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Friday, January 10, 2020

NEW on TV This Weekend from Hallmark & UPtv: Love in Winterland, Martha's Vineyard Mystery and Brimming with Love!

It's weekend number 2 of January, 2020! Whether you are somewhere where you have to bundle up from the cold or if you live in a warm climate, Hallmark has something special for you this weekend!

If you enjoy chilly weather, then you'll love Winterfest Saturday night, and if you love the beach, then get ready for the all new Martha's Vineyard Mystery - set at the shore!

And then, be sure to grab a cup of hot coffee for UPtv's newest premiere! See all the details below - of who, what, when, and where...

Saturday, January 11, 2020:

Join Italia Ricci, Chad Michael Murray and Jack Turner in a chilly, snowy setting in...

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: Los Angeles marketing executive Ally is a finalist on a hugely popular TV dating show who is sent to her hometown in snowy Vermont for a final televised date with bachelor Tanner. However, upon arriving home, she encounters her high school sweetheart Brett who now owns the historic inn where Ally, Tanner and the production crew are all staying. When the show producer discovers Brett’s unrequited affection for Ally, she helps stoke their old feelings for each other, creating a love triangle which forces Ally to re-think her choices in life and decide what’s truly important to her.

See the premiere of "Love in Winterland"
Saturday, January 11, 2020
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel

Encore Air Times:
Sunday, January 12 at 6pm/5c.
Wednesday, January 15 at 10pm/9c.
Saturday, January 18 at 7pm/6c.


Sunday, January 12, 2020:

UPtv is bringing us another cup of movie cheer this New Year with the premiere of...

image: UPtv

Storyline via UPtv: Allie is writing a column on local coffee shop owner, Sam, who is known for his matchmaking abilities. Skeptic Allie agrees to be matched by Sam, but proves to be a challenge. The reason may be that she is actually perfect for the matchmaker.

*This movie previously premiered on PixL. This is the first time it will premiere on UPtv!

Sunday, January 12, 2020
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv

Encore airing:
Sunday, January 12, 2020
at 11pm/10c. on UPtv


More... Sunday, January 12, 2020:

Jesse Metcalfe stars in the first installment of this all new mystery series...

Storyline via Hallmark: After being injured and facing loss in the line of duty, retired Boston Police Detective Jeff Jackson (Metcalfe) returns to a quiet life of fishing, living in his late father’s home on Martha’s Vineyard. When a mysterious visitor to the island turns up dead, Jeff is reluctantly recruited to help in the investigation by the local police chief, a family friend. Adding a layer of complication, Zee Madieras – the chief’s daughter and Jeff’s former flame – is the medical examiner on the case. As the murder investigation casts suspicion on some of the town’s most powerful and wealthy citizens and brings Jeff and Zee’s lives in peril, they race to solve the case before another murder strikes the peaceful vacation town.

Sunday, January 12, 2020
at 8pm/7c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries,
the Hallmark Channel or Hallmark Drama!

*This movie will simulcast for this special one time only showing
on ALL THREE Hallmark networks at the same time!

*Encore Air Times ONLY on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries:
Friday, January 17 at 9pm/8c.
Sunday, January 19 at 6pm/5c.



*REMINDER: TIMES of NEW MOVIE PREMIERES have changed on BOTH HALLMARK NETWORKS! New movies on the Hallmark Channel now start at 9pm/8c., while new movies on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries begin at 8pm/7c. You'll want to be sure and set your DVR accordingly.

*Please know, I have not previewed these movies in advance. Some mysteries may be too much for younger viewers, so please be cautious there. If you see any content of concern, please share in comments below.

I hope you enjoy all three new movie premieres this weekend! Each one looks intriguing to me, in their own way. It's always nice to see the frosty air and snow in the Winterfest movies, which reminds me of Christmas. Plus, I love a good mystery, as long as it's not too creepy. And, as for UPtv's latest premiere, I always enjoy a lighthearted romantic comedy.

Which one most interests you? Share in comments below...

Blessings to you all!!! Net

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  1. I’m looking forward to the new Winterfest movie this weekend. I really enjoyed Winter in Vail (that Tyler Hynes is so dreamy, lol) and Winterfest is such a nice transition after the Christmas movies end. January’s always a tough month with the end of the Holiday season and gloomy weather so I’m so glad Hallmark has made the decision to air one Christmas movie on each channel one night a week. It’s something to look forward to after a stressful work day. Thanks again Net for keeping us up to date on all things Hallmark.
    - Melissa

    1. Melissa, We sound just alike! I feel the exact same way about the Christmas movies! I'm never quite ready for them to go, but the Winterfest movies ease me gently into this new season.

      Plus, the three Christmas movies on all three Hallmark networks all year long - is definitely something special to look forward to watching every week! :)

      So glad to hear you enjoy them, too, plus the updates here!

