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Monday, January 13, 2020

THREE CHRISTMAS MOVIES in the works for "When Calls the Heart" Producer and "A Princess for Christmas" Creators!

images: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks

News has been reported via Deadline Hollywood, that Brad Krevoy Television (a division of Motion Picture Corporation of America and one of the Producers of "When Calls the Heart"), along with Michael and Janeen Damian (who are well known from the enchanting royal movie, "A Princess for Christmas" and the "High Strung" dance movies) will be developing this year, in 2020, THREE NEW CHRISTMAS MOVIES!

The titles for these films have been revealed: Much Ado About Christmas, Christmas in Transylvania and The Christmas Waltz! Since these movies are still in their early stages, please know it is possible any of these titles could change.

At this point, what can we glean from these titles alone? Well... each one already has a unique, interesting sound to it.

Much Ado About Christmas sounds, perhaps, Shakespearean. Could it possibly be an adaptation or new holiday take on Much Ado About Nothing?

Christmas in Transylvania sounds like a movie filled with mystery and adventure, possibly a new royal holiday romance filmed in Transylvania, Romania - just hopefully not in Dracula's castle!

Last, but not least, The Christmas Waltz sounds like a captivating film centered around the love of dance. And since the Damians are well known from their recent dance movies, this one sounds like an ideal theme coming from them.

Michael and Janeen Damian and Brad Krevoy - image via: BK TV

According to the article, Michael and Janeen Damian and Brad Krevoy previously collaborated on four Hallmark movies: A Princess for Christmas, A Royal Christmas, Crown For Christmas, and The Sweeter Side of Life.

I know many of us enjoyed those films and will look forward to seeing more news on these three new Christmas movies as they begin production on them this year!

If you're familiar at all with Michael Damian's music from the 80's, then you'll totally get my reference here when my response to these projects is... "Rock On!"

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas movie news!

Blessings on your day! Net


  1. wow! what a fantastic partnership.


  2. That is wonderful news! A Princess For Christmas, A Royal Christmas and a Crown for Christmas are 3 of my family's all-time favorite movies. So excited to see what they come up with!!

  3. Well, Net, we're off and running. They are getting a really early start on this year's Christmas movies. All of these movies sound interesting, especially Christmas in Transylvania and The Christmas Waltz. But a Shakespearean Twist on Christmas sounds really interesting, too. I am looking forward to all of these. Great news. Thank you again for keeping up with all of these stories. You rock! Peace,


  4. Are these confirmed to be for HALLMARK and not NETFLIX?

    1. Great question, Lisa! I don't believe they officially stated where these are going to air, yet. They may be still working on those details and working out an agreement there. Let's hope these are all family-friendly and end up on Hallmark! :)

  5. Author Melissa De La Cruz Inks Three-Film Deal With Brad Krevoy TV, Including ‘Angel Falls’ Starring Rachel Boston For Hallmark

    Bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz has signed a three-picture development and production deal with Brad Krevoy Television, the TV and SVOD production arm of Motion Picture Corporation of America. The three TV projects will be written, produced and broadcast for Christmas 2017

    The first movie, Angel Falls for Hallmark Channel,is about a fallen angel who falls in love and wins back her halo during the Christmas season. Rachel Boston (Witches of East End) will star and Bradley Walsh will direct the film, which could spawn a potential series. The project will be produced in association with David Anselmo’s Hideaway Pictures. De la Cruz is writing the script and also pen a series of Angel Falls novels.

    The second film, Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe,is a gender-swapped re-telling of the classic novel. Production is planned for April 2017. Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe will also be published as a novel by St. Martin’s Press during the 2017 Christmas season. De la Cruz will write the screenplay and novel. Executive producers are David Anselmo and Susie Belzberg.

    The third project, Nanny State, is the story of an FBI agent who goes undercover working for New York’s finest families to solve a child’s kidnapping during the Christmas holidays. De la Cruz will write the screenplay and produce, along with Vincent Balzano, Richard Abate, and Brad Krevoy Television.

    Amanda Philips Atkins and Eric Jarboe will executive produce all of the projects for Brad Krevoy Television.

    De la Cruz has penned more than 30 books, including The Isle of the Lost (a Descendantsnovel), Something in Between, and Blue Bloods.She is repped by 3Arts and attorney Alex Kohner.

    Brad Krevoy Television has produced several high-rated Christmas movies for the Hallmark Channel and is currently in production on Season 4 of When Calls the Heart, also for Hallmark Channel

  6. Melissa De la Cruz & MPCA previously worked on four Christmas movies for the Hallmark Channel including Christmas in Angel Falls, Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday, Pride, Prejudice, & Mistletoe (based on de la Cruz’s novel published by St. Martin’s Press) and Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen.

    Expect one isn’t yet in development:is Nanny State

  7. Descendants’ Author: Melissa de la Cruz Inks New Writing-Producing Deal With Brad Krevoy For 2 Hallmark Channel Movies

    2 Hallmark movies: Christmas at Mansfield & Christmas in Angel Falls 3

    New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz (Disney’s Descendants series, Blue Bloods, Witches of East End), has signed a second writing and producing deal with Brad Krevoy’s Motion Picture Company of America for two Hallmark Channel Christmas movies to air in 2020. The deal was brokered between Krevoy and de la Cruz’s manager Richard Abate at 3 Arts Entertainment.

    Christmas in Angel Falls 3, with Rachel Boston and Paul Greene reprising their roles, will continue the story of an angel who falls in love with a mortal and gives up her wings. Christmas at Mansfield Park is the third of de la Cruz’s Jane Austen-themed Christmas movies.

    1. Thank you for sharing this article! This is wonderful news to hear that Paul Greene and Rachel Boston will be reprising their roles in "Angel Falls 3" and another Jane Austen themed Christmas movie is always something to look forward to!

      Austen's "Mansfield Park" is intriguing and mysterious, so I hope there is a bit of mystery to "Christmas at Mansfield," too! Perhaps, like "Angel Falls 3," it will also play on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries!

  8. Melissa de la Cruz’s Christmas books for Hallmark movies

    Christmas in Angel Falls
    Rachel Boston & Paul Greene

    Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday
    Jen Lilley & Carlo Marks

    Pride, Prejudice, & Mistletoe
    Lacey Chabert & Brendan Penny

    Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen.m
    Erin Krakow & Luke Macfarlane

    Nanny State
    Not yet in development

    Christmas at Mansfield Park

    Christmas in Angel Falls 3
    Rachel Boston & Paul Greene


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