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Danica McKellar to star in
Hallmark's "Christmas at Dollywood"

image: Hallmark Crown Media

ET online has revealed - Danica McKellar will be starring in another HALLMARK CHRISTMAS MOVIE THIS YEAR!

Here is a synopsis of "Christmas at Dollywood" via ET:

"In Christmas at Dollywood, Rachel Lewis (McKellar) is a single mom and award-winning Broadway producer who learns investors have mismanaged her latest theatrical -- a holiday extravaganza -- into bankruptcy, forcing the show to close before it even opens. Dismayed, Rachel's friend calls from Tennessee to tell her about an opportunity to produce a show for the 20th anniversary of the Smoky Mountain Christmas Festival at Dollywood. The only caveat? Rachel will have to work with Luke Hakman, Dollywood's entertainment director who sees the holiday show as a stepping stone to become the park's new general manager.

With her 9-year-old daughter, Amy, in tow, Rachel leaves New York City to return to her Appalachian mountain roots. Every night, as she tucks Amy into bed, she tells her a new Adventures of Amy story with the hopes of compiling the bedtime stories into a book someday. One night, Rachel tells Amy about a little girl following Santa Claus on his route. Using the stars as her guide, fantasy Amy travels with Santa to the Northern Lights. Rachel tells her daughter that the lights are so magical that Amy can always look to the night sky to find her way home. Is this inspiration for a new Dollywood show? Rachel seems to think so, though she will have to convince a skeptical Luke, who has his own vision of what will be successful. As the pair make compromises to please their boss, Rachel and Luke realize love can come in the most unexpected of places."

And... since the movie takes place in Dollywood, Dolly Parton will, of course, make an appearance in the film! Also, according to ET, "McKellar's mother, Mahaila, and son, Draco, will also have cameos."

"Christmas at Dollwood" will be
Danica McKellar's 5th Hallmark Christmas movie!

Danica's previous Hallmark Christmas Movies include:

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Hope you enjoyed this very merry Christmas movie news!
Happy Christmas in July to you! Net


  1. Yes! I love the storyline. I cannot wait to see who else is in the movie!


    1. Me too, Misty! I'm especially curious to find out who Danica's co-star will be! :)

  2. Another great announcement for Christmas 2019. Danica has been a favorite since The Wonder Years and I think Dolly Parton is the best thing since sliced bread. I hope she at least makes a cameo in this movie. I am even more excited now for a Hallmark Christmas season. Hallmark just keeps spoiling me and the rest of the IAWM family. Can't wait.

    Mark2 iWs

    1. Mark2, I am also a big fan of The Wonder Years! I grew up watching Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper! Loved that show so much - never missed an episode every week, or I taped it on the old VCR! Oh, those tapes were so fun to record on.

      And, as far as Dolly Parton goes, the ET article says she will make an appearance. I'm thinking it may be somewhat similar to Priscilla Presley's appearance in Wedding at Graceland, but we'll see. Dolly may also sing!

    2. I too loved watching the Wonder Years back in the day. (I was so sad that they didn't get together in the very end!)

      Wouldn't it be great if they had Fred Savage (aka Kevin Arnold) be Danica's love interest in a Hallmark Christmas movie? I would love to see their chemistry together again. And I think the ratings would go through the roof!

  3. Laura Osnes will be in it as Rachel’s friend

    1. That's wonderful news! I sure hope Laura sings in the movie... she was absolutely terrific at The Capital Fourth concert. Plus, she deserves a Hallmark movie since the whole In the Key of Love debacle.

    2. Anonymous -- Can you share with us where we can read about Laura being in the movie? I have not seen anything just by doing a quick search, but I could have easily missed a comment somewhere if I didn't look in the right place. Thank you!

  4. I’d like to see Dolly Parton in this movie

    1. According to the ET article, Dolly Parton will make an appearance in the movie!

  5. Sounds like a must-see movie. Looking forward to it. I travelled to Dollywood in 1999, before it was completed, and enjoyed it very much. The Tennessee Smokey Mountain area is a great place to visit.


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