      Blessings to you & Happy New Year! Net

  2. Lot of wonderful movies to look forward to watching

  3. Winterfest movies are my favorite! Like you said, they remind me of Christmas!

    1. Hello Em! Glad you love the Winterfest movies, too! It's so good to hear each one gives you the Christmas feels! :)

  4. They all three sound really good. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Net! Many blessings to you in this new year!

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! I hope you had a nice weekend, too, and enjoyed all the new movies! :)

      Blessings & Happy New Year to you!

  5. Winterfest is little Christmassy

  6. A Beautiful Place to Die:A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery

    A former detective (Jesse Metcalfe) tries to go back to his quiet life living on a island 🌴, but his moment of peace ☮️ ends, & he gets drawn back into solving a crime

  7. PixL movies on UP

  8. Did Robbie Amell make a cameo in Live in Winterland on Hallmark

    1. He sure did! You can see Robbie Amell (Italia Ricci's husband!) in a cameo in "Love in Winterland" - during the dinner scene!

  9. Hi net, a long time fan her. You absolutely make my life easier especially around holidays since I work in retail and my holidays are always cut short. I have been a little disappointed with hallmark recently and it’s not because of the movies. It’s because of their commercials. And not because of the last controversial one but everything else. All the drugs commercials and recently, only casino. I personally feel like all the commercials contradict the values of hallmark movies. And this is one of the reasons I do not watch hallmark movies as their premier airs but I rather record then to fast forward the commercials on Dave. But at the end maybe I’m just too sensitive.

    1. I agree... I dislike seeing all the drug commercials during my favorite movies, over and over again. Plus, I despise seeing the Psychic commercials, too, on Hallmark, which seem to play all the time now.

      No matter what station we turn to these days, it seems there are plenty of drug commercials. By the way, have you listened to the side effects? They sometimes sound more frightening then the condition they are attempting to cure.

      Unfortunately, advertisers are how we get to see our favorite movies and how the company is paid to keep doing what they are doing. If only we could be advertiser free, then it would be perfect!

      I know that is what Hallmark is doing with Hallmark Movies Now, but I don't know how many people have signed up to pay for that service, plus you can't see the current premieres there.

      Anyway, I'm completely with you on recording to watch later. In my opinion, it's the best way to watch! :)

      I personally like to record the programs I want to watch, and then fast forward through. It also saves a lot of time that way!

  10. The first ‘When Hope Calls’ book is due out in May 2020

    Unyielding Hope, the first in a planned series of When Hope Calls books, is due out in May 2020. The book will reveal more about the story of Lillian and Grace, two orphaned sisters who reunite to found an orphanage in Canada in the early 20th century. It’s currently available for pre-order from Amazon.

    Here’s how publisher Bethany House describes the upcoming book:

    Lillian Walsh has already suffered more than most. After the passing of her sister and birth parents when she was younger, and now her adoptive mother’s recent death, Lillian struggles to understand why God would allow her to lose so much. Yet her adoptive father seems ready to move on, boarding up their home to embark on an extended visit to his native Wales.

    Then a lawyer turns up on their doorstep with news that again upends Lillian’s life. She has inherited a small estate from her birth parents and, even more shocking, her younger sister Grace is likely alive. Lillian rushes to reunite with her sister, despite the fear that they won’t be able rebuild a connection.

    When the two sisters meet, Grace is not what Lillian expected–she’s full of exuberance and big dreams despite being raised in difficult circumstances. Can Lillian set aside her own plans to join her sister in an adventure that will surely change them both?

    Unyielding Hope will be the first in a three-book When Hope Calls series, International Business Times reported in September 2019. The companion novels will explore stories that we haven’t yet seen on the Hallmark Movies Now series.

    Oke is also the author of six novels in the Canadian West series, which inspired When Calls the Heart. She and her daughter are also the authors of three books in the Return to the Canadian West series, a companion series to WCTH.

    Will there be a season 2 of ‘When Hope Calls’?

    News of the upcoming novel will be music to the ears of When Hope Calls fans, who haven’t yet heard whether the series will be renewed for a second season. The show was Hallmark’s first foray into streaming-only content, a fact that frustrated some viewers, who were annoyed at being asked to pay for yet another subscription in order to see the episodes.

    Hallmark hasn’t released any specific viewership numbers for the show, which stars Morgan Kohan as Lillian and Jocelyn Hudon as Grace. But the network did say in September 2019 press release that the series had signups to Hallmark Movies Now “surging.”

    On Instagram, fans are begging for the show to return, saying they need to see more of Grace and Lillian’s story.

