scenario for a Hallmark movie. Please share your thoughts in comments below.

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  1. Are you looking forward seeing this movie on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries in the fall?

    1. Chris, I'm definitely curious to learn more on this one. It sounds a bit different than the typical Hallmark drama.

  2. My interest is piqued on this movie although I’m not familiar with this book or author. This sounds like more drama than mystery.

  3. This one really came out of the blue, not at all the cast or story I would have anticipated for HMM. CJ

  4. A delightful gem of a novel about family, forgiveness and finding your way

    Moonstone for empathy. Azurite for memories. Lapis lazuli for truth…

    Benedict Stone has settled into a complacent and predictable routine. Business at his jewelry shop has dried up; his marriage is on the rocks. His life is in desperate need of a jump start—and then a surprise arrives at his door in the form of his audacious teenage niece, Gemma. Reckless and stubborn, she invites herself into Benedict’s world and turns his orderly life upside down. But she might just be exactly what he needs to get his life back on track.

    Filled with colorful characters and irresistible charm, Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone is a luminous reminder of the unbreakable bonds of family, and shows that having someone to embrace life with is always better than standing on your own.

  5. I can't say that this fills me with a lot of anticipation.

    More and more as they announce each new movie I an seriously worried about the direction Hallmatk is taking.

    Even as early as next year if the current trend continues it is going to be a completely different channel from that which we have been used to. - Florence

  6. I saw a HM survey for Master of the Heart, it was another movie about a woman who has a boyfriend and she goes to a place and meets a wine guy and she falls in love with him and the boyfriend comes back to give her what she has always wanted. It asked if i would watch and I said NO. It asked if I would name it something else and i said Another woman cheating on boyfriend. they may not ask me to do anymore surveys. But i was like if this movie is for Fall Harvest I am going to tune out.

    I love that Peter Benson is doing more directing. Anyone know if there will be more Auroras after Honeymoon and Honeymurder? They havent filmed anymore.

    1. You may have a point there, Sabrina.

      You'd wonder why they wouldn't continue the Aurora Teegarden Mysteries when they are so populkat but with so many changes at Hallmark maybe they think that with Aurora having got married it is a good time to wind them up having had a great run.

      I wonder why they continue the Morning Show Mysteries? - they regularly have the lowest viewing figures of the Mystery ones and the recent one was a disaster not even reaching 1m viewers.

      Hallmark does seem to be in flux - although it's not a bad figure Sweet Carolina only pulled in 2.38m viewers which is disappointing for Lacey Chabert especially when you consider the promotion they did for it.

      Challenging times. - Florence

  7. This movie does sound good. I love a story of a couple fighting for their marriage.

  8. I also love that this is a movie and not a murder series. I miss when HMM had movies that weren't murder series.

    1. Same here, Sabrina! I was really surprised Hallmark announced they were actually making a movie for HMM that was non-mystery. I know they have obtained other movies, like Timeless Love and Midway to Love that aren't mysteries, but I don't think those were made initially for Hallmark.

      While I anticipate this is more of a drama, someone did review the book version of this on Amazon and they said, "It is a story of self-awareness, reconciliation, mystery, trust and redemption!" So, I guess there must be a little mystery in it, after all, but I'm thinking it probably has nothing to do with murder. Let's hope!

  9. This sounds good. And I love Tom Everett Scott!

  10. Sounds great.

    I've heard they're looking to change things up and have more drama-type movies in the future, not that I think they'll abandon rom-coms.



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