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Exclusive Interview with Ella Ballentine, Actress from Hallmark Christmas Movie!

I am happy to share with you all...

Our Interview with Ella Ballentine,
young Actress from the Hallmark Channel Movie,
“Baby's First Christmas”

(---"It's a Wonderful Movie" Exclusive Interview---)

1. ) Congratulations, Ella, on being chosen as part of the cast, in the upcoming Hallmark Channel movie, “Baby's First Christmas”. We are so thrilled to do this interview with you. Please tell us a little about yourself, Ella – how old are you & when did you become involved in acting?

I am 11 years old now, but I played this role when I was 10. I always loved to act, but I became serious about it when I was chosen to play a role in the Mirvish production's The Railway Children over a year ago. I began taking dance lessons when I was 4, and loved performing on the stage.

2. ) Is “Baby's First Christmas” your first Movie?

“Baby's First Christmas” is my first movie, but I have done some short films in the past.

3. ) Now that you are in a Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie, do you, perhaps, have a favorite Hallmark Christmas Movie that you watch every year?

I'm always looking forward to Christmas for many reasons, but also because my family and I sit down and watch many movies together. This year is the first time we will see all the Hallmark Christmas movies that will come out.

4.)  How did you find out that you were chosen for the movie, “Baby's First Christmas”?

I was invited to audition, then I received a callback and after that we got an e-mail from my agent, saying that I was chosen to play the part. When I found out, I was very excited.

5.) Could you tell us a little about Karen, your character in “Baby's First Christmas”?

Karen is a young kid who is just like any other girl at her age. She gets excited for nailpolish and animals, but when it comes to serious stuff, she seems to understand the world of the adults. She helps her uncle and aunt on a little adventure, and she is looking forward for the arrival of her new baby brother.

Casper Van Dien, Rachel Wilson, Natalie Lisinska, Noah Cappe, and Ella Ballentine
in Hallmark Channel's "Baby's First Christmas"
Image via: Eva Ballentine
6.) Were there other actors/actresses that you were excited to work with in “Baby's First Christmas”?

I was excited to work with everyone. I thought Casper Van Dien, Art Hindle, Patrick Gallagher, and Noah Cappe were very funny. During breaks they always had some knock knock jokes or entertained me with singing or other silliness. Rachel Wilson, Donna Belleville and Natalie Lisinska were very kind, and always looked out for me. They all made me feel very special.

Ella Ballentine
at Ballet
Image: Imdb

7. ) Do you have any other hobbies or interests you would like to share with us, besides acting?

I really love to dance and sing. I also enjoy biking, playing with my dog Molly, and baking.

8. ) Does anyone help you – run through your lines? What role does your family play in your acting career?

My mom usually runs lines with me. My dad and sister give lots of support. My dog sometimes will interrupt me memorizing my lines with a couple of kisses!

9.) Do you have a favorite scene in “Baby's First Christmas”?

Rachel Wilson, Ella Ballentine,
Casper Van Dien,
and director Jonathan Wright.
Image: Eva Ballentine

All scenes were special. I loved acting in them all. But one that I think is very nice was a scene where my character Karen, and her uncle, Kyle (Casper Van Dien) are in the hospital while Karen's mom is in labour, sitting on the floor chatting away. In this scene I had to eat some candies. I am not really a candy person, and we had several takes of me eating candy. That wasn't too much fun, however, I just thought it was a really special scene between Karen and her uncle.

10.) On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the best!), how would you rate your experience, overall, on making “Baby's First Christmas”?

I would give it a 9.4 because I think it was so fun, but I had to wear a winter coat in the summer heat, so you can imagine.

Also, as we close, do you have a web-site or social media site where fans can follow you?

I do have a Twitter account, Ella Ballentine that my mom does with me, and I am on IMDB, where there is my biography.

Ella Ballentine
"Baby's First Christmas"
Image: Hallmark
Crown Media

Thank you very much for doing an interview with me. I hope your readers will all will watch Baby's First Christmas, and maybe post a feedback about it on your site.

(---End of Interview---)

Thank You so much, Ella, for sharing your Movie Experience with us and taking the time to answer these questions. Also, a very special Thank You to Ella's Mother, Eva, for all of your help with this interview + pictures, too! I hope everyone enjoyed reading Ella's responses and will also enjoy the new Hallmark Channel Movie, "Baby's First Christmas", this Christmas and many Christmas Seasons to come!

May you all enjoy your next Family Movie Night,

*See the Baby's First Christmas page for more Movie Details!

*Pictures via Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks,, and Eva Ballentine.


  1. Great Interview - Ella's Adorable! And the Movie she's in, Baby's First Christmas, looks real cute, too.

    Our family has been looking forward to seeing this Hallmark Christmas Movie and now, we look forward to seeing Ella in it, too!

    Congratulations, Net, on a great interview! We Love Your Site!


  2. Thank you so much for doing the interview!!!! That was so much fun to read. Ella sounds like a wonderful young woman. I can't wait to watch this one, because it feels extra special now when you know that one of the actors had such a good time doing the movie. Thanks again. :)


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  4. even more excited to see this movie!!! what a sweet girl!

  5. Cute interview and I look forward to watching the movie! Thanks for the interview!


  6. So sweet! :) My six year old daughter and I are looking forward to watching this Hallmark movie even more now!


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