    Hallmark hasn’t released any specific viewership numbers for the show, which stars Morgan Kohan as Lillian and Jocelyn Hudon as Grace. But the network did say in September 2019 press release that the series had signups to Hallmark Movies Now “surging.”

    On Instagram, fans are begging for the show to return, saying they need to see more of Grace and Lillian’s story.

    1. YAY!!! Thank you for sharing this "When Hope Calls" news! I'm delighted to see this new book release for this series by Janette Oke and her daughter, Laurel Oke Logan!

      Unyielding Hope can be pre-ordered from Amazon - *HERE*!

      I have read many, many Janette Oke books, and I loved each one immensely. The heroine's are typically humble, yet determined by faith to come against any adversaries who stand in their way.

      Also, I just fell in love with the "When Hope Calls" series on Hallmark Movies Now. I looked forward to watching each new episode as they were released last year, and I'm longing to hear the news that more episodes will be coming.

      Seeing this news on this book release has given me some hope. Thank you so much for sharing this information here with us!

      Blessings! Net

  11. Erik Estrada is in Dead Over Diamonds: Picture Perfect Mysteries

    1. Yes! I was thrilled to see that Erik Estrada will be joining this already fantastic cast! Love Carlos & Alexa PenaVega - and I can't wait to see the next installment of "Picture Perfect Mysteries!"

  12. Jamie Craig served as a consultant on the Hallmark series based on the novels of his father, Philip R. Craig.

    More than 30 years after fictional detective J.W. Jackson solved his first Martha’s Vineyard murder, the novel in which he made his 1989 debut is coming to the small screen as a Hallmark movie.

    A Beautiful Place to Die: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery premieres Jan. 12 on all three of the network’s cable television outlets: Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama.

    Created by the late Edgartown novelist Philip R. Craig, the character of J.W. “Jeff” Jackson appeared in 19 books, all mysteries set on the Vineyard.

    “People reached out over the years to try to option the novels for some type of adaptation, but it never seemed to be a very good fit,” said Jamie Craig, an Edgartown police sergeant and the author’s son.

    Then, two years ago, he was contacted by an independent film producer working exclusively for Hallmark. The network was achieving success with woman-led mystery series such as the Aurora Teagarden stories by Charlaine Harris, 12 of which have been adapted for Hallmark movies since 2015 by the same independent production company.

    Muse wanted to reach even more of Hallmark’s overwhelmingly female viewers with a male protagonist, and JW Jackson — the ex-Boston cop whose return to Martha’s Vineyard had him solving murders all over the Island — was the chosen sleuth.

    The company already had a star, Jesse Metcalfe, who was not only an established Hallmark draw — you might have seen him in last year’s Christmas Under the Stars or the network’s series Chesapeake Shore — but a fan of the Philip R. Craig mysteries as well.

    If A Beautiful Place to Die does well in ratings, the network is likely to air the second film and option up to 17 more stories, Mr. Craig said.

    One of the production challenges, Mr. Craig said, was to convert Jeff Jackson’s strictly first-person narrative into film storytelling.

    While A Beautiful Place to Die is sprinkled with authentic Martha’s Vineyard scenery, such as aerial shots of Edgartown, the Big Bridge and other iconic Island views, all of the principal filmmaking took place in British Columbia.

    “You have to film this in Canada,” Mr. Craig said. “It would be economic suicide to try and film on the Vineyard.”
    To make up for the distant location, he provided Muse with numerous snapshots of Island scenes and insisted a production team visit the Vineyard to film the “B-roll” footage and absorb the local look.

    Evidence of the film team’s research can be spotted in scenes like a gala at the unnamed yacht club, where colorful burgees hang in the background looking much like the private signals on display in the Edgartown Yacht Club dining room.

    Other sightings include an exterior of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, digitally renamed Royal Fern Hospital. The name change was for legal purposes, Mr. Craig said, and for the same reason a yearbook that figures in the plot is from the non-existent Vineyard Haven High School.

    The Vineyard of the film, however, has just one town, with one police department, and the character of the police chief’s daughter Zee Madieras, a dark-haired nurse in the books, is now a blonde doctor.
    JW Jackson’s own appearance is never described in the novels, but Jesse Metcalfe is dark-haired and dark-eyed, so the producers cast blonde Canadian actress Sarah Lind to play Zee Madieras, an essential partner in the investigations. Her character is now a doctor and medical examiner, Mr. Craig said, because the Hallmark formula has two sleuths working together and a physician has useful forensic skills.

    “It’s important to know that my father, when we talked about this, would say ‘I don’t care what they do, as long as it’s good,’” Mr. Craig said.

    “There are gaffers and grips and all sorts of people on the set, doing a job they wouldn’t have if this book wasn’t being made into a movie.”

    Jamie Craig will talk about his father's mysteries and the television adaption at the Vineyard Gazette.


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